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Motherly & s****rly love pt 1.

A fictional story with a touch of reality thrown in.

I was a typical lad of 13yrs old you know getting taller,hair underarms,
hard-ons and of cause something I wasn't bad at wanking, along with sport and hanging out with the guys at school. I had 2 s****rs older than me Chelsea 16 and Mandy 18, they where no fun as all they where into was clothes and make up.

My parents where ok dad was a bit modern and mum was well cool always wearing the latest fashions, right thats a bit about my f****y let the story begin. I lay in my bedroom one day reading a footy mag and had tunes booming out of my hi-fi when I heard mum and dad arguing about money, dad was saying it was bad that mum had spent so much on clothes the door slammed and dad drove off in the car.

I went down stairs and mum was crying I asked what was wrong she sobbed out everything, she said she had bought loads of clothes and stuff to revamp her wardrobe. As we chatted I started to notice that mum had a nice set of tits I started to think what it was to be sucking her nipples my cock went stiff in seconds and a very noticable bump in my trousers that mum noticed. I blushed when she said what dirty thought was I thinking of making my cock grow( told you she was modern).

She then said i was growing up and would find things alot different in a female, I said her boobs where nice and very shapely she laughed and said come with me. I followed behind her upstairs her bum was stunning I noticed she was wearing a thong that made me harder, we reached her bedroom as she told me to sit on the edge of the bed.

She dissapeared into their en-suite returing a few mins later in a grown, she said don't be scared of what happens and stood infront of me. She undone her gown to reveal her bare tits my eyes widend they where awesome a nice handfull with huge dark nipples that stood out like coat pegs, I felt my cock strain under my underwear,she said touch them I reached out they felt soft mum sighed saying it was nice, as she dropped her gown to reveal she was wearing a black thong,I felt a warmness in my pants I had cum.

Mum saw this and said never mind it was ok, took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom told me to get undressed and wash down, as I stripped she gasped when she saw the size of my cock,she remarked saying she didnt realise I was so well developed and reached out to touch it. I jerked as I felt her hand on my cock she strated to rub it slowly as it firmed up I reached out touching her tits, before moving down to her pussy that was soft and very wet.

She whispered take my thong off, I fumbled with it as I was nervoius, but it dropped to the ground it was smooth,I run my finger along her slit my finger dissapered into her pussy making her groan, my cock now was rock hard in my mums hand ready to be introduced to a lession in sex. I had watched a porn film once and had no idea what the hell to do in reallity, I kissed her softly as she said go and lay on the bed, i'm surprised I didnt trip over rushing to the bedroom with a hard cock standing out I laid on the bed and waited.

As mum came in the room naked she sat on the bed as she reached for my cock, and started to rub it slowly, she smiled and looked at the pleasure I was getting, she lowered her head and sucked the head of my dick, the unreal feeling nearly made me cum but I had put a theory into practice whilst I wanked away if I dont think of it I wouldnt cum, I done this and it worked. I looked down to see her head bobbing up and down on my cock I felt her touching my balls as she skweezed them gently.

Her mouth slid all the way down licking the shaft as I closed my eyes feeling her rub my cock faster knowing I would cum and nothing I done would stop me, I got a feeling and a stream of cum shot from my cock all over mums hand and arm, she rubbed it until the last drop came out and then licked her hand and arm clean and then my cock saying it a sin to waist, I lay there breathless and smiling I had never cum that big and my mum had done it.

She said have you ever heard of eating pussy I said yer cause I have (not having a clue what she ment) she looked surprised and said ok eat mine and laid on the bed opening her legs, I steared at a set of pussy lips all smooth and slightly opened I bent down and licked her slit, it tasted sweet as she moaned (I thought well im doing something right) as I licked I started to gian more confidence asI strated to nipple the flesh as well as her clit, she gassped saying omg fantastic (seems I'm a natural pussy eater) all of a sudden mum grabbed my head ramming my face into her pussy demanding to be eaten, as she groaned i ate like it was my last meal as she cried out and cum a white fluid dribbled out of her pussy.

She lay there breathless saying I really knew how to eat pussy, I looked down to see my cock pointing up to my face, I knelt inbetween mums legs wanking for my life as I shot a stream of cum on her naked body, she smiled and said that was all we could do for now but she would do more if I wanted I nodded my head and got dressed and went to my room

part 2 to follow soon.

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