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Celibate and then....

This is my first story and it is a true experience.
I had for over two years been celibate for various reasons; change of employment loss of parents, finding a home and balancing work and education/study/research.
I would occasionally feel the need to masturbate but went for months without feeling any particular need. My experiences previously had been typical for a woman in her twenties some exciting holiday one night sex some disasters and not seeking a commitment to one man.
In December 2012 I came on sexually, wet, aroused and happened to find online chat at Omegle. I felt the freedom to chat sexually to strangers and all of my initial chats were exciting. I masturbated and reached orgasms excited by the text only chats and stranger friends I found. I also found friends on this site for chats and mutual satisfaction.
I realised that I wanted sex with a man whilst I was aroused in this way. I won't detail how but I happened to spot a cock bulge one day and chatted to a friend about my fantasy about having sex with a very thick cock. I plucked up courage and asked for an address and phone number. I was surprised to find I had seen a retired gent who had also been widowed over 3 years ago and was agreeable to a no strings meeting. My friend also knew him socially. He lived miles away and we had no other connection. My friend was able to reassure both of us that we would be safe alone together!!
That day at work was so long. I was aroused and knew I wanted to play a couple of games with him to fulfil my sexual desires. I wanted to sit on his face and ask him to lick my wetness until I came. I wanted him to see how much I can ejaculate vaginally. I knew he was very thick and that at five feet tall my vagina internally is tight. For years I have wanted to sit on a thick man and do it to him without him moving at all. I was confidant that he would allow me to do this and wear the protection I insist on.
I left work and drove to his postcode. I was wearing no underwear; had removed my bra and was wearing my ankle laced boots, black stockings, long skirt, full slip and blouse under my long coat. I was so aroused sexually I could only think of rubbing on his nose and mouth and opening my outer lips so wide.
He was charming; the oldest man I had ever met for sex but this was unimportant. He was a gentleman and I was confident in telling him what I wanted to do. He was welcoming and charming. I knew he was aroused by my height, figure and sexual excitement.
I used the bathroom to remove everything except stockings and slip; my breasts were tingling, my nipples aroused by the material brushing over them. I was so wet and wanted his thickness deep inside me to make up for the years without sex.
He lay naked on the bed and I could smell the clean smell of body lotion and see a very thick erection swollen with a purple head protruding. I lifted away my slip and stood above his head then I sat over his mouth and invited him to lick me. I gasped when he did and came very wet in seconds and rubbed my crotch hard against him again to shudder with such intense orgasms which continued. I heard him rolling a sheath onto himself and told him I wanted him to hold his cock upright for me.
My wetness was all over his face, juicy white cream and I stretched my lips wide and slid slowly down his latex encased thick male erection. I slowly streched wide my insides for him and felt the base of his cock against my lips. I began to move up and down and to tell him how much I wanted him inside me. I squeezed vaginally and he moaned with pleasure then groaned as he pumped me hot and deep inside after several minutes female pressure on his knob and shaft.
I repeated this again and again before asking him to take me and tell me how he would like to take over. He bent me over at the side of the bed and began to f***efully fill me I came on his seconnd push deep into me and did not stop until his final spasms ended. Later I was lying on my back with legs wide apart and supported as he pounded me and then he took one leg vertical and slowly rammed all he had so deep. I came again and again.
I love to talk dirty and we did. He was warm affectionate and being twice my age did not matter. He was drained and so was I. This was my best sex ever with a stranger.
I allowed him to watch me shower; he dried me and licked me again intimately as I dressed and before I said goodbye and drove home glowing with sexual warmth and fulfilment.
I hope you enjoy the description of an end to my long celibacy. I discovered that I can face sit a man and be totally aroused and that my desire for thick passive cock to play around and these are reality and not mere fantasy.

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