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Playing together...

Tim is your typical 17 year old high school boy. He plays football, basketball, and runs track. He stands 6'1" with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, weighing about 180 lbs. He lives with his dad as well as his stepmom and steps****r. His dad had married his stepmom, Kelly, about 6 years ago, after Tim's mom had left them when Tim was 7. He gets along with them alright, fighting with his steps****r, Jenna, every once in a while, like any normal siblings.

Jenna is 14, standing about 5'4", with long red hair and blue eyes, weighing almost 105 lbs., with a budding 32C chest. Her mom is 34, standing 5'7" with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes, weighing around 130 lbs., with nice 40D tits.

Many times the two k**s were left home alone, with Tim in charge, while their parents were at work. It was summer break from school, so Tim and Jenna didn't have much going on.

Jenna has always had all kinds of guys chasing after her at school, wanting to date her, but she seemed to be stuck up and never gave the guys the light of day. They would always ask Tim what was up with her, but he didn't know either.

The reason is that Jenna secretly has a crush on Tim. She knew it is wrong in a way, because he is her stepb*****r, but they aren't bl**d related, so she didn't think it was that bad. She was a virgin and wanted Tim to be her first. She had however, already broke her hymen while doing gymnastics in school.

Today was like any other day, their parents were gone to work, and they were lounging around the house. Tim was in his room, laying in bed, and watching TV.

Jenna was in her room, getting ready to go out back to sunbathe. She put on a hot pink, string bikini, that hugged her budding tits tightly, and hugged her firm ass tight. She wanted to see if she could get a reaction out of Tim, and see if she could possibly seduce him.

Tim's bedroom door was ajar, as he laid in his bed, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. He heard Jenna's door slam shut, and her flip flops slapping her feet as she walked down the hallway. He watched the hallway as she got closer to his room. Jenna stopped in front of his door and lightly knocked.

"What do you want?" Tim almost yelled, hoping she would've just walked past his room. Jenna pushed the door open and peered in, "hey Tim, I'm going down to sunbathe, could you come down and rub some lotion on my back?" Tim looked at her sternly, a little agitated at her request, he did not want to get out of bed yet. "Can't you do it yourself?" He asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

Jenna looked at him sincerely, as she opened the door further, giving him a full frontal view of her. Tim felt a lump form in his throat as he looked at her. Her red hair was tied in pigtails, her tiny nipples were poking at her bikini top, her firm stomach glistened lightly with lotion she had already put on, and her bikini bottoms hugging her crotch tightly, showing a slight hint of her womanhood. He had seen her dressed like this before, but her tits had really filled out since the last time.

Tim cleared his throat nervously, "you can't do it yourself? I don't wanna get out of bed yet," he said softer. Jenna giggled, shaking her head, "come on you lazy bum, I won't bite you. All you gotta do is make sure my back gets covered." Tim snickered, contemplating her request. She did have a point, all he was going to do was rub lotion into her back.

As Tim laid there looking at her, his dick began to grow in his boxers, forming a bulge against them. Jenna looked at him, hoping her plan would work, looking down his body and noticing the bulge growing. She blushed, innocently swaying her body, wondering how big he was.

Tim scoffed finally, "ok I'll help you out, let me get dressed." Jenna's face lit up with excitement, "yay, thank you Tim, but why get dressed?" She asked, her mind racing now with ideas. Tim looked at her and laughed, "umm because I'm going outside, I don't think the neighbors wanna see me in my boxers."

Jenna twirled one of her pigtails innocently as she smiled seductively, "you can just do it up here, I can just lay on the floor or on your bed." Tim looked at her seriously, "ok that works for me, I guess you can lay on my bed. Do you have a towel to put down?" Jenna nodded excitedly as she stepped back and ran to the closest in the hallway, retrieving a towel.

Tim tried to position his dick, trying to hide his erection. Jenna came skipping back into the room, towel in hand, her pigtails swinging and her tits jiggling, a wide smile on her face. Tim pulled his shirt over the head of his dick that was poking out of the waistline of his boxers, hoping she didn't notice. Jenna's eyes went straight to his crotch as she strolled up next to Tim's bed, noticing his thick dick.

Jenna had never seen Tim's dick, nor any guys, except for when she had accidentally seen her step-dad's, when she had walked in on him changing. She didn't know what to expect, but she wanted to find out. She giggled as she looked back up at him, throwing the towel on his bed.

Tim looked at her, a little uneasy now, his dick refusing to calm down. She handed him the lotion, and he watched her climb onto his bed, as he stood next to it, watching her crawl on all fours, swaying her firm ass in front of him. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled slyly, wondering if he liked what he saw, and hoping he wouldn't change his mind.

Jenna moved herself around, so she was facing towards the headboard. She lowered her chest onto the towel, leaving her ass high in the air, smiling at Tim. Tim looked at her awkwardly, wondering what she was doing, "what the hell are you doing Jenna?" Jenna was taken aback by his question, thinking he would enjoy the show. Her look changed to disappointment as she let her hips flop on the bed, laying flat on the bed.

Tim let out a deep breath as he got on the bed next to her, smelling the cocoa butter wafting from her, causing his dick to throb against his boxers. He had no idea why, but the smell was turning him on even more. He squirted some lotion onto his hand, closed the bottle, and rubbed his hands together, distributing the cocoa butter lotion equally.

Jenna fixed her eyes on his boxers, trying to figure out how big his dick really was. She just wanted to reach out and grab his dick, and let him know what she wanted, but she knew he wouldn't like that. She felt Tim put his hands on the top of her shoulders and lightly squeeze. "Mmm," Jenna moaned, as she felt his rough hands begin to rub her shoulders.

"What?" Tim asked, thinking she said something. "Nothing, it just feels good with you massaging me." Tim lightly laughed at her comment, as he continued to massage her shoulders, slowly moving his hands down her back, admiring the softness of her skin. "Please don't stop Tim, give me a full body massage, you're relaxing me," Jenna moaned, hoping that would work.

Tim looked at his steps****r in disgust, "I'm just rubbing the lotion into your back, and that's it." Jenna pushed herself up a little, looking back at him with a pouty look, her lower lip curled and sticking out. "Please Tim, that's all I'm asking, I won't ask for anything else," she said sincerely.

Tim noticed her look and almost laughed, "what do I get out of it?" Jenna knew what she wanted to say, 'have sex with me.' But she bit her tongue, trying to think of how to answer that. "I will give you a back massage," she answered, hoping he would buy it. Tim shook his head, "nope, I don't want that."

Jenna looked in front of her, trying to think of something he would want. "Well what would you want for it?" She asked, looking back at him. Tim knelt there thinking about it for a bit, "umm ok, how about you do my chores for a week?"

Jenna thought that was a funny request, as she laughingly answered, "ok you got a deal." Almost sure she would get what she wanted, and he would forget about the request of doing his chores. She laid her head back down, ready to receive her massage.

Tim shifted on his knees, his dick still raging in his boxers, wanting out as he took in the cocoa butter smell. He let out another deep breath as he continued to massage the middle of her back, sliding his fingers under the string of her bikini top. Jenna moaned as she felt his fingers under the string, reaching back and started untying it, "maybe this'll help," she giggled.

Tim cleared his throat uneasily as she untied her bikini top and let the strings fall on either side of her. He realized that if she lifted up or rolled over, he would get a look at her young tits. His dick throbbed even harder at this thought, as it started to leak precum now, leaking against his stomach. He used the palm of his hands to knead her back, rubbing a little roughly.

Jenna's moans got a little louder, as she moved under his hands, wanting him to go lower. Tim rubbed his way down to her lower back, continuously massaging her. Jenna arched her back slightly, her ass raising into the air slightly. Tim laughed to himself, realizing that she was really enjoying this.

Tim massaged her lower back for a while, staring at her firm ass, wondering how firm it really was. His hands got even closer to the top of her bikini bottoms, that hugged her ass tightly, as her back arched even more. Tim then moved his hands away from her back, and moved down next to her hips.

Jenna looked back at him to see what he was doing, when she felt his hands grab the middle of her thigh, on the leg closest to him. She spread her legs slightly as he started massaging the back of her leg, his hands almost wrapping completely around her leg.

Tim rubbed her leg down towards her knees, squeezing and massaging as he went. Her legs was extremely soft and smooth. He groan lightly as her legs spread further apart, his eyes looking at her ass as the crotch of her bikini pulled tighter against her pussy, showing more of her pussy lips.

'Stop looking, she's your s****r,' Tim said himself, as his dick throbbed again. He massaged further down her leg, until he reached her ankle. He massaged her calf and ankle for a while, then moved to her other leg. He started at the ankle of her left leg, massaging it and slowly working his way up to her thigh, unable to move his eyes away from her pussy now.

Jenna had her eyes closed, enjoying the massage she was getting from her older stepb*****r, as well as feeling herself getting turned on. As Tim massaged his way up her leg, she wanted to just move her hips back and f***e his hand into her crotch, so he could see how excited she was getting.

Tim focused on his younger steps****r's pussy as he massaged her thigh, as his hands got closer and closer to it. He stopped a couple of inches from her crotch, kneading her thigh there, now wanting to just touch her womanhood and see how she would react. He sucked in his breath as he looked up at her face, shakily reaching a finger towards her pussy. He could feel heat coming from her pussy as his finger was almost touching her bikini.

Jenna held her breath also, as she felt him stop massaging her leg and his hand getting closer to her crotch. 'Please don't stop Tim, keep going,' she said to herself as she anticipated him touching her pussy. She kept her eyes closed tightly, as she lightly moaned her anticipation.

Tim wasn't sure how she would react, but there was only one way to find out. He lightly brushed his finger against her bikini bottoms, feeling the heat of her pussy against them. 'Oh my fucking god, I can't believe I'm doing this,' he said to himself, as he pushed his finger a little harder against her crotch.

Jenna moaned a little louder, as she lifted her hips off the bed to give him better access, "Mmm what are you doing Tim?" Tim jumped at her words, pulling his hand away from her leg and pussy, "I... I'm sorry Jenna." Tim moved back off of the bed and stood up, unsure of what else to say. Jenna pushed herself up, her bikini top hanging under her, giving Tim a look at her firm tits.

Tim almost wanted to cry as he looked at her young tits. Her nipples were hard and sticking out from her quarter size areolas. 'Holy shit,' he thought, as he stared at her tits. "Why did you stop massaging me Tim?" Jenna asked, noticing him looking at her tits. She smiled shyly at him, having forgot about her top being untied.

Tim was speechless as he stared at her almost perfect tits. Jenna giggled at his stunned look, and playfully said, "do you wanna massage them too?" Hoping he would go further with this.

Tim wanted to say yes, but shook his head slowly. He really did want to, but he also knew that if his parents found out about it, they would kill him for sure. Jenna innocently bit her lower lip, as she contemplated how to get him to go further. "Why not, you said you would give me a full body massage," she finally said, smiling deviously at him.

Tim was torn between wanting to massage them, and the consequences if he did. "I know Jenna, but I can't do that," he finally said, his dick leaking precum profusely now. Jenna bit her lower lip again, and said, "ok fine, but can you at least finish my legs?" Thinking she could get him to go further that way.

Tim looked at her nervously, wondering if he could carry on any further. He was so turned on right now, he didn't think it was such a good idea. His hormones won however and he agreed to finish the massage on her legs, "ok, I'll finish it, but as soon as I'm done get out of my room, and this'll be the first and only time I give you a massage."

Jenna gave him the pouty look again, disappointed by his response, but happy he agreed to finish the massage. She laid back down on the bed, ready for him to continue.

Tim nervously got back on the bed, kneeling next to her hips, unable to get the image of her perky tits out of his head. He gently laid his hands on the back of her left leg again, just below her ass. He started massaging her leg, squeezing and rubbing the back of her leg, slowly working his way towards her inner thigh.

Jenna moaned as she felt him massage her inner thigh, spreading her legs apart again. Her pussy was dripping wet now, soaking her bikini bottoms, as she lifted her hips up slightly.

Tim was nervously sweating as his hand was almost touching her covered pussy again. He could feel the heat permeating from her crotch, realizing that she must be getting excited from this. 'Ohh god,' he thought as he rubbed her inner thigh harder. He moved his hand even closer to her crotch, the back of his thumb lightly pushing against her bikini bottoms.

Jenna cooed when she felt his thumb brush against her covered pussy, keeping quiet this time so he didn't stop. She gently moved her hips up and down, trying not to alert him, but trying to urge him on. She felt Tim start rubbing the tip of his thumb against her slit, pushing the crotch of her bottoms into her pussy.

Tim's hand was shaking as he rubbed his thumb against her slit, hoping she wouldn't be alerted by it. He could feel her wetness starting to seep through the crotch of her bottoms, exciting him even more. He pushed his thumb harder against her slit, feeling her pussy lips spread around it and his thumb push her bikini bottoms into her entrance.

Jenna moaned loudly as she felt his thumb enter the outer regions of her entrance, completely lost in pleasure now. She squeezed the sheet on his bed hard with her hands, as she tried to control herself, and not rush him. "Please Tim, don't stop, oh please keep going," she whispered under her breath, trying to make sure he didn't hear her.

Tim started getting braver as he moved his thumb down her slit, pushing the crotch of her bottoms into her entire slit. Jenna's body trembled when he reached the top of her slit, his thumb rubbing against her clit. Jenna began to squirm a little on the bed, liking him touching her, but unsure of what she was feeling in her body. Tim's breathing hastened as he moved his thumb up and down her slit, feeling her leg tremble and squirm under his hand.

Jenna's body temperature was rising, as her breathing hastened as well. She could feel something building inside of her, not sure how to explain the feeling, but her whole body was beginning to tingle. Jenna moaned out in ecstasy, "oh god," her chest rubbing against his bed adding to the attention her pussy was getting.

Tim sucked in his breath and held it, as he pushed his forefinger under her bikini and started to pull it aside, unsure of how she would react. He felt her wetness on the inside of her bottoms, and her light pubic hair brushing against the back of his finger.

Jenna wanted to cry out when she felt his finger pulling her bikini bottoms aside. 'Yes, yes, yes,' she yelled in her head, realizing it was working. She held her eyes closed tightly, and her mouth sealed tightly, trying to stifle her moans and screams.

Tim continued to hold his breath as he pulled the crotch of her bottoms aside, looking down at her now exposed slit. Her tiny pussy lips were closed tightly together, glistening with her wetness, a light amount of red pubic hair sticking out from them. Of the pussy's he had seen before, Jenna's looked to be extremely tight. Tim looked up at Jenna, wondering if she was going to say anything about her pussy being exposed.

Jenna had her eyes closed tightly, not saying anything or moving, hoping he would continue. She felt her pussy exposed to the air, as the cooler air hit her goosebumps ran up her body and she shivered. She knew then that he may give what she wanted, as long as she didn't interrupt him.

Tim sucked in his breath again as he slowly moved his forefinger towards her pussy. He focused his eyes on her slit, as his finger shook nervously, getting closer to his younger steps****r's slit. He pushed the tip of his finger against her pussy lips, feeling the pubic hair tickle the end of his finger. He groaned as his finger pushed against her soft pussy lip, feeling the wetness that covered them.

Jenna sucked in her breath when she felt his finger on her pussy lip, slightly moving her hips towards it. She opened her eyes, trying to see if she could see anything. She thought about reaching back and grabbing at his crotch, to feel his dick and let him know she wanted it in her, but resisted the urge.

Tim stared at her pussy, lightly rubbing his fingertip against her pussy lip, wondering why she wasn't saying anything. He let out his breath, sweat coming down his forehead as he decided to push further. He moved his forefinger towards the middle of her slit, slowly pushing it in between her tight lips.

Jenna jumped slightly when she felt his finger beginning to penetrate her virgin hole. 'Ohhh mmmyyy gggoooddd,' she thought as she moaned loudly. She felt the tip of his finger enter her canal, feeling it stretch to allow entrance.

Tim groaned as he slowly pushed his finger into his steps****r, astonished by how tight she was. He felt her pussy squeeze at his finger, as if trying to push it back out. He stared at her tiny lips split open, wrapping around his finger as he tried to push further into her.

Jenna could not control herself any longer, moving her hand back and between his legs, moving it towards his dick. She felt it against his boxers and lightly squeezed it, moaning and lifting her hips higher off of the bed.

Tim groaned when he felt Jenna's hand grab his dick, realizing this was going to far, but unable to stop himself now. He moved closer to her, allowing her better access to his dick, pushing his forefinger into her pussy as far as he could, wondering if she was a virgin or not, when he didn't feel her hymen. He thought his finger should be long enough to feel it, as he wiggled it around inside of her.

Jenna started gyrating her hips up and down, enjoying the feeling of her pussy being penetrated for the first time. She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft of his covered dick, wondering how big it was, because it felt fairly thick and long she thought. She moved her hand under his shirt, realizing then that his dick was sticking almost 3" out of the top of his boxers. She lightly squeezed the glans of his head, her forefinger against the tip of his dick, noticing his precum leaking out.

Tim shivered when Jenna squeezed his sensitive head, groaning loudly. He slowly started to move his finger in and out of her sucking hole, feeling her muscles clench and squeeze his finger, as he wondered if his dick would be able to enter her. He pushed his middle finger into her slit, feeling the tiny nub of her clit, her legs trembling and shaking as he rubbed her clit.

Jenna used her arm to lift his shirt up, rubbing the tip of his dick with her finger, marveling at how sticky his precum was. She looked back as her arm lifted his shirt high enough to reveal the head of his dick. Her eyes widened as she saw the purple head of his dick, 'oh my god, it's fucking huge,' she thought, staring at it.

