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Dan and Kelly have been married for about three years. By now Dan had met all the f****y, but his favorite was Kelly's Aunt Laura. Aunt Laura is in her late forties, but she looks like she's in her thirties. She has a great body; her best assets being her 36D tits, and a great ass. Her fiery red hair matches her personality. She's a blast to be around, always making people laugh and always the life of the party. Aunt Laura has been married four times, and would k** that from now on she was only going to fuck their brains out, and then toss them aside. Kelly would blush every timer her Aunt would say that, but Dan knew she did it just to see the reactions.

One particular lazy weekend they were having a barbecue, and of course Aunt Laura was there, and as usual Aunt Laura was her flirtatious self. After a few drinks and some good food Dan went into the garage to get some more beer from the fridge. He hadn't realized Kelly's Aunt had followed him into the garage until she grabbed his ass giving it a good squeeze saying he had a nice ass. Dan grabbed Aunt Laura's ass saying she had a nice ass as well. The fun had to stop when they heard foot steps, and Kelly calling for him. Dan could feel his cock tingling, and wished he had more time to see what would have transpired if anything.

The following Friday evening Dan was asked by his wife Kelly if he would mind installing a couple of ceiling fans for her Aunt Laura.

"Sure, not a problem, tell her I'll be there in the morning around eight."

Dan felt a little twinge in his groin as he thought back to her antics at the barbecue. Would she grab his ass again, or was that just a fluke and the booze talking? One thing was for sure, he'd find out soon enough. Kelly was going to be gone most of the day doing a 10K walk for some charity group.
Dan got up Saturday morning and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went over to Aunt Laura's. She greeted him with a hug offering him a cup of coffee. Laura was wearing a terry robe, open at the top so much that her tits were nearly spilling out. As they chit chatted Dan couldn't keep his eyes off her cleavage, but then he figured that didn't bother his wife's Aunt at all. Finishing his coffee Dan said,

"Well, I better get started."

"Alright, but drop the Aunt thing when it's just you and I you don't need to be so formal."

"OK, Laura."

Dan got up on the ladder and began installing the fan. Laura was behind him watching, looking at his ass. Dan's knees wobbled a little bit with Laura saying,

"Be careful Dan."

Then Laura placed her hand on Dan's bare leg. He looked down at her smiling face, he knew she was up to something. As he was trying to finish up the first fan, Laura slowly inched her hand up his leg. It wasn't long before he felt her fingers slip past the leg opening of his baggy shorts. He felt her hand on his bare ass, (he hadn't bothered to put on underwear).

"Nice ass Dan," Laura said with a smile.

Dan felt his cock go from a semi-erect state to rock hard in a matter of seconds, with the front of his shorts sticking out from his huge erection. Laura stepped onto the bottom rung of the ladder, squeezing his ass, moving her hand between his legs and caressing his balls. Dan could barely finish putting in the last screw when he felt her fingers wrapping around his rigid shaft.

"My Dan, you have such a nice thick cock, I bet Kelly loves sucking on it."

Dan chuckled,

"Kelly is not what I'd call an aficionado of oral sex, she only does it to please me, but it's a rare occasion when she does do it."

As Dan balanced himself precariously on the ladder, Laura pulled Dan's short down around his ankles, his cock springing free. Dan kicked his shorts off, and carefully turned around with his cock staring Laura in the face. She stepped down and took off her robe letting it fall down around her feet. For the first time Dan got a look at her tits. They were better than he had imagined. She had large pink areolas, and hard pink nipples. Normally he didn't care for a hairy bush, but her bush was as fiery red as the hair on her head, it was a real turn on.

"I must say Laura, you are gorgeous!"

Laura smiled as she stepped back onto the first rung of the ladder, taking Dan's cock in her hands. She pinned his cock back against his stomach, running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. All Dan could do was groan as she drove him nuts with lust. Finally she took his cock down her throat, as Dan stroked her hair.

"Damn woman, you are fucking amazing."

"Damn that feels good!"

Dan felt his balls tightening up and beginning to ache.

