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Emma takes one From The Team

This is for my horny friends Emma and Mark, they are Emmajxxx on here.
She is a dirty slut who loves to do pics and vids for all you xhamsters.I'm sure if you ask nicely she'll do one for you too.

Anyway here's the story.

Emma’s Takes one from the Team
Chapter One
Emma’s business was booming, she’d made enough in the last few months to pay for half of Christmas. Not her regular job you understand. Emma was a highly qualified Corporate Accountant, by day she was kept busy from 9 to 5 in the corridors of financial power in the City of London. No, the extra money had come from her and Mark’s little hobby. Since they’d given up their swinging adventures to raise their k**s; they’d been selling Emma’s pictures and videos on an adult website of which they were enthusiastic members. Xhamster gave them an outlet for their sexual fantasies and also kept a steady flow of cash into the f****y coffers.
This evening they had checked into the Ambassador hotel in Kensington to have some horny fun making a video for one of their best customers and to give themselves a welcome break from the k**s.
Emma looked at herself once more in the full length mirror, pursing her lips into a kiss she giggled and turned to Mark, “Well, what do you think, will I do”?
Mark zipped his fly and turned to wash his hands at the sink. “You look gorgeous Em, so sexy. You ought to wear that dress more often”. Having dried his hands he cupped her chin in his hands and kissed her, allowing the tip of his tongue to separate her freshly painted lips.
“You bugger you’ll spoil my lipstick”. She playfully chided him.
If we’re lucky, it’ll be more than your lipstick that will be spoilt tonight”. He quipped as he left the en-suite and went into the large bedroom of their suite. He moved across to the full length balcony doors and adjusted the focus of the Sony Handy-cam on its tripod. “Perfect, that should catch all the action; I’ve got it focussed on just about where your pussy will be if your head is on the pillows. Assuming you aren’t wriggling around like you usually do. And.... just in case”. He walked around to the other side of the bed and adjusted the second video cam to focus on a wide angle shot of the whole bed.
“I’ve got my old faithful Panasonic rigged up here and the old Sony I can hand-hold to catch all of the close ups”.
“Perfect lover, it would be a shame to miss any of the action. How many guys did you say were coming”?
“Oh, just one or two old mates, you remember Jason, don’t you? Well it’s him and a couple of his mates from the team”.
“Mmmmm Jason, your foot-balling hero, I remember him from that last swinging party we went to, his cock is huge, I thought he was going to split me open when he was fucking me doggy that night”.
“Rubbish, he’s not that much bigger than me and I seem to remember you came like a train when he was fucking you”.
It’s such a pity we couldn’t have filmed that night, I’ve got a punter who wants some swinging video with me in. It’s going to be difficult to set that one up, even at the price we negotiated”. She replied. “Anyway stop reminding me of that stuff, my pussy is dripping like a tap already just thinking about you filming me fuck a couple of guys later. Adam will be so pleased when he gets to see what he ordered”.
“OK then Em, you ready? Let’s get down to the bar and see if anyone is here yet”. Mark checked his watch. “Ten thirty, perfect timing, Jason said they’d be here around now”.
Em gave one more turn in front of the mirror and took in the sight of her black silk dress. It cupped her large breasts without need for a bra and the hem rode just below the lacy tops of her barely black hold-ups. She shook her brunette hair and it framed her head and neck perfectly accentuating her sultry dark eye make-up.
“OK, let’s go and make some lovely money”. She laughed.

