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The Office BBC Slut

We just met last week, Jason thought as he admired the lusty photo of the slick mature pussy on his phone. The photo came to him from an older lady he had bumped into and had been lusting over since. Her name is Terri, 43, a firm 43, one of those brunette beauty with thighs (and an ass) that would drive any man insane in the pants. Their paths had been thrust together one afternoon while out for some afternoon coffee

Jason had noticed her swaying ass when he entered the store front. A short line put him right behind her, right behind a nice behind. Terri had just received her triple espresso macchiato from the barista when the cup spilled. Hot coffee splashed down the front of her fitting blouse causing her to fall backwards and grind against Jason’s lap. It was lucky for her that he happened to be standing there to catch her, her coffee on the other hand had fallen mercilessly to the floor. "Are you alright" Jason asked pulling her to her feet. He was always one to be a gentlemen, that was part of his charm, the one thing that never failed to get him laid. Reaching his hand out, Jason couldn't help but notice how shapely she was, nice cleavage, slim hips and an ass firm enough to put 20 year olds to shame. "I'll get you another," Jason was quick to offer, ordering an Iced mocha for himself. "Thank you" she said straightening her dress while noticing Jason's wondering eyes. She also couldn’t help but notice Jason’s flawless tan brown skin and athletic stature. He nearly dwarfed her once she had gotten to her feet.

While they reordered and waited for their coffees Jason brought up small talk. Being a handsome guy of 22 he had had his share of pussy from random college girls; one of his regulars, Jessica always made sure to keep his balls fairly drained with expert blowjobs. If only she was here now, Jason thought as he felt his dick expand against the tight material of his denim. His poker face was on ten, as he sat and joked with Terri about her boring desk job. He had his game down to a tee, banter was one his strong suits. But for some reason his usual bullshit game was cut short, he was sincere about the questions he asked. The silly flirtatious was very unlike him too, he’d just chalk it up to the unusually warm winter weather. It didn’t go unnoticed, Terri was blushing bright red, which contrasted against her flawless white cheeks, from all the flirting going on between the two. At one point while Jason was talking she made the mistake of looking down her lap. She immediately saw the rigged outline of a swollen cock, her eyes grew big before she embarrassingly looked back into Jason’s eyes. He really was a handsome young stud, sincere eyes, a nice smile, and a lean physique. Her lower lips moistened as they talked and she continued to imagine the cut abs and hard black dick under his stylish clothes.

It's not that she didn’t know she was hot for her age, a bona fide milf she liked to joke to herself. But the attention she received always seemed to be from the wrong type of guys, the bums, the dead beats; plus her work schedule and k**s kept her plenty busy. Her only relief came from meetings with her Hitachi that her vagina had become quite friendly with, it never failed to bring her to a sheet changing orgasm.

After grabbing their drinks Terri grew bold and ruffled through her purse, Jason was confused but decided to see where this going. Seconds later she pulled out a business with her work number and cell number. He rubbed his fingers over the raised letters of her name as he grew an instant chub in his pants. "Give me call" was all she said before leaving out the shop and rounding the corner back to work.

That was a week ago today, a week of nude texting and horny photo sharing; a week of thick black cock pics and white and wet pussy; and they both were at their boiling points. Any time Jason saw the name Terri come up on his phone he became hard as a rock in seconds. The same could be said for Terri, who turned out to the more rambunctious of the two, always sending Jason scantly clad noods and close ups of her dripping pussy after masturbating. It even resulted with Terri running to the office bathrooms just to rub out an orgasm for her sex starved pussy.

There was even an occasion where Jessica insisted on blowing him while they talked on the phone; she enthuastically bobbed her head up and down on his cock, while Jason grunted through the phone with Terri on the other line frantically rubbing her pussy to climax. Terri was the first to scream out in painful pleasure, then Jason through gritted teeth shot a load thick load down Jessica’s throat. Who was only happy to swallow it all.
Terri smiled in her afterglow. All work and no play had left her poor vagina completely horny most days.

Her Hitachi was good, but it was no substitute for a live throbbing cock. One day it was enough, Terri had woke up in an unprecedented wily mode. She nearly fingered herself u*********s in early morning traffic; she came to her wits just before squirting all over the driver seat. Looking down she could make out the puddle of juices on the cloth seat and a bugged eyed girl in the car on the other lane. She speed up in shame, the heat between her legs killing her as she pressed the accelerator with f***e, that’s when she came up with an idea, one that would surely scratch that sexual inch.

As she made her way to her office locking the door behind her, her panties were already drowned in the secretions of her fantasies. She had everything worked out, in her head, and all it was going to take was one more photo. Posing over her desk with her knickers at ankle level she bent down taking a close up picture of her shaven wet pussy and quivering brown eye. Jason had just finished depositing a load into the spank bank while admiring the collection of photos he and Terri had traded over the last seven days. He had just wiped his hands of the fresh hot cum when his phone rang saying he had a new text.

