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Steps****r's Seduction

Tim is your typical 17 year old high school boy. He plays football, basketball, and runs track. He stands 6'1" with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, weighing about 180 lbs. He lives with his dad as well as his stepmom and steps****r. His dad had married his stepmom, Kelly, about 6 years ago, after Tim's mom had left them when Tim was 7. He gets along with them alright, fighting with his steps****r, Jenna, every once in a while, like any normal siblings.

Jenna is 14, standing about 5'4", with long red hair and blue eyes, weighing almost 105 lbs., with a budding 32C chest. Her mom is 34, standing 5'7" with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes, weighing around 130 lbs., with nice 40D tits.

Many times the two k**s were left home alone, with Tim in charge, while their parents were at work. It was summer break from school, so Tim and Jenna didn't have much going on.

Jenna has always had all kinds of guys chasing after her at school, wanting to date her, but she seemed to be stuck up and never gave the guys the light of day. They would always ask Tim what was up with her, but he didn't know either.

The reason is that Jenna secretly has a crush on Tim. She knew it is wrong in a way, because he is her stepb*****r, but they aren't bl**d related, so she didn't think it was that bad. She was a virgin and wanted Tim to be her first. She had however, already broke her hymen while doing gymnastics in school.

Today was like any other day, their parents were gone to work, and they were lounging around the house. Tim was in his room, laying in bed, and watching TV.

Jenna was in her room, getting ready to go out back to sunbathe. She put on a hot pink, string bikini, that hugged her budding tits tightly, and hugged her firm ass tight. She wanted to see if she could get a reaction out of Tim, and see if she could possibly seduce him.

Tim's bedroom door was ajar, as he laid in his bed, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. He heard Jenna's door slam shut, and her flip flops slapping her feet as she walked down the hallway. He watched the hallway as she got closer to his room. Jenna stopped in front of his door and lightly knocked.

"What do you want?" Tim almost yelled, hoping she would've just walked past his room. Jenna pushed the door open and peered in, "hey Tim, I'm going down to sunbathe, could you come down and rub some lotion on my back?" Tim looked at her sternly, a little agitated at her request, he did not want to get out of bed yet. "Can't you do it yourself?" He asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

Jenna looked at him sincerely, as she opened the door further, giving him a full frontal view of her. Tim felt a lump form in his throat as he looked at her. Her red hair was tied in pigtails, her tiny nipples were poking at her bikini top, her firm stomach glistened lightly with lotion she had already put on, and her bikini bottoms hugging her crotch tightly, showing a slight hint of her womanhood. He had seen her dressed like this before, but her tits had really filled out since the last time.

Tim cleared his throat nervously, "you can't do it yourself? I don't wanna get out of bed yet," he said softer. Jenna giggled, shaking her head, "come on you lazy bum, I won't bite you. All you gotta do is make sure my back gets covered." Tim snickered, contemplating her request. She did have a point, all he was going to do was rub lotion into her back.

As Tim laid there looking at her, his dick began to grow in his boxers, forming a bulge against them. Jenna looked at him, hoping her plan would work, looking down his body and noticing the bulge growing. She blushed, innocently swaying her body, wondering how big he was.

Tim scoffed finally, "ok I'll help you out, let me get dressed." Jenna's face lit up with excitement, "yay, thank you Tim, but why get dressed?" She asked, her mind racing now with ideas. Tim looked at her and laughed, "umm because I'm going outside, I don't think the neighbors wanna see me in my boxers."

Jenna twirled one of her pigtails innocently as she smiled seductively, "you can just do it up here, I can just lay on the floor or on your bed." Tim looked at her seriously, "ok that works for me, I guess you can lay on my bed. Do you have a towel to put down?" Jenna nodded excitedly as she stepped back and ran to the closest in the hallway, retrieving a towel.

Tim tried to position his dick, trying to hide his erection. Jenna came skipping back into the room, towel in hand, her pigtails swinging and her tits jiggling, a wide smile on her face. Tim pulled his shirt over the head of his dick that was poking out of the waistline of his boxers, hoping she didn't notice. Jenna's eyes went straight to his crotch as she strolled up next to Tim's bed, noticing his thick dick.

