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Summer Break With Mom

I was on my way back home for summer after my first year of college. I wasn’t planning on coming home, but Dad was coming back from his deployment from Afghanistan sometime during July, So I decided to come home. I wasn’t looking forward to be back home, because of an incident with mom, before I went to college I felt there had been sexual tension between me and her for quite awhile. As wrong as this may sound I was sexually attractive to her, mom is a very flirty and attractive women. I misunderstood her, and got carried away “probably thanks to all the porn I use to watch” which influence me to make an indecent proposal to my own mother. She got upset; by her reaction I obviously knew what was going to be her answer. I wasn't all that worried I had nothing to lose; I knew she wasn't going to tell Dad about my actions, but now that I was returning back I was a bit worried, I didn't know what to expect from mom.

The wait was over; I was home and to my own surprise mom was happy to see me. She had been by herself for almost a year with me and dad gone, so I understood why she was happy. She looked beautiful and charming like always. I felt right at home again, it seemed it wasn't going to be a bad summer after all.

There was only one car in the house; mom told me I could have it during my stay, but there was a catch; mom was a real estate agent, so I had to take her to work and to her schedule walk through appointments and pick her up from work. At first I said no I’ll just stay home, but after 2 days of being bored at home and having nothing to do I decided to take the car.

I spent more time driving mom around and in her office than anything else, it wasn't as bad as it sounded, it kept me occupied. Spending all that time with mom was fun, but being around her flirtiness and seeing her in her sexy office suits made my feelings emerge again. I felt that sexual tension be build up once again,the way mom acted around me wasn't normal; it was obvious she liked torturing and teasing the hell out of me. I acted as normal as I could around her, but on June 21, that changed.

I drove her to her walk through appointment that afternoon, mom usually arrived to her appointments an hour early to clean and make the house or apartment presentable, but we got stuck in traffic that afternoon and ended up getting there with very few time left. We got to the house and it didn't look good from the start. The AC wasn't working properly, the house smelled a bit musty it was very dusty especially the kitchen counter, dining room table and floor, other than that the house looked nice it was fully furnished. We open the window to freshen up the house and started cleaning up in a hurry. Half way through the clean up mom pants were getting dusty and dirty. She was wearing a black pantsuit with white long sleeve shirt.

Mom sit down I’ll finish cleaning, a sweaty and dirty realtor isn't going to look well.

Aww! Thanks honey, your right. If a deal gets done you deserve some of the commission.

She set down for a second; mom looked anxious as she watched me clean. She stood up.

I’m sorry,no offence Dez, but your cleaning looks sloppy.

Am doing the best i can mom.

Suddenly mom surprised me; she began taking her suit off; don’t get the wrong idea, desperate time’s calls for desperate measures, mom said. She started cleaning in a hurry.

I was mesmerized looking at her color skin underwear; it trigger a massive erection on me instantly. Mom saw it; I knew she enjoyed messing with my head.
Stop looking at me like that and let’s finish cleaning, mom said.

I was stunned; I couldn't take my eyes off her while cleaning, I kept thinking over and over was that a sign from her.
Cleaning was done, the house looked presentable and mom had her clothes back on. I was still a bit stun and speechless.

Dez those folks should be hear any time.

I nodded my head and said ok.

You ok Dez? Come back to earth, mom said in a joking way.

I smiled as I went back to the car to wait for the walk through to finish. What just happen, I ask myself. I should have done something; I just wasted an opened opportunity.

The walk through was over, as the suitors left. I went back into the house, mom was happy as she received me with a high-five, I should get an offer from them any time soon. I can tell they loved what they saw.

So did I, I said thinking out loud. Mom gave me a squinted look, I’m your mother remember that, is that what they teach you in college, mom asked as she gave me a flirty look.
I didn't say nothing wrong mom, I said laughing.

I’m just saying you have a very nice body.

Mom rolled her eyes, oh, I know that honey mom said in a presumptuous funny way.

It’s time to head back perv as she gave me a smirk smile. She gave me an impression that she enjoyed what I said. We went ahead and started to make sure everything was locked and secured before we left. I finish locking the windows from the bedrooms as I walked back to the living room; I looked at mom, who was leaning on the kitchen counter while looking at her cell phone, she looked fucking hot. Again I was in the same situation I was a year ago, I couldn't focus on my thoughts, she’s doing this on purpose I said to myself, I had to make a move. I knew it was now or never, I said fuck it, I had nothing to lose.
Everything felt in slow motion, my body had a weird nervous sensation; I remember hearing my heart beating inside of me as I got closer to mom. She heard me come in the kitchen; she was still typing on her phone, I stood behind her.

