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Krystal quivered nervously while you sat in the waiting room. You'd never tried to do anything like this before. You were only just 22 years old, but had answered the ad of the local sex clinic partially because all of your girlfriends were having happy sex lives except for you. They even teased you because you didn't have any sexual history even though you'd been popular in high school. But with high school behind you, you were starting to think that there might be something wrong with you. The truth was that you didn't EVER feel sexual or sexually excited. Neither men nor women, boys or girls excited you. You'd been kissed a couple of times in high school, but never got that warm, squishy feeling that your girls boasted about. So, when the local sex clinic advertised for a few volunteers to be tested for their 'Sexual I.Q.', you took a deep breath & answered the ad.

Just then the door opened & the clinic nurse, a forty-something brunette with large round glasses, came through the doorway. "Krystal?" She said with a low, smokey voice.

"Yes?" you said.

"The Doctor will see you now."

"O.K." you said with a slight gulp at the end of the sentence. You got up & followed the nurse into the next room.

As the door closed behind you, there was a brief moment of darkness. You heard a somewhat loud click & a spotlight shine down on a chair in the center of the room. It seemed to be covered by black leather & almost resembled the type of chair that you would find in a dentist's office. However, it was designed with some unusual attachments that you didn't recognize. Plus it seemed to be designed for comfort.

A second click turned on all the lights in the room, revealing Doctor Mike to you.

"Hello Krystal, I said. I smiled sweetly at you, as I walked up to you & extended My hand to you. My low baritone voice seemed soothing somehow to listen to. You shook My hand as I continued, "It was very kind & very brave of you to answer the ad. Not many people are able to face their sexual life or the problems within it without seeking some expert advise or help."

You just nodded. I led you over to the chair & gestured for you to sit.

As you sat, I continued, "Now I need for you to trust Me & Nurse Shelley. We're going to help you explore the areas that you feel that you need attention to. We'll start with a quiz & some casual examining. If you ever feel uncomfortable in any way, we'll stop. Does that sound O.K. to you?"

"Yes, Doctor Mike," you said.

Now lie back in the chair & we'll do an initial scan of your erotic centers. Nothing will touch you & you shouldn't feel any discomfort. In fact, most patients find the sensations to be quite pleasant. Are you nervous?

"A little. What do you mean by erotic centers, Doctor Mike?"

I smiled knowingly & explained, "All humans have certain parts of their bodies that respond to sexual or erotic stimulation. By understanding these areas better, we can draw many conclusions about your sexual or erotic mindset."

You nodded & swallowed hard while trying to lean back in the chair. I nodded to the nurse who flipped off the main lights in the room. She then took a place across from the chair where there seemed to be banks of computer monitors that were the only other sources of light other than the overhead spot light.

At this moment, I pulled a large metallic arm from the base of the chair & positioned it about one foot above your head.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"You nodded."

"O.K., now just close your eyes & relax. I think you'll find this experience to be quite pleasant."

You closed your eyes & nodded again. After a moment, you said in a soft voice, "O.K."

"Relax & enjoy, I said, flipping a switch on the arm."

You seemed to hear a soft whirling sound & then saw a bluish light emanating from the end of the arm. The blue light shown down on your face & head. You felt your body relaxing involuntarily. Soon your face showed no strain. There even seemed to be a slight grin coming over your full pink lips.

I walked over to the bank of monitors. I turned back to ask, "Does that feel all right, Krystal?"

"It feels fine," you voice trailing off.

"Oh, you'll find it hard to speak for a while. If I give you permission to speak, then you'll respond, it that clear?"

"At first, you started to try to speak, but a grin came over your face stopping you & then you just nodded."

"Good girl," I continued. "You're My good girl now, aren't you?" You may respond.

"Yes Doctor Mike. I'm your good girl," you smiled & fell silent.

"Doctor," exclaimed the nurse. "Look at this," she said, motioning to areas on the computer monitors. "Her heterosexual & homosexual centers are both huge!"

