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An Evening at Ms.Clarks Part 5 (Cindys story)

My day started off just like any other Friday, I showered dressed and was off to school, to try to instill in some of these k**s that's there is more to life, than just news, weather, and sports. Yes, I am a teacher.

I had been day dreaming of what it would be like to teach someone who really wanted to learn, rather than just get by. One of my brightest students, a girl named Mary, asked me a question about the lesson, and I had to reflect back on what it was like when I was 15, and knew everything. I explained the concept to Mary and she seemed to understand it. Wow, why can't they all get it like that?

At lunch one of the coaches asked me if i was going to be all alone tonight and I had to tell him (again) I had a date with a special fellow and I would NOT be able to see him tonight. I secretly wished he had asked me a couple days ago when I didn't have a date for tonight. Oh Well.

When I arrived home that night I saw that my three k**s Jake, a strapping 15 y.o. and his older b*****r, Sam,22, (a result of a college quicky) and his younger s****r Amanda who is just 12 going on 30, by the way she acts and talks. I heard Jake asking his b*****r to please buy him and a couple of his friends some booze for tonight and that they promised to be of no problem. When I came in the door the conversation stopped, or at least dropped down to a lower level of speech and I could only make out bits and pieces of Jake begging his b*****r to do this tiny favor for him, and that Jake promised he would get one of his friends to take care of Sam. Or at least thats what it sounded like waht was going on.

I told them both that if they were planning something that involved alchohol that there would be NO ONE leaving the house and that even Sam would have to stay home. I got some grimaces from some faces and pure joy on others when Amanda asked if she could spend the night with her friend Teri, I said sure as long as you don't drive her mother stark raving bonkers. She agreed to be good and scampered off to get her clothes ready for her sl**pover. I turned to Sam and said "I know you want to be the best big b*****r in the world, but I have reservations about drinking and such, so IF you decide to have these k**s here for a party, YOU will be the one responsible!"
Sam agreed and him and Jake went into a huddle to make the arrangements.

I had a date with a guy whom I have been seeing off and on for about a year, his name is Bob. We were supposed to go dancing, then dinner, then I hoped a good romp between the sheets, Gawd, it has been so long since I have been fucked! I took a shower and saw that my pussy was looking a bit scraggly, so I got out my trusty razor and was going to trim it up, when with a fit of giggles, I just shaved all the hair off making me look like my 12 y.o. daughter all smooth and succulent! Oh how I wanted to Jill one off there in the shower, but I just held off, since Bob was to be here in less than an hour and I figured if I was extra horney, the whole evening would be that much greater.

While I was dressing I saw that some of my panties in my drawer had been moved and that it looked like someone was looking for something in that drawer, but I don't keep anything there except for my panties, so I figured it was just Amanda getting something for her sl**pover. As I slipped on a pair of sheer blue panties, I caught a look at the refelction on the mirror, I could not believe how smooth and sexy my pussy looked all freshly shaved and all, hell if I was a guy I would want to be in there!

I got my bra out and put it on, I really dont need a bra, even after 3 k**s suckled me, as I have some of the firmest 34B's you ever saw. But to be the modest one, I figured that this was best. We were supposed to go dancing tonight so best to keep everything in check. As I slipped my dress over my head I realized that for a woman of 51 years I sure looked hot! I decided to forgo pantyhose or stockings, as they may be a hinderence to Bob, and damn I was getting horney all over again.

I came downstairs and saw that Sam had bought a few 6 packs of beer and some whiskey in anticipation of the evening to come. Again I told him "YOU will be the responsible one tonight, I DO NOT expect to have the cops here and I DO NOT want to have to visit anyone in the hospital." Sam assured me that there would just be Jake a 3 of his friends from school and that he will maintain order and they were just going to play Xbox and watch movies.

Time for Bob to arrive and when he did he made a great show of coming with a corsage, it made me blush like a first date. "We're off" I told my boys and we left. Bob said I looked good enough to eat, and if we skipped the dancing, we could have us a quick meal and then off to the room he had reserved. I started to lose some of the excitement I had earlier in the evening but dinner and sex with Bob, was better than doing it with my hand at home, so I agreed.

I couldn't believe the asshole drove to a McDonalds and ordered burgers and fries and then drove straight to the room. As I spread the "meal" out on the table, Bob got up and turned the television on to some porn channel and we were treated to the sounds of some bimbo getting fucked, to eat by. What a romantic evening this is turning out to be.

After Bob had eaten his food he lookes at me like the coyote in the road runner cartoons and seeing me as a fully dressed turkey all smoldering and hot fresh from the oven. He wasted no more time on nicetites and stood me up and kissed me and began pawing at my breasts I said "Slow down Bob, we have all night" Thats when he told me he had to go back to work at 11 pm, but he didn't want for me to be disappointed this evening. Oh I wanted to tell him I was already disappointed, but I held that and figured well, we have 3 hours till he has to leave, lets see how many times he can get me off in that much time.
As He drew my dress over my head he let out a slow wolf whistle, and then he took off my bra and started to suck my breasts. I sure love it when someone sucks my titties it makes me so wet! He sucked each of my tits for about a minute each then dropped to his knees to remove my sheer panties, As he stared at my pussy through the panties I could see the surprise in his eyes, "You've shaved, You look like a 12 y.o." I didn't want to ask where he had seen a 12 y.o. pussy at, so I just left it alone and allowed him to skim my panties down to the floor. He laid me back on the bed but didn't want me to part my legs, he just stared at the small cleft that was my mature pussy, but without the hair, it looked quite small and petite.