Chapter Two
As they walked in the bar, they saw Jason and his friends, they were all stood at the bar talking animatedly waving their arms around, seemingly discussing their last match, They were all alike dressed in matching suits, shirts and ties. Evidently they had moved on to the Ambassador from some team dinner in the West End.
Seeing them enter the bar Jason waved them over to their group. “Come on guys, catch up we’re way ahead of you. What you having”?
“Bring me another bottle of Crystal barman and a couple more glasses”.
The long suffering barman bent down and took a bottle of the £200 champagne from a fridge and put it into a ready filled ice bucket.
“That’s the sixth bottle you’ve ordered Sir, would you mind if I take an imprint of your credit card”?
“Nah, no problem, here you go mate, take a swipe of this baby”, he opened his brown crocodile skin wallet, extracted a black Amex card from among a thick wad of fifty pound notes and slid it across the bar.
“Now where was I, oh yeah. How ya doin Mark? I see Em’s looking stunning as usual. Fuck me Em! You look good enough to eat”.
“You are such a sweet talker Jason, if you’ve got the cash, I’ve got the gash”.
Jason and the mates closest to him burst into gales of laughter at Em’s quick witted reply.
“Don’t worry about the cash darling we’ve got plenty of that, we’ve just been given our match bonuses, so money is just no object. We’re celebrating big time. Bring us another couple of bottles of Crystal barman”.
Em turned to Mark a look of concern on her face. “Mark, what the fuck have you let me in for, you said there’d just be a couple of them, there must be at least half a dozen here”.
“Don’t worry Em, I’ll look after you, anyway they won’t all be coming back to the room, just Jason and a couple of his mates. When you’ve finished that glass, maybe we should get them up to the room before it gets out of hand in here”.
“Yes, you’re right, listen, I’m going up to the room after I’ve been to the ladies, you can tell your mate it’s now going to be a hundred quid each and no more than three of them, OK”?
“OK Em, no problem, We’ll be up in ten minutes or so; make sure you keep your heels on, just hit record on the cameras and lie on the bed as we discussed, playing with yourself. Like you are waiting for someone to come in and fuck you. Which you are”. He added.
Reassured Em gave both Mark and Jason a lingering kiss on the lips and left the bar a dozen pairs of lecherous eyes following her.
“OK mate, looks like she’s gone to get ready for us, what did you say the damage would be? Fifty each wasn’t it”.
“Well it was going to be fifty, but Em is really nervous with all your mates here, she wants a ton each and no more than three of you. Is that OK”?
“Fuck, worth it at twice the price”, he replied.
Emma stood in the lift and hit the button for the 15th floor.
“Fuck, what have I let myself in for”, she mused to herself. The thought of the three guys coming up to their room was causing her body to react with its customary sexual anticipation, her nipples felt like they would burst and her pussy was now literally dripping, her juices dribbling down her inner thighs and wetting her hold-ups. She turned away from the security camera and twisted her right nipple brutally, the pain translated into an electric shock that arrowed its way directly to her moist clit. She lifted the front of her dress and slid a finger between her engorged lips, feeling her slick wet juices priming her for what was to come. Sliding her middle finger into her depths she scooped a finger full of her juices and transferred them to her mouth. Unknown to her several drops dripped onto the floor between her feet, making a small puddle on the marble floor. “Mmmmm Em you really do taste good enough to eat”. She was startled from her thoughts as the gong went and the lift stopped at her floor.
She checked that she looked decent in the mirror, noting her prominent nipples trying to burst through the tight black silk. Then pulled down the hem of her dress and walked down to the corridor to their room, each step reminding her of her readiness to fuck as her wet thighs rubbed squelchily together.

