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Cum Swallow

Cum swallow; is semen swallowing safe?

In short -- cum swallowing of a healthy male is safe. It even carries some health benefits. Absorption of semen through vaginal lining has antidepressant properties. The importance of it is noted in eastern philosophy as well, having unprotected sex and kissing will 'close the circuit'.

Other research shows it reduces breast cancer by as much as 50%. This is providing semen had been digested on a regular bases at least three times a week.

While pregnant it will make pregnancy safer because the female's body will contain partners antigens. Thus pregnancy will be smoother and with a better chance of success.

But what about to swallow my own semen?

Swallowing own semen is least risky. You can't get new diseases, you are digesting what you already have. It is safer than having someone else's.

Will I gain weight if I swallow semen?

Though semen is highly nutritional due to its small volume it has no effect for any gain weight.


It varies. Generally women don’t particularly praise it. However, there are few who love it and are addicted to it. Imagine a woman swallowing tens of cum loads during special gatherings. They are sucking off and swallowing semen of sometimes twenty men or more, from which some ejaculate 3-4 times. And their response? They feel immensely great and relaxed. Saying after first few shots it all tastes same.

It is said that some fruit such as pineapple improves the taste of semen. This has never been proved scientifically.


Normal semen looks clear, whitish liquid. Sometimes of slightly grey or yellowish colour. Quantities vary greatly somewhere between 2-5ml. There are some herbal supplements to increase the ejaculation volume. Though not scientifically proven they seem to work.


Any sexual encounter with a person carrying disease may result in contracting it. However, having sex or swallowing semen of a healthy man has no special health risks.

Another possible adverse effects may include acceleration of an already existing cervical cancer.


There are some downsides to swallowing or direct contact with semen. Very few can suffer with allergy to it. It can demonstrate itself within half an hour after an unprotected sex in a form of vaginal itching and in some cases in difficulties in breathing.

Some men can get negative post orgasmic effects from their own sperm, such as runny nose, feeling of having fever. This may last for several days. It can be cured. A doctor should be consulted.

Sexual Gratification

And that's the purpose of all exercise. Some persons just love it. Aren't we all different? Some people like meat while others are strictly vegetarians. Let's enjoy life as we like it. Just be careful you've got the healthy partner while practicing cum swallow.


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