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Emily's 1st Time

Brian was a married man and had been for about 22 years. He was in his late 40’s and so was his wife.

He had a daughter called Sally who was 18. They lived on the outskirts of London where Brian a predominant commuted to daily.

One day Sally came home with a new friend.

Hi dad this is Emily she said as she came in to the lounge, we can’t stop long I came back for my mobile and then we have to go back to Emily’s as it her 18th birthday party today. Brian looked round, he thought he would be polite and say hello. He had never thought much of Sally’s friends before. Hi Emily he said as he turned round and then as he caught sight of her he gasped out loud. You see Emily was blonde with blue eyes and was very attractive looking; she also had an enormous pair of breasts. Dad shouted Sally I hope you are not perving at Emily? Brian realised he was now staring directly at Emily’s tits and quickly said umm no goodness no of course not. Oh that’s OK said Emily I think he is kinda cute looking Sal. Eugh gross Em that’s my dad replied Sally. But Brian had a huge grin on his face, which he had hidden with the paper he had been reading. Sally picked up her phone from the coffee table and said right let’s go I’ve got what I came for. Brian said well nice to meet you Emily I hope to see you again, you are welcome to come round anytime. Oh and happy 18th. Emily said thanks and Brian was sure he heard her mutter oh you will definitely see me again soon.

Brian thought nothing more of it until later that evening when he was in the shower and found that he had become erect whilst thinking of this big breasted cutie that had come into his house earlier Brian started to play with his penis and decided he had best be quick as his wife would want a shower soon. Brian started tugging away at his penis and although he had thought he wanted to be quick he was surprised at how quickly he found himself cumming. He let the shower wash it away and washed himself and decided that if he could finish himself off that quickly maybe he would think about Emily again another day.

The next day Brian decided to take the afternoon off work. He had just finished a big project and decided he needed the time to relax. He got home and got out of his suit he had worn to work. He thought he would have a long hot shower and then probably a snooze in front of the TV. Once again he found himself thinking of this hot girl that was in his house yesterday. Once again he found himself erect and decided that today he would have a slow wank and savour the thoughts of her. He had only been playing for a minute or 2 when he glanced up and saw someone stood in the bathroom doorway. Thinking he had the house to himself for the afternoon he had not thought he would need to have closed it.

He tried to cover his penis and then noticed it was not his wife or Sally but it was Emily. What the hell are you doing here he said? Whilst thinking shit I really hope I was only saying her name in my head. Oh Sally lent me her key she forgot something she needs for after work and sent me to get it. Well I am sure you are not going to find it in here Brian said. No she replied but I think I found something I need here.

Did I hear you mention my name whilst you were taking care of that she said as she pointed towards his still erect and not well hidden penis. Look I can explain, we can sort this out and Sally need never know Brian said. Explanations are not needed as I could clearly see and hear what was going on, sorting out we can do, Sally not knowing, well that depends on how we sort things out.

I am not sure I follow Brian said. Then let me be blunt take me to the bedroom NOW Emily demanded. Brian got out of the shower and tried to quickly dry off and said look I am not sure what... Its simple Emily interrupted you were wanking over me and thinking you wanted to fuck me yes? Well yes said Brian. Right said Emily then we can both get we want because you see after my party last night I was thinking about you and for the 1st time ever I found myself very wet. Seeing you wanking in the shower over me did it to me again. But I am married said Brian, it was meant to be a harmless fantasy; you were never supposed to know. Look said Emily unless you want me to tell Sally all about this you will take me to the bedroom and fuck me.

Brian seeing that the only chance he had of Sally and his wife not discovering what he had been doing in the shower was to do as Emily asked. Brian took Emily into his room and as he closed the door behind her and turned to ask if she was sure, he noticed she had already taken off her Summer Dress and was stood there with her huge breasts looking like they were about to burst out of her bra and her cotton panties. She quickly took these off and Brian gasped as he enormous breasts were exposed and then again when her pink pussy was. Emily lay on the bed and said come on we haven’t got all day. Brian jumped on the bed and started off by kissing her softly on the lips and started caressing her big breasts. Emily started moaning gently and then after a few minutes Brian instinctively moved a hand to her pussy and gently started to play with it. He inserted a finger in and then pulled it back out in surprise and stopped.

What’s wrong said Emily? Well it’s been a while since I had a new partner in bed but I am sure I still tell a virgin when I come across one. Yes I am she replied (she glanced at the bedside clock) and you had better get a move on and take it, I promised Sally I would be as quick as I could.

Brian obliged and moved and started to slowly inch his cock inside of her. Ahhh oww she said as he started in, please its OK don’t stop I can take the pain I need this she said sensing Brian was about to stop. Brian continued to ease his way in and then saw some bl**d on the shaft of his penis and he knew he taken her virginity. Yes fuck me fuck me hard now Emily cried out. Brian started to oblige. He pumped harder and faster and Emily moaned more and more and started screaming yes yes oh yes please I am gonna cum please harder faster. Brian again did as he was instructed and as he continued he could feel both Emily and himself on the verge of orgasm and with one final hard push he shot his load in her as she reached her climax.

He withdrew and as he got off the bed Emily said Thank you that was better than I could have ever imagined.

After they cleaned themselves up and got dressed, Emily went and got what she came for. As she was about to leave she gave Brian a long deep kiss. Brian said so this is just between us yeah? Yes just between us, so long as if I ever want another... Brain interrupted and said Emily you may be only 18 but you are the best I have had. I am more than willing to fuck you anytime. However I think in future we will find somewhere else to do it so we can take our time. You know sometimes I have to go away overnight for business so we can book a room somewhere and take our time. Emily smiled what a great idea, I can’t wait.

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