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Easily turned.

I was 27 yrs old and had been married for about six months. We both worked and I was an office manager, my wife worked in retail.

One very wet day as the office was closing one of my male co-workers asked me if I could drop him home as we lived in the same general direction. I said sure and he suggested we grab beer in a bar next door to miss the traffic rush, which we did.

Afterwards we got in my SUV and were sharing a joke and he put his hand on my thigh to emphasize the punch line. We were driving quite slowly and he didn't remove his hand, in fact he began gently stroking my thigh and brushed my junk with the back of his hand.

I was amazed to feel myself get extremely hard as I'd never even thought of a relationship with a guy. He saw how aroused I was becoming and as I hadn't rebuffed his advances became bolder and stroked my by now raging hard-on with his palm. I protested, but only half-heartedly and he took no notice.

He then gently squeezed me through my jeans which were threatening to burst the zipper! It was getting dark and he asked me to pull into a supermarket car park ahead which was emptying out. I drove into the darkest spot in the underground car park and quickly applied the brakes and shut the lights off. He made me recline my seat back and in the same moment he expertly downed my zipper and freed my 6 inch circumcised cock.

I was ready to explode even before he lowered his warm lips onto my cock and I came in a torrent in his mouth for what seemed like many minutes. My new lover spat into his handkerchief and taking my hand guided it to his crotch which I surprisingly was looking forward to. I undid his zipper and fondled his cock and balls until he came in my hand which got me all hot again and we engaged in mutual masturbation for a while. We both came again which was as good as the first time.

We were both reclining with our jeans around our ankles and our satisfied cocks laying against our thighs and I said I should really get home. He said sure and we got ourselves together and set off with him still stroking me as I drove.

My wife and I had sex twice that night and she remarked how intense I was and joked that I must have been to a strip club on the way home; if she only knew!

I still think that night with my new friend was the most exciting sex I have ever had.

I still see him maybe seven or eight times a year, always at his apartment and he teaches me new stuff each time and I never have sex with another guy.

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