Tim felt his shirt being lifted up, and he looked up at Jenna. He almost laughed when he saw her wide eyed look.

Tim is pretty well endowed below the belt for guys his age. His dick is almost 8" long and a little under 3" in diameter.

Tim smiled at her and asked almost laughingly, "is there something wrong?" Jenna looked up at him, "you're fucking huge Tim." Tim chuckled, "I've been told that before, but they seemed to enjoy it." Jenna lightly smirked, "yeah but this is my first time."

Tim knew this couldn't happen, but his dick was begging for release now, so he had every intention of making that happen. "I'll take it easy, if it hurts we can stop," he said sincerely. Jenna slowly nodded, still staring at the head of his dick, her thumb on one side of his shaft and her other three fingers on the other side, slowly moving up and down, her forefinger still rubbing the head of his dick.

Tim turned his attention back her virgin pussy, moving his finger a little faster in and out of her, and rubbing her clit a little harder. He could feel her pussy getting even wetter as she let go of his dick and grabbed his sheet again, moaning loudly, "oh my god Tim, my body's tingling and getting all hot." Tim laughed to himself, realizing she must be getting close to orgasm already.

"I bet you're gonna cum Jenna," he groaned seductively. Jenna moaned, "what?" Her hips starting to jump on the bed now. "Ohhh, what is happening to me Tim, oh my god, you better st... stop Ti... Tim," she stuttered out, her whole body beginning to twitch. "You're gonna cum Jenna, let it go, cum for me," Tim groaned, feeling her pussy getting even tighter.

Jenna let out a long moan as her orgasm began to course through her body, "ohhhhhh." Tim kept steady pressure on her clit as she started to cum, urging her on, "yeah that's it Jenna, you're cumming." Jenna's hips bucked up as her orgasm continued to take over her body, sending her into a new euphoria she had never felt before. "Ho... hol... holy sh... shit," she cried out in pleasure.

Tim felt more wetness flow out of her pussy as she came, running down her slit and onto his bed below. He continued to move his finger in and out of her pussy as she came, hearing the squishing noises it made from her wetness. "Wow Jenna, you're really soaking the bed, mmm your pussy's getting all wet for me," he groaned, urging her on more.

Jenna's hips fell back to the bed as her orgasm began to subside, her body still trembling lightly. "Holy shit that was incredible," she said,out of breath. Tim chuckled as he pulled his finger out of her pussy, making a light audible pop as it exited, "you're telling me s*s."

Jenna lightly smiled at him, trying to catch her breath, as Tim grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He back back off of the bed and pushed his boxers down, as he stood back up his long dick was pointing almost straight up in the air. Jenna looked at his dick, finally able to see how big it really was. "Oh my god Tim, are you sure it will fit?" She asked in shock.

Tim lightly chuckled, "we'll just have to find out huh?" Jenna slowly pushed herself up and sat up on his bed, staring at his dick. She looked down the entire length of his dick, seeing his fat ball sack hugged tight against his body, still wondering how it was going to fit inside of her.

Tim slowly got back onto the bed and laid down on his back next to her. Jenna kept her eyes locked on his dick, watching it bounce and sway as he moved. Tim looked at her and smiled, "so this is the first time you've ever seen a guy's dick?" She slowly shook her head, "no, but never one that big."

Tim lightly chuckled, "well for your first time, you can be on top, that way if you wanna stop, you can just get off of me." Jenna looked up at him nervously, she knew her plan had worked, but was scared her that older stepb*****r's dick was way to big. She nodded her head once, "ok, but how do I do that?" Tim laughed at her, "here I'll show you." He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him, "first you need to straddle my body." He could feel her arm shaking a little, figuring she was a little scared.

Tim looked at her sincerely as she slowly moved over him, straddling his abdomen. Jenna put her knees on each side of his stomach, looking at Tim with trust. Tim smiled at her as he started pulling at the string of her bikini bottoms, trying to untie it. Jenna held herself up, helping him untie her bottoms, and threw them on the floor.

Tim put his hands on her hips, pushing her back, towards his dick. Both of their breathing was hastened as her pussy moved over his dick. "Ok Jenna, I'll hold my dick steady and line it up with your hole, all you have to do is lower yourself onto my dick, take as long as you want," Tim said slowly, grabbing the base of his dick and holding it straight up, pointing at her slit.

Jenna slowly nodded at him, taking some deep breaths. "Here goes nothing," she whispered, as she slowly began to lower her pussy towards his dick. Tim looked down at his dick, her pussy slowly getting closer to it. He watched her pussy lips spread apart as the head of his dick began to penetrate her outer regions. Jenna was breathing rapidly as steadily kept lowering herself down.

"That's it Jenna, take it nice and slow," Tim whispered, feeling the head of his dick beginning to penetrate her entrance. Jenna felt the head of his dick entering her, feeling much bigger than his finger. She stopped there, the head of his dick just inside of her, her pussy trying to accommodate to it. Tim's dick throbbed, as the heat from her pussy coursed through his dick, causing Jenna to shiver.

"Oh my god, you feel so big in there," Jenna moaned. Tim smiled at her and whispered, "and your pussy is really tight." Jenna smirked slightly, putting her hands on his chest and lowering herself down further, feeling more of his dick sink into her. "Ohhh god!" Tim yelled out in pleasure, using all of his willpower to keep from lifting his hips up into her, and cumming right then and there.

Jenna was taking shallow breaths as felt his dick sink into her, inch by inch filling her virgin canal. She kept lowering herself down until she felt the head of his dick push against her cervix. Tim looked down at their union, surprised her pussy had taken almost all of his dick with no resistance. Her pussy lips were spread wide apart, wrapping tightly around the shaft of his dick, her tiny clit protruding out from her slit and pointing at him. He felt the head of his dick push against her cervix, seeing only an inch of his dick was still out of her pussy.

"Holy shit, your pussy is so hot and tight Jenna," Tim groaned, holding her hips steady. Jenna was speechless, taking shallow breaths, trying to get used to the new feeling of having her pussy penetrated. Her eyes were closed tightly, feeling her pussy being stretched to the max, her muscles trying to compensate around it.

Tim moved his hands up her sides, moving them to her shoulders, pulling her towards him. As she laid across his chest, her bikini top fell forward and bunched up above her tits, her pert nipples poking against his chest. She opened her eyes and looked into his with total trust. Tim smiled at his younger steps****r, lifting his head up and lightly kissing her on the lips.

Jenna returned the kiss and smiled at him, "I love you Tim." Tim gave her a half smile, sliding his hands down her back and grabbing her firm ass cheeks. His dick was throbbing deep inside of her, as it took everything he had to keep from rolling her over and fucking her hard. "I told you it would fit inside of you," he whispered, lightly groaning.

Jenna moaned lightly, laying her head on his shoulder. Her pussy felt so full, his fat dick touching every part of the inside of her pussy. It hurt a little, but also tingled around his dick, sending her into complete pleasure. As Tim's dick throbbed inside of her, it sent shock waves through her body, as she lifted her head up and looked into his eyes. "Oh my god Tim, your dick is really filling me up," she whispered.

Tim smiled wide at her, "it feels right at home inside of you." Jenna returned the smile, "thank you for being my first." Tim looked into her eyes and said, "are you ready to move now?"

Jenna slowly nodded, looking at Tim with total trust again. Tim used his hands to pull on her ass, lifting her hips up slowly, feeling his dick begin to exit her. Jenna moaned as she felt his dick leaving her pussy, her muscles clenching at it as her hips lifted up. When just the head was inside of her, he pushed down on her hips, her pussy swallowing his dick easier now.

Tim groaned when he bottomed out in her again, the head of his dick pushing into her cervix. Jenna moaned as well, figuring out in a hurry what she was supposed to do, lifting her hips up on her own and sinking back onto his dick. She started a slow and steady rhythm, grabbing the top of his shoulders for bracing as she slowly picked up the pace.

Tim was groaning and grunting under her, as he started lifting his hips up into her downward thrusts, trying to drive his dick deeper into her. He knew he wasn't going to be able to last very long in her tight pussy, but hoping he could hold out long enough to make her cum again.

Jenna's moaning was getting louder and more frequent as she move her hips faster. "Oh fuck Tim, this is better than I ever imagined," Jenna moaned. Tim was holding her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he concentrated on not cumming yet. Jenna's hips bucked harder as her movements became more f***eful. "Oh Tim, I think I'm gonna cum again," she moaned, pushing herself up and staying there with his dick buried inside of her, grinding her hips and pussy against him.

Tim felt her legs trembling and jumping on his sides. "Are you gonna cum again s*s, huh, are you gonna cum on my hard dick?" He yelled out, moving his hands to her tits, squeezing and fondling them. He felt the pressure is his balls growing, knowing he was getting close to cumming himself.

Jenna was gyrating her hips against him harder, feeling her orgasm nearing. "Uh huh, uh huh, I can feel it coming," she moaned. Tim squeezed her tits hard, trying to drive his hips into her further, his dick growing inside of her. "Oh fuck Jenna, I'm gonna cum too," Tim groaned, feeling his cum boiling up. He felt her pussy getting tighter as she yelled out, "do it Tim, I want to feel you cum inside of me, I want to see what it feels like."

That was all it took for Tim, he groaned loudly as his dick swelled inside of her, " here it comes Jenna." Jenna froze her movements as she felt his dick growing in her.

Just as Tim's first shot of cum fired into Jenna, Kelly walked in front of Tim's room. She almost fainted when she saw her daughter sitting on top of her stepson, his dick buried inside of her and the both of them moaning loudly. Kelly watched Tim's dick throb, as he was grunting loudly. She stood there mesmerized as her daughter cried out, "oh god Tim, I'm cumming too. Fuck I can feel you cumming inside of me."

With Tim cumming inside of her pussy, it had set off Jenna's orgasm. She gyrated her hips against him, as his dick shot rope after rope of thick cum into her, moaning loudly.

Kelly stood there in shock, as her stepson continued to fill her daughter's pussy with his cum. She watched Jenna fall forward as Jenna moaned over and over, "I love you Tim, god I love you." Her eyes were transfixed on Tim's dick buried inside of Jenna's pussy, his cum starting to leak out around it and run down his ball sack. "What are you guys doing?" Kelly exclaimed in disbelief.

Tim heard his stepmom, trying to look around Jenna to see her. 'Oh shit, we're dead now,' he thought, as his dick started to go soft in his steps****r's sucking pussy. Jenna was still trying to recover from her orgasm, and she didn't hear her mom.

Kelly stood in the doorway, furious, but not knowing how to handle this. She watched Tim's dick fall out of Jenna's gaping pussy, his cum being pushed out by her pussy contractions and dropping onto his abdomen. 'Oh my god, his dick is huge,' Kelly thought to herself, as she stared at his limp dick and her daughter's, gaping, swollen pussy, leaking her stepson's virile seed.

Kelly remained frozen in the doorway, her mind racing, trying to figure out how to handle this situation. One part of her was telling her to call her husband, and tell him to come home right away. But another part of her was still transfixed on her stepson's limp dick, realizing that even though it was soft, Tim's dick was bigger than his dad's.

Tim pushed, a limp Jenna, off of him, sitting up and looking at his stepmom. Kelly had a terrified look on her face, watching Jenna lay on her side, in a fetal position. Jenna's pussy lips were swollen and puffy, sticking out from between her legs, a trickle of cum leaking out, and running down her ass cheek.

Kelly was standing there, wearing a dark blue, knee length skirt, matching blouse, mid-thigh length dark nylons, and high heels. Her pussy was beginning to tingle as she stared at Tim's dick, it glistening with the mixture of juices from Jenna and him.

"Hi mom," Tim said, knowing he was in big trouble. Yes Jenna was part of it as well, but he was the oldest and should've stopped it. He saw the look on her face, and realized she didn't know what to say.

Jenna lifted her head and looked at her mom, "hi mom," she said, still out of breath. Kelly looked at her daughter, then back at Tim, still speechless. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse, and started dialing her husband's, John's, work number. "Wait mom, what are you doing?" Jenna exclaimed, quickly sitting up and getting off of the bed.

Kelly looked at her daughter sternly, "calling your father." Jenna's bikini top was hanging loosely from her neck, doing little to cover her tits. Jenna and Tim looked at each other in fear, then back at their mom. Jenna ran up to her mom, trying to grab the phone, "no mom, don't!" Jenna yelled, trying to wrestle the phone away. "Jenna stop, I'm calling him, go to your room and get dressed, and wait there," Kelly said sternly, pushing Jenna away.

Jenna looked back at Tim with a pleading look. Tim shrugged his shoulders, knowing that it didn't matter, his dad was going to find out one way or another. Jenna looked back at her mom and smiled slyly, thinking she had a way to get out of this, "mom wait, can we talk about this?" Jenna asked softly. Kelly looked at her daughter, putting the phone by her side, "what is there to talk about?"

Jenna's smile widened, "about what you caught us doing." Kelly had a confused look on her face as she listened. "What you saw is not Tim's fault, it was mine," Jenna said. Kelly chuckled uneasily, "what does that have to do with me calling your father, and why don't I believe you, he's the oldest here, and should know how sick it is to have sex with his s****r." Jenna looked at her mom in shock, "mom, we're not actually b*****r and s****r, we're stepb*****r and steps****r." Kelly shook her head, "it is still sick." Jenna was becoming frustrated now, "why is it so sick? We're a girl and a guy doing what comes natural."

Kelly glared at her daughter, knowing Jenna had a good point, but didn't do much to calm her down, it still felt wrong to her because Jenna and Tim had grown up together. Kelly looked back at Tim, he was still sitting on the bed, his feet were flat on the bed, his knees bent, and his legs spread slightly. His limp dick was hanging down, still 4" long and 2" in diameter, her pussy tingling a little more as she looked, licking her lips in lust.

Jenna noticed her mom looking at Tim's limp member, and swayed her body nonchalantly, "what is so wrong with it momma?" Kelly looked back at Jenna, her mind going from what she had just walked in on, and the size of her stepson's dick.

It had been over a week since Kelly and John had sex. That was pretty normal though, only having sex on the weekends, but they didn't have any last weekend, so as she looked at Tim's dick, her pussy was beginning to itch for something to be in it.

Kelly stared at Jenna, "it's wrong because you guys are so young, and don't understand what can happen from it." Jenna looked at her mom, puzzled, she knew what could happen from it, she could get pregnant. Jenna quietly said, "that's ridiculous mom, I know what can happen, I can get pregnant." Jenna took her mom's free hand and held it, "look mom, I know what we did should've never happened, but it was my fault because I seduced him into doing it."

Kelly gave Jenna a confused look. "I asked him to rub suntan lotion on my back, and while he was doing it, I asked him for a full body massage," Jenna continued. "I wanted him to be my first, because I know he is the only guy that really cares about me," Jenna finished. Kelly still looked confused, "that doesn't explain how you were the one that seduced him."

Jenna let out a long breath, "when he got close to my privates, I made him touch me there. It felt so good though mommy." Tim looked up at them, realizing Jenna was trying to take the fall for this, while some of what she said was true, but she was also lying about her making him touch her pussy.

Kelly opened her mouth in a gasp, not sure what to say to her daughter. Jenna smiled at her mom, remembering how her mom was staring at Tim's dick earlier, and she had a devious thought cross her mind. She motioned her mom closer and whispered, "I bet you would like having his hard thing inside of you too."

Kelly quickly jumped back in shock, not believing what she had just heard. Jenna was supposed to be her sweet and innocent little girl, and now that little girl was suggesting that she have sex with her stepson. Yes her pussy was itching to be filled by a hard dick, but she had no intention of it being Tim's inside of her. Kelly vigorously shook her head at Jenna, looking at her daughter sternly.

Jenna pulled her mom close again, "yes you would, I saw how you were looking at it, you want inside of you," Jenna whispered bluntly. Kelly was still horrified by how her daughter was talking, realizing that Jenna wasn't so innocent. Kelly looked at Tim, who was still sitting on the bed, quietly looking at them, then back at her daughter.

"That's even more wrong than you and him doing it," Kelly whispered back, surprising herself that she was talking to her daughter about this type of thing. "No it's not mom, he's not your actual son," Jenna responded. "But he's u******e, and I'm his dad's wife," Kelly said, almost biting her tongue in shock at what she had just said. She wasn't contemplating having sex with her stepson, and after saying that she realized she really was.

Jenna scoffed at her mom, becoming more brave, "age is just a number, look at how big his thing is, it's huge. Plus I won't tell anyone, it'll be our secret." Kelly knew Tim's dick was big, and would fill her pussy fully, but she felt uncomfortable with the whole situation. Jenna looked at her mom with a wanting look, hoping her mom would go along with this. Jenna was hoping her mom would do it, so then maybe she would have a chance to get Tim's dick back inside of her.

Kelly pulled away from Jenna, and slowly started walking towards Tim. "So my daughter tells me that it was never your idea, is that true?" Kelly asked Tim sternly. Tim looked up at Kelly, slowly shaking his head, "not entirely." Kelly glanced at his dick, stifling a moan of lust, then looked back at his face, "what do you mean, not entirely?" Tim grinned slightly, "she didn't make me touch her down there, other than that it was true."

Jenna ran up on the other side of the bed, "but I didn't stop you when you did." Kelly looked over at her daughter, then back at Tim, feeling her pussy beginning to get wetter as she thought about what she was about to do. "Well did you like being Jenna's first?" Kelly asked, starting to unbutton her blouse.

Tim looked at his stepmom, amazed at her change in tone, and didn't seem angry at him. He noticed her unbuttoning her blouse, moving away from Kelly, nervously. "Yes I did," he answered softly. He had completely enjoyed having sex with Jenna, and couldn't deny it.