"I'M GONNA CUM," Dan told her.

Laura kept sucking his cock, slurping like a true cock hound. Dan's legs started to shake as he held onto the ladder sending his load down her throat. Laura helped Dan down from the ladder,

"Oh my, your cock is still rock hard, come over to the bed."

Laura laid down on the bed as Dan settled in between her legs. Dan noticed she kept her labia neatly trimmed, as he dove head first between her legs, licking and sucking her pussy as she moaned and squeezed her tits.

"That's it Dan, suck my pussy, make me cum."

Dan licked and sucked her fat, wet lips, lapping up all her love juices, and sending Laura over the edge over and over again. Her pussy lips seemed to squeeze his face as her body shuddered. Dan took her clit between his lips, sliding two fingers into her pussy and made her cum so hard she squirted her cum all over his face. Laura raised up,

"Oh Dan, no man has ever made me cum that hard!"

She kissed her juices from his face, telling him to give her his cock, her pussy was on fire now. Dan took his seven plus inches and eased it between her legs, fucking her as she moaned and begged him to fuck her harder. Once again Laura was cumming like mad, screaming into the pillow so the neighbors wouldn't hear her. Next she got on her hands and knees, telling Dan to give it to her doggie style.

That was something else Kelly wouldn't try with Dan. Dan found himself being able to do all the things with Kelly's Aunt, that Kelly would never do herself. Dan eased his cock into Laura's pussy again. Her vaginal walls clamping down on his cock as if it were in a vice. Dan started fucking Laura, picking up speed as he went along. As his balls slapped Laura's ass, he took his hand and slapped her ass...gently gently at first. He was curious how she would react.
Laura squealed telling Dan,

"Slap my ass harder Danny, slap it good and hard."

Dan started slapping Laura's ass harder and harder. It seemed the harder he slapped her ass the more she liked it. Dan was pummeling Laura's ass with his cock, and slapping it with his had at the same time. Laura was cumming over and over as Dan continued fucking her.

"Cum on my tits Dan, I want to see you cum on my tits!"

Dan pulled out as Laura turned over, leaning against the headboard. Dan stroked his cock as Laura fingered her pussy.

"Come on Dan cover my tits, I want to see that load of hot cum on my tits!"

Dan grunted as a torrent of cum shot from his cock, landing on Laura's tits, dripping from her nipples. Laura started cumming again.

"Oh yes Danny, shoot that load of hot cum all over my tits, yes that's it."

Dan then spread his cum around with the head of his cock, running the head of his cock over her nipples. Then he leaned forward, and started licking and sucking his cum from Laura's tits. Something else Kelly would never let him do.
Afterward, Laura and Dan showered before she made him lunch. After a brief rest Dan installed the second ceiling fan, and afterward he and Laura fucked again, this time Dan taking her in the ass. As they lay there resting Laura asked if he would mind do a few more chores for her next weekend. The answer to that was all to obvious. When he got home Kelly asked him how it went.

"Oh fine, it can't get much more boring than putting up a ceiling fan."

"Oh, your Aunt might have something for me next weekend too, I told her it was OK with me, if it was OK with you."

Kelly smiled,

"Of course Dear, I have plans anyway."

Dan smiled as he thought to himself,

"So do I sweetie, so do I."
Dan thought about his wife's Aunt Tracy all week, thinking about what she might have in store for him this weekend. Soon it was Friday, and Dan couldn't wait till morning. Dan came home Friday evening, to find a note from his wife Kelly saying that her Aunt had called and to call her back. The note also read that Kelly was going to the movies with her girlfriend Amy, and not to wait up. She was also going shopping with Amy in the morning and afterward to brunch at the mall. Dan shook his head and heated his dinner up in the microwave.

Later Dan called Tracy to see what she had in store for him. She told Dan she needed him to put in a new garbage disposal for her, and to come early....she'd have breakfast and coffee ready. Half jokingly Dan asked,

"Is there anything else you might need?"

Tracy chuckled saying, "Oh I'm sure I can come up with something....see you tomorrow."