Chapter Three
Emma swiped her room card and entered their suite, entering the bedroom she crossed to the windows and drew the curtains, then turned on the floor lamp and the two side table lamps. As she passed the Handy-cam she pressed record and noted the red light was on, crossing to the other side of the bed she did the same with the Panasonic, satisfied it too was recording she then lay on the bed which she had already stripped of its duvet and coverlet earlier. Her long brunette hair fanned out around her head on the pillow as she made herself comfortable. She voluptuously put both hands up to her hard nipples and squeezed them twisting slightly as she did so, once more she felt the stab of pleasure in her clit. She dropped her right hand to her ribcage and seductively moved it down across her flat stomach to the lower hem of her dress. She raised both her knees and planted her feet at shoulders width then slowly lowered her knees outwards. As she did so her dress rose up her thighs exposing her perfectly waxed pubis to the gaze of the inanimate video-cam. Feeling the familiar tightening of her stomach at the intense pleasure of being filmed, she slowly started to rub her fingers up and down her widely spread labia. She felt wave after wave of sexual stimulation wash over her and barely refrained from plunging her fingers deep inside herself. “Steady girl, you need to slow down and wait for the real fun to start”, she said quietly to herself. Her finger tip lightly made circles on her stiffening clit, as she did so she could feel that it had emerged fully from its protective hood.
Oh, God that is sooooooo fucking good”, she said aloud for the camera’s microphone. “Fuck yes my clit is sooo sensitive, I reeeeeaaallly need to cum soon”.
Meanwhile Mark, Jason and his two friends had entered the lift.
“Wow, do you smell that, it smells really strongly of wet cunt in here”, said the skinny black goalie.
“You ain’t wrong Richie, look there’s a puddle of something on the floor” said Jason pointing to a spot on the marble tiling. Richie dropped to his knees and smelt at the puddle. “Fuck yes, that’s definitely cunt juice”, he laughed. “Some lucky bugger has got some fun coming tonight, maybe it’s me”?
The four of them broke into typical laddish laughter digging each other in the ribs and grabbing their bulging crutches. “Fuck I’m horny Mark, is your missus as good as Jason tells us”? asked the goalie, rubbing his growing cock through the material of his trousers.
“Richie, mate. You are going to get the fuck of your life shortly she is fucking dyn-o-mite”, responded the tall blonde striker as he unzipped his fly.
Pulling his thickening cock from his trousers he gave it a few long strokes, squeezing a drop of pre-cum from his Jap’s eye.
“You look ready to go already mate”, said Mark, eyeing the purple circumcised knob head.
“Mark, you know me, always up for a good fuck, especially with Em, she is a fucking horny piece of arse.
“Yeah, I’m fucking ready for a nice wet cunt too”, said the third of the team-mates from the corner of the lift, as he also unzipped and produced his cock, a small drop seeping from under his foreskin.
“Fucking hell guys, you’ll get us chucked out of the hotel at this rate”, said Mark gesturing to the security camera in the roof of the lift.
“Fuck ‘em”, said Richie, “no-one is chucking me out of anywhere until I’ve dumped a big load in your missus. She’d better be worth a hundred quid”.
“She’s worth that and a lot more”, responded Mark. “You’ll have no complaints I can promise you that”.
The gong sounded as they hit the fifteenth floor.
The four walked along the corridor to Mark and Emma’s suite; three of them now stroking their erect cocks in flagrant disregard of the security camera in the ceiling, elbowing each other playfully like a bunch of pre-pubescent school-k**s.
Mark swiped the room card and pushed the door open, he ushered the three into the living room.
“Gentlemen, prepare to be fucked senseless, you’ll find Em waiting for you in the bedroom, through that door over there”. Mark pointed at the door standing slightly ajar.
Jason walked across the room and pushed open the door. “Fuck me,” he said as he took in the scene before him.
Emma’s legs were bent at the knees and spread wide apart, her dress rucked up around her waist; her right hand was buried almost up to the wrist in her dripping pussy as she fisted herself. Her right breast was completely exposed where she had pulled the plunging neckline to one side and her nipple was bright red from the ill treatment meted out by her left hand.
“C’mon guys, hurry up, if you take any longer I will have cum already.”
Mark moved over to the dresser and picked up the Sony hand-held and switched it to record. He moved in behind Jason who by now had knelt between Em’s thighs and was frantically wanking his cock above her thrusting hand. “Come on Em, let me get my cock in there”, he whined.
Emma removed her hand from her pussy with an audible sluurping sound. She looked up at the striker and said, “Looks like I’m outnumbered what d you want me to do”?
“Turn over, I want to fuck you doggy, you can suck Richie and play with Dano’s cock”.
Emma turned over presenting her perfect arse cheeks to Jason, he immediately slid his 9 inches balls deep in her wet pussy and paused when he had his balls resting against her bum cheeks. Leaning forward she grasped the two cocks, one in each hand she brought Richie’s uncircumcised black cock to her mouth and started to run her tongue around the wet bell-end, with her right hand she started to wank Dano, drawing the foreskin down hard on each stroke. Far from feeling pain, Dano ‘s face was wreathed in ecstasy as her hand jerked faster.
Seeing his team-mate’s look of pleasure, Jason started to pound his cock into Emma’s pussy, withdrawing its full nine inches on each stroke. As fast as she wanked Dano, so she timed plunging Richie’s cock into her wanton mouth taking the whole seven inches.
“Fuck, mate, I’m gonna cum”, shouted Dano, his cock now seemingly fucking Emma’s hand.
“Yeah, me too”, echoed Jason as he abandoned all attempt at restraint and slammed his cock in and out of Emma’s soaking pussy.
Feeling Jason’s cock unload rope after rope of hot sticky cum into her insides Emma’s pussy involuntarily squeezed Jason’s cock. This served only to make him slam harder into her which inevitably tipped her over her climatic edge. A gush of hot man and girl cum squeezed around Jason’s cock and squirted a good foot across the pristine white cotton sheets of the bed.