Kelly smiled at him as she finished unbuttoning her blouse, and pulled it open, revealing her white bra covering her tits. Tim nervously swallowed a lump in his throat, looking at his stepmom's chest. "Do you like them Tim?" Kelly asked, swinging her body, causing her tits to shake.

Tim sat there speechless as Kelly removed her blouse and let it fall to the floor, trying to figure out what was going on here. Kelly smiled wider, reaching behind her back and unsnapping her bra, "maybe this'll help." Tim watched as his stepmom's tits fell free, sagging a little, her bra still covering them. Kelly dropped her arms, allowing her bra to fall down and she dropped it on her blouse. Kelly held her arms at her sides, her tits sagging slightly, her pert nipples sticking out from the middle of her tan areolas.

Tim again nervously swallowed a lump in his throat as he looked at his stepmom's naked tits. He could not believe this was happening, first he had had sex with Jenna, and now his stepmom was stripping in front of him. Kelly grinned at him, "so do you like my juicy tits?" Tim slowly nodded, his stepmom's tits were the biggest he had ever seen naked, and he did like looking at them, feeling his dick beginning to rise again as he stared.

Jenna looked at her mom in shock, not believing that her mom was doing this, she was actually going to have sex with Tim. Jenna stared at her mom's tits, amazed at how big they were. Jenna felt her pussy tingle a little, licking her lips as she stared at her mom's fat nipples. She had no idea why it was exciting her, but she was definitely getting turned on.

Kelly moved towards Tim, her tits swaying as she climbed onto the bed next to him. Tim kept his eyes locked on her tits as she laid down on her back next to him, her tits hanging a little to each side of her, showing a valley in the middle of her chest. Kelly smiled at him and asked with a sultry voice, "do you wanna play with mommy's boobs?"

Tim looked up at her in shock at what she had just said, swallowing hard as he licked his lips, looking back down at her fat nipples. He nervously rolled to his side to face her, his dick now semi hard again and smacking against her leg, slowly reaching his hand out towards her right tit. "Yeah it's ok Tim, I won't bite you," Kelly moaned, seeing his hand shaking as it got closer to her tit. Kelly reached across her body and grabbed his arm, pulling his hand to her tit. When Tim's hand touch her tit, Kelly moaned and shoved her chest up into him. Tim nervously squeezed her tit, feeling how soft it was, he groaned as his dick began to grow even harder.

"Do you like how mommy's boob feels?" Kelly asked sensually. Tim looked up into her eyes with lust, as he lightly fondled her tit, nodding. Kelly smiled at him, as she grabbed his growing dick with the hand closest to him, and lightly squeezed it. "You're so big, you're going to even stretch me open," Kelly groaned as she started stroking him slowly. Tim looked back down at her tit, opening his mouth wide as he held her nipple out, and put his mouth over it, sucking lightly. Kelly arched her back, pushing her chest into his face, moaning louder and squeezing his dick harder, "oh yeah, suck on my boobs, mmm."

Jenna was watching them, mesmerized by the scene. Watching her stepb*****r suck on her mom's nipple, as his hips slowly gyrated on the bed, groaning as he sucked and fondled Kelly's tit. She felt a twinge of jealousy, as her mom arched her back and urged Tim on, "oh yes Tim, that's it suck my nipple, mmm you're really turning me on Tim ." Jenna moved to the other side of the bed, trying to get a better view. She saw her mom's hand wrapped around the shaft of Tim's dick, slowly stroking it, Kelly's hand looking small compared to the size of his dick. Jenna looked down at her mom's other tit, it swayed and moved as Kelly got more turned on. Jenna's pussy tingled even more as she stared at her mom's fat nipple. Jenna knew what her own tits felt like to touch, but she suddenly felt the urge to touch her mom's.

Kelly was looking down at Tim, sucking on her nipple, not paying any attention to Jenna. Jenna hesitantly reached out and covered her mom's nipple with her hand, feeling it poke into her palm. Jenna lightly squeezed her mom's tit, marveling over how soft and squishy it was.

Kelly jumped a little when she felt the hand on her other tit, having forgot that her daughter was still there. She looked up at Jenna and smiled, "mmm, you wanna play with mommy's boobs as well sweetheart?" Jenna gave her mom an uneasy smile, not sure why she was doing this, but enjoying the feeling of her mom's supple tit, lightly squeezing it and rubbing her hand against the erect nipple.

Kelly could feel her pussy getting extremely wet, soaking her panties, as the k**s played with her tits, and she stroked Tim's dick. Kelly patted her other hand on the bed, smiling at Jenna, "lay down honey." Jenna looked at her mom in shock, here her mom had thought it was sick because she had sex with Tim, then she thought it was sick to have sex with her stepson, and now she wanted Jenna to lay down next to her. Jenna hesitated, looking at her mom, her hand not moving now.

Kelly moaned, looking back down at Tim sucking on her nipple. Tim had pulled back a little, twirling and twisting his tongue around her nipple. Kelly arched her back higher, moaning, "oh god Tim, you really know how to get me all hot, mmm."

Tim moved his hand from her tit, still teasing her nipple, sliding his hand down Kelly's smooth stomach. Kelly sucked in her breath when she felt his hand slide down her stomach and stop just above the waistline of her skirt.

Jenna watched Tim move his hand towards her mom's skirt, realizing he was enjoying himself. She finally drew up enough nerves and slowly climbed onto the bed next to her mom. Kelly looked over at her daughter with lust and smiled, "that's a good girl sweetheart, see I won't bite." Jenna smirked slightly as she laid down on her side next to Kelly. She looked at her mom's nipple up close, it looked plump, about the size of a dime. She held Kelly's tit in her hand as she slowly bent over and wrapped her lips around the nipple, sucking lightly. "Holy fucking shit," Kelly cried out, when she felt her daughter suck her nipple into her mouth.

Tim rubbed Kelly's stomach, just above her skirt, side to side, edging his hand under the waistline. Kelly was finding it hard to control herself, wanting reach down and f***e his hand towards her pussy, showing him how wet she was. Tim moved his hand further under the waistline, feeling the top of her panties. He returned to sucking on her nipple, biting it lightly, as he stopped moving his hand and moved it inside of her panties, feeling a small strip of pubic hair just above her slit.

Kelly was holding her breath in anticipation. She moved her hand away from Tim's dick, and put her hands on the back of Jenna's and Tim's heads, pulling them harder into her tits. She felt Tim's hand brush across the top of her slit, and moaned, "oh yes, keep going."

Tim slowly moved his hand further down her pussy, his middle finger running down the middle of her slit, feeling her wetness. Tim groaned into her tit as he began to push his middle finger into her entrance, her pussy lips splitting open and accepting him. As he pushed his finger into her pussy, it seemed to suck him in, begging him to go deeper. His dick throbbed against Kelly's covered thigh, as he started moving his finger in and out of her pussy.

Kelly squeezed the back of their heads, as she started gyrating her hips into his hand. "Oh god, oh god," she whispered, her breathing ragged. The attention her nipples were getting, and Tim fingering her pussy was driving her closer and closer to orgasm. "Oh my god, you're gonna make me cum already, don't stop, don't stop," she cried. Tim tried to pull away from her nipple, but Kelly held him tight, arching even higher. Kelly felt her orgasm coming quickly, as she moved her hips faster into his hand. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, ohhh mmmyyy gggoooddd yyyooouuu'rrree making me cum," Kelly cried as her orgasm rushed through her body. Her pussy contracted around his finger, sucking on it hard, as she let go of their heads.

Jenna and Tim looked up at Kelly as she came. "Yeah, that's it cum for us, show us how you like to cum," Tim groaned, quickly moving his finger up and down the inside of her pussy, hearing her pussy make squishing noises as juices soaked her panties even more. "Wow mom, you're really cumming huh," Jenna excitedly chirped, watching her mom writhe around on the bed.

Kelly's back fell back to the bed as her orgasm continued to course through her, causing her body to shake in aftershocks. She covered her eyes with her hand, breathing heavily, "holy shit, I needed that." She lightly groaned when she felt Tim remove his finger from her pussy, feeling empty again. She dropped her arm to her side in exhaustion, opening her eyes and looking at the two k**s looking at her. "Oh my god, thank you guys, I really needed that," she said, smiling.

Tim returned the smile as he started to pull her skirt down, ready to get his relief now. Kelly slapped his hand away, "what do you think you're doing Tim?" Tim looked at her in shock, "well I thought we were going to have sex now." Kelly looked up at him sternly, "oh no, not that, if anything I'll give a handjob to return the favor, but that's it."

Tim's look turned to disappointment as he looked at Jenna, then back at Kelly. Jenna butted in, "but mom you promised to have sex with him." Kelly looked at her daughter sternly, "I never promise such a thing." Jenna shook her head slowly, "but you let him play with your boobs, and touch your privates, but won't let him have sex with you?" Kelly shook her head, "I told you, that is wrong and sick." Jenna was becoming more frustrated now, "but mom, that's like teasing him, and that's not nice." Tim looked at Jenna in shock, surprised by what she was saying, while she did have a point, it surprised him that she was pushing her mom to have sex with him.

Kelly also realized this, looking at Jenna in shock, "why are trying to help him out?" Jenna let out a deep breath of frustration, "mom, I saw how you was eying his penis earlier, you know want it inside of you." This shocked Kelly and Tim even more, looking at the young girl in awe. Kelly knew her daughter was right, she did want to feel it inside of her, but she was having second thoughts about it now.

Kelly looked over at Tim, looking down at his erection, it was sticking straight up in the air, a hint of precum leaking out. Her pussy tingled again, noting that his dick was a lot bigger than his dad's. John's dick was a little under 7" long, and was no where near as thick as Tim's. She looked back up at Tim, then back at Jenna, "ok, I'll do it."

Jenna face lit up with excitement, "you won't regret it mommy." Kelly scoffed, wondering why her daughter was talking like this, she had never talked like this before.

Kelly lifted her ass up and pushed her skirt and panties down, revealing her pussy to Tim and Jenna. Tim looked directly at his prize, Kelly's pussy had a neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair running from just above her slit and halfway down her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were swollen and plump, slightly agape, her clit sticking out from the top of her slit, looking as big around as her nipples.

Tim licked his lips as he slowly moved between her legs, keeping his eyes focused on his stepmom's pussy. He scooted forward, moving his dick closer to her pussy. As the head of his dick brushed against her slit, Kelly put her hand on his abdomen, "but don't cum in me, make sure you pull out before you do." Without looking up at her, Tim gave her a quick nod as he held his dick steady, ready to penetrate her.

Jenna moved down the bed a little, wanting to see it up close. She didn't know why, but she wanted to see what it looked like to see a guy's dick penetrate a pussy. She watched as Tim steadily pushed his hips forward, the head of his dick spreading her mom's pussy lips apart and the glans of his head disappear inside. She looked up at her mom, as Kelly moaned in pleasure, smiling at her mom, "does it feel good momma?"

Kelly had her eyes closed, focusing on the feeling of her pussy being stretched to capacity, taking short breaths, trying to relax. She felt Tim steadily continue to push his dick further into her, his dick hitting every sensitive spot in her pussy. "Oh fuck Tim, your dad has nothing on you, I haven't felt this full in a long time," Kelly cried out, as she felt his balls brush against her ass.

Tim looked down at his stepmom's pussy, her swollen lips protruding out and around the base of his dick. He let out a long groan as he leaned forward and put his hands on either side of her body, ready to fuck her. "Oh my god, I love being inside of you," he groaned in lust, not even thinking straight right now. Kelly opened her eyes, looking up at him, "fuck me Tim, fuck my pussy hard," she gritted out, letting go of every inhibition.

Jenna felt another twinge of jealousy as she listened to them talk. She thought Tim loved being in her pussy, and would just like fucking her mom. Her pussy was tingling now, wanting to feel his dick inside of it again, but she had got what she wanted, and hoped she had gotten them out of trouble. She moved her hand to her pussy and started lightly rubbing it up and down. She had never masturbated before, but she found that rubbing her pussy was starting to suffice the itch. Jenna watched as Tim pulled his hips back, his long dick pulling out of her mom's pussy. She looked on in awe, it looked as if his dick was going to pull the insides of her mom's pussy out of her. 'Is that what mine looked like when he moved in and out of me?' She asked herself as she started rubbing her pussy harder.

Kelly put her hands on Tim's ass, looking up at him, as she pulled on his ass and lifting her hips into him, his hips slamming against hers. "Ohhh," Kelly moaned as he slammed into her hard. They started moving in time with each other, Tim moving his hips fast and hard, as Kelly met his thrusts with her hips. "That's it Tim, fuck me, fuck your mom hard. Ohhh god your dick feels so good in me," Kelly yelled.

Tim was grunting loudly, watching his dick move in and out of her pussy, it glistening with her juices. He looked back up at her face, seeing her tits jiggling and moving with the thrusting, hitting Kelly's chin. He leaned forward and started sucking the middle of her chest, between her tits, feeling them rub against his cheeks.

Kelly moved her hands from his ass and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him against her chest. "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck you're trying to make me cum again aren't you?" Kelly cried out as she felt her orgasm beginning to build again. She could feel his thick member rubbing against everything in her pussy, her fat clit rubbing against his abdomen every time he slammed into her. She looked over at her daughter and saw Jenna rubbing her own pussy, Jenna's eyes were fixed on her stepb*****r fucking her mom. Kelly moaned, knowing this was exciting her daughter too, "do you want help Jenna?" Kelly stumbled out between thrusts.

Jenna broke her look and looked up at her mom in confusion. Kelly smiled at Jenna, "come up here sweetheart." Jenna was still confused as she moved up the bed, still rubbing her pussy. Kelly reached out with her hand and cupped Jenna's pussy. Jenna looked at her mom uneasily as she felt her mom sink a finger into her cum filled hole. "Mmmm," Jenna moaned in pleasure, gyrating her hips forward and back.

"Does my little girl like that?" Kelly asked, feeling her orgasm getting ready to overtake her. Jenna closed her eyes and responded, "uh huh, uh huh." Kelly could feel how wet Jenna's pussy was, knowing some of it was from Tim's cum, as she started fingering her daughter. "Does my little girl wanna cum when her momma does? Huh does she wanna cum all over my finger?" Kelly yelled as Tim started sucking on one of her nipples.

Jenna felt her orgasm coming on strong, "oh yes mommy, I can feel it coming, I can feel ittttt!" Jenna cried as her orgasm started. Kelly watched her daughter start to cum, as her finger was squeezed by Jenna's pussy. "That's it sweetheart cum for mommy, mmm," Kelly moaned. Jenna's body shook and thrashed around as her pussy f***ed more of Tim's cum out, along with her juices, running down her mom's hand and arm, and down the inside of her thighs.

As Jenna continued to cum, Kelly cried out, "oh fuck, I'm cumming Tim, your beautiful dick is making me cummmmm." Her body trembled and shook under him as he continued to pound her pussy hard. She lifted her hips into him, as her pussy tried to squeeze his dick harder. "Oh fuck Tim, oh fuck Tim," Kelly moaned as she came.

Jenna had finished cumming and fell to the bed in exhaustion, her body and pussy still tingling. 'Oh my fucking god,' she thought to herself as she tried to recover.

Kelly started to come back to earth as Tim continued to fuck her. "Oh my god Tim, you haven't cum yet?" She asked trying to stop him. Tim stopped his movements, looking up from her chest and shook his head. "I can't take much more, your dick is going to rub me raw," she said, still trying to catch her breath. Tim pushed himself up, making his dick throb inside of her, not wanting to pull out of her. Kelly groaned when she felt his dick throb, "mmm, why don't you fuck my tits until you cum." She didn't want him to take his dick out of her, but she was already starting to feel sore. She knew that the reason he hadn't cum yet was because he already ejaculated earlier.

Tim looked down at her tits, contemplating her request. He knew he wanted to cum again, but wanted it to be in her pussy. He finally decided to pull out. He reluctantly pulled out of his stepmom's pussy, looking down at the gaping hole he had just been in. He straddled her stomach and moved up her body, her juices dripping off of his dick and onto her abdomen.

Kelly put her hands on her tits as he moved up her body and pushed her tits together, wrapping them around his dick. She looked down at his fat head poking out of the top of her tits and licked her lips. She looked up at Tim and smiled, "ok Tim, fuck my tits like it's my pussy."

Tim knew it was nothing like her pussy, but he slowly started moving his hips forward and back, feeling her tits rub against the shaft of his dick and head when he moved. Every time he moved forward, the head of his dick came close enough to Kelly's face, that stuck her tongue out and flicked it against the tip. Tim was grunting as he started moving faster. As his balls rubbed against her body, it heightened his sensitivity, and he could feel his cum beginning to boil up. "I'm gonna cum soon," he announced as he looked down at his stepmom.

Kelly smiled at him and nodded, "go ahead sweetheart, cum for mommy, let me taste it." Kelly opened her mouth wide, ready for him to cum. Tim looked down at her, with her mouth wide open, the head of his dick coming close to it. His dick began to swell as he moved his hips forward, "here it comes, I gonna cummmm." Kelly watched the head of his dick get even bigger, as she felt his dick throb against her tits, and his cum shoot out and over her open mouth, hitting her in one of her eye's. Tim's hips jerked, as he held still, more cum rushing up his dick and spilling into Kelly's open mouth. "Ugh, ugh," Tim grunted with every shot of cum, filling his stepmom's mouth. As he finished cumming, his dick continued to dribble cum onto her chest, his dick still lightly twitching. Kelly let go of her tits and grabbed his leaking dick, wrapping her lips around the head and sucking the rest of the cum out of it. Tim shuddered as she sucked on his ultra sensitive head, causing him to groan. Kelly let go of his dick, looking up at him and opening her mouth to show him his cum. Tim watched her as she closed her mouth and swallowed, he quietly groaned, enjoying the sight of that. She opened her mouth again and showed him it was empty now, "mmm I love the taste of cum."