After hanging up, Dan hand a raging hard on just thinking about what Tracy might come up with. If it was anything like last weekend, he'd be one happy camper. Dan awoke the next morning to find his wife gone, and some cold bacon and eggs sitting on the table. Disgusted, Dan tossed them and left for Tracy's. He arrived at around eight, and was greeted by Tracy at the door. She had on a nice fitting white blouse and a short skirt.

"Good morning Dan, breakfast is ready."

As Dan ate, he and Tracy cit chatted while Dan checked out her breasts. Once he was done, Dan got under the sink and got to work taking out the old disposal. As he worked he heard someone knock at the back door. He heard another woman's voice, and Tracy inviting her in. "DAMN," he mumbled to himself.

"What Dan....did you day something?"

"Ahh, no....nothing."

"This is my best friend Erica, Dan."

"Hello Erica."

Dan was bummed, he figured his fun for the day had come to an end before it ever got started. As the two women talked Dan could hear them laughing and carrying on. Finally, a little pissed Dan asked,

"What's so funny you guys?"

"Oh nothing Dan....I was ah...well I was just telling Erica about you, and how handy you are."

Then the two of them broke out laughing again, like a couple of school girls.

"Erica thinks you're hot Dan."

"I sort of described you to her in know what I mean?"

"I think she'd like a closer you mind?"

Dan's mind started to race, "Ahh, of course not....go ahead."

Dan felt someone's hands running up his bare leg, then another pair of hands on his other leg. He could hardly concentrate on what he was doing as the hands inched higher and higher up his legs, his cock becoming as hard as stone.

"You OK Dan?"

"Couldn't be better."

He could feel their fingers slip past the opening of the leg of his shorts, and then fingers touching his balls. Both women were giggling as they groped his cock and balls. Then he felt them tugging at his shorts, so he raised up allowing them to pull his shorts down. One of the women gasped, it sounded like Erica. Then he heard Erica exclaim,

"Oh my were right....his cock is beautiful."

Dan felt Erica's hand grab his cock and start stroking him as Tracy licked and sucked his balls. Dan pulled the old disposal out, sitting it aside so he could look up and watch Erica as she lowered her head, and take his cock in her mouth. She was a very attractive woman, with short salt and pepper hair. From what Dan could tell, she had a great body as well. One thing was for sure, this woman knew how to suck cock. Tracy rose up and took her blouse off, followed by her skirt leaving her in just her panties.

With his cock still in her mouth, Erica took off her top and tossed it aside. Erica's breasts were beautiful, and just as firm as a woman half her age Dan thought as he looked her over. Erica moved around straddling Dan, while wedging his cock between her tits. As she tit fucked Dan, Tracy helped her get out of her skirt. He watched her tit fucking his cock, but what was interesting as well, was seeing Tracy caressing Erica's ass, and kissing her back. Another facet of Tracy that he hadn't know about....she was bi.

Dan was nearly cumming when Erica stopped tit fucking him. That's when Tracy suggested he scoot out from under the sink. As soon as his head was clear, Erica lowered her pussy onto his cock. Her pussy was as tight as a vice, as her vagina gripped his cock. He watched Tracy caressing Erica's tits, and sucking her nipples while Erica fingered Tracy's pussy.

Dan smiled at Tracy as she lowed her creamy pussy onto his waiting tongue. Erica was humping Dan like there was no tomorrow, her pussy still gripping his cock like a vice, while he licked and sucked Tracy's clit and pussy. He could hear the two women kissing and moaning as the one rode his cock and the other rode his face. Tracy started cumming, her juice's running down Dan's chin and neck. It sounded like Erica was cumming too, which was good, because Dan was about to explode himself. Dan felt his balls tighten and then he spewed his load into Erica's hot pussy.

Dan was spent, but Erica and Tracy had other ideas. They helped him to his feet, taking him into the den. There Tracy and Erica took turns sucking Erica's juices from his cock, and kissing and licking Tracy's cum from his face.

"Now Dan, you can take a break and watch Tracy suck your cum from my pussy."