Jenna had never seen Tim's dick, nor any guys, except for when she had accidentally seen her step-dad's, when she had walked in on him changing. She didn't know what to expect, but she wanted to find out. She giggled as she looked back up at him, throwing the towel on his bed.

Tim looked at her, a little uneasy now, his dick refusing to calm down. She handed him the lotion, and he watched her climb onto his bed, as he stood next to it, watching her crawl on all fours, swaying her firm ass in front of him. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled slyly, wondering if he liked what he saw, and hoping he wouldn't change his mind.

Jenna moved herself around, so she was facing towards the headboard. She lowered her chest onto the towel, leaving her ass high in the air, smiling at Tim. Tim looked at her awkwardly, wondering what she was doing, "what the hell are you doing Jenna?" Jenna was taken aback by his question, thinking he would enjoy the show. Her look changed to disappointment as she let her hips flop on the bed, laying flat on the bed.

Tim let out a deep breath as he got on the bed next to her, smelling the cocoa butter wafting from her, causing his dick to throb against his boxers. He had no idea why, but the smell was turning him on even more. He squirted some lotion onto his hand, closed the bottle, and rubbed his hands together, distributing the cocoa butter lotion equally.

Jenna fixed her eyes on his boxers, trying to figure out how big his dick really was. She just wanted to reach out and grab his dick, and let him know what she wanted, but she knew he wouldn't like that. She felt Tim put his hands on the top of her shoulders and lightly squeeze. "Mmm," Jenna moaned, as she felt his rough hands begin to rub her shoulders.

"What?" Tim asked, thinking she said something. "Nothing, it just feels good with you massaging me." Tim lightly laughed at her comment, as he continued to massage her shoulders, slowly moving his hands down her back, admiring the softness of her skin. "Please don't stop Tim, give me a full body massage, you're relaxing me," Jenna moaned, hoping that would work.

Tim looked at his steps****r in disgust, "I'm just rubbing the lotion into your back, and that's it." Jenna pushed herself up a little, looking back at him with a pouty look, her lower lip curled and sticking out. "Please Tim, that's all I'm asking, I won't ask for anything else," she said sincerely.

Tim noticed her look and almost laughed, "what do I get out of it?" Jenna knew what she wanted to say, 'have sex with me.' But she bit her tongue, trying to think of how to answer that. "I will give you a back massage," she answered, hoping he would buy it. Tim shook his head, "nope, I don't want that."

Jenna looked in front of her, trying to think of something he would want. "Well what would you want for it?" She asked, looking back at him. Tim knelt there thinking about it for a bit, "umm ok, how about you do my chores for a week?"

Jenna thought that was a funny request, as she laughingly answered, "ok you got a deal." Almost sure she would get what she wanted, and he would forget about the request of doing his chores. She laid her head back down, ready to receive her massage.

Tim shifted on his knees, his dick still raging in his boxers, wanting out as he took in the cocoa butter smell. He let out another deep breath as he continued to massage the middle of her back, sliding his fingers under the string of her bikini top. Jenna moaned as she felt his fingers under the string, reaching back and started untying it, "maybe this'll help," she giggled.

Tim cleared his throat uneasily as she untied her bikini top and let the strings fall on either side of her. He realized that if she lifted up or rolled over, he would get a look at her young tits. His dick throbbed even harder at this thought, as it started to leak precum now, leaking against his stomach. He used the palm of his hands to knead her back, rubbing a little roughly.

Jenna's moans got a little louder, as she moved under his hands, wanting him to go lower. Tim rubbed his way down to her lower back, continuously massaging her. Jenna arched her back slightly, her ass raising into the air slightly. Tim laughed to himself, realizing that she was really enjoying this.

Tim massaged her lower back for a while, staring at her firm ass, wondering how firm it really was. His hands got even closer to the top of her bikini bottoms, that hugged her ass tightly, as her back arched even more. Tim then moved his hands away from her back, and moved down next to her hips.

Jenna looked back at him to see what he was doing, when she felt his hands grab the middle of her thigh, on the leg closest to him. She spread her legs slightly as he started massaging the back of her leg, his hands almost wrapping completely around her leg.

