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Bachelor party turned around part 2

The girl on the screen suck his cock after the cumshot squeezing every last drop into her mouth and that was making me want to taste more cum. I looked down to the other end of the couch and noticed a guy stroking his cock I watched for a second as he was getting faster and faster then slide down next to him and reached down and took over stroking I was stroking it rather faster when he said I am getting close. Without hesitation I leaned down and but his head into my mouth he came and kept stroking and sucking I took his whole load in my mouth and then spit it in the floor stood up and walked out of the theater back to the booths. I sat down in the booth and was looking into the other booths next to me hoping someone would come in. I heard someone come into the booth next to me so I got down in the floor and looked into the other booth thru the hole the guy changed the channels and dropped his pants and started rubbing his cock. I was watching his cock then looked up at him and noticed it was Corey I pulled back from the hole a little so he would see my face then reached in and touched his leg. He turned toward the hole and I guided his cock in I rubbed it a little just licking the head. And I heard him say Suck it baby and swallow it all. I started sucking him then his cock was long and lean not very fat but 8 or 9 long with a nice set of shved balls. I would take turns sucking his long shaft on and out of my mouth rubbing his balls then suck on his balls while stroking his cock. I could hear him moan a little so I started sucking his cock fast taking it as deep as I could and then back to my lips as fast as I could he was flexing his everytime it would hit the back of my throat then he flexed and exploded I felt his cum shoot down my throat and fill my mouth I kept the same pace just swallowing a little to make room for the next pulse of cum. I was still sucking and could feel him getting soft he pulled back from the hole and said that was amazing.

I sat for a couple more minutes when I heard the door close on the door next to me again. I looked thru the hole and noticed it was Brad he was in his 40's but great shape. He dropped his pants and I reached thru the hole and rubbed his leg he also turned to the hole and stuck his cock thru. I was licking his huge cock head when he said "I want you to suck me then fuck me then take this load" I just started sucking his cock like I had Corey's at the end taking it as deep as possible I was getting a nice motion when he pulled back I knew what he wanted so I turned around and put my ass to the hole. He rubbed his cock on my ass and balls for a second them stuck it in my ass. The large head felt great working in and out I was stroking my cock slowly then without warning shot my cum all over the booth. He was still fucking my ass when he pulled back and I turned around to the hole to get met by a huge load of cum on my face in my mouth so I just started sucking it swallowing what didn't hit my face. He pulled his cock thru the hole and I looked thru to see if he was gone to find he was looking at me. He looked a little surprised but then said I won't tell if you will do it again. I smiled and reached in for his cock.

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