Erica walked over to the sofa and laid down, her left leg d****d over the top of the sofa. Tracy moved between her legs and began licking and sucking Erica's pussy. Dan had a birds eye view of everything. Tracy licked and sucked her best freinds bare pussy, working her into a sexual frenzy. Dan watched as Tracy brought Erica to one orgasm after another with Erica squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples. No one heard the back door open and close as Kelly decided to come check on her Aunt and Dan. Amy had gotten a call and had to leave, so Kelly figured why not surprise them. Unfortunately it was Kelly who was in for the surprise.

As Kelly walked down the hall she heard noises coming form the den. As she neared the den, it was sounding more and more like someone having sex. Reaching the den, Kelly peeked in and was aghast at what she saw. There was her Aunt, and another woman, making love while her husband sat in a chair, stroking his cock watching it all. Kelly didn't know what to do. She wanted to run away, but the sight strangely intrigued her. As she watched she found herself actually becoming aroused, something she didn't understand.

Kelly tried to look away, but she couldn't. Continuing to watch, her pussy was becoming aroused. She found herself sliding her hand down the front of her panties, her middle finger searching for her opening. The longer she watched, the more aroused she became. Not knowing Kelly was watching them, the three continued their sex play.

As Kelly watched, her Aunt turned around shoving her pussy into Erica's face, while lowering her face back down into Erica's sex. Dan's cock was getting harder and harder by the second as he watched the two women. Dan got up and walked over to where the women were on the sofa, reaching down and caressing Erica's breasts as the orgasms swept over her. Dan then grabbed Tracy's hips easing his cock into her pussy. Kelly couldn't believe her eyes, as she worked another finger into her pussy. It was all so perverted, yet so damn arousing at the same time, watching Dan fucking her Aunt.

Dan fucked Tracy for several minutes, making her cum. Then Dan pulled out allowing Erica to suck Tracy's love juices from his cock. Next Dan suggested that Erica get on her hands and knees, and lean on the arm of the sofa. He then aimed his cock at her pussy, entering her as he began fucking her dogie style. Tracy was sitting on the floor fingering her pussy, her head between Dan and Erica. As Dan's cock drew out, Tracy licked his shaft, then Erica's pussy, all while fingering herself. Having Dan's cock in her pussy and Tracy's tongue on her pussy and clit drove Erica wild, making her cum yet again.

Tracy got up heading toward the door. Kelly quickly darted to another room so her Aunt wouldn't catch her fingering herself, as she watched them. Soon Tracy returned with a sly grin on her face, and Kelly returned to place near the door so she could continue watching, and masturbating. See the grin on Tracy's face, Dan knew something was up, but he didn't want to stop to find out. While he pummeled Erica's pussy, he felt Tracy fingering his asshole.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh'll love me."

Dan was so busy fucking Erica, he didn't see Tracy slip the strap on dildo around her waist. She quickly lubed the head of the dildo and slowly pushed it in Dan's ass.

"HEY...What the fuuuu....."

"Oh stop it Dan....just relax."

Before he could say anything, Tracy eased the dildo up his ass and started fucking his ass. He couldn't believe it, but after he got use to it, it started to be a real turn on. Kelly couldn't belive it either as she watched her Aunt ass fucking her husband with a strap on dildo. Seeing that caused Kelly to start cumming like mad. In the meantime, Dan continued fucking Erica, and soon he and Tracy were in rythem. The harder he slammed his cock into Erica, the harder Tracy slammed the dildo into him.

Dan felt his orgasm cumming, so he pulled out and spewed his cum all over Erica ass. He had never cum so hard before. Afterward, Tracy licked up the excess cum from Erica's ass, while Dan tried to figure out what had just happened to him. Kelly thought this would be a good time for her to leave, there was no way she could confront anyone at this point. Kelly slipped quietly out the door and left.

The women sat on either side of Dan, kissing him and toying with his limp cock. They reassured him that it was OK for him to have enjoyed his ass fucking, and it didn't mean anything. Dan leaned back as Tracy and Erica sucked his cock, while he played with their tits. Upon his return home, Dan found Kelly had returned as well.