Tim chuckled as he climbed off of her and handed her a kleenex to wipe off the cum from her eye and chest. After Kelly wiped the cum off, she sat up and looked at the k**s, "now this never happened, and you guys better not ever have sex with each other again, clear?" Tim and Jenna looked at each other, then back at Kelly, both nodding. "Good, now get cleaned up and dressed before your dad gets home," Kelly said, getting off of the bed and getting dressed.

It's been a few days since Jenna seduced her stepb*****r and got her mom to have sex with Tim. Jenna was starting to get the itch to feel Tim's dick inside of her again. Since that day, Jenna started masturbating in the shower, enjoying the feeling of bringing herself to orgasm, but it just wasn't the same as having Tim bring her to orgasm, with his dick inside of her.

Kelly was gone for the weekend, on business. John usually works weekends also, but requested to have it off, since his wife was going to be gone. John is 40, standing 6'1", with graying brown hair and green eyes, weighing a little under 215 lbs.

Tim was gone for the evening, hanging out with some of his buddies. John was in the living room, watching tv, while Jenna was taking a shower. As she showered she was wishing Tim was home, or would be coming home soon. Her pussy was tingling and itching badly, wanting to be filled by a hard dick. She washed her hair and rinsed it out. As she soaped up her body, she cupped her growing tits and lightly pinched her nipples, causing her pussy to tingle even more. 'Oh my god, I can't take this any longer, I need to get Tim back in me, I don't care what mom said,' she thought to herself, sliding one of her hands down her stomach to her slit. She pushed her middle finger into the top of her slit, the tip brushing across her growing clit, causing her body to shudder and tremble. She lightly rubbed her clit in a circular motion, getting more and more turned on. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine Tim was there watching her. "Oh Tim, I want to feel you inside of me again, god I want to feel you shoot your cum inside of me," she quietly moaned to herself. She moved her finger towards her entrance, her breathing becoming ragged as she teased her pussy, dipping her finger just inside, then pulling it back out, feeling her orgasm building quickly. "Oh Tim I can feel it coming, are you gonna watch me cum for you," she moaned to herself.

Before she came her eyes shot open, a thought crossing her mind. 'Oh my god, daddy's home, maybe I can seduce him,' she thought, 'Tim got to have sex with mommy, I should get to have sex with daddy,' her mind quickly trying to figure out how to accomplish it. She quickly turned off the water, jumping out and drying off. She wrapped the towel around her body and ran to her room, thinking she had a way to seduce her dad. 'I seduced Tim easy enough, I should be able to seduce daddy too,' she thought to herself with a laugh. She rifled through her undergarment drawer of her dresser, looking for a sexy bra and panties.

Jenna had often walked around the house in just her bra and panties, but since her tits started to really grow, her mom made her wear a long shirt to cover up. She thought about just putting her bra and panties on and walking out there, but figured that would be to forthcoming and her dad would yell at her.

Jenna finally found what she was looking for, a red lace bra and matching bikini style panties. Her mom refused to let her get thongs or any other type of lingerie. She put them on, pulling her panties up tight against her slit, wanting her swollen lips to show. She put on a long shirt that just went below her hips, and would easily show her crotch when she sat down and spread her legs.

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror, satisfied about how she looked. She shut her light off and slowly made her way towards the living room. John was sitting in the recliner, the foot rest out, and reclined back. "Hi dad, whatcha watching?" She asked as she walked in. John turned and looked at her, "hi honey, oh just some old movie." Jenna smiled at him, "can I watch it with you?" She asked excitedly, noticing him looking at her chest. John cleared his throat nervously, looking back up at her, "sure, I guess so."

'This is going to be easier than I thought,' Jenna thought to herself as she walked over to the couch, that was caddy corner from the recliner, and sat down, making sure her shirt lifted up enough to show her crotch. Her pussy was beginning to tingle again as she thought about what she was about to do. She looked at her dad and smiled, John uneasily returned the smile, then they both looked back at the television.

John knew his stepdaughter was really starting to turn into a good looking young lady. He never had any sexual thoughts about her, but was noticing her chest was starting to fill out. He looked back over at Jenna sitting on the couch, looking back at her chest, 'my god, they look even bigger than before,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe its just my eyes, or she's stuffing her bra,' he thought as he stared at her chest, feeling his dick twitch in his sweatpants. He looked back at the television, trying to get his mind off of her.

Jenna looked over at her dad, smiling to herself, hoping she could make this happen, and get a hard dick in her pussy. She saw him look back at her, and she smiled shyly at him. John saw her smile, nervously clearing his throat again, looking back at the television, 'what is up with her?' He asked himself. Jenna looked back at the television as well, spreading her legs a little more, hoping he would notice.

John could not get his mind off of his stepdaughter's chest, wanting to know if she was stuffing or not. He looked over at her again, seeing she was watching the movie. His eyes went back to her chest as he tried to imagine what they would look like uncovered, if she wasn't stuffing her bra, then they were probably firm, yet soft and supple. His eyes went lower until he reached her spread legs, his eyes widened when he saw her young slit pushing against her panties, forming a small cameltoe. He groaned to himself as he stared at her crotch, his dick starting to rise.

Jenna heard him groan and looked over at him. John noticed her turn, quickly looking back at the television. Jenna giggled to herself, realizing it must be working. She figured if she wanted this to go further she couldn't interrupt him until he couldn't control his looking anymore. She again turned back to the tv, hoping she hadn't spooked him.

John was watching the movie, finding it hard to concentrate on it, his mind thinking about her young pussy now. 'She's your stepdaughter, you can't think about her like that,' he said to himself, his dick growing fully erect in his sweatpants. He glanced at her, seeing she was watching the movie again. He turned his head towards her, hoping she didn't catch him looking again. His eyes went directly to her covered pussy again, admiring the sight of her plump pussy lips pushing against her panties. He started rubbing his dick, through his sweatpants, feeling himself getting more turned on. 'Oh fuck, I need to get out of here before I do something I'll regret,' he thought to himself, rubbing his dick harder.

Without turning her head, Jenna looked over at John and noticed him staring at her crotch. She smiled to herself, knowing it was working. 'Yes, I'm gonna get sex tonight,' she said to herself, as she looked down at his lap and saw rubbing it. She gasped to herself, realizing he was rubbing his dick, wishing she could just go over there and attack him, letting him know she wanted to help him get off. She looked back at the movie, trying to figure out how to take it even further. She decided to play sweet and innocent, and act like she didn't know anything about sex. Without looking at him she asked, "so how has work been going daddy?" Not wanting him to know that she saw him rubbing his dick.

John jumped a little when she spoke, immediately looking up at her, and moving his hand away from his crotch, his erection still noticeable in his sweatpants. "Tiring, that's why I'm glad I took this weekend off," he answered quickly. Jenna looked over at him with a wide smile, "yeah I noticed you've been working a lot lately." John returned her smile, "yeah I have, but it pays the bills." His eyes going back to her crotch, causing his dick to throb.

Jenna watched him look back down, smiling wider as she looked at his lap again and noticed his dick pushing against his sweatpants. Her pussy getting wetter as she looked back up at him. "Yeah I know, that's what my mom says," she said giggling. John responded, "yep, so have you had a good summer so far?" Jenna quickly nodded, looking back at his lap, "daddy what's that?" Staring at his erection, blushing a little, trying to look innocent.

John's face turned red, realizing she saw his erection. He quickly covered it with his hands, trying to push it down, "oh tha... that's nothing honey." Jenna wanted to burst out laughing at his answer, knowing exactly what it was, but still playing innocent, "if it's nothing, then why are you covering it?" John looked at her, dumbfounded, trying to think of an answer. "Well," he froze still thinking. He moved his hands away and his erection stayed down, "it was just the remote, it was under my sweatpants."

Jenna wanted to laugh so bad, knowing he was turned on and didn't want her to know. "Ok if you say so," she said slowly, with a laugh, watching his erection slowly rise again in his sweatpants. She gasped, almost chuckling, "umm daddy its back." His face turned beet red again as he covered it with his hands again. "I don't think its the remote daddy," she said with a sheepish grin.

John was at a loss, he didn't know how to handle this, wishing Kelly was home now. Jenna was looking at him, patiently waiting for him to answer. He looked at her, admiring her innocence, finally deciding to try explaining it to her. "Honey have you had sex education in school?" He asked. Jenna nodded, realizing he was going to give her a long speech to tell her it was his dick. "You mean it's your penis?" She excitedly asked before he could continue.

John looked at her in shock, slowly nodding. "Yes it is, and sometimes it gets hard," he slowly said, not sure how else to put it. Jenna kept up with her innocent play, "why does it get hard sometimes?" John looked at her with his mouth agape, shocked by her question. "Well it happens when a guy..." he trailed off, trying to figure out how to put it. "When a guy what daddy?" Jenna asked, wanting to find out how he would say it. "Well when a guy gets aroused," John finally said.

Jenna looked at him in interest, "when he gets aroused? Oh you mean turned on," she said, still trying to act innocent, but move it along faster. John slowly nodded, still in shock. "Why are you aroused daddy?" Jenna asked. John nervously cleared his throat, uneasily moving around, not sure how to answer that without telling her it was because of her. Jenna sat there, looking at him in the eyes waiting for an answer.

John wrestled with what to tell her as he looked at her. "Well sometimes it just happens to guys when they are relaxed," he finally said, hoping her questions would end. Jenna looked at him in confusion, knowing it was because of her, but confused by his answer, "well can I see it?" She asked excitedly, her face lighting up, deciding it was now or never. John gasped at her question, "you, what?" Jenna giggled innocently, "can I see your penis?" John shook his head slowly, his dick throbbing hard, begging to be released, "no honey, I can't show it to you."

Jenna gave him the pouty look, curling her lower lip out, "please daddy, I want to see what one looks like up close." John looked at her look, knowing that what she is asking for is wrong, but as he thought about it, he figured, 'what is the harm with just letting her see it, it's not like you're going to have sex with her.' He looked at his lap, his dick throbbing, then back at her, "ok I'll let you see, but you can't tell anyone I let you see it." Jenna smiled wide, "ok daddy, I promise I won't tell anyone."

John nervously let out a long breath as he started pushing his sweatpants and boxers down. Jenna watched excitedly as he pushed his pants down, lifting his ass up and pushing them down his thighs, his dick springing up and slapping against his gut. Jenna's eyes widened when she saw his hard dick spring free, feeling her pussy starting to leak. He pushed them down to his knees and stopped there, looking over at her and noticing her wide eyed look, "so how do you like seeing your first penis?" Jenna almost got out of character, realizing that his dick was smaller than Tim's, wanting to tell John that it was a little small, but was able to remain in character, keeping her innocent play going, "it looks weird."

John chuckled, "why does it look weird?" Jenna giggled innocently, "it looks like a white, skinny stick." John made his dick throb, causing it to bounce a little, getting another another giggle from Jenna. "It's moving, why is it moving?" She exclaimed excitedly. John lightly laughed at her, starting to lose his ability to restrain himself, "well its excited, so he's dancing." Jenna looked at him awkwardly, "dancing?" John started making his dick throb over and over, making it bounce and sway all over, "yeah see."

Jenna giggled playfully as she slowly got off of the couch and walked towards him. "Can I touch it, to see what it feels like?" She asked as stood next to him, staring at it. John looked up at her in disbelief, knowing he should tell her no, but his sexual urges taking over now, "I guess so, there's no harm with that." Jenna smiled wider as she slowly reached down and put her finger on just the head, feeling it throb against it. She giggled a little, "wow it's even dancing when I touch it." John let out a soft groan, his sexual urges in complete control now, "that's because he likes you honey."

'Oh my god, I was right, this is going to be too easy,' Jenna thought to herself as she looked at him and smiled shyly. "You can go ahead and touch more of him honey, if you want," John lustily groaned. Jenna smiled as she slowly moved her hand down and wrapped it around the shaft of his dick, feeling the warmth coming from it, "like this?" John laid his head back in pleasure, "oh yes honey, why don't you try moving your hand up and down it."

Jenna knew he wanted her to jack him off, but she was after even more than that, but still played it safe. She slowly started moving her hand up and down the shaft of his dick, feeling it throb harder in her hand, "like this daddy?" John's eyes were closed, enjoying the feeling, "oh yeah, just like that honey, just like that." Jenna licked her lips as she started moving her hand faster. She giggled to herself, as John started moving his hips into her hand, "what are you doing daddy?"

John opened his eyes, looking at his stepdaughter with lust, "enjoying myself." Jenna smiled as she looked back at his dick, slowly moving to her knees next to the chair, getting a closer look at his dick. John had closed his eyes again, focusing on what his stepdaughter was doing to him. Jenna moved her head closer, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out. She flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick, causing John's body to tremble and a long groan to escape him. Jenna looked up at him and smiled, "do you like that daddy?"

"Uh huh," was all John could mutter out, feeling his cum starting to boil already. Jenna giggled, "are you ok daddy?" John knew he was going to be cumming soon if she didn't stop, but it just felt so good. He opened his eyes and looked at her with lust, "I'm fine honey, you're just making daddy feel really good." Jenna blushed a little, trying to look innocent, "so I'm doing it right?" John nodded, going against everything he knew was wrong, he said, "can I show you how to feel this good, before you go any further."

Jenna wanted to jump up with excitement, and tell him, 'yes fuck me.' But she was still able to resist the urge, her pussy completely soaking her panties now, "what is that daddy?" John pushed the foot rest in, pushing his sweatpants and boxers all the way off, and grabbed her hand, leading her over to the couch, "have a seat on the couch." Jenna sat down on the couch, wondering what he was planning, hoping it would entail getting his dick inside of her. John knelt down in front of her and smiled, "I'm going to show you how to feel really good."

Jenna raised her head in acknowledgement as John moved his hands along the sides of her legs and under her shirt. He moved one of hand's over her stomach, causing her to suck in her breath and hold it. He slid his hand slowly over her covered pussy and groaned, "do you know what you have here?" Jenna could only nod as her excitement grew. John lightly chuckled, "oh so you're miss quiet now." Jenna moved around, wanting him to go faster.

John pushed his hand harder against her covered pussy, feeling her wetness, "hmm someone's liking this." Jenna nodded again, pushing her pussy harder into his hand. John groaned louder as he rubbed his thumb across her covered slit, feeling her legs shake and tremble as he rubbed harder, "is someone starting to feel good now?" Jenna moaned lightly, "uh huh, it feels so good daddy." She started slowly moving her hips with his rubbing, feeling her orgasm building inside of her, "oh daddy, you're making me feel so good, you're gonna make me cum already daddy." She moaned letting go of her innocence.

John found her clit in her panties and focused on it, rubbing it quickly, "that's ok honey, cum for me, cum for daddy." He whispered, urging her on, not even realizing that she wasn't so innocent. Jenna closed her eyes as she raised her ass off of the couch, her orgasm shooting from her clit throughout her whole body. "I'm cumming, ohhh god yes I'm cumming," she moaned, her hips bucking against his hand. He felt her panties get wetter as her orgasm coursed through her body, he could smell her sweet sex as her juices started leaking out from her panties, "oh honey, look at you cum, mmm."

Jenna's ass fell back to the couch as her orgasm faded, her breathing ragged, "wow daddy, you made me feel sooo good." John smiled at his stepdaughter, "your welcome sweetheart, now are you ready to make me feel like that?" His mind only on his sexual release now, and not on the consequences of it. Jenna nodded quickly, ready to feel his dick inside of her now. She put her hands on the waistline of her panties and pushed them down. John watched her in horror as she kicked her panties to the side, spreading her legs and showing him her swollen pussy. "What are doing?" John asked in shock.

Jenna looked at him in shock, "gonna make you feel good, like you made me." John shook his head slowly, "not like that, with your hand honey." Jenna looked at him disappointed, "but daddy, don't you put your penis inside of me and we both get to feel good?" John looked at her in horror again, "we can't do that honey, we have already done stuff we shouldn't have."

Jenna looked at him sternly, realizing he was saying the same thing her mom said. She gave him a pouty look, and came up with an idea, "then why can't we try it? Since we already did stuff we shouldn't have." John looked at her sincerely, "I know honey, but you're my daughter, I can..." Jenna cut him off, "stepdaughter." John thought for a moment, "still we can't do that." Jenna looked at him, "ok how about this, you just put it in there one time, so I can see what it feels like?" John shook his head, "honey no, you're a virgin and it might hurt you."

Jenna thought about telling him she wasn't a virgin, but instead, "I know I'm a virgin, but I don't have my hymen anymore, because it broke during gymnastics remember?" John slowly nodded, "yeah I remember, but still no." Jenna was becoming frustrated, first she had to argue with her mom, and now she was arguing with her stepdad about sex. "Look dad, I won't tell anyone, I just want to see what it feels like, then you can take it out and I'll use my hand," she said.

John sat back on his heels, thinking about it, "ok I guess I can just dip it in and pull it out." Jenna's face lit up, 'yes, and I'm making sure he doesn't pull out until he cums,' she said to herself. John knelt up, as Jenna scooted her ass to the edge, laying back against the couch. She looked up at John's eyes as he focused on her pussy, holding the base of his dick, guiding it to her pussy.

