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"Dad," I called down from my upstairs room. "Yeah sweetie," I heard my forty-five year old, divorced father, Andrew Smith call back.

"Have seen my keys?"

"You mean the ones laying here on the counter next to me?"

"That'd be the ones," I said bounding down the steps.

My five foot nine inch, medium built frame bounded down the stairs in seconds. My ample breasts bouncing under my t-shirt as the bikini top strained to keep them in. The cut off shorts I wore covered the matching red bottoms. And the bikini bottom itself cover my virginal nineteen year old bald pussy. My long brown hair was pulled up into a red clip at the back of my head. I pushed at the nose piece of my glasses and slipped the perscription eye wear, that also double as sunglasses when out in the sun, back into place.

"I'll be back by midnight" I said, giving him a light kiss on the cheek. "Have fun, Stephanie," he called as the screen door banged shut behind me. Even though I didn't hear him, I just knew the words "Don't let the door bang." had escaped his lips.

By nine that evening, the beach party I was attending was turning out to be a total bust. Telling my friends "bye" I headed home. Every light, except for the upstairs bathroom light, was off. "I'm home," I called as I locked the front door behind me. When he didn't answer, I assumed he was in the shower and headed up the stairs to my room. Walking past the bathroom, which is between dad's and my room, I notice his five foot ten inch naked body leaned over the toilet. Almost afraid that he was having a heart attack, I paused to see "what or how" he was doing.

I watched in silence as his large frame shook, his right hand moving rapidly. "Oh my God," I thought to myself, stifleing a laugh, "he's jacking off." I was even more surprised to find myself stareing at him, my eyes unable to leave his naked nice-looking ass. I was becoming sexual aroused as I watched him. He started talking to himself and what he said surprised me even more.

"That's it princess, suck daddy's cock." "Princess," I thought to myself, "that's his nickname for me." "Oh Stephanie, you're tight pussy feels so good." I knew for sure then that he was thinking about me as he masterbated. I could image my father's blue eyes staring down at me as he entered my virginal womanhood for the first time. My hand slipped down into my shorts and started rubbing my swelling clit. I must have moaned or made some sort of noise because he turned around to face me; his hard cock in his hand and my hand down my shorts still rubbing my clit. My eyes shifted from his face to his cock, which at to be at least seven inches long, and then back to his face.

"Oh Steph," he said, grabbing a towel and covering himself, "how long have you been standing there?" Removeing my own hand, I pushed the door open completely and stepped into the bathroom with him. I felt as if I was outside of myself as I rubbed up against and sexily said, "Long enough to know that I want you to fuck me as much as you want too."

Dad smiled as he dropped the towel and pulled me close to him. Quickly he removed the few articles of clothing I had on. "Princess," he panted as he rubbed my breasts with his hands, "I've wanted to fuck you for some time now. I've even masterebated while watching you showering through a crack in the door." "Fuck me daddy," I begged. "Fuck me."

I wrapped my legs around dad's waist as he sat me up on the bathroom counter. His hard cock spread the lips of my virginal pussy. "MMM," we moaned together as he slowly pushed in. "Your tight," he gasped as he gave another push in. "Oh fuck, princess," he moaned into my ear as the last of him slipped in me, shattering my human as he did. "I love you, daddy," I said as he started to move in me. "I love you, princess."

Our eyes locked on each others as I wiggled my hips as dad move in me. "That's it princess," he panted, "work it." For several minutes, dad gently worked his cock in and out of me. Pulling out he said, "Lean over the sink." Hopping down, I laid my elbows on the counter. Dad spread my feet apart some before pushing back up into me. "Look in the mirror," he said.

For several minutes, I watched in the mirror in front of me as my dad fucked my pussy. The look of ecstasy was on his face as he watched his cock moveing in and out of me. "Daddy. Daddy," I panted, looking him in the eyes by means of the mirror. "Yeah princess," he said, "talk to me. Talk dirty to daddy." "Oh fuck me, daddy," I begged him. "Fuck your dirty little girl. Oh, fuck me daddy. PLEASE!" "Have you been a bad girl today," he playful asked as he continued to move in me. "Very bad," I cooed. Dad slapped my ass, leaving a bright red hand print on it.