"So did it go?"

"Ah, just fine Kelly....just fine."

"Did you get everything done for her?"

" took a know what a pain in the ass putting a garbage disposal in can be."

That night, Kelly couldn't sl**p....too many thoughts racing through her mind. One thing she was sure of, seeing her husband fucking two other women, and getting ass fucked turned her on like nothing had ever done before. She knew she wanted to be part of it, no matter how kicky it didn't matter....she wanted to explore things that she never would have imagined before. Kelly decided she had to do it, the only problem was who would she talk to first. Kelly fell asl**p knowing it would take some serious thought.
Kelly couldn't get the images of her husband, her Aunt, and her Aunt's friend out of her mind. The images aroused her to the point that she went from a woman who almost never pleasured herself, to masturbating daily. She even found herself fantasizing what it would be like to have sex with another woman, the idea aroused her to the point that she couldn't get it out of her mind. What would it be like, and could she ever experience not only making love to another woman, but could that other woman ever be her Aunt? The thought of it aroused her even more.

Like she had the past couple of weeks, Kelly's Aunt Tracy called asking if Dan could come help her out Saturday. Kelly didn't want to let on that she knew, not yet anyway. She agreed to tell Dan and would have him call her when he got home. When Dan arrived home that night, Kelly gave him the message. Seeing the look of excitement on Dan's face, Kelly decided right then and there, that Dan wasn't the only one that should have all the fun. After Dan called Tracy, he told Kelly that he would be going over Saturday morning to do some more chores for her Aunt.

"That's fine Dan, I have plans as well."

The following morning Kelly took a good look at herself in the mirror after her shower. She was in good shape physically, all she needed was a little more self confidence. Kelly was about to get dressed when she heard the door bell. Putting on a robe, Kelly answered the was Amy asking if she had any plans. Kelly's mind started to race. She liked Amy, they were best friends. Although Kelly had never looked at Amy in a sexual way, seeing Amy standing there looking so pretty made her start thinking about making love to Amy, but would Amy be agreeable? There was only one way to find out.

Kelly invited Amy in, Asking if she could talk to he before they went shopping. She told Amy that she was about to explode, and didn't know what to do. Amy listened intently as Kelly described in detail the sex session she had witnessed between her Aunt, Erica and Dan. Amy seemed visibly turned on from Kelly's story.

"So what do you think Amy?"

"I've been so aroused by what I saw, that I can't stop masturbating every time I think about it."

"Am I a pervert or something, wanting another woman, especially my Aunt."

Amy smiled, "Whose to say what's perverted or's kind of an individual thing I think."

"So what do I do."

"Do what makes you feel happy." "Don't be afraid to explore new things, give it a try."

"You mean like make it with another woman?"


"But I wouldn't feel comfortable with a complete stranger....I would rather it be someone I know and trust."

Amy smiled, reaching over and running her fingers along the edge of Kelly's robe, letting her fingers touch Kelly's breast. Amy smiled, "How about someone like me?" Kelly smiled, closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath. Amy leaned forward placing her lips gently against Kelly's, her soft kiss lingering as Amy pushed Kelly's robe open, exposing Kelly's breasts to the cool air. As Amy ran her fingers over Kelly's hardening nipples, Amy whispered,

"Would you like to make love it me....just to see if you like it?"

Kelly nodded as Amy cupped Kelly's breast, running her thumb over her nipples. Kelly was amazed...she never realized how good could feel being touched by another woman. Kelly put her arm around Amy, pulling her close as she began kissing her passionately. Kelly opened Amy's blouse, finding she wasn't wearing a bra. Kelly began caressing Amy's breasts, while Amy pushed Kelly's robe off her shoulders. Amy became the aggressor, pushing Kelly back into the sofa, kissing her way down Kelly's neck to her breasts where she took Kelly's nipples into her mouth, one at a time, sucking and teasing them with her tongue.

