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The New Sexual Awakening

Most guys lose their Virginity in High School, Trevor Smalls wasn't most guys.

A meek and reserved young man, Trevor had a tendency to fade into the background wherever he was, the one exception being the Chemistry Lab that was where he burned hotter than his Bunsen Burner.

Being from a modest background made socializing at Pinkerton University especially difficult, as many of the affluent students didn't take to kindly to mere Scholarship students attending their school.

But Trevor saw an in, a way of making his financial and socially difficulties vanish, the Janice Prize.

The Janice Prize was a $25,000 Trust awarded to a Pinkerton student who makes a significant advance in Science.

And Trevor had his entry, he called it Formula N74. A Neo-Plasticine food preservative that tripled freshness in produce and meat. The Formula's unique organo-crystaline structure could be molded into bags or containers for storage, or to water to be used as a spray to be directly applied to meat, fish or produce.
With the Janice judging a few months away Trevor found himself in the lab most days tweeking his formula and working on the Complex Amino Acid chains.

"I thought I'd find you in here dude!" A voice called to him.

Trevor looked up to see Brad standing in the Doorway.

Brad was like most of the students at Pinkerton, a spoiled and rich jackass with one exception he was actually borderline friendly.

"Still working on your sugar substitute I see."

"No, that was a dead end. This Preservative will change the world. It'll end hunger and win me the Janice Prize...and dare I say a Nobel."

"I hope not, I doubt those Nobel Nerds ever get laid!"

"Maybe you should look up Stephen Hawking one of these days."

"Is this it?" Brad asked moving near a beeker of yellow liquid hovering over a jet of blue flame.
"Yeah but be very careful, it needs to stay at a constant temperature. It's very Volatile in it's yellow stage, when it reaches it's apex it'll shift clear and then it's safe.

"What makes this one any different than the 15,000 other batches you've made?"

"This one has the tightest most uniform Crystiline structure of any of them. The gradient is less than one Micron, that will allow almost unlimited cellular coheason."

"In Layman's terms, please." Brad asked.

"Imagine taking an apple, applying a thin coating to it then leaving it in the desert for a year. You can return a year later and eat the still fresh apple."

"Sounds cool man but I gotta scram. I met this hot Latina at the Whole Foods and invited her back to the room to sample my Organic Sausage, You gonna sl**p here see ya!"

Trevor couldn't help but smile as Brad trotted off eager to engage in his latest Sexual Conquest.

As Trevor sat at the Computer, a Soectra-lux 654 the very same Computer used to map the Human Genome he heard a dlight sizzling. The last thing he saw was the beeker bubbling slightly.

Trevor found himself in a dark room. It took him a minute to realize he had something on hus face, from the texture he surmised it was gauze.

"Trevor my Name is Dr. Sara Cahill can you hear me." a muffled voice said.

"Yes...sort of. It's like you're talking into a tube from far away."

"Do you remember what happened?"

"I was in the Lab, my compound failed and exploded."

"Yes you were near it when the explosion occurred. You suffered a concussion, three broken ribs and a broken leg not to mention severe flash damage to your optic nerves."

"Am I blind?" he asked.

"We don't believe so Trevor, but we bandaged your eyes just to be safe. I'd like to take them off now and have a look. I'll ask or Optical specialist Dr. Brooks to come in."

Dr. Brooks a rather fetching young Doctor came in and gently cut the Gauze wrapper off and pulled the Occular rounds off his orbits.

"It might be bright at first so just give it a minute okay."

Trevor opened his eyes and found that she was right, his vision was quite bad.

"Let me just take a...oh my your eyes are quite beautiful. I've never seen that shade of green before."

"But my eyes are blue." Trevor said.

"So green, like sparkling emeralds." she said.

"Doctor Brooks are you alright?" Trevor asked.

"Please call me Emma."

Trevor found himself speechless as Emma pulled her hair down and tore open her purple blouse to reveal her black bra beneath.

"What are you....?"

"Don't speak just go with it!" Emma said as she climbed up onto the bed.

Trevor did as he was told as Emma pulled his gown aside and began to stroke his cock to rigid life. Emma then pulled her skirt up, pulled her panties to the side and guided him inside.

"Oh dear!" Trevor said in sing song.

The once reserved doctor began to buck her hips back and forth grinding her pelvis into his.

Trevor bit his lips nearly to bleeding in a vain attempt to hold off orgasm, he wanted to keep this up as long as possible. As for emma she was quite enjoying herself. Her Lab Coat, blouse and bra were now littered on the floor and she sat there her arms behind her head bucking as if riding a wild horse. She then stopped, jerked slightly to the left and fell back. Trevor Marveled at the lusty Doctor her whole body trembling.

"Did you come?" she asked in a pained whisper.

"Oddly no, I usually finish in five minutes while...relaxing but now I'm nowhere near the big finish." he said.

"I'll have to try harder then Emma said.

Emma stripped off all her remaining clothes and lay completly naked atop him. Even though she had a foot over him in the height department she tried desperately to make him cum. He wanted to, very much but just didn't feel it. It wasn't until Emma took him in her mouth that he started to feel it. Trevor's unusually hard Cock slid deeply into her throat and as it did he released a torrent of cum, much more than ever before in his entire Adult life.

Emma sat there, her cheeks bulging slightly with a hefty volume of Jizz. To his amazement she tilted her head back and with a loud "Gulp" it was gone.

Trevor looked down at his now limp dick and noticed it was different, not so much longer as it was thicker.

As the good Doctor redressed he grabbed a mirror and looked at his eyes he found that they had indeed changed color a slight green hew with flecks of Yellow.
"Oh dear!" he said under his breath.

After spening a couple more days in the Hospital for observation Trevor found himself in his Dorm, freaked out. He wanted to check himself out but the Lab was damaged in the explosion.

He took a thumb tack and stuck his finger then he dropped a small drop of bl**d on a glass slide.

"Please no!" he said under his breath as he looked into the eyepiece.

His fears were confirmed when he saw a shimmering crystaline coating over his bl**d cells. Without a scanning Electron Microscope he couldn't be 100% sure but his theory was that the Compound hyper extended from the increased heat bonded to his own DNA through Amino Acid syntheses and caused his body to naturally produce a hyper variant of it. Somehow the human bio factor has turned a simple food preservative into the most potent sexual attractant that also seems to augment Physiology too.

As Trevor looked at his slightly altered appearance there was a knock at the door.

"I'm looking for Brad is he here?" a rather buxom blonde asked.

"No but you're welcome to wait in"

"Mandy." she said.

"Mandy, of course you are. Come on it."

Trevor suddenly had a very evil thought, the Ultimate Case study in human sexuality with himself as the subject.

Trevor pulled off his glasses and placed them on the table.

"Mandy, can I get you something to drink?"

"Ok sure....wait, wow you have beautiful eyes."

Mandy slid onto Brad's bed and with a cocked finger invited Trevor to join her.

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