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Turned cocksucker by xhamster user

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The halls and corridors usually become quiet after 6 o clock in the University’s pavilion of mathematics and I jump, feeling panick mounting as I hear the expected knock on the stall wall. This was all so sudden and unexpected. Only a week ago had I stumbled on a first sissy hypnosis video; this weird clip with a super sexy female voices coaxing you to suck dicks. Since that day things had developed rapidly into this here meeting and I was just ready to bolt. I would just finish urinating, re-pant, go on home and keep telling myself it’s just a phase, but the thought of blowing this stranger in the next stall, my first cock ever has me holding very still, noting a definite stir in my boxers.
OH MY GOD! I did it, I knocked back. Silence... Did he leave? I unlock the door and there he is. I’m glad I don’t recognise this young man, wearing training gears with our school team logo on it. He timidly says «Hi!» as he shuts the door behind him I then just notice that, poking out from his pants is a gorgeous uncut penis in a semi erect state. He doesn’t wait for me to say anything back, he probably decided that my jaw dropping at the sight of his fabulous prick was the signal he needed to push my head down on his quite large, almost bean shaped 8 inch cock.
For a second his soft member rests on my face, touching my nose, my lips. I feel like I could be overwhelmed and not be able to accomplish what I set out to do, but then the training kicks in. The marathon of sissy training videos, mostly PolishMistress’ work that I have been oogling and jerking to this past week, it all comes to me as I bury my face onto his crotch , inhale deeply and nestle with my first cock ever. After a few seconds of face hugging his cock I can feel it stiffening and pulsating on my forehead.
The young looking fellow pulls his cock away from my feverish first embrace and slowly starts rubbing on his massive meat, his glans almost all covered by the foreskin, but revealing a droplet of pre-cum just on the tip. That’s when I got a first glance at how this fellow looked, as I grabbed his dick by the shaft and slowly licked it off as I stared at him and back at his beautiful cock. He is actually decent looking with a a tan, probably mulato judging from the curls in his pubic hair and well, his size… short hair and beardless. ,
I stick my tongue out and slide it under his foreskin, slowly revealing his massive cock head. I drool all over his head and his shaft as I suckle on his skin. I place the tip of his skin to my parted lips as I feel him grab the back of my head and pushing half of his penis in my mouth. I nearly choke and tears form as I try to figure how to best accommodate this foreign object in my face. I try to relax and breathe through my nose but I cough and drool oozes out of my mouth. He pulls out and I’m a bit surprised when he slaps me forcibly with his gorged penis. He slaps me a few times as I try to shove it back in my mouth. I nearly jump when I hear him whisper to lick his balls, which I gladly do. I am now completely under the spell of this cock and soon have both his balls in my mouth as I suck on his nice smooth scrotum.
He pulls me back up and reaches directly in my pants for my cock. I quickly pull my pants down to my ankle and he spins me around and starts jacking me off in a reacharound. I feel his cock starting to probe between my cheeks and on my balls and I suddenly become very nervous but he reassures me by whispering that he is not trying to penetrate me, to trust him.
He slides his dick between my legs and it sticks out next to mine. I have never been so hard in my life and my dick, although smaller in girth, is almost the same size as his, as he now masturbates both our cocks with his hand. I cum nearly instantly as I completely loose myself to this young stud. I nearly collapse on the toilet seat as I shoot my semen on his hand and cock. He turns me around, his cock towering over my face, bobbing up and down and I can hear PolishMistress’s voice in my head, urging me to make him cum. I start stroking his whole shaft, up and down and suck his head in the same motion. I recognise the bitter taste of my own cum but I keep sucking, moving my mouth faster and sucking harder, as I try to take more of him in my mouth. I try to remember the deepthroat lessons, and to my total and complete surprise, I feel his huge head move down my throat and pass my gag reflex. Feeling this, he starts moving his hips, fucking my face , slowly at first, and then faster. I feel exhausted, my mouth hurts, but there is but one thing on my mind, I want to make him cum. He pulls out to allow me to breathe and resumes his relentless fucking. I feel he is starting to twitch and tense up, so i pull him out and jerk him off rapidly until he shoots a massive load which I try to catch all in my mouth.
I tried to worship him back to life but as soon as he came, the hot student didn’t want to stick around for round two.
I washed up and left, dazed, more confused than ever, hungry for more cock….

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