Jenna felt the head of his dick brush against the entrance of her pussy, causing her to lightly moan. John looked up at her and lightly smiled, "ok honey here we go." Jenna nodded, "I'm ready daddy, go ahead." She felt the head of his dick begin to penetrate her, as she spread her legs further and put her feet behind his ass. John slowly pushed into her, feeling her tight recess, squeeze and suck at his dick, "oh my god," he whispered under his breath. "Oh daddy, your penis feels so good inside of me," Jenna moaned, wrapping her legs around his hips, trying to pull him in further. John continued to push into her until his pelvic bone rested against hers, "oh honey, you're so tight, god it feels good," he groaned.

Jenna could tell his dick was a lot smaller than Tim's, she didn't feel anywhere near as full, but it still felt good to have a dick inside of her. "Can you try moving it in and out a little, daddy?" She asked, locking her feet together, behind him. John noticed this, realizing that she didn't want him to pull out, "ok honey, but if I get ready to cum, you have to let me pull out." Jenna nodded excitedly, ready to get fucked, "ok I will, just keep going until you're ready to cum, then tell me."

John nodded as he put his hands on the couch, ready to have sex with his stepdaughter. He slowly pulled back, feeling her pussy grip at his escaping member. "Ohhh Jenna, this is so wrong, but yet feels so good," he groaned as he shoved his forward, easily sinking back into her. "Yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me like you fuck my mommy," Jenna moaned, using her legs to pull herself into him.

John started moving his hips forward and back, feeling his ball sack swing under him and slap against her ass as he drove into her. He started grunting and making a****l noise as he moved faster. "Yes daddy, go faster," Jenna moaned, moving her hand down to her clit and started rubbing it. "I wanna cum again daddy, are you gonna make me cum again?" She moaned, slamming herself into his thrusts.

John looked down at her pussy and saw her rubbing her clit. He moved her hand away and put his thumb on her clit, rubbing it vigorously. "Yes baby, I'll make you cum again, cum for daddy," he groaned, feeling his balls tightening against his body. "Oh daddy, I can feel it coming, I can feel myself getting close, fuck me," Jenna moaned loudly. He started driving himself into her f***efully, "cum baby, cum for me."

Jenna's legs squeezed his hips tight, as her pussy got tighter, "ohhh I'm cumming daddy, cum with me." John felt her pussy tighten up, squeezing his dick hard, trying to suck his seed out. He f***efully moved his hips back, breaking her feet apart, as her legs convulsed and shook around him. His dick throbbed hard, his cum rushing up and shooting into her pussy before he could pull out. As his dick popped out of her pussy, it throbbed again and more cum shot out and landed on her pussy lips. "Ohhhh," he groaned as his dick continued to spasm and fire cum out and cover her pussy lips.

As Jenna's orgasm subsided, she could feel his cum shooting on her pussy lips, feeling the heat as it leaked into her gaping pussy. She looked up at him, as his body jerked and shook. "Mmm daddy, that feels so hot on my pussy, wow you have a lot of cum," she moaned, moving her hand down to her pussy and feeling his cum. John squeezed his dick as he finished cumming, making sure he was completely empty, his body shuddering as he squeezed the head, the last of his cum leaking out and dripping onto the floor.

John looked down at Jenna, a look of complete pleasure across his face, "wow, did I need that." Jenna giggled, scooping up some of his cum and bringing it to her mouth, wanting to see what it tasted like. He watched as she opened her mouth and let his cum drip off of her fingers and into her mouth, causing him to groan in pleasure. She swallowed it and moaned, "mmm it does taste pretty good." John gave her a half smile, standing up and handing her panties to her.

Jenna reached back down to her pussy, wanting to get more of his cum. As she scooped more up, they both heard the front door open, causing them to jump...

Jenna scooped up more of her stepdad's cum, looking at the front door as it opened. John's face turned to fear as he saw the door open, not sure who it was, but knowing he was busted.

Tim walked in, quietly closing the door behind him, not even realizing Jenna and his dad was in the front room. As he started walking towards the hallway towards his room, he glanced into the front room and saw his dad standing there, half naked, his wilted dick hanging loosely between his legs, almost hidden by his pubic hair. Tim looked at his dad in shock, seeing Jenna looking at him over the back of the couch.

John looked at his son in shock also, not sure what to say. Tim walked into the front room, the smell of sex still strong in the air, his dick twitching a little. "Someone was having fun in here," Tim said with a light chuckle, breaking the silence. John still couldn't talk, staring at Tim. "We sure did, mmm," Jenna said excitedly. Tim laughed at her comment, looking at his dad, "looks like so much fun you made him speechless. Was she any good dad?"

John slowly nodded, looking down at Jenna, then back at Tim. "I bet she was," Tim laughed, thinking about a few days ago when he had sex with her. "I bet her pussy was nice and tight for you huh," Tim said, walking in front of the couch, his dick growing harder in his pants. John watched his son walk past him and stand in front of Jenna, still silent.

Tim looked down at Jenna, looking at her cum covered pussy, "wow he really came a lot huh?" Jenna nodded, smiling, "yeah he did, it felt so good, a lot different than when you came inside of me, but still good." John looked at them in shock, "wait a minute, you guys have had sex?" Tim turned to look at his dad, smiling, "yep we sure have, and I think I'm going to have to do it again now," looking back at Jenna with a wide smile, his dick forming a huge bulge in his pants.

Jenna face lit up with excitement as she looked up at her stepb*****r. John grabbed Tim's arm, "no you can't do that, I won't let that happen." Tim looked back at his dad, "and why not, you just did, besides you can watch or join in if you want," he replied, an evil grin on his face. Tim only had one thing on his mind now, he was going to fuck Jenna again, whether his dad liked it or not, he wanted to feel the tight cocoon of her pussy wrapped around his dick again. "Besides how are you gonna stop me, you know all I have to do is tell mom that you had sex with Jenna," Tim said, turning back to Jenna.

'Oh shit,' John thought to himself, realizing his son was blackmailing him. He knew that if he stopped them, Tim might tell Kelly and she would leave him and have him arrested, but if he let them have sex it would weigh on him, knowing it had happened.

Tim looked at Jenna, "use your panties to clean up the cum, so we can have sex now." Jenna smiled ecstatically at him as she rubbed her pussy clean with her panties, not wanting to wait any longer to feel Tim's huge dick inside of her again.

Tim unbuttoned his pants and push them down, when John grabbed his arm again, "Tim wait." Tim's pants and boxers slid down his legs, his hard springing free, as he turned to his dad again. Jenna let out an ecstatic coo as she watched his dick spring up, sitting up on the couch to get closer to him. "Dad it's not going to do any good, either you sit here and watch, or leave the room, either way I'm going to have sex with her, or mom finds out," Tim said sternly.

John looked at his son in shock, Tim had never talked like that to him before, but he did have to admit, his son's hormones were probably raging, and sex was the only thing on his mind. John was the same way at Tim's age. John looked down at his son's dick, his eyes widening at the size of his dick. 'Oh my fucking god, he's fucking huge,' John thought to himself, a twinge of jealousy coming over him. He watched Jenna reach out and wrap her hand around Tim's thick shaft, Jenna licking her lips and moaning, "mmm I can't wait to feel you inside of me again."

John let go of Tim's arm, staring at his son's dick. John didn't know what came over him, but he slowly stuttered out, "o... ok I... I'll watch." He suddenly had the urge to watch his son have sex with his stepdaughter, thinking it would almost be like watching a porn, where a well hung guy fucked a skinny teen girl. Tim smiled at his dad, "thanks dad, you can always join in too if you want."

John moved around him, sitting down on the couch, his eyes transfixed on Tim's dick, and his stepdaughter's hand wrapped around it, looking tiny compared to his size. Tim looked down at Jenna and smiled, "well it's all yours now Jenna." Jenna smiled up at him, "mmm thank you." She slowly started moving her hand up and down his dick, marvelling at much bigger he was than his dad. John leaned forward, trying to get a better view of the action, Jenna's tiny hand stroking his son's dick as she looked at his fat head.

Tim groaned to her, "why don't you try putting it in your mouth." Jenna quickly nodded, opening her mouth wide and moving in, slowly taking the head of his dick between her lips. Tim threw his head back in pleasure, groaning, "ohhh god Jenna," putting one of his hand's on her head. Jenna moaned lightly into his dick, trying to take more into her mouth.

John felt his dick beginning to rise again as he watched his stepdaughter try to engulf his son's dick. 'How can I be getting hard again already, I've never gotten hard just after cumming,' he thought to himself, watching Jenna take about 3" or 4" of Tim's dick into her mouth. John looked on in amazement, Jenna's lips were stretched tight around the girth of Tim's dick, trying to suck on it. Tim held his head back, groaning in pleasure, "oh god yes, just about as tight as your pussy."

Jenna moved her head further until the head of his dick hit the back of her throat, causing her to choke. She immediately pulled her head back, pulling her mouth off of his dick, trying to catch her breath, "oh my god you're way to big for that." Tim looked down at her sincerely, smiling, "that's ok, are you ready to get me in your pussy now?" Jenna nodded quickly, letting go of his dick and moving back to the couch and sitting down.

Tim looked over at his dad, his dad was looking at Jenna with lust as she sat down. Tim noticed his dad's dick was hard again, almost laughing, realizing his was a hell of a lot bigger than his dad's. Tim grabbed Jenna's hand and pulled her up, "I have a better idea Jenna, you're gonna have a dick at both ends." Jenna looked up at Tim in excitement, mainly because she was going to get his fat dick inside of her again.

Tim turned Jenna around and pushed on her shoulders, telling her to kneel down. Jenna looked at John as she knelt down in front of him and put her hands on the floor, slowly moving in between John's legs. Jenna smiled at John, moving one of her hand's to his hairy ball sack, lightly fondling his balls. Tim knelt down behind her upturned ass, slowly stroking his dick, ready to fuck his steps****r's tight pussy.

John was laid back against the couch, enjoying the feeling of having his balls played with, his arms laid across the back of the couch. Jenna moved her hand up to the base of John's dick, as she felt Tim lay a hand on her ass, "mmm yes," she moaned in anticipation. Tim held his dick steady, guiding it to her slit, as the head brushed against her lips, he let out a long groan of pleasure. Tim laid across her back and whispered, "are you ready?" Jenna moaned, wiggling her ass against him, "hmm mmm."

Tim pushed himself back up, slowly pushing his hips forward, watching her swollen lips slowly open and swallow the head of his dick. Tim groaned as he pushed further into her, his dick easily sinking into her from her wetness. He kept pushing until the head of his dick pushed against her cervix, leaving about an inch of his dick out of her. He held himself there, feeling her tight recess squeeze at his dick, massaging the head of his dick, "oh fuck you're so tight Jenna," he groaned, laying across her back again.

Jenna moved her hips around a little, enjoying the feeling of having her pussy stuffed so full again. She moaned in response, "I missed having you inside of me." Tim groaned, moving his hips back a few inches, then slamming back into her, slamming against her cervix again, causing her to jump. "Suck dad's dick, while I fuck your tight pussy," Tim groaned, watching her slowly stroking his dad's dick, moving in and out of her slowly and steadily, enjoying being in her tight pussy again.

Jenna looked up at John with a look of pure pleasure as she moved her head towards his hard dick, opening her mouth wide and moving it over the head of his smaller dick. John threw his head back and let out a long groan, "oh yes," laying one of his hand's on the back of her head, trying to push her down further. Jenna moaned as she moved her mouth further onto her stepdad's dick, tasting her dried juices and his dried cum, sucking as hard as she could.

Tim started moving faster, moving his hips further back each time, as he groaned at her, "yeah suck his dick, show us how much you like having a dick at each end." Jenna moaned as Tim talked to her, feeling John's dick throb in her mouth as she took his dick to the back of her throat, a little over halfway down his dick, choking a little as his dick throbbed again. Tim didn't know why, but he had the urge to talk really dirty to his steps****r, as he started fucking her even harder, "oh yeah, you like having two dicks at once huh, you like being our dirty little slut," he whispered into her ear, as she started moving her head up and down John's dick, moaning in response.

Jenna moaned louder, as she started moving her hips back into Tim's thrusts. "That's it slut, show me how much you like having my fat dick inside of you," Tim groaned, pushing himself up and grabbing her hips, pounding into her hard and fast, his abdomen smacking against her ass, making a slapping sound. John grabbed the sides of Jenna's head, holding her still as he started lifting his hips up off of the couch, mouth-fucking her, groaning loudly, "yeah, suck my dick, oh my god."

Jenna could feel her orgasm building quickly, as her stepb*****r pounded her from behind, and her stepdad mouth-fucked her. She moved her hand away from John's balls and moved it down to her pussy, feeling her swollen lips split wide open. She moved her hand further until she could feel Tim's slick, wet shaft sliding in and out of her. She held her fingertips there, enjoying the feeling of his veiny shaft moving against them, while putting her thumb on her clit and started rubbing it vigorously.

Tim groaned louder when he felt Jenna's fingers against the underside of his shaft, his heavy ball sack slapping the back of her hand, when he drove into her. "Oh fuck yeah Jenna, are you gonna cum for us? Huh are you gonna cum for your dad and b*****r?" He groaned, feeling her pussy getting tighter, making it harder for him to move inside of her.

Jenna opened her mouth wide around John's dick as her orgasm shot through her body, " yes, yes I'm cumming," she moaned, barely understandable, as John held her head still. "Oh she's cumming dad," Tim groaned, feeling her pussy squeeze his dick hard and push him back out, her body trembling and shaking as her cum flowed out of her. John groaned as he let go of her head, watching her body thrash around it front of him, "yeah that's a good girl, cum for us." Tim sat back on his heels, watching her gaping pussy contract and f***e more of her juices out, Jenna moaning over and over, "oh fuck, oh fuck."

Tim and John continued to watch her cum in awe, as her orgasm seemed to go on and on. Finally her head fell between John's legs, on the couch, her legs still trembling, as she groaned, "holy shit that was amazing." Tim and John looked at each other and smiled. John brushed her hair away from her face, looking down at her, "did you like that honey?" Jenna looked at him, out of the corner of her eye, nodding, "uh huh." John chuckled, only one thing on his mind now, "good, but we're not done yet, you still have two hard dicks here to satisfy."

Jenna pushed herself up, nodding and looking up at her stepdad. John grinned, reaching under her armpits and pulling her towards him, "I want back in your young pussy now." Jenna stood up, keeping her eyes on his, waiting to see what he wanted. Tim stood up behind her, grabbing the bottom of her night shirt, trying to pull it up. Jenna raised her arms up, allowing Tim to take it off.

John groaned when he got a better look at her teenage tits, realizing she wasn't stuffing, they were real. Tim fumbled with her bra clasp, trying to unsnap it. When he got it unsnapped, he started pushing the shoulder straps down her arms. Jenna bent over slightly, letting her bra slide down her arms and fall to the floor. John watched as she stood back up, her firm tits sticking out proudly, her nipples hard and erect. John licked his lips as Tim wrapped his arms around her, cupping her tits in his hands, lightly fondling them, his hard dick throbbing against the middle of her back. Jenna moaned as she laid her head back against Tim's chest, looking down at John lustily.

Tim started kissing and nibbling at the side of her neck, feeling her moans through her neck, as she rubbed her back against his dick. Tim groaned in response as he started pinching her nipples with his thumb and forefinger of each hand, causing her to shudder in excitement. He kissed his way up her neck to her ear, lightly sucking her earlobe into his mouth, his nose exhaling air into her ear, causing her to shiver and moan louder.

Tim looked at his dad, who was sitting there slowly stroking his dick as he watched Tim fondle his stepdaughter. Tim whispered into Jenna's ear, "do you wanna ride his hard dick Jenna?" Jenna answered with a soft moan, "mmm hmm," her body feeling all hot from what he was doing to her. Tim gritted his teeth and groaned, "then go ride his dick, show him how you want to ride his dick," pushing her towards their dad.

John watched her come towards him, her tits jiggling as she moved. Jenna smiled as she climbed onto the couch, straddling her stepdad's legs. John let go of his dick and moved his hands up her sides and grabbed her tits in his hands, marvelling at how firm, but soft they were. Jenna giggled as she moved up his legs until her pussy was up against his dick, causing her to moan as it throbbed against her slit. John continued to fondle her tits, not really caring if his dick was in her pussy or not. Jenna lifted her hips up, reaching between them and grabbing his dick, lining his dick up with her pussy. She lowered her hips down, his dick easily sinking into her wet and stretched pussy. John groaned when he felt his dick buried inside of her wet pussy, noticing it wasn't as tight as earlier, but still felt nice and warm.

Tim moved next to them, urging her on, groaning, "oh yeah Jenna, ride dad's hard dick, ride him hard." Jenna put her hands on John's shoulders, pushing her tits towards him, as her stepdad took one of her nipples into his mouth, lightly biting at it, sending all kinds of new sensations straight to her pussy. She slowly started moving herself up and down, feeling his dick twitch and throb inside of her, as John sucked on her tiny nipple, pinching at the other one, groaning in pleasure. Jenna slowly picked up speed, enjoying the feeling that having her nipples played with, "oh daddy, that feels good, keep sucking and playing with my boobs, mmm," she moaned.

Tim slowly stroked his dick, watching his steps****r bounce up and down on their dad's lap, her tits jiggling and shaking against John's face. Jenna had her mouth wide open as rode her stepdad's dick as fast as she could, her wet pussy making squishing noises and quiffing sounds as her orgasm began to build again. "Oh my god daddy, you're gonna make me cum again already, holy shit," Jenna moaned louder.

Not wanting to be left out anymore, Tim got up on the couch next to them and moving towards them, his dick brushing against Jenna's cheek. Jenna turned and looked at him when she felt his dick against her cheek, a look of pure pleasure on her face as she rode John's dick. Tim started pushing his dick into her open mouth, groaning, "yeah suck my dick while you ride dad's dick." Jenna wrapped her lips around the head of Tim's dick, tickling the tip of his dick with the tip of her tongue, causing him to groan and tremble. Tim laid a hand on top of her, throwing his head back in pleasure, groaning, "oh fuck yeah Jenna, suck my dick," pushing his hips forward trying to make her take more of his dick.

