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Daddies little girl

A story that is totaly ficional.

As a little girl dad was always there from when mum left us to find herself (what the hell does that mean anycase.) I was always comfortable around him in nothing more than a pair of nickers and a vest even being naked. I was going to school like any k**, dad would drop me off go to work, nan would pick me up take me to her house for tea, dad would pick me up later.

This caried on until I was 14 when my nan died, we sold both houses and decided to move up the country, we found a great house near a school and settled in, I was old enough now to walk the 100yrds to the school so dad could start early and be home for when I finished school, then one day things changed. I came home from school dad was already home i walked in and shouted to no answer, I walked upstairs hearing groans I walked in to dads room to see him wanking his rather large cock I gasped and he saw me and stopped covering up, I rushed to my room in horror.

I sat on my bed sobbing when dad knocked on the door and asked to come in, I said sure I couldn't look at him knowing I had seen his dick, he appoligised for letting me see that but explained he had needs, and had to relieve hmself in the best way he could as not many women wanted a man with a teenage girl.

He said unless they excepted me and him it was a no go area, we hugged and dad went off to do tea, I lay on my bed with the image of my dad laying on his bed with his cock in his hand rubbing it my image turned to me rubbing it I felt wet inbetween my legs and started to rub my pussy cumming in seconds.

That night my head spun thinking of my dads cock this carried on for 2 years, on my 16th birthday, things where no better I was still playing with my pussy regularly cumming 2/3 times a night, dad knew something was wrong and asked me if all was ok, I could never lie to him and told him all, he smiled and said it was natural to think of sexual things and asked if he could do anything to help, I was tempted to say fuck my pussy but held back, I said I would like to feel his cock and see what it was like, he agreed and stood up, I reached out and unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out.

It was limp and darkish I rubbed it slowly to reveal a huge purple head under the foreskin, he groaned as it started to firm under my touch, he asked me to stop but I said I wanted to make it hard, he said no it was wrong and shouldnt of let me do it in the first place, I had a image now that made it worse, dad rushed out of the room embarresed with what he had done.

2 more years passed and by this time I had had a few boyfriends and learnt how to wank them off but still nothing as big as my dads cock in my hand, my dad had arranged a party and all was going well I had a some mates from college around they all thought dad was dishy and would love to fuck his brains out, I thought that was gonna be my job. That night when all went home we sat having a drink when I got up and walked over and kissed him, my heart beat faster as my tounge rolled in his mouth.

I felt his hand cup my tit my nipple going hard, I groaned as he rubbed both breasts undoing my top and my bra as my tits fell out, his cock was hard and noticeable, he sucked my pink nipples making me cum, I begged for him to fuck me as he nodded he lifted me up and took me to his room,laying me down whilst he stripped his cock standig to attention, whilst I took my skirt and panties off I was dripping wet and hungry for cock.

He got inbetween my legs I felt his cock push on my pussy lips I wiggled my hips and it slipped in as I groaned with pleasure, dad moved slowly it was unreal a huge cock sliding in and out of my young hole, i cum again and again begging for more until I felt dads cock thicken and twitch until he groand and poured his hot thick fluid into my pussy.

As we lay in each others arms, I reached down to feel his cock sticky with my jucies I moved down the bed and started to suck his cock it tasted ok as I moved my head up and down he groaned saying it felt good as I felt his hand on my head, he was now getting hard again I asked dad to lick my pussy as he said yes I lay on my back he licked my pussy and made me sigh he was a expert in licking pussy, bringing me to the point and then slowing down and then up again, begging him to make me cum.

He carried on driving me crazy, it was out of this world never had I cum so much he laid down and told me to get ontop, as I did it felt like being split in 2 as his cock rammed in I couldnt stop as I shook and cum, he turned me round and fucked me so hard his balls felt they where smacking my ass, as he pumped his cum into me it seeped out as he loaded my pussy full, I fell off and slept in his arms.

The following morning I woke to him licking my pussy as I couldnt stop and screamed as my sencetive pussy contracted and cum. He said he had to work but would be back later. That night we made love again and for a while after until I left home to go to uni, I often visit and stay over having sex when I can.

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