"WOW!" I said & both seemingly right on top of one another. No wonder she has been in conflict. Usually they're quite separate & distinct. She'll make a wonderful subject.

Also Doctor, there was a positive erotic spite when she said, "I'm your good girl."

"Splendid," I continued, she probably has a Daddy complex. As I looked back at My new subject, a sly, knowing smile came across My lips.

And mommy complex, too, she continued while starting to unbutton the first couple of buttons to her white, silk blouse.

I took one last look at the computer screen before turning back to My subject & walking over to the side of the chair.

Your mind was awash with erotic images. Naked men & women. Couples copulating, you saw large penises & swollen nipples. You saw strong muscled arms & thrusting vagina's. You saw beautiful men & women dancing erotically as if just for you, you'd never thought that nude people could look so sexy. You heard My voice.

"You'll concentrate on My voice, I said, flipping a different switch on the arm that was suspended just above your head. The light now glowed red & the sexual imagery in your mind stopped. In fact, your mind was a blank with no thoughts. You'll answer My questions as I ask them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Doctor Mike."

"Good girl. You're going to do anything & everything I tell you to do. Is that O.K.?"

"Yes Doctor Mike."

"Good girl. Now I want you to tell Me your first sexual experience."

"I'm still a virgin, Doctor Mike."

"That's O.K. Tell Me when was the first time that you noticed your breasts & nipples were growing? How old were you?"

"Eleven or Twelve, Doctor."

"O.K. I want you to pretend today that you're twelve years old. Can you do that for Me?"

"Yes Doctor Mike," you agreed while your voice rose to a slightly higher pitch.

"Good girl. You're going to be Daddy's little girl today, aren't you? WIll you do anything that Daddy tells you to do? Do you want to please Daddy?"

"Oh, yes Doctor."

"You'll no longer call Me Doctor. I'm your Daddy now. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy, oh yes." The now little girl exclaimed as your mannerisms transformed into that of the 12 year old girl.

"You want to please Daddy in every possible way, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy, I do."

"Good, you're Daddy's good little girl, aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. I'm your good little girl."

"Good, that pleases Daddy very much. You'll do anything Daddy tells you to do to please Me, won't you?"

"Oh, yes Daddy, how may I please you?"

At that moment, I moved the arm above your breast area & flipped a switch that now shine a green light on your chest.

"How does that feel? Do you feel anything?"

"Yes Daddy, it...kinda tingles..."

"Good. Now lean upward & open your eyes."

"Yes Daddy," you said obediently following My orders. I moved the arm so that it still shine directly onto your chest area.

"Now, you'll tell Daddy about discovering your boobies today."

"Yes Daddy, my boobies & nipples are getting bigger."

"How do you feel about that?"

"I guess I like it. Many of the other girls have seen their titties growing for a few years now. I guess mine are supposed to."

"Yes, little Krystal, they are supposed to grow so that you can become a woman. Will you please show Daddy your titties?"

"Oh, yes Daddy," you said dutifully starting to unbutton the buttons on your blouse. They're not like mommy's yet, though. They feel funny today. They feel different somehow...all tingly."

With that, I turned a dial on the arm that increased the intensity of the green light.

You may take your blouse completely off for Daddy. Do you like the idea of showing Daddy your boobies, even as they tingle?

"Oh, yes Daddy," you replied, as you completed taking off your blouse. The nurse walked up & took it from you, which didn't seem to bother you at all. You were wearing a fairly modest white bra that latched in the front.

"Do like nurse Shelley? She has a woman's body, doesn't she?"

"Oh yes Daddy, her boobs & hips are much bigger than mine." I... you stopped suddenly.

"You what?" I questioned.

"I think she's a pretty lady, that's all."

"Would you like to see her take her top off too?"

"Well...I....I....., that's so naughty of me to think that...., you said, your voice trailing off..."

"That's O.K., My dear, Daddy's going to teach you all about naughty sex today. Does that thought excite you?"

