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A total slut whilst hubby was away. pt 1

The content is total fiction and only relates in coincendce

I had always had a high sex drive that was always satisfied by my hubby 2/3 times anight atleast 4 nights a week was the norm, Hubby was a manager of a advertising company and we lived in a nice house, I worked a few hours a week to break the bordom. Hubby came home saying he had to go away for a week on buisness,and had arranged my best mate to visit and keep her company, I knew when she arrived we would get upto no good.

The day arrived and hubby left after a night of hard sex making me cum more times than I can ever remeber, I had my shower and got dressed the gardner arrived as usual and done his bits, I felt the devil in my so I walked around naked hopeing he would cop a eyefull, my plan worked and a lot better than I had ever imagened.

He looked through the window as I walked about, I noticed but let on not too, I bent over showing my pussy and ass in full view I looked back and saw the gardner with his cock out wanking it as he watched my pussy and ass, I stood up aand turned round he stopped in horror as I walked up and let him in the back door knelt down and sucked his cock until he cum in my mouth stood up and told him to do some work.

The door bell rang so I slipped on a house coat it was sally my mate we hugged and kissed she commented saying she tasted cum I told her I had just blown the gardner off and went down my throat, we kissed more as her tounge probed into my mouth licking the cum from it her hand rubbed my tit as I cum, I rubbed Sally's pussy making her cum.

We went up stairs and i showed Sally her room we fell on the bed kissing as we stripped, i sucked sally's nipples as she fingered my wet slit i got out a dildo from the cupboard and fucked her with it making her cum. We laughed and rolled around the bed. We got dressed and set off shopping, we bought some clothes and had lunch, I said I felt horny and needed a good cock in my, sally said she needed it as well, we noticed a couple of hunks looking so sally asked if they wanted to satisfy 2 hungry pussys all afternoon, and get paid for doing it.

We got back to the house and went to our bedrooms Brad the guy I was with was cute full of muscle and rough looking I got naked and got into bed, brad got down to his boxers his cock hung down the side it was huge and I mean huge a good 12" if not longer, I heard sally moaning and I knew if Brad was in me I would be screaming. Brad got in bed and we kissed his mouth was soft as he touched my nipples i felt his now hard cock, I grabbed it it was thick my hand wouldnt go round it.

He went down the bed and licked my pussy his tounge it was like it was whipping cream I cum straight away and begged for more I told him to fuck me as he pushed his cock into me, it resisted for a moment then i felt it push my lips wide as he moved up,I wrapped my legs around him as he drove his log in i moaned as it felt it split me in 2, I demmanded more as he pounded his cock in and out making me cum again and again my nails digging into his firm ass, he twitched and unloaded his cum into me I shook multiple orgasms as I screamed out, he pulled outleaving my pussy gaping open throbbing with pleasure.

He sucked my nipples making me cum again i begged him to stop so I could suck his cock, he lay back as I pulled the covers back his limp cock lay over his thigh all muscles I slowly fed his snake into my mouth and Sally and john walked in johns cock was as big as Brads but not as thick, sally looked and grabbed brads cock sucking it to stiffness as john took me from behind shoving it in my ass whilst sally rode Brad she screamed as loud as I did as Brad exploded in her John did in me they stayed the night and left the following day.

The 2 of us decided to have a day of rest as our pussys wher numb but was going to go out that night.

more to follow.......

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