Ready to leave Hun, mom ask.

No, not yet.

I paused for a brief second as mom turned around; I put my hand around her and kissed her.

Nooo… No… No… No, wait Dez! What are you doing?

Something we both have been wanting for quite a while, right?

We both were an inch apart from each other; it was an awkward moment, she avoided eye contact. My arms were still around her, moms hands were laying on top of my arms, a few seconds went without mom answering me; I knew her silence was her way of saying I was right.

I went ahead and tried to kissing her, this time mom didn’t resist, but she wasn’t enthusiastic either. I notice mom was a bit shaky and nervous, so was I. It took me a minute to process what was happening, I felt weird and awkward at first but it was normal I guess, I wasn’t prepared for what was happening.
I began feeling more comfortable once mom’s warm moist lips began getting active while kissing; our tongues were naturally going out of control with each other. I kept reminding myself to calm down and not to get aggressive, I didn’t want to scare mom. I’m use to being a bit aggressive.

I wasn’t sure mom was down to fuck, which kept me from taking charge. If she only wanted to make out I didn’t want it to end anytime soon, but after kissing passionately for quite a bit I was so turned on, I decided to go ahead and start making things happen. I turned mom around without saying anything to her, and began kissing the back and sides of her neck, mom’s body sense and breathing made me so hard and horny. I began biting gently and licking the back of her neck.
Mom, who has been quiet all this time, suddenly was moaning softly and began to talk.

OOUUHHH YEAH! Ohh God, that feels good.

I slid my hands under her shirt and slowly began caressing her body, while my tongue and lips were busy with her neck. Things began to happen fast; my hands and fingers had a numb sensation around her stomach. Mom’s soft moans weren’t helping at all, making me a bit aggressive thing a wanted to avoid. My hands and fingers were acting on their own, without me noticing I was caressing mom’s bra covered tits; it was an amazing indescribable feeling. My fingers went underneath her bra and started rubbing her nipples, she tried to hold her moans, but she couldn’t she was enjoying it.

Mom was getting looser; her sexy soft moans began getting more frequent; she made me lose control. I pulled out her tits out of her bra and began caressing and squeezing every inch of them. Her neck shivered as it tilted back and to her right side, I continued kissing and biting her neck and shoulders. The aroma of my saliva on mom’s neck had me out of control; I kept reminding myself to calm down, not to get ahead of myself. It wasn’t easy, I wanted to fuck mom so bad. Everything was happening at a fast pace, I couldn’t keep up with my thoughts, the a****l in me began to act. I was going to start unbuttoning her shirt; suddenly I felt mom’s arms moving, she was rubbing her pussy over the pants. I slid my hand under her hands and started rubbing her pussy for her.

Yes… Yes! Mmmm!! FUCK! That feels good!!

Those words literally made me cum, I started dry butt humping mom a bit aggressive I was too excited. I could feel my boxers welt from all the pre cum that had been coming out, my cum kept building up; I felt my cock was about to explode I needed to cum, I wanted to hold it. I moaned softly at mom’s ears, I knew I was about to cum; I couldn’t hold it anymore I felt my cum shooting out, I kept humping and rubbing mom while I was cumming. I just had a premature ejaculation, I didn’t say noting to mom, which would have been embarrassing. I stop humping mom after I came, but continued rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other hand.

A bit of my excitement went away the moment I came, but it came back the moment I heard mom’s heavy breathing. I debated in my mind, what to do next.

Dont ask her; just take charge, just fuck her. I said to myself.

I turn mom around, finally making eye contact. I was getting ready to kiss her, and suddenly she said... you know were both going to hell. I thought yep, it going to happened that was the green light.

I just laugh at what mom said.

I didn’t say much, we kissed wildly and sloppy with desire. We both were breathing hard thru our noses and mouth. My left hand kept rubbing her pussy thru her pants.

Hmmmm auuhhh !! Holy shit… mom said.