He undressed in a hurry and was sporting a nice hard on, it was not huge, but well equipped to do the job. He came to the head of the bed and just stuck his cock into my face and said "Suck it, bitch" I was insensed! Itold him "Buster, you just lost your chance of having me tonight" Call me a bitch will he?
I started to get up from the bed but he held me down and told me "Do what I say, and you will be able to walk out of her later. Then he turned the sound of the television up, to hear the screams of pleasuere from the woman getting anally fucked on the screen and he said "NOW you can scream all you want as there is no way to say that it was you or the television" and he proceeded to just spread my legs and dove right into my only slightly lubricated pussy.

It hurt like someone had stuck a burning poker into me, and I screamed all right, but my screams were drowned out by the sounds coming from the television and again he was right, anyone hearing me would think it was just the television. Thankfully, he was hot and he didn't last but just a couple minutes till he dumped his load into my pussy, then the asshole rolled off of me and started snoring! I laid there for a minute then got up to go clean up my soppy pussy but as I rose off the bed he awakened and said "Where you going? I have another load for you" I just grabbed my dress, slipped it on, grabbed my purse, and bolted for the door. He was too fucked out to move that fast and I was out the door before he could get off the bed and I ran to a store on the corner where there were people, and took out my cell phone and called a cab to take me home. As I waited I could feel something cold on the inside of my thigh, and I realized I had brought neither my bra, nor my panties, and I was oozing cum down my leg. I just squeezed my legs together more to stem the tide, till I could get somewhere to clean up, I didn't want to go into the store to clean up lest I miss my cab. So there I stood, nipples hard and pussy wet, and leaking cum waiting for a cab. What a sight I made.

When I stepped into the cab the driver seemed to be looking at me very closely like he knew me or something, but I was sure it was just because it was the way I was dressed. I gave him my address and we started driving when he said "Ms. Clark? Is that really you?" It was then that I had recognized him as being in a couple of my classes last year. I just smiled and said "Yes, How are you?" he gave me a brief rundown of his life since high school and how he really loved driving around in his taxi. He told me I looked good in that dress that it really brought out my beauty. I could tell he was staring at my braless tits. But by this time I didn't care.

When we arrived back at my place he got out and opened the door for me to get out even offeringhis hand to help me. As I slid across the seat you could see a wet stripe appear and just as my legs extended to the ground the dress popped back, and exposed my bare naked, cum dripping pussy, to his eyes. His eyes went really big and he started to say something as I re aligned my skirt and smiled at him. "I want to thank you for being such a wonderful driver and I will call you again when I need a ride again" I fished in my purse and gave him $20. and asked if he could keep a secret. He said he could. "Please don't tell anyone about seeing what you saw"

I left him with his jaw down and walked into the house with the music blaring and the sounds of a real party going on. As I entered the house the music seemed louder so i went and turned it down some and surveyed the scene. there were 4 guys sitting around playing a game on the television and then I saw Sam come out of his room naked, with what looked like a wet semi hard cock, he ducked into the bathroom. I stopped briefly and looked into his room to see a young blonde girl of about 15, naked, legs splayed out, cum oozing from her hairless pussy, seemingly asl**p. I closed the door and went to the kitchen to see if there was any whiskey left. I made me a strong one, drank it and was just pouring another, when Sam came into the kichen with just his boxers on. "MOM, What are you doing home so early?" there seemed to be a touch of panic in his voice so I decided to play with him some. "Oh I just needed to come home and see that you guys haven't burned the house down or are having sex with u******e girls here" His face went beet red in about a half second and he stammered something about nothing like that was happening, just the guys playing and drinking. I didn't let on I knew about the girl in the bedroom I just finished my drink and told him "I am off to bed now, my date was a bust, so I am gonna sl**p till noon tomorrow" and off to my room I went.

I took off my dress and looked at it, the back had a wet spot so big, that was evident to anyone, that I had been fucked and was not wearing any underwear. I just groaned and threw it into the dirty clothes hamper and thought about taking a shower, but after seeing that young girl downstairs freshly fucked, I just wanted to get my pleasure and then I could fall asl**p and shower in the morning. I put on a babydoll nighty and laid down in the bed with a pillow under my pelvis to raise it to make it easier to get to my wet sopping pussy. I had just started to rub out a good cum when I heard a sound behind me and I realized what a sight I must be, with my ass up, my finger near my pussy, and dripping cum. I pretended to be asl**p hoping whoever it was would just go away and allow me to get back to the business at hand. thats when I felt someone touch me and then I felt a tongue licking me. I have been sexually active since I was 15, and I have never had ANYONE, ever lick me between the legs after I had had sex. It was an amazing feeling.

To be continued......

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