"What should your punishment be, princess?"

"For you to fuck me, daddy. Fuck me hard."

Dad grabbed my plump hips and began to ram his cock in me.

"Princess. Princess. Princess."

"Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me, daddy."

I could feel his shaft easily sliding in me as I climaxed over and over again. He rammed himself in me so deep, it felt as if he was pushing his balls in too. Dad gave a hard up thrust and then grabbed the shit out of my hips. "Oh fuck yeah, princess," he growl as he shot the same seed that made me, deep into me. He gave another deep thrust before leaning down and holding me in his arms. "Oh daddy," I cooed, "that felt so good. Can we do it again sometime?" "Oh definately, princess," he breathlessly moaned. "Definately!"

The next morning I woke up to find myself alone and naked in daddy's bed. The scences of what had happened in the bathroom the night before flashed through my mind. Smiling, I grabbed one of dad's button up shirts and buttoned the two small buttons that hung before my breasts. Once again, I bounded down the stairs.

Dad was in his usual spot at the table; newspaper laid on it and coffe cup in hand. But this morning, instead of his boxer's, dad sat completely naked. Walking over to him, I straddled his lap and planted a big kiss on his mouth; my warm pussy and his soft cock touching. Before I could move away, he wrapped his arms around my waist and plunged his toungue into my mouth. My tongue twirled around his, causing my pussy to grow wet. His hand slipped from my waist and up under his shirt that I was wearing.

"You look sexy in my shirt, Princess," he whispered, the softness of his cock growing hard against my clit.

"I'm glad you like it, daddy."

Daddy unbottoned the two small buttons and pushed his shirt off my shoulders. "MMM," he moaned as he rubbed my breasts, "I never thought I'd actually be getting to fuck my own little girl. You're so much better than your mom was." I couldn't keep from giggling at his remark. I had been s*******n when my parents had divorced a few years back and dad had never went out with any else. "Did you know," he asked, "that I've wanted to fuck you ever since you turned eighteen? I've wanted sooo badly to know what my little princesses pretty pink pussy tasted and felt like." "Well," I said, sliding my ass up onto the table, "you've felt it, now taste it."

I laid on top of dad's morning paper with my legs spread wide for him. I smiled as daddy leaned forward in his chair and began to slowly eat me. Daddy moaned as he tasted me for the first time; his tongue flicking at my swollen clit before pushing up into my womanhood. "Oh, daddy," I gasped with pleasure. For several long, slow minutes, daddy kissed and sucked at my pussy.

"Sit on my lap," he said, after bringing to climax for the third, just from his tongue. I slid from the chair and once again faced daddy and straddeled him, this time with his cock deep inside my pussy. Daddy rubbed, played, and sucked my tits as I slowly rode him. I ran my fingers through his hair as he continued to satisify me. Looking up at me he huskily demanded, "Fuck me, princess. Enough of this slow shit. Fuck your daddy." My rythem increased and soon I was bouncing on daddy's cock. My hot, wet pussy easily gliding over his shaft. His hands rubbed my ass. My tits swayed in front of his face as he licked the hard nipples as they passed in front of his face. I came so many times, I lost count.

"Yeah. Yeah Stephanie. That's it. That's it. Fuck me princess. Fuck me."

My hands squeezed the back of the chair as I eagerly impaled my pussy on daddy's shaft, over and over and over again.

"I'm cumming, princess. Daddy's cumming."

I felt his release deep inside of me again. "Oh, daddy," I cooed as I shook from pure ecstasy. My hips rocked on him, milking him of every drop of baby juice. His arms wrapped around me and held me tight to him. "MMM," he moaned into my breasts, "I could get use to fucking my little girl every day, all day long."

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