Tim rubbed her leg down towards her knees, squeezing and massaging as he went. Her legs was extremely soft and smooth. He groan lightly as her legs spread further apart, his eyes looking at her ass as the crotch of her bikini pulled tighter against her pussy, showing more of her pussy lips.

'Stop looking, she's your s****r,' Tim said himself, as his dick throbbed again. He massaged further down her leg, until he reached her ankle. He massaged her calf and ankle for a while, then moved to her other leg. He started at the ankle of her left leg, massaging it and slowly working his way up to her thigh, unable to move his eyes away from her pussy now.

Jenna had her eyes closed, enjoying the massage she was getting from her older stepb*****r, as well as feeling herself getting turned on. As Tim massaged his way up her leg, she wanted to just move her hips back and f***e his hand into her crotch, so he could see how excited she was getting.

Tim focused on his younger steps****r's pussy as he massaged her thigh, as his hands got closer and closer to it. He stopped a couple of inches from her crotch, kneading her thigh there, now wanting to just touch her womanhood and see how she would react. He sucked in his breath as he looked up at her face, shakily reaching a finger towards her pussy. He could feel heat coming from her pussy as his finger was almost touching her bikini.

Jenna held her breath also, as she felt him stop massaging her leg and his hand getting closer to her crotch. 'Please don't stop Tim, keep going,' she said to herself as she anticipated him touching her pussy. She kept her eyes closed tightly, as she lightly moaned her anticipation.

Tim wasn't sure how she would react, but there was only one way to find out. He lightly brushed his finger against her bikini bottoms, feeling the heat of her pussy against them. 'Oh my fucking god, I can't believe I'm doing this,' he said to himself, as he pushed his finger a little harder against her crotch.

Jenna moaned a little louder, as she lifted her hips off the bed to give him better access, "Mmm what are you doing Tim?" Tim jumped at her words, pulling his hand away from her leg and pussy, "I... I'm sorry Jenna." Tim moved back off of the bed and stood up, unsure of what else to say. Jenna pushed herself up, her bikini top hanging under her, giving Tim a look at her firm tits.

Tim almost wanted to cry as he looked at her young tits. Her nipples were hard and sticking out from her quarter size areolas. 'Holy shit,' he thought, as he stared at her tits. "Why did you stop massaging me Tim?" Jenna asked, noticing him looking at her tits. She smiled shyly at him, having forgot about her top being untied.

Tim was speechless as he stared at her almost perfect tits. Jenna giggled at his stunned look, and playfully said, "do you wanna massage them too?" Hoping he would go further with this.

Tim wanted to say yes, but shook his head slowly. He really did want to, but he also knew that if his parents found out about it, they would kill him for sure. Jenna innocently bit her lower lip, as she contemplated how to get him to go further. "Why not, you said you would give me a full body massage," she finally said, smiling deviously at him.

Tim was torn between wanting to massage them, and the consequences if he did. "I know Jenna, but I can't do that," he finally said, his dick leaking precum profusely now. Jenna bit her lower lip again, and said, "ok fine, but can you at least finish my legs?" Thinking she could get him to go further that way.

Tim looked at her nervously, wondering if he could carry on any further. He was so turned on right now, he didn't think it was such a good idea. His hormones won however and he agreed to finish the massage on her legs, "ok, I'll finish it, but as soon as I'm done get out of my room, and this'll be the first and only time I give you a massage."

Jenna gave him the pouty look again, disappointed by his response, but happy he agreed to finish the massage. She laid back down on the bed, ready for him to continue.

Tim nervously got back on the bed, kneeling next to her hips, unable to get the image of her perky tits out of his head. He gently laid his hands on the back of her left leg again, just below her ass. He started massaging her leg, squeezing and rubbing the back of her leg, slowly working his way towards her inner thigh.

Jenna moaned as she felt him massage her inner thigh, spreading her legs apart again. Her pussy was dripping wet now, soaking her bikini bottoms, as she lifted her hips up slightly.

Tim was nervously sweating as his hand was almost touching her covered pussy again. He could feel the heat permeating from her crotch, realizing that she must be getting excited from this. 'Ohh god,' he thought as he rubbed her inner thigh harder. He moved his hand even closer to her crotch, the back of his thumb lightly pushing against her bikini bottoms.

