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Long drive was worth it

Yasmin had decided to escape to the country for a long weekend she had recently turned 45 and felt like life was passing her by.
She arrived late at the Glass Mountain lodge and was greeted by a to die for French man named Pierre who insisted on carrying her bags up numerous flights of stairs to her cabin.
Yasmin was exhausted from the long week at work and poured herself a glass of red wine. Pierre had set her bags down in the bedroom alongside a huge king bed laden with a colourful array of pillows and satin sheets.
Yasmin tugged on her hair band and let her curls fall around her shoulders and down her back, she was relieved to have the working week behind her. She pulled off her shoes and was unaware that Pierre was standing behind her watching her.
Pierre wanted to reach out and run his hands through her hair and massage the tension from her shoulders and neck. When they first saw one another there had been an instant chemistry and there was an exchange of that look that he knew all to well.
Yasmin felt his gaze and turned to meet his gorgeous blue eyes. Her pulse quickened and she felt her cheeks flush. There was an awkward moment followed by Pierre reaching out to touch her face. Yasmin’s internal dialogue was relentless ‘what are you doing, he is so much younger, what would he want with a 45 year old? are you insane? why are you even contemplating this – what am I contemplating? No I’ve got it all wrong? …….
Pierre moved closer, Yasmin could feel his breath on her neck and instinctively moved her body closer to his.
She could feel his taut body and strength. Pierre ran his hands through Yasmins hair and pulled on it gently. Yasmin could feel her body responding and that dull ache of her sex that had long since gone was now in full flight. Pierre ran his hands over her shoulders and slowly down her back. His touch was delicate and teasing. He reached up under her top and circled her navel, shivers ran thorough her body and she arched her back to meet his caress. He moved his hands to her bra and unclasped it effortlessly, her breasts were now exposed beneath her blouse and she could feel the cotton against her erect nipples.
Pierre moulded his fingers around her nipples circling and pulling ever so gently. Yasmin’s breath was ragged, she could feel his erection against her. She ran her hands along his length allbeit through his trousers. Pierre unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. He was circling her nipples now with his tongue and was sucking gently taking turns with each breast. Yasmin could feel how wet she was and longed to have his penis inside her. She unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor. With his boxers still on she moved her hands to his penis and released him via the opening. His penis was large and firm, she had not experienced sex with a man of this size previously and was even more turned on at the prospect.
Yasmin knelt down and moved her hands rigourously up and down his shaft, Pierre was moving in unisism, Yasmin took his penis in her mouth and circled his tip with her tongue. Round and around, Pierre was moaning softly. Pierre gestured for Yasmin to stand so that he could remove her skirt, he unzipped her to reveal her black g string. Pierre placed his hand between her legs and eased his fingers to her clitoris and began to move his fingers down her clitoris. Yasmin groaned and was now moving to meet his touch. Pierre moved his fingers to spread her lips with one hand and used his other hand to trace his fingers firmly up and down her clitoris. Pierre inserted one finger into her wet vagina in and out and then circled her clitoris again. Yasmin was bearly holding on and didn’t want to come – yet.
Yasmin wanted Pierre inside her and straddled his member, slowly she inched him inside of her and then out again and then slowly in again, the pace was slow and delicious. Pierre sat up and coupled her breasts to his mouth they were now kissing passionately – his tongue was relentless and urgent. The thrusts were becoming more urgent now and Yasmin could feel herself on the brink of coming, she could feel his member hard and long inside her. His fingers grasped Yasins hair and pulled so that her head was now pulled slightly back, Yasmin could not hold back any longer her orgasm was like a searing heat that radiated from her sex to her belly, she was in heaven. Pierre was also on the brink and withdrew quickly and whilst working his hand up and down his shaft frantically came over her stomach in frantic spurts.
They fell together back onto the bed and noticed that there was another person in he room – how long had he been there and had he seen everything? Yasmin sat up clutching the bed sheet to her breasts. The intruder was in his mid thirties and was European looking, he had no shirt on and had unbuttoned his tight fitting Levi jeans and was masturbating, his eyes met Yasmins and he gestured for her to join him. Yasmin wanted to watch him, Pierre wanted Yasmin to join the intruder, it had always been one of his fantasies to see another couple together. Yasmin felt herself drawn to the intruder, he too was gorgeous and had an athletic body. His penis was long and seemed to be larger in circumference to Pierre’s. Yasmin was drawn but felt a little strange to be wanting another man not so long after the last and yet another stranger. All the while not one word had been spoken. The stranger was moving rhythmically with his hand that was gliding up and down his shaft, he had pre-come and his penis was glistening in the light. Yasmin found herself wanting to touch herself, whilst not shifting her eyes off him her fingers began circling her clit, her finger plunged into her vagina wet still from Pierre but more so now.
Pierre had positioned himself in a nearby chair and so too had started to masturbate, all the while looking at Yasmin and the stranger.
The stranger moved towards Yasmin and positioned her so that he was behind her, he eased his penis into her doggy style and Yasmin gasped, she had not been entered via this position in such a long time. He was thrusting quickly and grasping her breasts at the same time. Yasmin could feel herself coming and let go so that they both came in unisim.
Pierre had been watching the whole time and was also close to coming his hand movements were fast and frantic, he shot his load.

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