John quit sucking on her nipple and moved his hands to her back, pulling her into him, burying his face in her cleavage, sucking there. Jenna pulled away from Tim's dick, still stroking it with her hand as she moaned loudly, "oh daddy you're gonna make me cum, please don't stop." Tim urged his steps****r on, reaching down and squeezing her tit, "yeah Jenna, cum all over his dick, come on Jenna, cum." Jenna squeezed Tim's dick hard as she slammed down onto her stepdad's lap, her orgasm shooting through her body, "ohhhhh fuck I'm cumming," she moaned loudly. John sucked on the spot between her tits hard, as he felt her pussy clamp down on his dick, a flood of her juices flowing out of her and coating his ball sack and inner thighs. John pulled away from her chest, looking up at her, "oh yeah baby girl, that's it cum," he groaned through gritted teeth.

Jenna let go of Tim's dick as she fell forward, against her stepdad, her body still lightly shaking, trying to recover from her weaker orgasm. When she finally regained her strength, she pushed herself up and looked at her stepdad, "my god that was incredible, with you playing with my boobs, it sent all kinds of new feelings through me." John lightly chuckled, pursing his lips and lightly kissing her cheek, "your welcome honey."

Tim got off of the couch, ready to get his dick back inside of his steps****r's pussy, looking at them, as Jenna slowly lifted her hips up. Tim watched as his dad's erection slipped out of Jenna's pussy and throb a little, his groin area covered in Jenna's juices. Tim grabbed Jenna's hand, helping her to the floor, "ok my turn again." Jenna looked up at him, giving him a half smile, "my god, you guys are gonna wear me out, I'm already sore, I won't be able to walk right for a week." Tim chuckled, "don't worry, I won't take long."

Jenna smiled at him as he pushed her back onto the couch. Jenna sat down on the edge, like she was earlier, her swollen pussy lips splayed apart, as Tim knelt down in front of her, looking up at her. "Time to make us both cum now Jenna," Tim groaned, moving between her legs, guiding his dick towards her gaping pussy. Jenna looked at Tim with lust, feeling the head of his dick enter her well fucked hole, "ohhh Tim, fuck me until you cum," she moaned, as Tim sank fully into her. Tim grunted as he made his dick throb inside of her, feeling her pussy squeeze and relax around his dick.
Jenna looked over at her stepdad, his eyes locked on her pussy being stretched by his son's fat dick. Jenna giggled to herself as she reached over and started rubbing his dick, "do you wanna cum again daddy?" John slowly nodded, not breaking his stare, as Tim slowly began to withdraw out of her, her pussy clinging tight around his veiny member as it withdrew. Jenna giggled at him staring, moaning, "mmm daddy his dick feels so good inside of me," moving her hand up and down John's dick, gripping it tightly.

Tim started moving faster in and out of Jenna, groaning and grunting as he felt his cum boiling in his balls, ready to explode. "Oh fuck Jenna, I love your pussy, fuck I'm gonna fill that pussy up with my hot cum," Tim groaned, feeling his dick beginning to grow inside of her.

John finally broke his stare looking down at her hand stroking his dick, "oh god honey, yeah stroke my dick, jack me off." He started moving his hips into her hand movements, feeling his cum getting ready to rush up his dick. "Ohhhh god, I'm gonna cum again, ohhh god," he groaned, moving closer to her and turning to face her, the head of his dick just over her stomach. Jenna felt his dick throbbing in her hand, urging him on, "yeah daddy, cum for me, come on daddy, cummmm." John almost roared as his dick throbbed hard, his cum rushing up his dick and spilling onto her stomach. His hips violently jerked, as his dick throbbed, spilling what little cum he had onto her stomach. "Mmm daddy your cum feels so hot on my stomach," Jenna moaned, putting her other hand into the tiny puddle and rubbing it into her stomach.

Tim was fucking Jenna as hard as he could, watching his dad cum on her stomach, watching Jenna rub the cum into her stomach. "Ohhh Jenna, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," he groaned out, as she brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and licked it clean. Tim drove deep into his steps****r's pussy, his dick throbbing as his cum rushed up his dick, spilling into her. Jenna quickly grabbed the couch cushions as she felt the first shot of his cum spill into her. "Ohhh god Tim, yes, yes, yes, cum in me, holy shit that feels so hot," she almost cried out, as Tim's body shook above her, his dick throbbing again, spilling more virile seed into her pussy.

Tim fell on top of her, breathing heavily, his hips still lightly moving in and out of her, his dick still twitching. Jenna wrapped her arms around her stepb*****r, lightly rubbing his back, moaning, "oh my god Tim, that was amazing, god I love feeling you cum inside of me." Tim chuckled very lightly, his dick slowly beginning to soften inside of her, allowing some of his cum to seep out and run down her ass crack. "Oh my god Tim, you really filled me up, it's already leaking out of me," Jenna said, softly moaning. Tim lightly laughed on top of her, slowly pushing himself back up, lightly kissing her forehead, "that's because my dick likes your tight pussy," he whispered. Jenna moaned in response, "mmm," pulling his head towards her, lightly kissing him on the lips.

John laid next to them, completely exhausted, seeing them looking at each other in their post-coital bliss. He slowly sat up and said, "ok, we never had sex and can never happen again, that includes between you two." Tim and Jenna looked at each, almost laughing, realizing their mom had said almost the same thing a few days ago. "OK dad, it won't happen again," Tim said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Tim looked back at Jenna as he slowly withdrew his soft dick, her gaping pussy leaking his cum profusely now. Steadily leaking out and running down her ass crack and dripping onto the floor. "Damn I guess I really did cum a lot," Tim said chuckling, handing Jenna her panties, that had their dad's dried cum on them. Jenna covered her leaking pussy with her hand, feeling the river of cum that was oozing out of her, "I told you," she said giggling, covering her pussy with her panties and running to the bathroom.

It's been almost a week since Kelly had had sex with her stepson and daughter. Kelly kept going back to the image of Tim's huge dick, and how full she had felt with his dick deep inside of her. Her pussy tingled every time she thought about it, wanting to feel that full again. But she also knew what she had told them, about it never happened and that they couldn't have sex with each other again. The more Kelly thought about it, the more she realized that she didn't say anything about her and Tim having sex, just Tim and Jenna couldn't.

Kelly smiled to herself with the revelation of that fact, her pussy beginning to tingle and itch for his dick even more. 'Now I just need to get him alone, and convince him into having sex with me again,' she thought to herself as she drove home from work. 'First things first, I need to get some condoms that'll fit him,' she thought, wanting to feel his dick throb and grow inside of her as he came, without the chance of getting pregnant.

Kelly pulled into the local d**g store, going directly to the condom section, looking for some big enough to fit his dick. She grabbed some XL and XXL condoms, along with a bottle of KY jelly and went to checkout. As she was checking out, the younger clerk look at Kelly oddly, looking at the condom boxes and KY, then back at Kelly. Kelly smiled at her and said, "it's good to be prepared." The clerk chuckled uneasily, "I guess."

As Kelly drove home, she tried to figure out a way to get Jenna out of the house. She jumped a little when her cell phone started ringing. She picked it up and saw it was John, "hey honey," she said answering. "Hey babe, I got bad news," John said on the other end. Kelly figured it was him having to stay late or something like that, "what's that honey?" John answered, "I gotta go to our other office to fix the network there, and may not make it home tonight." Kelly wanted to scream yes, realizing that eliminated one person tonight, but responded, "ah honey, why do you have to do that?" John lightly laughed on the other end, "now babe, you know I'm the lead IT, and have to do it." Kelly responded, "well ok hun, I guess we'll see you tomorrow then?" John answered, "yeah more than likely." Kelly let out a deep breath, trying to sound disappointed, "ok hun, I love you." John answered, "I love you too babe," and hung up.

Kelly set her phone back down, "yes, yes, yes," she said to herself, knowing she just had to get Jenna out of the house now. As she pulled into the driveway, her mind raced to find a way to get her daughter out of the house. She walked into the house hollering, "Jenna, Tim I'm home."

"Hey mom," Jenna said from the front room. Kelly walked into the front room, "where's Tim at?" Jenna looked back at her, "he's in his room, watching tv or something." Kelly nodded in response, "so what are your plans tonight." Jenna looked at her mom, puzzled, "I don't know, why?" Kelly looked at her sternly, "no reason, was just curious that's all," she hesitated a little and continued, "I thought maybe you'd be going to a friend's or something." Jenna slowly shook her head, "no I wasn't planning on it, but Karen did call me earlier, wanting to come over."

Kelly stood there, trying to quickly find a way to get her out, "how about instead you call her and find out if you can stay over at her house?" Jenna sat back a little, confused, "ok, but why are you trying to get rid of me?" Kelly looked at her daughter, trying to find an answer, "I... I'm not, I just thought maybe you wanted to get out of the house for a while, instead of being cooped up in here all summer." Jenna smiled, "I guess you're right mom, I haven't seen any of my friend's yet this summer."

'Yes!' Kelly thought to herself, 'that was easier than I thought it would be.' Jenna got up and went to the phone calling her friend Karen, "hey Karen, it's Jenna." Jenna listened to Karen, answering, "how about instead of you coming over here, I come stay at your place tonight?" Kelly watched her daughter nod in response to Karen, hoping Karen's parents said yes. "I can? Ok I'll be over in an hour," Jenna said and hung up, looking at her mom, "they said I could stay over tonight."

Kelly felt like being a young girl, and jump up and down with excitement, realizing she was going to get what she wanted, Tim's huge dick. "Ok sweetheart, do you want me to give you a ride there?" Kelly asked solemnly, trying to hide her excitement. "No I'll ride my bike over there," Jenna answered, walking towards her room to get ready.

As Jenna got ready to go, Kelly started preparing something to eat, thinking about how she was gonna get into her stepson's pants, and get his hard dick inside of her, without him suspecting it at first. She didn't want to just come out and tell him to fuck her, 'no I wanna tease him slowly, tease him until he can't control himself, and almost throws himself at me,' she thought, many ideas running through her mind.

After Kelly finished preparing the food, Jenna came skipping into the dining room, lightly giving her mom a peck on the cheek, "bye mom." Kelly looked at her daughter, "you're not gonna stay and eat?" Jenna shook her head quickly, "no Karen's getting pizza." Kelly smiled, "ok sweetheart, have a good time, see you tomorrow," lightly kissing Jenna's forehead. Jenna turned and walked out of the house.

"Tim, dinner's ready," Kelly yelled, getting more anxious and turned on by the second. Tim emerged from his room, wearing loose fitting, blue gym shorts and a white tank top. As he walked into the dining room, he noticed there was only two place settings on the table, "what about dad and Jenna?" Kelly smiled slyly at him, knowing what was about to take place tonight, "well your dad had to go to the other office to fix the network there, and Jenna went to Karen's for the night." Tim raised his head in acknowledgement as he sat down at the table. "I was thinking Tim, do you think that after dinner you could give me your opinion on some new outfits I got?"

Tim looked at her, confused, "umm isn't that my dad's job?" Kelly giggled a little, knowing he had a point, "it is, but he's gone tonight, and we were supposed to do it tonight," she lied, they didn't have that planned, because she hadn't got any new outfits recently.

Tim swallowed his food, replying, "I... I guess I can. How long will it take?" Kelly smiled wide, "it shouldn't take long, I only have 3 or 4 outfits to try on." Her mind racing to determine what outfits she would put on, thinking that the last few outfits would be lingerie, with the final one being pretty revealing.

The two of them continued eating in silence, Kelly looking at Tim and smiling to herself, every once in a while. Tim was the first to finish eating, picking up his plate and taking it to the kitchen, "when do you wanna do that mom?" Kelly smiled, "shortly after I get done eating, I will change quick and come to your room." Tim nodded, heading for his room.

When Kelly finished eating, she quickly went out to her car and retrieved the bag with the condoms and KY. She made her way to her room, looking for a skimpy outfit that Tim hadn't seen her wear before. She finally found one that she hadn't worn in a few months. It was a strapless, red tube dress, that only went below her ass a few inches, and hugged her curves tightly. She quickly changed into the dress, contemplating taking off her soaked panties, but decided that could wait.

Tim was in his room, watching TV, when he heard a soft knock on the cracked open door. "Come in mom, it's safe," he hollered with a laugh. He watched Kelly push his door open and stroll into his room. He swallowed a lump that had grown in his throat as he looked at her. The red dress hugged her body tightly, her nipples poking through it, her cleavage easily visible, as her juicy tits stretched the top, looking like it could easily rip if he barely pulled on it. His eyes moved down her body, the tight dress showing off her, almost hourglass figure, her hips stretching the bottom of the dress out, almost pulling it up enough to give him a view of her panties.

"So what do you think? Think your dad would like this?" Kelly asked, slowly turning herself around, giving him a view of her supple ass. Tim slowly nodded in shock, his dick beginning to slowly rise in his shorts. "Ah does cat got your tongue?" Kelly asked with a giggle, realizing it must be working. Again Tim could only nod, staring at her ass, seeing her panty line showing through. Kelly turned back around and smiled, "are you ok Tim?" Tim slowly nodded, "you look stunning." Kelly giggled, "well thank you." She looked at him, noticing his dick was running down the inner part of his thigh, noticeable against the leg of his shorts. Her pussy tingled as she turned to leave, "ok I'll be right back."

Kelly went back to her room, looking for another skimpy outfit. She found a really short mini skirt, that she hadn't worn in years, she remembered that it barely covered her ass, and showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks at times. She found a black tube top in her dresser, the top covered her tits completely, not showing any of cleavage. She threw them on the bed, and started going through her panty drawer, looking for a thong. When she found a black laced one, she quickly removed her other dress, throwing it on top of her dresser. She pushed her soaked panties down and off, looking down at her neatly trimmed pussy, noticing the lips were a little swollen. She lightly ran her hand over her pussy, rubbing across her swollen clit, causing her to shiver and moan. "Oh my god I need to get his dick inside of me," she said to herself as started pulling her thong on.

Tim was sitting patiently in his room, waiting for his stepmom to return. His dick was fully hard now, straining against his shorts and boxers, as thought about the sight of his stepmom's huge tits and nipples in the dress she was wearing. He also thought about how the dress hugged her curves tightly, showing off her hips and ass. He groaned to himself as he repositioned his erection, trying to make it unnoticeable, moving it up and out of the top of his boxers and shorts, the waistlines hugging his shaft tight as it throbbed.

Just as Tim threw his shirt back over his lap, Kelly knocked again, standing out of sight yet. "Come in," Tim said, moving up, hoping she didn't notice his excitement. Kelly walked into his, wearing the black outfit. Tim lightly groaned to himself as he watched her stroll in. His eyes went directly to her tits, noticing her hard nipples, straining against the to small top. His eyes traveled down her body, going right to her crotch. He had to swallow hard again, and groaned a little louder, when he saw her swollen cameltoe in her thong. The skirt was way to short now, and didn't cover all of her crotch, and rode almost halfway up her ass.

Kelly giggled again, "get your eyes back in your head boy," she said, knowing that this was probably driving him insane, because it was driving her crazy as well. She just wanted to go jump his bones and ride his fat cock right now, but she had one more outfit, that she knew he had never seen, and would drive him over the top.

Tim's dick throbbed hard against his stomach, as he stared at her cameltoe, wanting to grab her and throw her onto the bed and fuck her hard. "Well, what do you think Tim?" Kelly asked, almost laughing at his stare. Tim was in a world of his own at that moment, involuntarily rubbing his swollen dick, slowly nodding at her. Kelly saw him rubbing his crotch, causing her to lightly moan, and her pussy get even wetter. "I take that as a yes, ok one more, then we're done," she said, almost moaning as her pussy tingled more, and her body temperature rose.

As Kelly turned around to leave, Tim got a view of her half moon. He groaned as he saw the strap of her thong riding up her ass crack, his dick throbbing as he rubbed it harder. As she walked out of his room, Tim sat there, coming back to reality, 'oh shit, now I'm gonna have to jack off, or I'll never go soft again,' he thought to himself as he waited for her to return, 'I hope she didn't notice me rubbing myself.'

Kelly went back to her room, knowing she couldn't take it any longer, she had to get his dick in her pussy, now. She shuffled through her lingerie in her closet, looking for the black teddy chemise she had. It was sheer, that was a low cut v-neck teddy, the cut going down just below her belly button. The strips that covered her tits, were not see-through, but had velcro at the top that gave access to her nipples and most of her tits. She pulled it out of the closet, noticing the matching black lace open panel sheer panties was on the hanger. The panties would give him access to her pussy, without having to take them off.

Tim was beginning to get antsy now, wishing his stepmom would hurry up, so then he could jack off to get his hard on to go away. He lifted his shirt up, looking down at his erection, his purple head looking at him, beginning to leak precum, "come on mom, hurry up," he said to himself, throwing his shirt back down, his hard on starting to ache for release.

Kelly put the lingerie on, looking at herself in the mirror, liking how she looked. She went back to her closet, grabbing a robe to cover herself. She put the robe on, grabbed the bag with the condoms and KY, and walked back to Tim's room, setting the bag down, just outside of his room. This time she didn't knock, walking right into his room, hoping she might catch him stroking his beautiful dick.

As Kelly walked into the room, she was a little disappointed when she saw Tim sitting in the middle of his bed, looking at the doorway. She walked up, standing about a foot from his bed, "ok Tim, before I show you this last outfit, you have to promise you will never tell your dad you saw me in this." Tim looked at her and nodded quickly, "I promise."