Jenna cooed when she felt his thumb brush against her covered pussy, keeping quiet this time so he didn't stop. She gently moved her hips up and down, trying not to alert him, but trying to urge him on. She felt Tim start rubbing the tip of his thumb against her slit, pushing the crotch of her bottoms into her pussy.

Tim's hand was shaking as he rubbed his thumb against her slit, hoping she wouldn't be alerted by it. He could feel her wetness starting to seep through the crotch of her bottoms, exciting him even more. He pushed his thumb harder against her slit, feeling her pussy lips spread around it and his thumb push her bikini bottoms into her entrance.

Jenna moaned loudly as she felt his thumb enter the outer regions of her entrance, completely lost in pleasure now. She squeezed the sheet on his bed hard with her hands, as she tried to control herself, and not rush him. "Please Tim, don't stop, oh please keep going," she whispered under her breath, trying to make sure he didn't hear her.

Tim started getting braver as he moved his thumb down her slit, pushing the crotch of her bottoms into her entire slit. Jenna's body trembled when he reached the top of her slit, his thumb rubbing against her clit. Jenna began to squirm a little on the bed, liking him touching her, but unsure of what she was feeling in her body. Tim's breathing hastened as he moved his thumb up and down her slit, feeling her leg tremble and squirm under his hand.

Jenna's body temperature was rising, as her breathing hastened as well. She could feel something building inside of her, not sure how to explain the feeling, but her whole body was beginning to tingle. Jenna moaned out in ecstasy, "oh god," her chest rubbing against his bed adding to the attention her pussy was getting.

Tim sucked in his breath and held it, as he pushed his forefinger under her bikini and started to pull it aside, unsure of how she would react. He felt her wetness on the inside of her bottoms, and her light pubic hair brushing against the back of his finger.

Jenna wanted to cry out when she felt his finger pulling her bikini bottoms aside. 'Yes, yes, yes,' she yelled in her head, realizing it was working. She held her eyes closed tightly, and her mouth sealed tightly, trying to stifle her moans and screams.

Tim continued to hold his breath as he pulled the crotch of her bottoms aside, looking down at her now exposed slit. Her tiny pussy lips were closed tightly together, glistening with her wetness, a light amount of red pubic hair sticking out from them. Of the pussy's he had seen before, Jenna's looked to be extremely tight. Tim looked up at Jenna, wondering if she was going to say anything about her pussy being exposed.

Jenna had her eyes closed tightly, not saying anything or moving, hoping he would continue. She felt her pussy exposed to the air, as the cooler air hit her goosebumps ran up her body and she shivered. She knew then that he may give what she wanted, as long as she didn't interrupt him.

Tim sucked in his breath again as he slowly moved his forefinger towards her pussy. He focused his eyes on her slit, as his finger shook nervously, getting closer to his younger steps****r's slit. He pushed the tip of his finger against her pussy lips, feeling the pubic hair tickle the end of his finger. He groaned as his finger pushed against her soft pussy lip, feeling the wetness that covered them.

Jenna sucked in her breath when she felt his finger on her pussy lip, slightly moving her hips towards it. She opened her eyes, trying to see if she could see anything. She thought about reaching back and grabbing at his crotch, to feel his dick and let him know she wanted it in her, but resisted the urge.

Tim stared at her pussy, lightly rubbing his fingertip against her pussy lip, wondering why she wasn't saying anything. He let out his breath, sweat coming down his forehead as he decided to push further. He moved his forefinger towards the middle of her slit, slowly pushing it in between her tight lips.

Jenna jumped slightly when she felt his finger beginning to penetrate her virgin hole. 'Ohhh mmmyyy gggoooddd,' she thought as she moaned loudly. She felt the tip of his finger enter her canal, feeling it stretch to allow entrance.

Tim groaned as he slowly pushed his finger into his steps****r, astonished by how tight she was. He felt her pussy squeeze at his finger, as if trying to push it back out. He stared at her tiny lips split open, wrapping around his finger as he tried to push further into her.

Jenna could not control herself any longer, moving her hand back and between his legs, moving it towards his dick. She felt it against his boxers and lightly squeezed it, moaning and lifting her hips higher off of the bed.

