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My first big couple!!

I can remember 6 years ago upon finishing my undergrad studies, i had moved into an apartment. My next door neighbors were an interracial bigger couple, Derek and tamika! Derek was a bald heavy set white guy and tamika was black BBW, both were around 35 years of age. I can remember seeing them in the hallway sometimes, just a casual hello or nod. I would often think to myself that it was very rare to see a heavy set white guy dating a heavy set black woman. I myself have often dated BBW. One day Derek and Tamika introduced themselves, they were inquiring about possibly downloading some music from me. I obliged and downloaded some music to a flash drive. little did i know i had gave them a flash drive that contained some BBW porn. Two days later at about 10:00pm there was a knock at my door, and there stood Derek and Tamika. they were wondering if they could come in, so i said yes. they were returning the flash drive I had let them borrow. Both of them said they enjoyed the music and wanted to thank me. Tamika then said "we enjoyed the movies as well".I said what movies, they said the BBW movies! At that very moment I started feeling really embarrased, but they assured me that it was ok. Thats when they said "we noticed that you have black guys fucking white bbw and no white guys fucking BBBW." i said yes,that is kind of difficult to find! Tamika stood up and said not anymore.Tamika stood up and started to unfasten her shirt and pants. All i could see was the size of her tits! they looked very big with large nipples.Her ass was big and wide. she had to have weighed at least 260. My cock got hard as a rock. all i could do was think about fucking this big lady! Derek then stood up and started sucking on her exposed breast and had one finger going down into her smooth hairless pussy. She then turned to him and started undoing his pants and shirt. Derek's pants hit the ground and you could see his limp cock hanging from under his huge belly. His cock wasn't huge but it had a nice sized
mushroom head! They asked if we could move to the bedroom I said "sure, why not". as Tamika laid on the bed Derek started to lick her smooth black pussy, i felt as if one of my porn movies had really come to life! Derek took a moment from eating her pussy to tell me to join in! I didn't waste any time! As I stepped out of my clothes my cock sprung up like a cobra snake. as derek continued to eat her pussy tamika played with my balls as she sucked my cock. Derek then stood up and demanded that she suck both of us at the same time. Of all the females I have been with, this was by far the best blow job i've ever had.Derek then instructed tamika to lay on the bed on her back, he then positioned himself for a good missionary fucking. As I stood and watched he moved his big white belly and inserted his cock into her fat black he started pumping i could see his large belly pressing against her big belly
and his large nut sack slapping against her dark hymen at a moderate speed.her moans then turned to shallow screams. her tits were moving back and forth at a rapid pace and I was so amazed at how wet her pussy had become! her entire bottom had become covered in thick creamy white pussy juice that had ran down her leg. With each thrust into her pussy I could see the white fluid covering his cock and balls. then she let out a loud scream that she was about to cum, derek then let out a moan and said that he was going to creampie her pussy! He
shot his load deep into her that they both came at the same time. Both of them looked sweaty and tired. So after that little episode I erased my porn movies
and decided who needs them,when i have the real thing living next door! Stay tuned for part two!!

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