Kelly slowly began to untie the robe, keeping her eyes focused on Tim, feeling her pussy beginning to leak. After she untied the robe, Kelly began to slowly open it giving him a little striptease, showing him a little at a time.

Tim's eyes widened as he started to see the sheer lingerie. 'Oh my god,' he mouthed, looking at her firm toned stomach. Kelly laughed to herself, knowing he was liking the slow striptease. Tim swallowed hard once again as he saw some of the skin of her D tits through the lingerie, wanting to reach up and touch them.

Kelly smiled at him, watching him lick his lips, as she opened the robe completely, giving him a full frontal view. Tim nervously cleared his throat, his dick throbbing against his shirt now, as he stared at his stepmom, "th... that lo... looks incredible m... mom." Kelly giggled at his stuttering, realizing he didn't know what was happening. She started to take the robe off, turning her body slightly so he couldn't see what she was doing, as she pulled one of the flaps covering her nipple down, exposing it.

Kelly let the robe fall to the floor behind her, turning back to face Tim. Tim's eyes went directly to her exposed nipple, clearing his throat again and shifting nervously on the bed, "umm mom," he groaned, pointing at her nipple. Kelly looked down at her chest, acting like she didn't notice it, "what, what is it?" He continued to point at her exposed nipple, "yo... your showing." Kelly looked at him, trying to look confused, "I... I'm showing, what do you mean?"

Tim swallowed hard, feeling his dick leaking more precum out, "yo... your nipple is showing." Kelly looked at him in shock, "my nipple's showing," she gasped, covering her tits. Tim chuckled uneasily, "I think dad will really like that one." Kelly stood there, looking at him lustily, holding her tits, "what makes you say that," almost a moan, as she moved closer to his bed. Tim watched her move closer, moving back a little, "well easy access to your nipples, for one."

"Mmm hmm," Kelly moaned, moving her hands from her tits, slowly crawling onto his bed, "anything else?" She asked, sliding a hand up his leg, feeling him shiver. Tim looked at his stepmom's exposed nipple again, frozen in place, as he felt her hand sliding up his leg. "Oh my god Tim, I can't control myself anymore, I need your huge cock inside of me," she moaned, sliding her hand over his shorts, finding his thick member under them, staring at his eyes.

Tim stared back at his stepmom, feeling her hand rubbing his dick. "Oh god," he groaned, laying back on his bed, letting her do what she wanted, not even thinking about what she had said a week ago. Kelly pushed his shirt up, exposing the fat head of his dick, "oh my god," she whispered, sliding her hand up the entire length of his dick, relishing the thickness and length of his dick, moving her legs over his legs.

Tim lifted his head, looking down at Kelly, as she stuck her tongue out and touched tip of it against the underside of his exposed shaft, lightly running it up to the head of his dick, causing him to shudder and groan loudly, reaching down and running his hand through her hair. Kelly flicked her tongue against the underside of his head, as she started to tug at his gym shorts and boxers, feeling his dick throb against her tongue. "Oh fuck mom," Tim groaned, feeling more turned on than ever before.

Kelly continued to tug at his shorts, Tim lifting his ass up off the bed, allowing her to pull them down, freeing his raging hard on. Kelly pulled his shorts and boxers down to his mid-thighs, pulling her tongue away and looking up at Tim with a sly smile. Tim looked at his stepmom with lust, his dick throbbing up at her, not wanting her to stop.

"I think you need to get my pussy ready for that huge cock first," she lustily moaned, moving up his body. Tim looked at her, wondering what she meant, his dick throbbing, ready to go in her pussy now. Kelly moved up until her pussy hovered over his chest, she looked down at him and smiled wider, she opened the panel that covered her pussy, exposing her trimmed pussy to him. Tim groaned when he smelled her excitement wafting from her, looking down at it as she moved closer to his face. "Ever eaten a pussy before Tim?" Kelly moaned, looking down at him.

Tim looked up at his stepmom and shook his head, his dick throbbing as the sweet scent from her pussy got stronger. Tim could see her swollen clit sticking out from her slightly agape, swollen lips as her pussy got closer to his mouth. Kelly looked down at him, "there's a first time for everything, show me how much you want in my pussy," she moaned, pushing her pussy against his mouth.

Tim jumped a little when her pussy was shoved against his mouth, taking him by surprise. Kelly started gyrating her hips, feelings his nose rubbing against her sensitive clit, "oh god, eat my pussy Timmy," she moaned, grinding her pussy against his face. Tim opened his mouth, her juices immediately entering his mouth, giving him his first taste of pussy ever. It tasted a little salty and sour, yet sweet, as he sucked at her juices, not sure what to do. "Ohhhhh," Kelly moaned, her body trembling above him, rubbing her clit harder against his nose.

Tim stuck his tongue out, trying to push it into his stepmom's hole. Kelly moaned louder when she felt his tongue entering her pussy, "oh god Tim, yes tongue fuck my pussy, make mommy cum all over your face." Tim was moaning into her pussy, as he moved his tongue around inside of her, feeling her muscles squeeze at his tongue, more of her wetness running into his mouth.

Kelly's body began tremble and jump more every time his nose rubbed against her clit, feeling her orgasm building quickly. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she moaned continuously, running her hand over the top of his head, running it through his hair. Tim moved his tongue in and out of her pussy, his mouth filling with even more of her juices as she got even wetter. Tim pulled his tongue out of her pussy, sucking on her pussy, savoring her juices. Kelly moved her hips down, when she felt him sucking on her pussy, until he sucked her clit into his mouth, sending her over the edge.

Kelly's orgasm shot from her clit, throughout her entire body. She pulled on his hair, trying to pull him harder into her pussy, as she moaned loudly, "ohhhh I... I'm cumming, fuck yes, suck my pussy," her body violently trembling on top of him. Tim groaned into her clit, sending her orgasm higher, as he felt her juices run down his chin and neck. Kelly pulled on his hair harder, her trembling shaking the bed as she came.

Kelly released the grip on his hair, falling against the wall in front of her, breathing heavily, her body still trembling, as her orgasm faded, Tim continuing to suck on her clit. "Oh my god Tim, that was incredible, are you sure you've never done that before," she moaned, out of breath. She slowly rolled off of him, laying down next to him, facing him.

Tim looked at her with a smile, his face glistening with her juices, "I've never done that before, I swear, but I can't wait to do it again," he said. Kelly smiled at him with love, "are you ready to fuck me now?" Tim nodded vigorously, slowly getting up and rolling on top of her, looking her in the eyes. "Wait, before you do, there's a bag in the hallway, go get it," Kelly said, pushing him back.

Tim groaned in disgust, rolling off of her and standing next to the bed. He slid his shorts and boxers down the rest of the way and kicked them aside. He went out to the hallway and found the bag there, he retrieved it and looked inside. 'What do we need these for?' He thought to himself, as he closed it and walked back into the room.

Kelly watched his dick bounce and sway as he walked towards the bed, licking her lips as she slowly sat up. "That's so you can cum with your dick in me, without the chance of me getting pregnant," she said, looking at his confused look. Tim stood next to the bed, handing her the bag, "I see," he replied, thinking back to last weekend, when he had overfilled Jenna's pussy, 'can she get pregnant?' He shrugged his shoulders as looked down at his stepmom, watching her pull out a box of condoms.

Kelly looked at the box of condoms, then back at Tim's huge cock standing straight up. She could see his precum leaking out of the tip, beginning to run down the head. She looked up at him and smiled, reaching out and wrapping her hand around his veiny shaft, "first things first," she whispered, pulling his dick towards her.

It took Tim by surprise when she tugged on his dick, his midsection moving forward before his feet and upper body. He looked down at Kelly as she pulled his dick down, opening her mouth and quickly engulfing the head of his dick. Tim threw his head back and groaned loudly, "ohhhhh," when he felt her hot mouth engulf the head of his dick. Kelly moved her hand to the base of his dick, as she slid her mouth down the shaft of his thick shaft, moaning into his dick. Tim's body shivered as his hips involuntarily jerked forward, sending the head of his dick into her throat. Kelly choked when his fat head slammed into her throat, spittle flying out and landing on his pelvic area.

Tim laid a hand on the back of her head, looking down at her, only 3" of his dick not in her mouth. Tim completely lost it at that moment, "oh fuck mom, suck my fat cock," he groaned, feeling her tongue rubbing across the bottom of his shaft. Kelly slowly began to move her head back, sucking hard on his dick as it exited her mouth. "Ohhhh fffuuuccckkk!" Tim groaned, his body shuddering with pleasure, finding it hard to keep from cumming right there.

Kelly pulled her mouth completely off of his dick, slowly stroking it with her hand, looking up at Tim, "someone like that?" She asked with a sultry giggle. "Oh fuck mom, that feels amazing," he groaned, looking down at her. Kelly chuckled as she held his dick up and moved her head towards his ball sack, flicking her tongue against the wrinkled sack. Tim's hips jerked back, as she flicked her tongue quickly against his ball sack, sending all kinds of new sensations through him. "Mmm," she moaned, as ran her tongue up the underside of his dick, all the way up to the head, his dick throbbing hard as she tickled the spot just below the head with her tongue.

Tim's groans grew even louder, as he felt his cum boiling in his balls, his hips gyrating slowly, "oh fuck mom, I'm gonna cum if you don't stop." Kelly pulled her tongue away, smiling at him, "ahh, someone wants to fuck my pussy huh?" Tim looked at her, slowly nodding. Kelly smiled wider, grabbing the box of XL condoms, opening the box and pulled one out.

Tim watched her intently as she opened the package and pulled the condom out. Kelly smiled at him as she put the condom on the head of his dick and slowly unrolled it down his shaft, leaving about an inch of his dick left. "Oh my god, you are big," Kelly giggled, "the condom doesn't even fit you."

Tim looked down at his covered dick, the black condom was stretched tight over his dick, his head looking ready to break the end. Kelly laid back on the bed, her ass at the edge, spreading her legs apart and holding them up, as she reached down and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. "Ok Timmy, come on and fuck me, I want to feel your monster cock inside of me," she said, lightly rubbing her clit with her forefinger.

Tim stared at her open pussy, slowly moving over her. He held his dick steady, guiding it towards her entrance. When Kelly felt the head of his dick brush against her pussy, she moaned loudly, grabbing his dick and lining it up with her hole. Tim steadily pushed his hips forward, Kelly's pussy expanding around his dick, welcoming it in. "Ohhhh yes," Kelly moaned, moving her hand away and holding her legs up.

Tim groaned loudly as sank his dick fully inside of his stepmom's pussy, "ahhh." It felt different to him, with the condom on, he could still feel her pussy squeeze his dick, but he noticed his head wasn't as sensitive. Kelly looked up at him, gritting her teeth and commanding him, "fuck me Tim, fuck your mommy hard." Tim slowly began to withdraw his dick, watching her pussy cling to his covered shaft, "oh fuck mom, I can't believe I'm fucking you again," he groaned softly.

Kelly laid her head back moaning, "just shut up and fuck me," enjoying the feeling of being full again. Tim pulled back until he could see the glans of his head, then slammed his hips back into her, driving his dick deep inside of her, grunting. "Oh yes, fuck your dick is huge," Kelly groaned in pleasure. Tim started moving his hips back, then slamming back into her f***efully, grunting loudly.

Tim put his hands on the back of her thighs, pushing her legs against her body, fucking her harder and faster with each stroke. Kelly was moaning louder, not liking the feeling of the condom on his dick, but liking him pretty much pile driving her, "yes Tim, fuck me, cum for me, cum for mommy." Tim had sweat dripping off of his face as he pounded his stepmom's pussy as hard as he could, "I'm trying, I'm trying," he groaned, feeling his balls tightening against his body. Kelly used her hands to push her feet over her head, locking her ankles together over her head. Tim almost completely stopped his movements, amazed at his stepmom's flexibility.

Kelly moaned louder, feeling his dick rub harder against her g-spot, "ohhh I'm gonna cum again Tim, make me cum again pleaseeee." Tim's dick began to swell inside of her, getting ready to release its load, "ahhh I'm gonna cum mom, I'm gonna fucking cum," he groaned out. "Yes cum Timmy, that's it cum for me," Kelly moaned, almost yelling.

Tim slammed into her one more time, holding his dick deep inside of her as it throbbed hard. He threw his head back in pleasure, "ahhhhh." Kelly started rubbing her clit as he started cumming. She felt his dick grow even bigger and throb, as she felt a warm rush enter her pussy, 'oh my god, he's cumming in me, oh fuck the condom broke,' she thought, as his dick throbbed again and more cum entered her pussy. She tried to push him back out, as he slowly moved his hips forward and back, filling her with his virile seed, "pull out Tim, you're cumming in me," she exclaimed in shock. Tim quickly moved his hips back, withdrawing his dick as it throbbed one last time and leaked cum onto her gaping pussy.

Kelly moved her legs back down, looking down at Tim's dick and saw the end of the condom was gone, his dick still leaking a little bit of cum as it softened. Kelly fell back on the bed, "oh shit," she said to herself, realizing she was at the right time of the month to get pregnant. She had to admit, it felt amazing to feel his thick member throbbing and shooting into her, but now she could become pregnant from her stepson.

Tim stood there, looking down at his stepmom's gaping pussy, his cum oozing out and collecting in her panties. "I... I'm sorry, I... had no idea." Kelly lifted her head to look at him, "I know Tim, we didn't know until it was to late." Tim sat down on the edge of the bed, laying back next to her. "Well if I get pregnant, you'll be a daddy, but we can make your dad think he is, I'll just have to have sex with him this weekend," Kelly said, looking at him.

Tim gave her a half smile, "yeah. Hey what was that lube in the bag for?" Kelly chuckled, "oh that was for just in case?" Tim looked at her, puzzled, "just in case of what?" Kelly laughed, "in you would go longer, I was..."

Kelly was interrupted, "Tim, mom?" Came Jenna's voice from the doorway.

Kelly turned quickly to look at her daughter, "what are you doing home sweetheart?" She exclaimed, looking at Jenna in shock. Tim continued to look at Kelly, wondering what she was going to say, not paying any attention to Jenna.

Jenna slowly walked into the room, looking at her mom laid out on the bed, Kelly's lingerie messed up a little, but still on and covering her. Jenna walked in front of them, looking down at her mom's still gaping pussy, Tim's cum clearly visible yet. She looked over at Tim, his limp dick laying in front of him, as he laid on his side, the remnants of the condom still on his dick. Jenna shook her head slowly, "no wonder why you wanted me to leave, and you let him shoot inside of you?"

Kelly knew her daughter had caught them, wondering what Jenna was thinking now. "That was an accident, he wasn't supposed to," Kelly said, a hint of anger in her voice. Jenna laughed, "but I bet you liked it mommy," she said with sarcasm. Kelly blushed a little, knowing Jenna was right, she did like the feeling of his cum filling her up. "What do you think daddy would say if he found out you were having sex with Tim instead of him?" Jenna asked sarcastically.

This caught Tim's attention, when he heard Jenna ask Kelly that. He looked at his steps****r, shaking his head slowly, mouthing, 'no.' Jenna noticed him and smiled devilishly, moving a little closer to the bed. "He won't find out," Kelly said, a little more anger in her voice. Jenna laughed, almost sounding evil, "my how the tables have turned here, huh momma."

Kelly glared at her daughter, "you wouldn't dare," she scowled at Jenna. "Oh I wouldn't?" Jenna said laughing.

Tim could not believe what he was seeing, his steps****r was being a conniving little bitch, towards her mom. He knew Jenna wanted to have sex with him again, but she was going to blackmail her mom, like he did with his dad last weekend. "Jenn..." he started to say, when she cut him off. "Hush Tim, I don't need your help," she said.

Kelly let out a long breath, "ok Jenna, I know what you want, and you don't have to blackmail me for it." Jenna looked back at her mom, smiling wide. "I have to admit, you caught us, like I caught you guys last week," Kelly said, pausing a little before continuing, "you're probably feeling like I was, wanting to get your stepb*****r's beautiful dick back in me." Jenna nodded in agreement, listening to her mom, feeling herself getting more excited. "And since you caught us, I will let you have sex with him again, but..." Kelly paused, looking down at the floor, "but, I will be in here, and will be more of a part of this."

Tim looked at her in shock, not believing what his stepmom had just said, "wait a minute, don't I get a say in this?" Kelly looked at him, "what are you complaining? You get to have sex with my daughter again, get in her tight box." Tim did like that, he just didn't know how much more he could take of this, these two vixens were gonna kill him. He shrugged his shoulders, thinking, 'what other guy can get this lucky AGAIN!' Kelly smiled at him, "plus I will let you do the other thing I had planned." Tim looked at her, puzzled, "what's that?"

Kelly chuckled lightly, "well what I got the lube for." Tim nodded slowly, wanting to find out what it was. "Before Jenna, rudely interrupted me, I was going to say, I was going to see if you would fit in my asshole." Tim's eyes widened in shock, "yo... your what?"

Jenna was in the middle of undressing, and froze in place when her mom say that, staring at Kelly in shock. Kelly chuckled at Tim, "yeah I wanna see if I can take your fat cock in my butt." Tim had a blank look on his face, staring at his stepmom, not quite understanding her. Kelly laughed more, "why the blank stare, never heard of that before?"

Tim slowly nodded his head, he had heard about it before, but he was told it was gross and wrong. "So then why are you so shocked by it?" Kelly asked, laughing at him. Tim looked over at Jenna, who was also staring at her mom, not believing what she had just heard. Kelly smiled at Jenna, then looked back at Tim, "don't worry, it'll be fun."