Almost losing consciousness at the v******e of her orgasm, Emma’s mouth sucked Richie deep into her throat causing him to also empty his ejaculate in a huge load down her throat; she gagged and started to cough. Letting go of both cocks in front of her she flopped face down on the bed.
“Fucking hell guys, what have you done to her”, asked Mark his voice betraying his concern. “You OK Em?
“OK? I’ll say I’m OK, just a bit fucked at the moment”, she laughed in reply.
She turned over and lay on her back, both of her hands cupping her pussy. “What a nice way to start the evening. Come on guys are you ready for some more”?

Chapter Four
Back down in the bar Jonno felt the insistent buzz of an incoming text on his iphone. “Who the fuck is this, I bet it’s my bl**dy mother”. He pulled out his phone and saw it was a message from Dano. He opened the message to find a picture of a gorgeous brunette spread-eagled on a bed, both tits hanging over the top of her black dress, the dress was round her waist and there between her legs he could see his team captain licking a very obviously wet pussy. He scrolled down to the message,
Cum and gedit jonno, bring a cpl of the lads, she is gagging 4 it Room 1521
Suddenly turned on by the horny picture Jonno looked around the rest of his team-mates in the bar deciding who to take with him, Milo, no he’s gay, what about Dave? Yeah he’d be up for it. Who else? Robbie, no he’s just got married and is fucking like a bunny. I know, Carl he’s always up for some hanky-panky. He called Dave and Carl over.
“What’s up Jonno? What’s the panic? I’ve just ordered a round”, said Carl the team trainer.
“I just got a text from Dano, he and Jason are up in one of the rooms banging a chick, wants to know if we’d like to get a piece of her”.
“Fuck, I’m in”, said the trainer, “not had a shag for at least a day and a half”.
“Yeah, me too, the missus is on the blob, not had a fuck for a fortnight”.
“OK, then guys, room 1521, here we cum”.