"Oh yes Daddy, I feel so strange..." You stopped talking, as your hands reached up to squeeze both your boobs through your bra. You stopped again & blushed while putting your hands down by your sides.

"That's O.K. little girl, I reassured. Soon all you'll be able to think about is the sensations that are coursing through your veins. You want Daddy to help you understand these feelings, don't you, little girl?"

"Yes Daddy pleeeaassee," you exclaimed, almost begging.

"Good girl, I said smiling. Now Daddy's going to tell you about your pretty titties. Do you want Daddy to see them naked?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, please," you blurted out as you thrust your chest toward Me.

"You know that it is very naughty for you to desire to show Daddy your cute boobies, don't you?"

"Oh, yes Daddy, it's very naughty..."

"But you want to be very naughty today for Daddy, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy, so very naughty..." You voiced trailed off again. You were struggling to keep your hands by your side. You so wanted to play with your boobs & pull on your own excited nipples.

"Good girl," I said, sitting on the side of the chair. I then reached over & unbuckled the clasp holding your bra together & opened it, allowing your firm, well shaped 38DD breasts to cascade forward. "You have very pretty boobies, My dear. They need for Daddy to touch them, don't they?"

"Oh, yes Daddy, pleeeaassee."

With that, I turned you sideways so that your legs dangled off the opposite side of the chair. I leaned you back against My chest. As I reached around to start feeling your breasts, I whispered in your ear. You love Daddy touching your little girl titties, don't you?"

"Oh, yes Daddy," you agreed without hesitation.

You started to moan softly, as I continued to run My fingers up & down your boob flesh. I then paused. You let out a disappointed yelp.

"Oh, Daddy, please don't stop."

"But it's so naughty for you to want Daddy to play with your little girl titties."

"Daddy, please make me be naughty with you, please," you pleaded.

"O.K., My dear," & with that, I grabbed both of your large bumpy pink nipples, simultaneously & started pulling on them expertly.

"Oh, Daddy, yeeesssssssss."

So wrapped up now with your sexual encounter that you found it hard to speak or express...just moan approval.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeesssssssss."

Your nipples continued to harden & enlarge as I pulled & moved them back & forth between My thumb & My forefinger. All you could do was watch your Master's caresses in fascination. You'd never seen your nipple so excited & large before. In fact, you felt that your nipples were at least an inch or two larger than just a few minutes before. In fact, you felt your boobs were growing with every heaving sighed breath you were taking. But how was that possible?

"Now, what does My naughty little girl want Daddy to do to her boobies?"


"That's a good, naughty girl. I turned you back onto the chair. Let Me give your boobies a little special treatment first," I said pushing the green lighted arm to within a few inches of your heaving chest. I flipped another switch, which brought the intensity of the light up as it started to pulsate. I look at My watch as if to time this segment of the treatment. You looked down, astounded to find your boobs swelling in size & your pink nipples elongating to be 4 or 5 inches across & 3 to 4 inches sticking straight outward. Suddenly, your pelvis began to twitch back & forth, thrusting hard against the leather-ed chair.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, what are you doing to me, Daddy?" "OoooHHHHHHH."

"You feel it down there, don't you?" I said with a knowing smile on My face.

"Oh, yes Daddy, ssssssssooooooo ggggooooooooodddddddd."

With that, I flipped off the lighted arm & pulled the not-so-little-girl upward. I started again to play with your now magnificent 38DD breasts & reaching downward for the first time, I drew close enough to start kissing & licking them.

"You want Daddy to kiss & lick your nipples, don't you?" By this point, you were so far gone, that you could only moan your approval as you nodded up & down.

I then grabbed your right boob & started to gently lick the massive pink nipple that adorned it.


I drew your nipple into My well trained mouth & started to tongue the now huge aureole inside of My mouth as if it were another giant tongue. All you could do was continue to moan while pulling My head closer to the rest of your breast.

"Oh, Yes Daddy, sssssssssooooooo ggggooooooooooooddddddddd."