Jenna slowly finished undressing, until she was completely naked, still a little unsure of what her mom meant by Tim putting his dick in her butt. Kelly looked at Jenna, grinning devilishly, "so you want his beautiful fat cock in your pussy again huh?" Jenna quickly nodded, a little nervous about how her mom was looking at her. Kelly lightly chuckled, "first you need to clean his cum up, and suck it out of my pussy."

Jenna slowly shook her head, looking at her mom's gaping pussy, not wanting to do what her mom was requesting. Kelly looked at her daughter sternly, "then I guess you don't want his dick that bad then," she said reaching over and pulling what was left of the condom off of her Tim's limp dick. Kelly smiled at Tim and tugged on his dick, causing him to groan in pain, "does he wanna fuck my daughter again?" Kelly whispered, squeezing his dick firmly. Tim shrugged his shoulders, unsure what to say, still thinking about what she had said about fucking her ass.

Jenna stood there, watching her mom start tugging on Tim's dick, feeling her own pussy begin to moisten even more. She knew she wanted to feel her stepb*****r's dick in her pussy, but wasn't sure about cleaning her mom's pussy out in order to get it. She looked back at her mom's creamy pussy, realizing she didn't have much of a choice. She slowly moved to her knees next to the bed, her head level with her mom's pussy. She slowly started moving her head between her mom's legs, smelling the distinctive scent of cum and her mom's secretions mixed together, causing her own pussy to tingle even more.

Kelly smiled at Tim, not paying any attention to what Jenna was doing, pulling hard on his dick, trying to pull him towards her, as she whispered, "feed me your dick, I wanna get you hard for my pussy again." Tim was taken a little by surprise, moving up the bed as she tugged on his member hard, groaning more, in pain. Tim moved his hips up by Kelly's head, his slowly growing dick, right next to her mouth. Kelly moaned as she opened her mouth and slowly engulfed the head of his semi-hard dick, sucking hard on it. Tim groaned, his body shivering in excitement, as he looked down at his stepmom sucking his dick into her mouth.

Jenna licked her lips, as she finally got brave enough, and dipped her tongue into the outer folds of her mom's slit. She cringed at the taste, almost spitting it back out, it tasted extremely salty, and somewhat sour. She choked it down, realizing it didn't taste as good as eating her stepdad's cum. She was bound and determined to get Tim's dick inside of her again however, and delved her tongue back into her mom's creamy pussy, scooping out more of Tim's cum, and swallowing it, slowly getting used to the taste.

Kelly was moaning on Tim's hardening dick, as she felt her daughter licking her pussy. She pulled her mouth from his dick, long enough to moan out, "oh yeah sweetheart, get all of your b*****r's hot cum out of my pussy." Then going back to sucking his dick, stroking the shaft of it, as she sucked and licked all over the head.

Tim groaned when he heard Kelly say that to Jenna, making his dick throb in her hand. As she took his dick back into her mouth, he put a hand on the back of her head, moving his hips into her, wanting her to take more.

Jenna was sucking and licking at her mom's pussy, enjoying the taste of the mixed fluids now. She buried her face against her mom's snatch, rubbing her nose against her mom's inflamed clit, causing Kelly's legs to jump and tremble on either side of her head.

Kelly pulled away from Tim's dick again, moaning loudly, "oh yes, suck my pussy Jenna, mmm." She let go of Tim's dick and sat up, looking down at her daughter. "Oh god Jenna, mmm that feels so good," she moaned, putting her hand on the back of her daughter's head, pushing Jenna harder into her pussy. "Oh god, you're gonna make me cum, don't stop, don't stop," Kelly moaned, holding her daughter's head tight and gyrating her hips against Jenna.

Jenna was having a hard time breathing, as she noticed her mom getting wetter. She tried to swallow the escaping fluids as fast as she could, when suddenly her mom's legs clamped around her head. "Ohhhhh," Kelly moaned, as her orgasm raced through her. Jenna could feel her mom's legs tremble, as her mouth was filled with juices, leaking out and running down her chin and onto the side of Tim's bed.

Tim watched in awe as his stepmom's body shook, her head thrown back and she was moaning through her orgasm, "oh yes, oh goddddd." He slowly stroked his hard dick, sitting up on the bed and looking down at his steps****r's head between her mom's legs, Jenna moaning also. His dick throbbed hard, wanting to get back in a wet pussy now, as he watched them.

Kelly's orgasm began to fade, as she released her daughter's head, allowing Jenna to breath again. Kelly's breathing was labored as she tried to recover, smiling at her daughter in pure pleasure. Jenna returned the smile, slowly standing up and asked, "did I do good mommy?" Kelly nodded, "you did wonderful sweetheart, you made mommy cum fast." Jenna blushed a little, as Kelly reached out and pulled her daughter to her, deeply kissing Jenna, tasting the remnants of the juices in her mouth. Jenna moaned into the kiss, as she felt her mom's hand cover her young pussy and lightly rub against it. Kelly broke the kiss and smiled at Jenna, "I need to return the favor first, get you all wet for his fat dick," she said, pulling Jenna on top of her as she laid back on the bed, her legs still hanging over the edge of the bed.

Tim watched as his steps****r crawled up her mom's body, her firm ass jiggling as she moved. He groaned as he saw her tight slit, spread open a bit, as she straddled her mom's chest. He heard Kelly moan to Jenna, "yeah sweetheart come sit on my face, let me taste you now." Tim was at a loss for what was going on, he couldn't believe how him having sex with Jenna, would turn both Kelly and Jenna into sluts. He shrugged his shoulders as he climbed off of the bed and stood behind them, right in front of Kelly's legs.

Tim looked down at his stepmom's glistening pussy, and his dick throbbed again. He grabbed the waistline of her panties and started pulling them down, Kelly lifting her hips up to help him. He tossed them aside and looked back up at Jenna squatting over her mom's face. He watched with interest as Kelly stuck her tongue out, as Jenna lowered her hips down, Kelly's tongue disappearing into her daughter's folds. Tim groaned to himself, as he grabbed Kelly's legs and lifted them up, resting them on his shoulders.

Kelly was moaning as Jenna covered her mom's face with her pussy, wanting Tim to fuck her again. Jenna moaned loudly when she felt her mom's tongue enter her pussy, "oh my god mommy." Kelly held her daughter's thighs, as she moved her tongue in and out of Jenna, tasting the sweet nectar that was leaking from Jenna's pussy.

Tim turned his attention back to Kelly's pussy as he guided his dick towards it. He groaned as the head of his dick brushed against her slit, feeling the heat permeating from her core. He didn't penetrate her, just rubbing the shaft of his thick shaft, up and down the outer folds of her pussy.

Kelly felt Tim's dick sliding against her pussy, wishing he would just sink it deep inside of her. She started rubbing her nose against Jenna's growing clit, feeling her daughter tremble on top of her. She reached down with her hand and grabbed Tim's dick, trying to get it in her pussy. She heard Tim chuckle and say, "what, someone don't like that?" She moaned in response, as she pushed his dick down and felt the head beginning to enter her. She tried to moan louder, but it was muffled by her daughter's pussy, as she tried to push her hips towards him.

Tim laughed again, as he pulled his dick back and started sliding it against her pussy again. "Not so fast mom," he groaned with a chuckle. He looked back up at Jenna, as she gyrated her hips against Kelly's face, "are you gonna cum Jenna? Are you gonna cum on mom's face?" He asked with a groan as he stared at her firm ass jiggling on top of her mom.

Jenna shook her head and moaned, "not yet." Jenna looked down at her mom, Kelly's eyes the only part of her face visible. "Oh mommy, make me cum please," Jenna moaned, grinding her pussy harder against her mom's face.

"Yeah mom, make your naughty daughter cum all over your face," Tim groaned, getting more excited. He pulled his dick away from Kelly's pussy and lined it up with her entrance. In one swift motion, he shoved his hips forward, burying his dick back into his stepmom, his ball sack slapping against her ass, groaning in pleasure.

Kelly jumped when Tim entered her, biting Jenna's pussy lips, as she moaned into Jenna's pussy. Jenna screeched when her mom bit her, jumping a little in pain. Kelly felt Tim's dick throb deep inside of her, as she went back to making her daughter cum, driving her tongue back into Jenna's pussy, getting more of her nectar. Tim slowly withdrew his dick, until just the head was inside of his stepmom, then drove back into her with f***e, causing Kelly's legs to jump and spread wider.

Jenna could feel her orgasm building quickly, knowing she was going to cum soon. She reached down and tugged on her mom's hair, trying to pull her into her pussy harder. "Oh my god, oh my god," Jenna moaned over and over, as her body was shaking and trembling. Kelly moaned into her daughter's pussy, as she felt Jenna's pussy squeeze at her tongue, knowing Jenna was getting close. Jenna ground her hips forward and back hard against Kelly's face, "I'm gonna cum mom, oh god, I'm gonna cum, yessss," Jenna moaned, as she pushed her pussy hard into her mom's face, her orgasm starting to course through her.

Tim was rhythmically moving his dick in and out of his stepmom's pussy, as he heard Jenna moan out that she was cumming. "Yes s*s that's it cum all over mom's face, fill her mouth with your girl cum," he groaned loudly, as he buried his dick deep in Kelly's pussy, watching Jenna shake and thrash around on top of her mom.

Kelly was moaning throughout her daughter's orgasm, her mouth being almost overfilled with Jenna's wetness. She rubbed her nose against Jenna's clit, trying to move her tongue in and out of Jenna as well.

As Jenna started to come back down from her orgasm, her body still trembled and shook, as her mom continued to rub against her clit. Jenna slowly moved her hips down from her mom's face, looking down at her mom, "holy shit mom, that was amazing." Kelly lightly chuckled, "did you like that sweetheart?" Jenna quickly nodded, as she felt hands grab her hips and pull further down her mom's body.

Tim watched Jenna straddle her mom's chest, her swollen pussy lips looking too inviting to him. He wanted to get his dick inside of his steps****r's tight pussy again, he grabbed her hips, as Kelly and Jenna were talking, pulling her down Kelly's stomach, Jenna's still leaking pussy leaving a small trail of fluids on her mom's lingerie. Tim groaned as he pulled Jenna down, "my turn now." He pulled on her hips until Jenna's pussy was just above her mom's own slit. Tim quickly withdrew from Kelly and guided his dick towards Jenna's swollen slit.

Jenna looked back at Tim and smiled, "oh yes Tim, give it to me, fuck my tight pussy." Kelly looked at her daughter with lust, when she heard Jenna beg to be fucked by Tim's huge dick, knowing how her daughter felt about feeling his dick inside of her, because she was the same way. Kelly lifted her head and looked at Tim, "yeah Tim, fuck both of our pussy's, take turns with us."

Tim felt the head of his dick begin to spread Jenna's pussy lips open, causing him to groan, as he steadily pushed into his steps****r. He felt her pussy contract around his dick as he continued to sink into her from behind.

"Oh my god mommy, his dick feels so good inside of me, mmm," Jenna exclaimed, looking at her mom in pleasure. Kelly smiled at her daughter, pushing Jenna's hair away from her face, "I know sweetheart, his huge dick is incredible," pulling on the back of Jenna's head, kissing her deeply. The mom and daughter both moaned loudly, as they kissed deeply, their tongue's wrestling with each other.

Tim pushed into his steps****r, until his hips rested against her ass. "Oh my god, yes," he groaned loudly, as he made his dick throb deep inside of her pussy. He put his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, giving him a view of her puckered asshole, and fat dick splitting her slit wide open. He slowly began to move his hips back, looking at the glistening shaft of his dick, as her pussy clung tightly to it. When he saw the glans of his head peeking out, he shoved his hips forward, burying his dick back inside of his steps****r.

Jenna grunted when her stepb*****r pounded back into her, breaking the kiss with her mom, throwing her head back, and moaning loudly, "ohhh fuck!" Kelly looked up at her daughter, running her hands down Jenna's back, whispering, "yeah sweetheart, you like feeling his dick inside of you huh?" Jenna looked back at Tim, gritting her teeth and moaning, "uh huh, uh huh, fuck me Tim, fuck my pussy please."

As if Tim needed any encouragement, he pulled his hips back again, then slammed back into hee hard, his hips slapping against her ass, grunting loudly. He started a steady rhythm, watching his dick piston in and out of her clinging pussy, watching her pussy extend out, then go back in as he slammed back into her. As he started moving faster, he felt Kelly's hands pushing his away. He moved them to the bed next to Kelly's hips, continuing to fuck Jenna.

Kelly held Jenna's ass cheeks apart, as she started rubbing the tip of her right forefinger against her daughter's puckered asshole. Kelly cooed at Jenna, as Jenna gyrated her hips against Tim, "you like that sweetheart, huh do you like mommy rubbing your butt." Jenna could only nod, as new sensations were shooting through her body from what her mom was doing.

Tim pounded into Jenna's pussy a few more times, then quickly withdrew and guided his dick back to Kelly's pussy. As the head of his dick penetrated her, he moved his hand back and slammed into Kelly's looser pussy. He started fucking his stepmom, hard and fast, his abdomen smacking against Jenna's ass.

Jenna laid on her mom's chest, feeling empty again, but focused on the new sensations from her mom rubbing her asshole. Kelly moaned as Tim fucked her again, "oh fuck, yes Tim fuck mommy's pussy." She started pushing the tip of her forefinger harder against her daughter's asshole, feeling Jenna's sphincter beginning to relax, and the tip of her finger began to penetrate her daughter's backdoor. Jenna lifted her head up and looked into her mom's eyes, as she felt the finger penetrate her butt, "mmm mom, that feels funny, but good at the same time." Kelly smiled at Jenna, "do you want to see if Tim can get his dick in there also," she whispered as she started moving her fingertip in and out of Jenna's ass.

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, not sure what her mom meant, closing her eyes and slowly moving her hips back into her mom's finger movements. She couldn't figure out why, what her mom was doing, was turning her on, because she could feel her pussy getting wetter, as her mom moved her finger deeper into her rectum.

Tim saw what his stepmom was doing, as he continued to fuck her pussy hard and fast, wondering why she had a finger in Jenna's asshole. He watched Kelly move her finger in and out of Jenna's ass slowly, pushing her finger deeper each time.

Kelly saw Tim staring at her finger in Jenna's ass, giggling to herself, she, "mmm Tim, you like the sight of that?" Tim slowly nodded, his pace slowing as well, he didn't know why, but he was intrigued by the sight. Kelly chuckled, "why don't you fuck her pussy a little more, then we'll see if you get that fat dick in my ass." Again Tim could only nod as he slowly withdrew from Kelly and guided his dick back to Jenna's pussy.

Jenna had her head on her mom's tits, moaning as she felt Tim's dick being pushed back into her pussy. Jenna was almost at sensory overload, as she felt Tim's dick fill her pussy completely again, and her mom push a second finger into her asshole, "ohhhhh," she moaned, lifting her head up. Tim started fucking her roughly, slamming into her as hard as he could, Jenna enjoying every moment of it. She didn't know what to focus on, whether it was Tim's dick fucking her, or her mom's fingers in her ass, they were both bringing her closer to another orgasm. "Oh my god, fuck me, fuck my pussy, finger my butt," she moaned, moving her hips back into Tim's thrusts.

Tim could feel Kelly's fingers rubbing against his dick, as it vigorously exited and her daughter's pussy, through the thin membrane. He was grunting loudly, feeling his balls beginning to tighten already, knowing he couldn't hold back much longer. He tried to hold it back, slowing his pace, as Jenna kept moving her hips back into him. He laid across her back and groaned, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cummmm." He slammed into Jenna hard as his dick swelled deep inside of her, and shot it's first jet of cum against her cervix.

"Oh yes Tim, fill with your hot cum, ohhh," Jenna moaned as she felt his cum splash into her. Kelly felt Tim's dick grow and throbbed against her fingers, realizing he was cumming already, "no you can't cum yet, nooo!" Kelly yelled in frustration, as she removed her fingers from Jenna's ass, and tried pushing him back. "Pull out Tim, don't cum inside of her," Kelly exclaimed, feeling his abdominal muscles flex, as he fired more cum into Jenna.

As Tim was cumming inside of her, Jenna started to cum as well, moaning, "ohhhh, yesssss, fuckkkkk, I'm cumming too." Her body shaking and trembling on her mom. Kelly gave up on trying to push him back, watching her daughter cum with her stepson, knowing they were both in seventh heaven, "oh yeah sweetheart, cum with your b*****r, you like feeling his hot cum filling you huh?"

Tim fired two more times into Jenna's sucking pussy, and fell limp on top of her, as her own orgasm faded and she fell limp on her mom, moaning in pleasure. Kelly stroked her daughter's hair, and quietly said, "you know we all have gone to far with this." Both of the k**s lightly chuckled, not really caring at that moment.

Tim finally regained his strength and pushed himself up, slowly withdrawing his spent cock. As it escaped Jenna's gaping slit, a sound of sloppiness as it left. Jenna continued to lay limply on top of her mom, as she lightly grunted at the emptiness, pushing with pussy muscles, causing a dollop of Tim's thick cum to run out and drop on to her mom's, still swollen and gaping pussy.

When Kelly felt the cum land on her pussy, she lightly moaned, as her body shivered lightly, "wow he really filled you up." Jenna lightly laughed as she pushed herself up and looked at her mom, "yeah he did." Kelly smiled at Jenna in love, knowing their mother/daughter relationship had changed forever.

Tim stood there admiring his handy work. He stared at Jenna's gaping pussy, some of his cum still seeping out and running down onto his stepmom's pussy, making what looked like two cream pies.

"I love you mom," Jenna whispered with a grin. "I love you too sweetheart," Kelly said with a smile.

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