“That’s it guys, one on each tit, go on suck those nipples, you won’t break em”, said Mark as he zoomed in tight on the heads of the two as they sucked Emma’s nipples. Between her legs Jason was doing his best to keep his tongue on her clit as she bucked her hips against his face. The three points of stimulation were just too much for Em as she came yet again, her entire body wracked with lust at the feeling and also the mental stimulation her sluttish behaviour was causing in her mind.
Hearing a sound behind him Mark turned towards the door and saw another trio of players enter the bedroom. He stood up quickly and walked towards them his hand outstretched to stop them.
“Hold on guys, you aren’t invited, this is strictly an invitation only gig”.
“Oh I think we are, Dano just texted me and gave me the room number”, answered Jonno.
Mark looked over his shoulder at his wife’s spread-eagled form on the bed”, his face wreathed in a look of confusion and indecision.
“Come on in guys, no pay no play though, it’ll cost you 200 pounds each”. Said Emma from the bed.
“I’m in”, said Dave, “cheaper than a bottle of bubbly in the bar”.
The other two quickly agreed and they all began to strip off. Soon they were naked their clothes spread carelessly over the floor.
“As there’s so many of you here, you can’t all fuck me, how about a bit of bukkake. Lucky there’s plenty of room in here. I’ll kneel on the floor and suck you off in turn and then you can all cum on me, see who can produce the most cum for me to swallow. The guy who gives me the biggest load gets to fuck me in the arse, if he can get it up again of course. How does that sound”?
They all readily agreed and the six of them surrounded Em as she knelt on the floor. With her face at cock level she soon started to suck on the first cock she saw in front of her. She looked around at the group of super fit guys, all with neatly toned six-packs, well all except the older guy, but what he lacked in physical perfection he made up for with quite the largest cock she could see.
Completely overwhelmed by the pure sex rushing through her body, she needed more and more cock, so breaking her self imposed limit on numbers she said, “Hm, there’s room for a couple more, Jason why don’t you see if you can find another couple of cocks for me, I do love a nice load of cum all over me. Meanwhile, let me get you all warmed up”. She reached out with her hand and grabbed Carl’s big cock dragging it to her open mouth. “Lovely, I do like a cock with a foreskin to play with.
In no time at all a further four players entered the room, seeing the sight of Emma on her knees playing with two cocks as she sucked a third, they followed the example of their teammates and began divesting themselves of their clothes.
Now, with all but Jason and Mark naked the bukkake began in earnest. Ten pairs of hands groped and pawed at Emma as she knelt on the floor. Two pairs pulled her bum cheeks apart as a third started to finger her pussy from behind. In front of her, a pair of cocks were being jerked in front of her face as she enthusiastically sucked yet another stiff and dripping cock.
Richie pushed the two guys holding her arse to one side and slid his feet and then his legs between hers, she opened them wider as she felt him positioning himself between her spread thighs, holding his hard cock up he slipped his cum covered cock head between her gaping, cum filled lips then placing a hand on each hip he pulled her down onto his cock until her pubis was resting between his thighs. She raised herself a couple of inches then dropped fully onto his cock once more.
“Mmmm that’s more like it, fuck me Richie, stick that big black cock deep in my cunt and make me squirt my cum all over you, Yes that’s it you fucker, fuck my wet cunt”.
Emma’s filthy language served as a spur to the wankers all around her and three of them released their loads of slimy wet sperm over her tits and face. Carl managed to put a particularly accurate load all over her right cheek and hair. The others quickly followed suit, one load directly in the centre of her face and the other all over her magnificent tits.
“Fuck, if you lot aren’t careful you’re going to make me cum all over poor Richie here”, she said as she started to up the pace as she rode him a reverse cow-girl position. This proved more than the poor black goalie could take; he grunted like a pig at stud and emptied his load deep inside her. Feeling him deposit his cum, Emma lifted herself up and said, “C’mon guys I need to get fucked”.
She pointed at the short curly haired winger, “You, lie on the floor between my legs”. He scrambled between her cum splattered thighs and positioned his leaky cock at her entrance. Once more she lowered herself and impaled her pussy on a strangers erect cock. She grabbed the hand of a bleached blonde guy who’d not yet cum and pulled him behind her. “Now you can have my bum, make sure you get it nice and wet before you stick it in me”.
He complied quickly by spitting on his hand and rubbing it over his already slick cock head and as she leant forward he nudged it to the opening of her dark rosette before sliding his thin but nevertheless perfectly acceptable cock deep into her bowels in one stroke.
“Aaarggh fuck, careful”, she uttered as his balls slapped against his mates hairy sac.
“That’s it boys, get a nice rhythm going. Fuck that feels good to be sooo full, come on now fuck me, I need to cum with you both fucking me.
Once more she turned her hands and mouth to three of the willing participants. “Come on Jason, Richie, suck my nipples”. The two set to with gusto, either not caring or just too carried away by the scene before them to worry about the cum they were licking off her.
She looked across at Mark filming using the hand held camera with one hand as he rapidly wanked himself with the other. The atmosphere in the room was heavy with the stink of multiple cum loads and the pungent smell of Emma in abandoned heat.
One by one and sometimes simultaneously the guys unloaded their cum on the wanton slut, her hair became thick with their goo as they each dumped copious loads onto her. Mark was the last he stood in front of her and wanked his long thick cock, she grabbed it wantonly as she saw the tell tale signs of him starting to cum and took the entire load down her throat, not missing a single drop as he convulsed before her.
Then as if all on a concerted count-down the pair fucking her unloaded their viscous cum deep inside her and pulled out, this finally tipped her over the edge; she came massively her own cum squirting clear across the room in a high arc from her cervix, straight out between her gaping cunt lips as she collapsed onto the floor, her gaping arsehole leaking the blonde guy’s cum down to drip across her gaping cunt onto the green Wilton carpet.
There was silence for what seemed like ages as the guys stood up and picked up their clothes and dressed themselves, not a word was spoken as they, almost as one opened their wallets and handed Mark handfuls of Fifty pound notes.
Five minutes later Mark and Emma were alone in their suite.
“Fuck me, Em. Was that horny or what”?
“My God Mark, you ain’t k**ding. That was just awesome”.
Mark finished counting the cash. “How much do you reckon Em”?
“Not a clue and right now I don’t care; I’d have done it for nothing if I’d known it’d be that good. Did you get it all on film”?
“Well, it was 200 quid a head, so that’s two grand, but no matter how I count it, it adds up to over five grand here. Yep every last second is on film, it’s going to be great when I finish editing it all together
“Don’t forget that Adam’s going to pay us another two hundred for the video”. She added.
“It’s nice to keep the customer satisfied”, added Mark a little superfluously.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my dirty little slut friend, Love you Em xxx

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