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Neighborly Fun 1

I had just moved into my new apartment. I was sitting in my living room when I got the smell of wood burning. I jumped up and asked my wife if she smelt it as well. She shrugged my off, so I put on some pajama pants and a tee and walked out into the hall where the smell was stronger. I walked down the hall to the neighbor and knocked on the door. To my surprise a sexy half white half Latino half naked MILF answered the door. Her curly brown hair flowed gently past her shoulders. Her brown eyes glared as she licked the recently sipped tea from her lips. Nothing more than a silk nighty stood between me and that soft nude body of hers. Her perfectly round C cup breasts pushed gently on the silk as her hardened nipples shot forward erect. In shock, being the first time I have seen my new neighbor I stared to look her over.

My eyes traveled down her body as if I was on watch detail in the crows nest of the Titanic looking for icebergs. Her blue silk nighty stopped about mid-thigh, but no fear as a slip traveled most of the way back up the thigh. Her perfectly smooth bald pussy showed brilliantly through. She must have saw me looking as her leg moved just enough forward to make the silk material fall aside revealing her nude tan leg. My cock started to throb and push against the light material that made up my cheap Wal-Mart pajama pants, and with no underwear on my penis started to push against the button of the crotch. I saw her sexy body and she saw mine as she bit her lip asking what I "needed". I asked if she smelt smoke and she said "yes". We paused looking at each other and she asked me to check and make sure everything was okay in her apartment. I entered... thirty minutes later when my wife asked what happen an where I was; I shrugged her off and said talking to the new neighbors.

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