In the darken background, nurse Shelley could no longer stand it herself. She was so turned on by watching Me Sensual Seduction of you. She unbuttoned her blouse completely & unhooked & removed her bra. Next she slid her panties downward, revealing a very wet, pink elongated labia. Her full breasts were tipped with very large pink nipples that just ached for attention. Her right hand reached up to start playing with her very excited right nipple while her other hand moved downward to her swollen clit......

"Good girl," I continued. "Now Daddy needs to do various things to you so I won't be able to always be sucking on your excited girlie nipples."

"Mmmm," you let out what sounded like a disappointed yelp to Me.

"Yes, I know," I said, as I stood up & reached down to what appeared to be a utility drawer that was housed at the base of the chair. Just above the drawer was a control panel. I flicked two switches & you could hear a new set of sounds coming from behind the chair. You would find out later that they were a series of air compressors. From the drawer, I lifted up what seemed to you like two large clear cylinders that were almost one foot long each. Both cylinders had what appeared to be connected to something below the chair by small clear tubing.

"These are what we call vacuum tubes," I explained. "Have you ever seen anything like them before?"

Struggling to talk, you said, "Not....really...Daddy... What do they do?" You managed to blurt out.

I smiled & said, "They're very useful in keeping your boobies aroused, My dear. Now, do us both a favor & lick the end of the vacuum tube one."

At that moment, I placed the opened end of the first cylinder at your young mouth. "Use lots of saliva & lick the very top inside walls of the tube," I instructed.

You tentatively started to lick the inside as ordered.

"Spit on it," I commended. "Make it wet."

You tried to obey, but was very awkward.

"Your trying, at least," I said. "Stop for a moment & try this instead." I placed My left hand behind your head while taking two fingers from My right hand & putting them close to your mouth. "Stick Daddy's fingers into your mouth & suck on them."

You hungrily obeyed & started to suck on My fingers.

"Make My finger's very wet," I continued, "That's right. Soon you'll be able to suck Daddy's huge black cock like this, won't you, My naughty girl?"

"Oh....YES....YES, Daddy!" You were able to say while still licking My fingers.

I then took & wet the top inside of the tube number one using My fingers, which I would dip into your willing mouth.

"Now, that should do," I said, while grabbing your right breast & placing it into the first cylinder. "Little Krystal," thought the sensation was a little weird at first. Your breast was almost sticking straight up now. I flicked another switch on the chair. With that, you could feel your whole nipple being sucked on. Your nipple was being pulled & pulled now toward the end of the tube. You'd never felt anything quite like it.

"How does that feel, little girl?"

"'s so good, Daddy... Can we do the other one?"

I smiled & nodded at you. This time I only needed to place Tube #2 in your hands for you to dutifully lubricate the inside of the tube's walls with your spit. After a while, I said, "That should do it," & took the cylinder away from you while grabbing your other breast & placing it into the tube. You loved the sensations of the two vacuum tubes sucking on your hungry pink nipples & boob flesh. Both of your breasts were sticking straight up now while the tubes sucked them higher & higher into the air.

"Do you like that, little girl?" I said, again smiling knowingly at you.

"Oh, yes Daddy. My boobies are so big now & ohhhhhhhhhhh....soooooo.....gooooodddddddd.....mmmmmmmmmm," you said, as you seemed to get lost in the sensations that the vacuums were making on you.

With that, I reached behind the back of the chair & pushed a button that brought the back of the chair upward, so that you were sitting straight up, your boobs still jutting straight out from your chest.

"Nurse?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, Doctor please," nurse Shelley replied to her Doctor/Master.

"Please join us now."

"Oh, yes, Doctor, yes," she said while obviously stopping her impassioned masturbation session which had been going on silently in the background.

The nurse did nothing, however, to cover up her exposed breasts while joining Me at the side of the chair.

"Little Krystal is being a very good girl today," I said.

"I can see that," the nurse said with a sweet smile crossing her lips.

I turned toward My young subject, who continued to moan softly while your luscious boobs were being administered to by the vacuum tubes.