Terri. It was a close up of her wonderfully shaven pussy and equally hairless asshole. The caption underneath simply said: Bend me over my desk. With the address and room number to her office. That is all it took. Jason had his shoes, and his winter coat on before and was out to his car before the picture on his phone timed out from inactivity. On the way there he was full mast the entire time. It was only lucky he had just cum, now he could fuck her world to oblivion before cumming again.

Terri on the other hand couldn’t hold out, she sat in her chair; legs propped sensually up on each armrest and played her clit like a delicate instrument. The seat was soaking from her ministrations and the room filled with the scent of her aroused lustful vagina. Licking her fingers clean she checked her phone for missed messages before going back to playing with her kitty. She desperately wanted to cum, but she also wanted to see the outcome of her naughty text. Just as she stuck a finger into her gaping hole there was a knock on her door. Quickly tasting her fingers again she pulled her legs down and under the desk, bypassing the need to cover her soaked friend with panties. She knew, she hoped this was Jason at her door ready to pump her brains out with his massive black dick. As she straightened her hair and wiped the sweat from her forehead she motioned for the person to enter in as lustful voice she could conjure.

‘Ms. Reeves” the voice answered as the petite frame of her secretary came waltzing into the spacious office. A sheepish “Yes, Alexis” was her response as Alexis handed over today’s mail. As she was walking back to the door to make her leave Alexis stopped just before the threshold of her office, inhaling deeply before complimenting Ms. Reeves on her new perfume. The second she heard the click of the door Terri faceplamed the desk and giggled to herself, turning beet red in the process. She was almost to the point of tears from her naïve assistants weird compliment plus her pussy still tingled from it’s interrupted play time. She check her phone again, still no response. “Well… might as well finish what I started” she said aloud in the emptiness of her office. Just as the tip her finger brushed her already sensitive clit there was another knock at her door. “YES ALEXIS” her tone was exasperated this time around. A third knock. “Just come in” Terri finally said.

Jason turned the knob and walked into the office, much to the surprise and relief of Terri. She stood up and walked towards him with a sinful grin. Handing her some roses Jason followed suit with a f***efully kiss to her lips before picking her up and sliding her onto her desk. He could make out the smell of pussy on her breath, which only made his hard dick twitch in it’s confined space, then looked around to see her panties thrown casually next her chair. “Somebody’s been having some fun at work” he said while lifting her skirt above her knees. Terri helped by raising her but off the desk so the skirt hung around her waist like a sexual fanny pack. “Well I couldn’t wait forever” she said while pulling Jason in for another passionate kiss.

At any other time Jason would have taken it slow, caressing, lip biting, fingering, all the tricks of foreplay. But he knew she needed this and his dick was near the point of pain struggling against his tight fitting jeans. Terri, quickly heating back up, looked into Jason’s light brown eyes. She could hear the rattling of his belt as he dropped it to the floor. They kissed again as Jason tugged his jeans off effortlessly, causing his boxers to tent from the f***e of his prick. Terri, taking large slow gasps of air, reached down and slid her fingers in the elastic band of his boxers before slowly pulling them down his muscular tone legs. Shocked by the size and purplish color Terri’s mouth gaped. “Am I your first young guy Ms. Reeves” he called her by her sirname for added thrills. “YES” she was able to gasp while taking hold of the massive fuck stick. Jason hugged the older woman and kissed her forehead, his hands slid down her shoulders before coming back up and pulling her blouse over head. Jason and Terri locked eyes as he rubbed her pussy to confirm the wetness. Once he knew she was ready he moved in closer grabbing his dick and placing the tip at her entrance.

Terri sighed as she felt his warmth on her cuntlips. Never breaking eye contact, Jason pushed forward and slid all of his girth into her. With her eyes shut tight Terri gasped at the fullness. She could fill his pelvic hair tickling her clit and smiled knowing that all of his dick was currently inside her. Moving her hips against his stiff dick she was the first to start rhythm. Soon their bodies were in tune and Jason was slamming in just as Terri was slamming for extra penetration.

Having edged herself to orgasm earlier she knew this would be a quick round. Her pussy leaked juice all around the desk and Jason’s dick easing the friction. They were fucking fast, and hard, racing towards untimely bliss. Jason felt the familiar feeling in his groin but knew he could hold off as he gave Terri deep strokes. The juice once covering his cock had turned to a nice white form and covered the sex of the two. Without any warning Terri bit Jason on the neck squealing in pleasure. Her body went limp and her pussy let loose a current of clear liquid. Jason paused for all of three seconds once he felt the splash of fluid on his stomach, before finishing fucking Terri’s pussy to another orgasm. It didn’t take long either, her clit was already hypersensitive and only needed another ten strokes before she came again flooding the surface of her desk with hot quim.

On the second wave, Jason lost control and let loose six pumps of cum into the 43 year olds pussy. Terri sighed in relief feeling the cum pool on her cervix. Some leaked out and dripped onto the carpet but most of it stayed put even after Jason’s flattening dick slipped out her pussy. Jason kissed Terri again lifting her firm white ass off the desk. Terri relishing the strong young man and reliving her double orgasm whispered in Jason's ear ”Maybe next time you should cum in my ass”

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