Tim groaned when he felt Jenna's hand grab his dick, realizing this was going to far, but unable to stop himself now. He moved closer to her, allowing her better access to his dick, pushing his forefinger into her pussy as far as he could, wondering if she was a virgin or not, when he didn't feel her hymen. He thought his finger should be long enough to feel it, as he wiggled it around inside of her.

Jenna started gyrating her hips up and down, enjoying the feeling of her pussy being penetrated for the first time. She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft of his covered dick, wondering how big it was, because it felt fairly thick and long she thought. She moved her hand under his shirt, realizing then that his dick was sticking almost 3" out of the top of his boxers. She lightly squeezed the glans of his head, her forefinger against the tip of his dick, noticing his precum leaking out.

Tim shivered when Jenna squeezed his sensitive head, groaning loudly. He slowly started to move his finger in and out of her sucking hole, feeling her muscles clench and squeeze his finger, as he wondered if his dick would be able to enter her. He pushed his middle finger into her slit, feeling the tiny nub of her clit, her legs trembling and shaking as he rubbed her clit.

Jenna used her arm to lift his shirt up, rubbing the tip of his dick with her finger, marveling at how sticky his precum was. She looked back as her arm lifted his shirt high enough to reveal the head of his dick. Her eyes widened as she saw the purple head of his dick, 'oh my god, it's fucking huge,' she thought, staring at it.

Tim felt his shirt being lifted up, and he looked up at Jenna. He almost laughed when he saw her wide eyed look.

Tim is pretty well endowed below the belt for guys his age. His dick is almost 8" long and a little under 3" in diameter.

Tim smiled at her and asked almost laughingly, "is there something wrong?" Jenna looked up at him, "you're fucking huge Tim." Tim chuckled, "I've been told that before, but they seemed to enjoy it." Jenna lightly smirked, "yeah but this is my first time."

Tim knew this couldn't happen, but his dick was begging for release now, so he had every intention of making that happen. "I'll take it easy, if it hurts we can stop," he said sincerely. Jenna slowly nodded, still staring at the head of his dick, her thumb on one side of his shaft and her other three fingers on the other side, slowly moving up and down, her forefinger still rubbing the head of his dick.

Tim turned his attention back her virgin pussy, moving his finger a little faster in and out of her, and rubbing her clit a little harder. He could feel her pussy getting even wetter as she let go of his dick and grabbed his sheet again, moaning loudly, "oh my god Tim, my body's tingling and getting all hot." Tim laughed to himself, realizing she must be getting close to orgasm already.

"I bet you're gonna cum Jenna," he groaned seductively. Jenna moaned, "what?" Her hips starting to jump on the bed now. "Ohhh, what is happening to me Tim, oh my god, you better st... stop Ti... Tim," she stuttered out, her whole body beginning to twitch. "You're gonna cum Jenna, let it go, cum for me," Tim groaned, feeling her pussy getting even tighter.

Jenna let out a long moan as her orgasm began to course through her body, "ohhhhhh." Tim kept steady pressure on her clit as she started to cum, urging her on, "yeah that's it Jenna, you're cumming." Jenna's hips bucked up as her orgasm continued to take over her body, sending her into a new euphoria she had never felt before. "Ho... hol... holy sh... shit," she cried out in pleasure.

Tim felt more wetness flow out of her pussy as she came, running down her slit and onto his bed below. He continued to move his finger in and out of her pussy as she came, hearing the squishing noises it made from her wetness. "Wow Jenna, you're really soaking the bed, mmm your pussy's getting all wet for me," he groaned, urging her on more.

Jenna's hips fell back to the bed as her orgasm began to subside, her body still trembling lightly. "Holy shit that was incredible," she said,out of breath. Tim chuckled as he pulled his finger out of her pussy, making a light audible pop as it exited, "you're telling me s*s."

Jenna lightly smiled at him, trying to catch her breath, as Tim grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He back back off of the bed and pushed his boxers down, as he stood back up his long dick was pointing almost straight up in the air. Jenna looked at his dick, finally able to see how big it really was. "Oh my god Tim, are you sure it will fit?" She asked in shock.

