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Conditioned to Serve...

Daryl and Jarvis both stopped by my dorm room unexpectedly, I was some what pissed by the fact that they both came by at the same time. Daryl was my room mate the first two years of college and Jarvis was my lover for a year and a half. They both were lovers at some time before me and after me and to see both of them standing at my door was some what humiliating.

I turned away and walked over to the window as they entered, Daryl asked 'would you like to have some fun tonight, we were going to go find someone but we both thought it better if we came to see you instead.

I turned in anger and asked 'just what the fuck you think the three of us are going to do. I'm not that kind of a person that would just give up my body because we had sex before.'

Jarvis stood and removed his jacket and tossed it into a corner, he undid his belt and dropped his pants to reveal his magnificent piece of male sex tool. Daryl looked amusingly at Jarvis and unzipped his pants and pulled out his equally fantastic piece of man meat.

I stood there looking at both exotic trophies of sexual satisfaction, transfixed by the sight, I could not move a muscle. The next few minutes are blurred except for the fact that my clothes were removed and I was kneeling before both of them greedily sucking on their equally intoxicating joy sticks.

I was truly in an euphoric point of ecstasy, Daryl gripped my chin and lifted me to my feet and tossed me to the bed, Jarvis quickly turned me to my stomach and re-inserted his penis into my oral cavity. Holding my chin and the back of my head Jarvis started to ravish my face.

Daryl knelt behind me and lifted my hips and licked my anal opening, lubing my bung hole with his saliva. Once his head was poised directly over my willing anal orifice, I braced my self for his assault. With a steadily press, Daryl sunk 4 of his 10 inches of man hood into my anal canal.

I moaned as Jarvis and Daryl both settled into a balanced rhythm, the two of them bouncing me back and forth like a pig on a spit. Daryl would occasional slap me across the buttocks saying 'suck that dick bitch, I'm gonna breed this ass tonight.' Jarvis seemed to be contented with sexing my face till he released my head and reached back to grab both my buttocks and spread my cheeks wide.

At the same time pushing his 9 inches of rock hard joy down into my throat. Not expecting his move, I was caught off guard and had allowed 2 inches of his pines, not counting his huge penile glans, to lodge in my throat. Not being able to get a breath or expel his invading tool, I panic and tried to grab his thighs and pull him away.

Unable to move him I was horrified to hear Jarvis exclaim 'oh shit, I'm cumming in this bitches throat, he's milking my dick like a milking machine.' Jarvis penis exploded and filled my throat and stomach with copious amounts of baby making batter, gasping, gagging I lost consciousness.

When I came to myself I was on my knees puking up huge amounts of sperm from Jarvis ejaculate. Daryl was by my side as was Jarvis speaking softly 'that's it let it all breath...don't try to hold nothing back...empty it all out.'

After a while I collapsed on to my side, Jarvis kissed nose and whispered 'I got carried away, seeing Daryl dick in that sweet ass of yours made me loose control. I just wanted to fuck you too. Daryl cleaned up the mess and lifted my feet he looked at me and said 'we ain't gonna do that again, we'll fuck you one at a time.'

Before I could protest, Daryl re-entered my bung hole and was balls deep before I could stop him. Jarvis kissed/sucked my nipples and kissed my lips as Daryl sawed back and forth into my tender bung.

Daryl flooded my butt with his baby juices and slowly pulled from my anus. Jarvis replaced him and slowly entered my aching opening, I was tossing my head from side to side as Jarvis exclaimed 'this ass pussy is always tight, oh shit it's tight. And grips your dick like a glove, Daryl how could stand it so long.

Daryl and Jarvis took their sweet time with me the rest of the night, switching out between the two of them and wrapping me in their arms when they were tired and slept.

Saturday I got up and went to the wash room and washed the soiled bed clothes and encountered a dorm mate named Tony. Tony wanted to know why there was so much sexual sounds coming from my dorm. I smiled and asked if he wanted to really know. Tony looked at me and said 'sure why you think I asked, I didn't see no girls enter your room last night.

Looking around to make sure we were along, I quickly dropped to my knees and fished his flaccid penis from his jigging shorts. Tony was caught by surprise as I started to suck viciously on his hardening penile glans.

Involuntarily Tony grabbed my head, but did not push me away, after a few minutes of sucking his penis Tony stiffened his thigh muscles and shot a huge load of man spunk into my mouth. I stood as Tony leaned back against the washer and kissed him deeply swapping his cum from my mouth to his.

When I finished I smiled at him and said 'I'm busy this week end but next week I'm all yours.' I went back to my dorm and back to bed with Daryl and Jarvis and picked up where we left off.

Conditioned to Serve...

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