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Yahmil's Wedding (Part One)

"yahmil" (I wo'nt reveal his real name) and I had been friends on xHamster
for quite a long time, we shared similar interests in porn etc. And he'd posted some pictures of his lady, which were a real turn-on! (She has a fantastic figure! Mmmmm)
Anyway! He was marrying the lady in question, and had invited me along, which was a really nice thing to do. A couple of days beforehand, he e-mailed me, and said if I had any mates who were 'up for a good-time', to bring them along too.
I was intrigued, thinking he was planning a stag-do to coincide with his wedding reception? Or the brides-maids were all hot and single?
Eventually, I asked two mates who I'd also met through xHamster, and the three of us arrived in town on the morning of the wedding.

We'd booked rooms in a local pub, and after changing into our 'glad-rags',
met in the bar for a drink before we headed for the Registry Office. I arrived first, followed by Jim. He was 38 years old, and one of the horniest guys I'd ever met! We'd had some great nights out together, which always ended up with us taking home some hot women, and having a great time. Finally Russel joined us.
Born in Birmingham to Carribean parents, and at 40 years old? He was the pussy-magnet Jim and I used to love having nights out with......
women just threw themselves at him (and luckily for us, anyone who was with him!) Big! Black! Handsome! And hung like a donkey! The first couple of times we'd all been having a 'session' with willing young ladies, all in the same room? I'd felt almost intimidated as he undressed! Neither Jim. nor myself is exactly 'small' in the cock department! But beside Russel? We certainly felt that way! ha ha.

The wedding was due to take place at 4.30pm, and we arrived at the Registry Office in the nick of time (one drink had led to another etc!) and were directed to the room where the ceremony was to take place, we dashed in, and the four people standing before the Registrar tuned and stared at us as we burst in! It dawned on me that The 'happy' couple were there with just another couple as witnesses, and we seemed to be the only invited 'guests'! This seemed a bit strange, but the Registrar (a proper 'grumpy' type!) insisted they proceed immediately, so we stood and watched as the ceremony took place and they were declared man and wife.

To be honest, I did'nt hear much of the words, I was too busy staring at the 'bride'! She was gorgeous, had a fabulous figure, and, as we were standing behind them, I could see she had a perfect 'peach' of a bum! I nudged Jim on my left and directed his gaze to her bottom. He grinned, and whistled noiselessly, then did the same with Russel on my right. He leered and licked his lips! At that moment, the talking finished, and everyone signed the register, being rushed along by the grumpy official, who just wanted us all gone so he could go home!

The seven of us gathered in the hall, congratulations were showered on the couple, (face to face? She truly WAS bl**dy gorgeous!) and we asked where the reception was to take place. It transpired we were going back to the Pub where we were staying, which, it 'happened', was only a couple of streets away from the 'happy couples' home! At that stage, I was thinking how 'odd' it was that, apart from the couple who were official witnesses, we were the only guests, and there was no 'proper' reception organised, I was swept along with everyone else, and fifteen minutes later was back in the Pub, ordering a round of drinks!

I was joined at the bar by the 'blushing-groom' and I congratulated him again,
laughing as I told him he was probably going to have a great wedding night 'session' with his gorgeous new bride! Imagine my suprise when he grinned, and said "No mate! YOU guys are gonna have a great wedding night with my gorgeous new bride!" He burst out laughing as he saw the puzzled expression on my face, then whispered the 'plan' for the rest of the evening! His bride had always fantasised about being the centre of a group of horny guys, and he'd said he would 'indulge' her fantasy, but only on the day she married him! He'd figured he could ask us, as we were strangers to her, so, she could walk away from the situation if she changed her mind, or if she decided to go through with it all, she did'nt HAVE to see any of us again if she did'nt want to!

I have to admit, as it dawned on me what was being proposed, my cock decided it was a GREAT idea!! His plan, was to let her have a couple of drinks with us, then they would leave and she would let him know if she was going to go ahead with the 'party'. Either way, he was going to send a message to my phone, with his address if it was yes, or a simple 'no' if she got cold feet! I was'nt to say anything to Jim or Russel until I got his message, or the 'tension' around the table would be unbearable!

I carried the drinks back to the table with trembling hands, and tried to make small talk as I sneaked sly glances at the 'bride' who hopefully, we would all be 'enjoying' on her wedding night!


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