I continued, "Krystal, you're Daddy's little girl, aren't you?" You nodded as you continued to stare at your breasts being sucked upon. "You'll do absolutely anything Daddy desires, won't you?"

"Yes....mmmmmmmmm....Daddy....ohhhhhhh...yyyeeesssssss," you replied.

"Good. You're such a good girl for Daddy. Now, you've been such a good girl that I've asked your mommy to join us in your sex lesson. You'll refer to nurse Shelley from now on as 'Mommy', do you understand?"

"Oh, yesssssssss.......she's my Mommy now....mmmmmm....."

"Good girl. You love your mommy, don't you?"

"Oh, yesssssssss.....Love my mommyyyyyyyyy.....ohhhhhhh...."

"Good girl, you make Daddy very happy when you obey Me."

I nodded to the nurse & we both helped to turn your legs once more so that they dangled off the side of the chair. It was obvious that you were losing all voluntary movement. The vacuum tubes continued to suck at your now swollen, puckered, distended pink nipples, providing you with continued pleasure. The nurse gingerly straddled you, placing her knees on the chair on either side of your smallish hips. She then pulled on the vacuum tubes slightly so that she could place her upper torso in between them. From this position, her full, large-nippled breasts were only a few inches from your mouth. Aroused Krystal's gaze riveted onto the older woman's breasts. You couldn't stop staring at them. THey were so full & round & her pink nipples were very large & very attractive. I positioned Myself right behind the nurse, so that My legs were on either side of your closed legs. I reached up from behind the well-endowed nurse & grabbed her right breast, cupping it with three fingers & My thumb while My index finger slowly moved back & forth at the bottom of the large, pink nipple. Krystal could see the nipple start to turn bumpy with excitement.

"Do you like Mommy's breasts?" I asked.

In a very soft & lowered voice, you replied, "Oh, yessssss," & stopped abruptly, as if hypnotized by the older lady's boobs.

"Good girl. Now you'll follow Mommy's instructions. She's going to teach you how to suck her titties. You want to suck on them don't you?"

I pushed backward from the two women & walked back to the monitoring station.

You nodded as the nurse started your lesson.

"Now, my dear, you can start by using both hands to cup Mommy's boob," instructed the older woman.

You did so.

"That's right. That's my good little girl. Now bring your head up."

With that, the nurse moved her right hand behind your head & pulled you up to her waiting right breast nipple.

"You love Mommy's boobies, don't you? You love Mommy's nipples, little girl?"

The no longer timid girl nodded & continued to stare at the large right nipple that loomed right in front of you.

"What do you want to do to it, my little darling?"

"I want to suck on Mommy's boobies," you blurted out. It seemed to both, Me & the nurse, that you blushed just then.

"Yes, my sweet girl, you want to suck & lick & kiss Mommy's boobies. Let me tell you how to please Mommy's breast."

"Oh, yess, please Mommy...."

"That's right. You have a beautiful little mouth for your Mommy's pleasure. First you'll kiss my nipple like it was a hungry tongue."

With that, you embarked on your first experience. You tentatively kissed the right nipple. You pecked at it. Your tentative approached elicited an immediate response from the nurse.

"Oh, my darling girl, you really do need Mommy to teach you, don't you?" Said the nurturing nurse.

"Little Krystal," stopped & gazed up with an angelic & innocent look.

"Lean backward slightly, please," she continued.

You did so without hesitation. With that, the brunette nurse abruptly pulled off the vacuum tube from your left breast. The now engorged nipple was more swollen than the nurse had ever seen before. You let out a small yelp of disappointment.

"Oh, don't be too disappointed, my dear. Mommy will take care of you. Just relax & enjoy while you learn," the nurse said. The nurse bent slightly downward & cupped your willing left boob, lifting it to her mouth.

"First you can start by flicking the nipple with your fingers to make it excited." The older woman then took her right hand & placed her thumb & middle finger right next to your nipple. She then proceeded to flick the already excited nipple with her fingers.

"Oh!" you exclaimed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTo Be Continued xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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