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Motherly & s****rly love pt 2

After my little fun I had with mum, I had a taste for more, I looked at my s****rs in a different light and wondered what they where like naked. I waited until all where out and drilled a small hole in both walls so I could spy on my s****rs.I set it so I could see them very clearly and left it, I only had to wait a while when Chelsea was in her room. I sat with my eye to the hole as I watched her undress.

She had a sexy underwear set on she undone her bra to show a nice pair of tits with tanned nipples she took her painties off she was shaved as well as mum was, she lay on the bed as she rubbed her pussy, I got my cock out and rubbed it as she closed her eyes her hand feeling her tits, she stopped and produced a dildo from her bedside draw and slid it into her pussy like a man fucking her. I rubbed my cock with vigour as I cum my cock went limp dripping cum on the floor.

Chelsea had no idea I was watching as she drove her dido into her pussy she pulled out and a spray of fluid came from her slit. I carried on watching as she lay there regainning her sences her pussy was amazing and I wanted to fuck her even tho I was her baby b*****r, she got dressed and went about her buisness.

Later that day Mandy was in her room with her boyfriend Alan he was cool and well fun to hang around with, he was a trainee footballer for a conference side and often got me tickets to matches, I sat at the hole and watched them a bit perverted, but hey it was interesting. They where kissing Alan was grabbing many's tits as she unzipped alan reaching in to pull out a massive piece of meat, tha could only be discribed as a womens dream cock.

Mandy rubbed it as Alan took her clothes off they where going to fuck and I had front row seats, I got my cock ready and watched, Mandy started to suck his cock as he moaned her mouth not able to take it all in, he had his hand on her now bare pussy running his finger over her lips as they moved up the bed.
Mandy lay on her back legs wide open and Alan fed his monster into her, he moved in and out as she groaned away moving faster until she begged for more all of a sudden he stopped and cum in her when he got off her pussy dribbled cum from it, she sucked him dry and got dressed and went out, I was that horny I jacked of twice.

2 days later Chelsea and Mandy where in mandy's room I walked in with a smug grin and Mandy said wtf do you want I looked at both saying a fuck would do,or i'll tell mum you was fucking Andy and Chelsea has a dildo, they both said how did I know, I said give us your pussy and i'll tell you both. Chelsea said ok but hope you can satisfy us both, they took of their clothes and laid on the bed, I got inbetween Mandy's legs and started to lick her slit whilst rubbed Chelsea's pussy.

I took of all my clothes and got my cock near Mandy's pussy as I slowly pushed in she groaned turning her head to Chelsea saying it felt good, I moved faster making Mandy cum before I unloaded my cum into her, she screamed a orgasm that could be heard all over the house thank god the parents we'rnt home. Mandy said where did I learn to fuck like that I shrugged my shoulders looking at Chelsea wanting the same, I sucked her nipples and played with her pussy making her cum a few times wanting to be fucked like mandy, I told her to get on her knees and i would.

As I got up and behind I looked and Chelseas tits hung down my cock jumped to attention as I cupped them skweezing them gently before pushing my cock into her pussy she gassped as it stretched her pussy lips, she lent over and sucked Mandy's nipples whilst Mandy rubbed her clit demanding I watched her like a good boy or she would have to punish me hard, as I fucked Chelsea I spanked her ass leaving a hand track as I did she said she was cumming and begged me not to stop, I rammed in harder and harder as Chelsea shook and groaned loudly her pussy muscles contracting as she cum.

I lay inbetween them whilst they sucked and rubbed my cock they asked how I knew about their stuff I told them I had a hole drilled in both walls and watched them, Chelsea grabbed my cock tightly and rubbed it hard I shot a stream of cum out as they shared it between them, as we lay there we decided that we should keep this going a few times and suggested we spy on mum and dad to see what it looks like, I sorted it out and got a few spy cameras from a mate who made films of his s****r fucking her boyfriend and selling them to mates.

The day arrived we had arranged to spy on them and sat in the attick waiting for the action to begin, we knew they where still at it as we had heard them some nights and some afternoons as well. Their bedroom door opened and we looked it wasnt dad but some black guy, we looked in horror mum was cheating on dad, the filming started, mum got his cock out and started to suck his very large dick Mandy whispered it was bigger than Andy, we watched as mum sucked it all down her throat as she removed her clothes. He lifted her up and bent her over slamming his massive cock into her banging it making her scream out until he cum in her, they got dressed and left both Mandy and Chelsea had their hand on their pussy's rubbing their clits.

I helped both rub thier pussy's until they cum licking my fingers after of their jucies, we lay their talking about mum and then heard noises mum came back into the room and we heard dads voice, we looked to see him getting out of the wardrobe he had spied on her, being fucked he got his cock out and told her to suck it like a dirty whore she was, removing her clothes he pushed her back and fucked her like a sex starved man banging his firm cock into her and up her ass as well, he told her what to do and she did it no quetions asked.

The girls looked as dad rammed his cock into mum as I unzipped and rubbed my hard dick, Mandy saw me and lent over and sucked my cock her warm tounge wrapped around the head I reached inbetween her legs and slipped 3 fingers into her her sticky jucies coated my fingers as I pushed them into her chelsea watched as she rubbed her nipples getting her tit out and feeding her nipple into my mouth,we heard mum and dad cumming as he emptied his load into her pussy.

I shook and mandy knew I was cumming she swallowed my cum down her throat covering my mouth to stop me alerting them to our precents, as chelsea sighed and removed her stiff nipple from my mouth we watched as mum and dad lay on the bed, dads spent cock laying on his thy. When it was clear we went back to Chelseas room and Mandy confessed she would love to suck on dads cock just to taste it, Chelsea said well a cock is a cock and tastes the same no matter what.

We watched what we had filmed and made copies blanking out mum and dads faces so no one knew, I got to be in mums room again and this time I fucked her making her cum so hard she faint with a orgasm she admitted that had never happened before mandy and Chelsea had watched it all and demanded the same that I duly obligsed them with.

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