Mom’s heavy breathing and sexy moaning turn the wild switch on me, she had me going crazy. I picked her up off her feet and carried her to the living room; I laid her on the sofa and kiss her some more I couldn’t keep my lips off her. Suddenly she got up to unbutton her shirt off. I took my clothes off in a heartbeat; I was completely naked before mom even finished taking her shirt off. There I was; naked in front of her, I felt odd for a few seconds and kind of nervous. I stood there watching mom take her shirt off; it was amazing seeing her tits popping out over her bra. I didn’t let her finish take off her bra, pants or shoes. I couldn’t hold myself; I urge myself into her, making her fall into the sofa and began sucking and caressing on her tits with lust. For years I fantasized about them and finally I had my mouth on them. I was a bit rough with them, mom told me a few time to be gentle with them a few times, but I ignored her, I couldn’t stop, my thoughts were out of control, I started to talk dirty. I said things I wouldn’t had said even on my dreams. I got up and slapped my cock against mom’s tits a few times before I shoved my cock into her mouth.

Mom’s expressions was priceless, she was caught off guard by that. She wasn’t pleased my cock was in her mouth I could tell; mom was very awkward with it in her mouth. While my cock in her mouth I reached with my right hand and started rubbing pussy thru her pants. Mom finally grabbed my cock, I automatically stop rubbing her and began to watch her; it was an indescribable feeling seeing mom had her wedding ring on the hand she was grabbing my cock. Mom gave my cock a few strokes before she put it back in her mouth. It felt amazing!

OMG!! Mom don’t stop!!

OOHHHH! Mom!! Oohhh! FUCK!! That feels good.

I wanted to fuck her face so bad, I kept reminding me to keep calmed, but it was almost impossible. I was breathing loud and talking dirty, it just felt so good. I grab my cock and slapped her face and lips with it a few times.
I went ahead and took moms shoes and pants off, it was an amazing view. Her panties were soaked; it was a huge turn-on knowing that I cause that to mom. I rub her pussy thru her wet panties. It felt amazing.

I took off her panties, for a second I glance at mom lying on the sofa. She looked tense; that made me feel good and in charge. I placed my fingers on mom’s pussy and began fingering it. Mom’s breathing and wet pussy squishing, squishing sounds drove me nuts.

UUNNHH! UUNNHHH! Fuck!! I’m so fucking wet.

I kept fingering her, hearing mom’s moan was awesome, it was a feeling I can’t explain.I got on my knees and pulled mom into me on the edge of the sofa, spread her legs and drove my face into her pussy and began eating her out. Mom was loud, which drove me crazy. Her moans kept getting louder and louder, she rubbed her clit while grinding and humping at my face. I had her pussy juice all over my face. I glanced at mom, her eyes closed while her body was quivering. I stuck my fingers into her and began fingering as fasts I could. Mom let out a loud.


How does that feel mom?

Fucking good hun... she said.

She pressed my head against her wet pussy and humped some more. I took my fingers out of her pussy, drove them to mom’s mouth and told her… that’s how good your pussy tastes.

I got up; mom adjusted herself on the sofa. we looked at each other. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, I said.

Really? Let see if it was worth the wait. Mom said.

I rose up her legs and spread them, and slowly slid my cock into her pussy and saw it disappeared in her. Her pussy felt so good, it was so wet and warm. Mom grunted once my cock was in her. It felt so good. I slowly pumped in and out my cock along with dirty talking. I couldn’t take my eyes off mom’s facial expressions while I was slowly fucking her, it was unimaginable and contagious. We both were breathing quite heavily and getting caught up in the moment. I started to give mom long hard strokes, her body shook every time my cock drilled her. Moms moaning were loud; she wasn’t that innocent tease I thought. My hard pounding triggered something in her as she joined me on the dirty talking also.

There you go! OOUuhhh!! Mmmmm! Ohhh Yeahhhh! Oouuhhhhh yeaaahhh!! Fuck mommy!!

I began to pound her faster and faster, harder and harder! Mom had a crazy look on her eyes, she was enjoying every minute of it. I continued to slam her pussy hard; her tits were swaying all over it was driving me out of control. The sound of my cock pounding her wet pussy was awesome. The hard pounding had moved mom’s head in between the back support and cushion of the sofa.

Ohhh fuck mom. Yeahhhh !! I love fucking you!! I think my cock found a new home… Oouuhhh fuckk!!

OMG mommy you feel good!!

I kept pounding her, mom kept moaning and gasping for air; seeing her body get sweaty and her head in between the cushions was a big turn-on.

OOhhhHH Yeaahh! FUCK ME!! Harder Baby… Ouuhhh Yeahhh! I love your COCK ! Oouuhhhhhhh! Fuck your mother harder baby!! Ouuhhh God you feel so good!! Deeper baby deeper!!