Tim lightly chuckled, "we'll just have to find out huh?" Jenna slowly pushed herself up and sat up on his bed, staring at his dick. She looked down the entire length of his dick, seeing his fat ball sack hugged tight against his body, still wondering how it was going to fit inside of her.

Tim slowly got back onto the bed and laid down on his back next to her. Jenna kept her eyes locked on his dick, watching it bounce and sway as he moved. Tim looked at her and smiled, "so this is the first time you've ever seen a guy's dick?" She slowly shook her head, "no, but never one that big."

Tim lightly chuckled, "well for your first time, you can be on top, that way if you wanna stop, you can just get off of me." Jenna looked up at him nervously, she knew her plan had worked, but was scared her that older stepb*****r's dick was way to big. She nodded her head once, "ok, but how do I do that?" Tim laughed at her, "here I'll show you." He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him, "first you need to straddle my body." He could feel her arm shaking a little, figuring she was a little scared.

Tim looked at her sincerely as she slowly moved over him, straddling his abdomen. Jenna put her knees on each side of his stomach, looking at Tim with trust. Tim smiled at her as he started pulling at the string of her bikini bottoms, trying to untie it. Jenna held herself up, helping him untie her bottoms, and threw them on the floor.

Tim put his hands on her hips, pushing her back, towards his dick. Both of their breathing was hastened as her pussy moved over his dick. "Ok Jenna, I'll hold my dick steady and line it up with your hole, all you have to do is lower yourself onto my dick, take as long as you want," Tim said slowly, grabbing the base of his dick and holding it straight up, pointing at her slit.

Jenna slowly nodded at him, taking some deep breaths. "Here goes nothing," she whispered, as she slowly began to lower her pussy towards his dick. Tim looked down at his dick, her pussy slowly getting closer to it. He watched her pussy lips spread apart as the head of his dick began to penetrate her outer regions. Jenna was breathing rapidly as steadily kept lowering herself down.

"That's it Jenna, take it nice and slow," Tim whispered, feeling the head of his dick beginning to penetrate her entrance. Jenna felt the head of his dick entering her, feeling much bigger than his finger. She stopped there, the head of his dick just inside of her, her pussy trying to accommodate to it. Tim's dick throbbed, as the heat from her pussy coursed through his dick, causing Jenna to shiver.

"Oh my god, you feel so big in there," Jenna moaned. Tim smiled at her and whispered, "and your pussy is really tight." Jenna smirked slightly, putting her hands on his chest and lowering herself down further, feeling more of his dick sink into her. "Ohhh god!" Tim yelled out in pleasure, using all of his willpower to keep from lifting his hips up into her, and cumming right then and there.

Jenna was taking shallow breaths as felt his dick sink into her, inch by inch filling her virgin canal. She kept lowering herself down until she felt the head of his dick push against her cervix. Tim looked down at their union, surprised her pussy had taken almost all of his dick with no resistance. Her pussy lips were spread wide apart, wrapping tightly around the shaft of his dick, her tiny clit protruding out from her slit and pointing at him. He felt the head of his dick push against her cervix, seeing only an inch of his dick was still out of her pussy.

"Holy shit, your pussy is so hot and tight Jenna," Tim groaned, holding her hips steady. Jenna was speechless, taking shallow breaths, trying to get used to the new feeling of having her pussy penetrated. Her eyes were closed tightly, feeling her pussy being stretched to the max, her muscles trying to compensate around it.

Tim moved his hands up her sides, moving them to her shoulders, pulling her towards him. As she laid across his chest, her bikini top fell forward and bunched up above her tits, her pert nipples poking against his chest. She opened her eyes and looked into his with total trust. Tim smiled at his younger steps****r, lifting his head up and lightly kissing her on the lips.

Jenna returned the kiss and smiled at him, "I love you Tim." Tim gave her a half smile, sliding his hands down her back and grabbing her firm ass cheeks. His dick was throbbing deep inside of her, as it took everything he had to keep from rolling her over and fucking her hard. "I told you it would fit inside of you," he whispered, lightly groaning.