Kelly could only moan as the arousal in her body surged to a fevers pitch. Amy moved her hand down between Kelly's legs finding Kelly's pussy was oozing with her juices. Pushing Kelly back so that she was now laying on her back, Amy kissed her way down to Kelly's pussy, running her tongue along Kelly's folds. Kelly arched her back, cumming as Amy parted her pussy lips, running her tongue up and down her sex, tongue fucking her as Kelly's body shuddered with one orgasm after another. Amy explored Kelly's pussy with her tongue and finger as Kelly begged Amy not to stop.

Finally it was Kelly's turn. She started out caressing Amy's breasts, sucking her nipples and feeling excited and proud of herself as she watched Amy's arousal grow. Spurred on by Amy's praises, Kelly made her way down to Amy's pussy where she got her first taste of a woman. Kelly enjoyed the aroma and the taste of a woman, not that it would replace her mans cock, but she liked the idea of having a woman now and then. Kelly brought Amy to several orgasms as the two women made passionate love. Afterward Kelly knew she would never be the same. Kelly thanked Amy for teaching her so much. Amy told Kelly she'd wanted her for a while, but hadn't had the courage to act on it. Kelly kissed her again telling her that now they could do more than just go shopping together.

Kelly couldn't wait for Saturday to roll around, she already had planned her entrance. As Dan left that morning, Kelly kissed him good bye saying she'd see him later. She waited about an hour, giving Dan and her Aunt plenty of time to get involved in their sex play. She knew from what Dan had said, that they would be out on the patio in the back, since Dan was supposed to be fixing something around the pool. Kelly arrived at her Aunt's parking in the driveway and then quietly making her way down the side of the house. She had forgotten how secluded her Aunt's backyard was.

As Kelly rounded the corner of the house, she could see her Aunt and Dan laying by the pool. Her Aunt was sucking her husbands cock, while Dan moaned. Kelly had never see her Aunt nude before...she still had a great body. Kelly's heart pounded in her chest, was she ready for this? Probably not, but if she were ever going to do it, now was the time. Taking a deep breath, she took off her clothes, stuffing them in an over sized purse she had brought with her. Cautiously she stepped out into the open, walking onto the patio. Gathering up every ounce of courage she had, Kelly announced,

"So is this what you two do every Saturday?"

Tracy and Dan both looked at Kelly standing there totally naked. Dan started to speak, but Kelly stopped him.

"Shhhhh, I'm not here to bust you two, I just decided to join in on the fun."

Still in shock, Dan looked at Kelly,

"But how did you find out?"

"Simple....I came over to Aunt Tracy's last Saturday, and found everyone in the den having a grand old time."

"I didn't realize how much fun you two had been having, and well....I thought it was high time I had some fun too."

Tracy finally spoke up, "Well...what are you waiting for Hon, join in."

Tracy walked over and stood over Dan. Then without saying a word she lowered her pussy down onto Dan face. Dan was still surprised, but at the same time, why argue. As Dan listened to his wife's moans of pleasure the idea of having her and her Aunt at the same time was really starting to turn him on. Tracy began deep throating Dan again as Kelly ground her pussy into his face, telling him to suck her pussy hard. Dan was nearing the edge when Tracy took his cock from her mouth and suggested that Kelly sit down on his cock. He heard Tracy say,

"No, I'd rather watch you fuck him, I can have him anytime at home."

A couple of seconds later, Dan felt Tracy's pussy enveloping his cock. Tracy began humping him, when he heard Kelly tell her Aunt,

"You know Aunt Tracy, you really have nice tits....very suckable."

"Thank you Dear, did you want to suck them?"

"Of course, unless you think it's all a little too kinky."

Tracy's Aunt laughed, "Only if you make it kinky."

Dan couldn't believe his ears, his wife wanting to suck her Aunt's tits, what had come over her anyway? Moments later he could hear Tracy and Kelly cooing and moaning as Kelly sucked and caressed her Aunt's breasts. Damn he wished he could watch that show. He was so aroused that he lifted Kelly off his face saying that he was about to cum.

