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Caz Getting Her Slut On

Wrote a little story for a British xHam Friend of mine...the version he posted is hotter, with pictures of the infamous Caz to go along with the prose:

But, if you're a tightwad with dial-up or limited bandwidth, or you can't stand the thought of reading this story with inline images of the incredibly fuckable Caz, then read on, ya horny bastard:

Since I'm an American, and new at this sort of thing, we arrange to meet in a public place near Heathrow, probably a tea shop or some such. You and Caz are already there when I arrive, as my flight was slightly delayed. I'm looking around the shop for you and Caz, and so you have a moment to study me before I see you. Caz says "Hmmm, he looks quite charming in person, doesn't he?" and you smile at her, knowing that she's already thinking about getting my big Yank cock between her sexy thighs.

I spot the two of you sitting down, smile broadly as you wave me over, and take my seat. We make small talk for several minutes about my flight, the weather, etc. after which point there is a somewhat awkward pause, we all trade glances, and end up smiling from ear to ear. It's understood that Caz is getting hornier by the moment, and so the three of us depart in your car after I've loaded my luggage in the boot.

On the way back to your flat, we all continue to talk as you drive, with the conversation becoming more and more sexually oriented. Turns out Caz is one sexy bitch, and I find myself growing an erection just sitting in the car with her, listening to her sexy British accent and smelling her incredibly sexy hair in the confines of your auto.

When we get back to your place, you put on Caz's favorite record and open a bottle of wine. As we sip the wine and continue or easy conversation, I can see Caz has unbuttoned most of the buttons on her blouse, and she's begun to sit in a very provocative fashion, albeit u*********sly. Her face has flushed, whether from the wine or from her sexual desire, it is hard to say. My erection begins to become evident through my pants, at which point Caz can no longer contain herself, and she abruptly gets up and walks over to me with a wicked sexy little grin, saying "Here, let me help you with that!"

With that, she unzips my trousers and deftly extricates my cock, gazing at it as though hypnotized. You smile, anticipating watching your sexy slut s****r-in-law cum hard all over my throbbing organ. After a few strokes to size up what she's getting herself into, Caz slowly lowers her head onto my thick head, gazing at me with those beautiful eyes and smile. She begins to work my engorged member like a pro, taking me deep to the point of almost gagging once or twice. Seeing Caz be so slutty has got you horny as well, so you put your camera down (when did you start taking pictures, I wonder briefly) and walk over, begin to finger her, up her skirt, and around her sexy panties.

Caz is moaning heavily by this point, being penetrated from both ends. With her mouth still on my cock she mumbles "I yeed yur cock inpide be NOW!" Without further ado, she turns around while I'm still sitting on the couch, only wearing her soaking wet panties now since you'd taken them off at some point while you were finger fucking her. Facing you as you've returned to where you were sitting (cam in hand again), she roughly grabs my rock-hard todger and shoves it up her sopping wet cunt.

Caz and I begin to moan in unison, as she begins to use her long, shapely legs to slide up and down the rigid length of my shaft. She's smiling at the camera, and asking you if you like what you see. You reply with a hearty affirmative, and, encouraged by your response, Caz begins to increase the speed of her downward thrusts, impaling herself on my merciless fuckstick with a loud and wet slapping noise every time she hits bottom. She begins to make more high-pitched noises, sounding almost like a bitch in heat, as you zoom in on her face to catch the reaction. Caz's face turns red as she turns her head up and begins to cum, letting out a low-pitched growl that turns into a high pitched shuddering shriek as her entire body convulses with the intense strength of her orgasm.

Seeing this incredibly hot woman riding cock like you've never seen before, you put the camera down on the coffee table, still running, pull your stiff todger out of your trousers, and stuff it into Caz's breathless face. She looks up at you like the dirty, horny slut she is as she begins to slob the full measure of your cock, moving much slower on my still-hard cock now as she begins to recover from her first nut.

I reach down and grab Caz's sexy fuck-me panties which you so conveniently discarded within my reach at the base of the couch, put them to my nose and inhale deeply. The deep, rich scent of her sweetly musky pussy is incredibly intoxicating, and I begin to thrust upward more vigorously. You watch me grow increasingly excited by smelling and tasting Caz's dirty panties, and quickly produce from your shirt pocket yet another pair of Caz's dirty knickers for yourself. One of your favorites, with a large patch of Caz's crusty pussy juice right where it should be, and a lovely salty and sweaty scent just north of that. With each of us totally immersed in our individual Caz undy ecstasies, Caz begins again to slam herself down on top of me, while now choking and gagging on your throbbing todger. She quickens her pace with both, evidently nearing another monumental orgasm. Sensing this, each of us quicken our pace, so that Caz is now being roughly fucked at a furious pace in both her incredibly wet cunt and her pretty but pre-cum and saliva-moistened face. Hearing her begin to emit what is apparently her signature orgasm growl-turned-shriek, you and I can no longer contain ourselves, and we ejaculate into Caz's inviting holes simultaneously. Caz's lets out a garbled utterance of apparent approval, and begins to swallow and lick off of your cock the rest of your obviously sizable jizzload.

Still underneath Caz's wetly wriggling pussy, I have pumped my enormous deposit of semen deep inside her little frame. As she continues to wriggle on top of me, a viscous mixture of Caz's cum and mine begin to slide out of her pussy, down my cock and balls, and onto the cushions of your couch. Caz pulls your cock out of her mouth and says "bl**dy hell, I meant to put a sheet down."

As you pull your pants back up, and Caz lifts herself wearily off of me, the rest of the concoction from inside her still-twitching minge runs out and onto me, and then continues on to the same, already-drenched spot. Caz giddily says "Shit, I suppose I'll be needing to clean that up in a bit."

You chuckle, and turn off the camera, put on one of your own favorite records, as the lot of us begin to slowly come down from the intense high our recent debauchery has imparted.

As the music ebbs and flows, and the next bottle of wine does as well, we talk about what just happened and what each of us liked most. Caz tells us she was surprised to see us treat her panties in such a way, but admits she found it incredibly hot and looks forward to more panty-play in the future. After we've finished the 2nd bottle of wine, you call me a taxi to take me back to my hotel, and I lay in bed, drifting to sl**p as I marvel at how incredible and amazingly eventful the evening was.

You and Caz stay up for a while after I've gone, talking about how the night's experience has given each of you new ideas, until the candles begin to gutter out and you decide to retire. Caz never did clean up that wet spot that night, and so a small stain remains as a clandestinely cheeky reminder of that night.

Thanks for the inspiration, Dan2704! Couldn't have done it without ya!

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