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Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser / Prologue)

It was the day our parents went away to a wedding both my b*****r and I refused to attend. That day neither I or he had any plans, so we end up chilling together. To be more honnest, he was chilling I simply got in his way. He was watching The Grudge (the only good thing that was on at the time), and I was sitting closely drawing. It was a cold day and we both shared a blanket our legs entangled, after a long fight over space. I wanted to be near, I loved the way he smelled, and how his presence made me comfortable. However unfortunately Grudge finished early and he went off to the shower and then was planning to sl**p. Pretending that I will still watch the TV, I asked him to leave it on, as he went off to the bathroom. Giving him enough time to get undressed, I tippie-toed after him. It sucked that I had to wait, seing him get undressed would be the best part. Or so I thought, before I slightly peeked inside. Usually I would have never allowed anything like that to myself. But it was my chance since the parents were away, and my maturing body was pouncing with desire for him. As I slightly opened the door, I caught his arms sliding down his chest, circling around the legs...washing every inch of his body. His skin, so smooth, and much darker than mines, was such a turn on. I felt the warmth spreading through my body and pulling tugging sensation between my thighs. I could feel my clit and pussy throbbing with his every movement. I couldnt decide what I wanted more, my body replace his, and his hands trailing all over mine, or my hands and lips replacing his hands, trailing all over his body. I was double lucky, one that the curtain was almost fully transparent, disregarding a couple ducks here and there, that I could glimpse at his reflection in the mirror above the sink, and that he rinsed his hair last, having his shampoo on it, while leaving his eyes closed. By the time his hands reached his privates, a moan was escaping my mouth, and my panties were melting in my wetness and the heat eminating from my pussy. Not daring to stay longer, afraid that I just won't be able to control myself I have left to my room. I closed the light and put the fan on, although it was truly far from hot, I simply had to have something to slightly camouflage my moans, since I still never truly learned how to contain them.

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