Tracy got off Dan's cock telling him to cum on her tits...then Kelly could lick it off. Dan got on his hands and knees and started jacking off as he watched Kelly fingering her pussy. He was so aroused at the sight of his wife fingering her pussy that he exploded, shooting his cum all over Tracy's tits. Then he watched in utter amazement as Kelly started licking and sucking the cum from her Aunt's tits. Tracy moaned as she held Kelly's head, telling her how good it felt, and how talented she was. Once the cum was gone, Kelly pushed her Aunt onto her back and moved between her legs, and began going down on her as Dan watched in amazement.

Tracy held Kelly's head, undulating her hips, grinding her pussy into Kelly's face. Kelly took her Aunt's clit into her mouth, inserting one finger and then another into her Aunt's pussy, working them around as she brought her Aunt to several powerful orgasms. The two women wasted no time getting into a hot 69 as Dan watched, stroking his cock, and wondering what had taken over his wife....not that he was complaining. Dan watched as the two women brought one another to one orgasm after another. Dan was soon hard again when Kelly asked,

" you still have that strap on....I'd like to see you use it on Dan again."

Tracy smiled and got up and went inside. Dan pulled Kelly aside asking her what had gotten into her.

"What's the problem Dan...are you the only one allowed to have a good time outside our marriage?"

"Well no,'ve changed."

"For the better don't you think?"

Dan thought for a moment....Kelly was right, it was something he had dreamed of, he just hadn't counted on his wife doing her Aunt, but what the was different. Tracy returned with the strap on, smiling at Dan asking him if he was ready.

"Look, my ass is still stretched from last weekend, but I have an idea."

"How about me having Kelly sit on my cock, then you take her from behind."

Tracy looked at Kelly...."Well Hon, what do you think?"

Kelly thought for a moment, and smiled...."Let's go for it."

Dan laid down, and Kelly lowered her pussy onto his hard cock. Then Kelly leaned forward, kissing Dan as he started fucking her. Tracy in the meantime started licking Kelly's pussy, moving from her pussy to her ass, getting her ready for the dildo. Once Kelly had cum a couple of times and her ass was ready, Tracy lubed the tip of the dildo and placed it against Kelly's virgin ass. Tracy eased the head into Kelly ass slowly, allowing Kelly to get used to it. Then as Kelly relaxed, Tracy slowly eased the dildo all the way in. Tracy started fucking Kelly's ass while Dan continued fucking her pussy.

It was a strange feeling....Dan could feel the dildo in Kelly's ass as he continued pummeling her pussy. Kelly was beside herself, having never felt anything like it before. Kelly was soon cumming, moaning loudly. Finally Kelly was spent...she needed a little break. Kelly took the dildo and cleaned it, saying it was someone else turn. Dan wanted to try a different spin on things. He suggested that Tracy fuck Kelly with the dildo while he fucked Tracy's ass. Tracy agreed and strapped onto the dildo, sliding it into Kelly's pussy while Dan prepared Tracy for his cock.

Once she was well lubed, Dan eased his cock into her ass. Dan started fucking Tracy slowly as he watched Tracy fucking his wife while the two women kissed and sucked each others tits. Dan began fucking Tracy's ass harder, slapping her ass as he drove his cock in. The harder he slapped Tracy's ass, the hotter she got. Kelly in the meantime was starting to cum, with a series or orgasms while she fingered her Aunt's pussy. Tracy was also starting to cum as well, leaving Dan as the only one not having cum yet. That changed when Dan pulled out and spewed his load over Tracy's ass. Afterward the three of them showered before Dan and Kelly left for home.

That night Dan and Kelly made passionate love. Kelly said that as much fun as she'd had, her Aunt was going to have to find a new handyman. Kelly also ran the idea of having a threesome with Amy some day soon. Dan was more than agreeable to that. Dan was still amazed at his wife's transformation from prude to kinky slut in such a short amount of time. He wasn't going to question it however, rather he was going to enjoy it, especially with the thought of having a threesome with Kelly and Amy. As for now, he was looking forward to fucking a very horny wife each night when he arrived home.


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