Jenna moaned lightly, laying her head on his shoulder. Her pussy felt so full, his fat dick touching every part of the inside of her pussy. It hurt a little, but also tingled around his dick, sending her into complete pleasure. As Tim's dick throbbed inside of her, it sent shock waves through her body, as she lifted her head up and looked into his eyes. "Oh my god Tim, your dick is really filling me up," she whispered.

Tim smiled wide at her, "it feels right at home inside of you." Jenna returned the smile, "thank you for being my first." Tim looked into her eyes and said, "are you ready to move now?"

Jenna slowly nodded, looking at Tim with total trust again. Tim used his hands to pull on her ass, lifting her hips up slowly, feeling his dick begin to exit her. Jenna moaned as she felt his dick leaving her pussy, her muscles clenching at it as her hips lifted up. When just the head was inside of her, he pushed down on her hips, her pussy swallowing his dick easier now.

Tim groaned when he bottomed out in her again, the head of his dick pushing into her cervix. Jenna moaned as well, figuring out in a hurry what she was supposed to do, lifting her hips up on her own and sinking back onto his dick. She started a slow and steady rhythm, grabbing the top of his shoulders for bracing as she slowly picked up the pace.

Tim was groaning and grunting under her, as he started lifting his hips up into her downward thrusts, trying to drive his dick deeper into her. He knew he wasn't going to be able to last very long in her tight pussy, but hoping he could hold out long enough to make her cum again.

Jenna's moaning was getting louder and more frequent as she move her hips faster. "Oh fuck Tim, this is better than I ever imagined," Jenna moaned. Tim was holding her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he concentrated on not cumming yet. Jenna's hips bucked harder as her movements became more f***eful. "Oh Tim, I think I'm gonna cum again," she moaned, pushing herself up and staying there with his dick buried inside of her, grinding her hips and pussy against him.

Tim felt her legs trembling and jumping on his sides. "Are you gonna cum again s*s, huh, are you gonna cum on my hard dick?" He yelled out, moving his hands to her tits, squeezing and fondling them. He felt the pressure is his balls growing, knowing he was getting close to cumming himself.

Jenna was gyrating her hips against him harder, feeling her orgasm nearing. "Uh huh, uh huh, I can feel it coming," she moaned. Tim squeezed her tits hard, trying to drive his hips into her further, his dick growing inside of her. "Oh fuck Jenna, I'm gonna cum too," Tim groaned, feeling his cum boiling up. He felt her pussy getting tighter as she yelled out, "do it Tim, I want to feel you cum inside of me, I want to see what it feels like."

That was all it took for Tim, he groaned loudly as his dick swelled inside of her, " here it comes Jenna." Jenna froze her movements as she felt his dick growing in her.

Just as Tim's first shot of cum fired into Jenna, Kelly walked in front of Tim's room. She almost fainted when she saw her daughter sitting on top of her stepson, his dick buried inside of her and the both of them moaning loudly. Kelly watched Tim's dick throb, as he was grunting loudly. She stood there mesmerized as her daughter cried out, "oh god Tim, I'm cumming too. Fuck I can feel you cumming inside of me."

With Tim cumming inside of her pussy, it had set off Jenna's orgasm. She gyrated her hips against him, as his dick shot rope after rope of thick cum into her, moaning loudly.

Kelly stood there in shock, as her stepson continued to fill her daughter's pussy with his cum. She watched Jenna fall forward as Jenna moaned over and over, "I love you Tim, god I love you." Her eyes were transfixed on Tim's dick buried inside of Jenna's pussy, his cum starting to leak out around it and run down his ball sack. "What are you guys doing?" Kelly exclaimed in disbelief.

Tim heard his stepmom, trying to look around Jenna to see her. 'Oh shit, we're dead now,' he thought, as his dick started to go soft in his steps****r's sucking pussy. Jenna was still trying to recover from her orgasm, and she didn't hear her mom.

Kelly stood in the doorway, furious, but not knowing how to handle this. She watched Tim's dick fall out of Jenna's gaping pussy, his cum being pushed out by her pussy contractions and dropping onto his abdomen. 'Oh my god, his dick is huge,' Kelly thought to herself, as she stared at his limp dick and her daughter's, gaping, swollen pussy, leaking her stepson's virile seed.

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