Mom put her hands on my chest. I pulled her body towards me; her head came out of in-between the cushions. Mom said she wanted to switch position, she grabbed the cushions and thru them at the floor and got on all fours.

Fuck me from behind, mom said.

Mom looked awesome on all fours. Not only was her back sweaty but her entire body. She was breathing hard and loud, she was winded. I went ahead and finish taking off her bra, I slid my cock in and gave mom long and hard strokes, I was also a bit winded. She grunted every time it was all in, her ass cheeks bounced back and forward as I pounded her.

Oouuhhhh!! Baby!! Mmmmhh Yeahhh!!... That’s it! Keep fucking mommy!!... OOuuuuhhHHHH!!!!

I was getting momentum back I began to thrust moms pussy harder. I grabbed mom’s hair pulled her bun off, her hair was very sweaty. I began to pull it while fucking her, her head tilted back.

Ouuhhhhhhh!!... FUCK!!... Give it to me!!! Give mommy your cock!!

I could feel my cum building up. Mom’s wet pussy had kept me from cumming, but I knew I was going to cum soon I was getting too excited. Mom’s moaning and talking wasn’t helping, she was getting me too excited.

I turned her back around facing me; and kissed her passionately. I caressed her sweaty body, I got on my knees and pulled her towards me, I rose her legs straight up in the air I slightly spread her legs that were resting on my shoulders and began pounding her. Mom’s pussy felt tight and so fucking good. The hard pounding made her knees fall down towards her, now her feet where in my chest. I grab her upper thighs and spared her wider, I leaned forward all most on top of her and began thrusting her pussy. The sound of my cock pounding mom’s pussy took control over me. I was pounding that pussy rough, as I felt my sweat coming down over my face. Mom closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she groan of pleasure.

Oohh Fuck!!... Mom... I’m cumming soon, I said.

Mom put her hands around my hips and pulled me tighter as I pounded her, we were both exhausted as mom struggled with her breathless voice.

Give it to mommy!! Don’t stop BABY!! FUCK!!! Give it to me!! Oouuhh!!... Fuck this Pussy… Don’t stop!! This pussy loves your cock... OOOHHHHHHHHHH!! OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Yea!! Yea!! God DAMN....BABY!

I kept pounding her; I was giving everything I had left in me. She continued to moan and breathe hard. I straighten up as I felt a pleasurable tingling feeling building up in me. I gaze at mom while thrusting her, she looked worn out and all sweaty lying there. Seeing mom like that, gave an extra boost in me. I watch my cock go in and out of her pussy; I gave mom a few hard extra pounding, her body shook every time my cock thrust into her.

I felt I was reaching my orgasm as I began to thrust rapidly.

Ouuhh!!! Is mommy ready for this cum…? I said.

Uuuunnggghhhhh!!!... Mommy ready… Give it to me!!! … I deserve it!!

Ohh… Fuck Yeah… You deserve it!!

I felt my cock on the edge of eruption, I pulled out… OUHHH! I’M CUMMING MOM, I’M CUMMING!!!

I began jacking my cock as it began to bursts out long strings of thick loads over mom; the first long string of cum went over mom, while the rest landed on mom.

Uhgghhh!! Fuck that’s it!! Cum for me, baby! Ohhh Yeahh!!! Cum on mommy!!!
Hmmmnnn-ahhh!! Yeahh!! GOD DAMN IT baby!! Mommy wants your cum!!

Mmmnnaah!! Mmnnaah!! Ohh fuck!! Holy shit mom!!! FUCK!!! Ouhhh!
This felt so fucking good mom!!

Hmmmnnn-ahhh!!...Jesus!! Yes, that was amazing!

I stroked my cock till no more cum came out; mom lay covered in my cum, never in my wildest remote dreams would had picture mom that way. I laid beside her very exhausted. I lean towards her to kiss her, I saw mom had a bit of cum on her lips; I didn’t care as I kissed her passionately.

We caught our breath after a few minutes, we began cleaning our mess and cleaning up ourselves, mom looked lost and timed.

We can’t go to the office like this, she decided to head back home. We both didn’t say a word; it was very awkward between us, specially the ride back home. Things were weird the first couple of days, but eventually that same week things were almost back to normal between us, at first she didn’t want to talk or mention anything about that afternoon. I tried to bring it up every chance I could, I wanted it to happen again. Mom turned me down every time I tried to make a move on her. She said that mistake would never happen again. Mom did a pretty good job of holding off for a while, but eventually the day before Dad came back from Afghanistan; I was pounding that pussy again.

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