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Countryside sex

I love that countryside air

As we drive the country side. She shows me countryside. Rolling hills, a farm here an there speckle the landscape. A gorgeous morning. Clean wholesome country air.

I look over and I notice how she is grinding her ass into the seat ever-so-discretely. I can see her tits as she's unbuttoned her blouse, showing plenty of cleavage.

I pull over. "what are you doing"? She stops moving her hips and looks at me with an embarrassed, puzzled look To her relief, I reply “I just want to take a closer look at that field over there. The cows are always my favorite to watch”. As she turns her head to look she feel my firm, hard hands caress her big tits .. making her jump a bit, startled.

“No, we shouldn't. I need to get back home.” "non-sense" I tell her. She instinctively drops a hand between her legs, down her shorts and starts fingering herself as I kiss her deeply. She's never had a man kiss her so passionately as she gasps for air. Her perfume fills my senses as my cock stiffens. I kiss her ears, tonguing it deeply, sending shivers all over her body, especially her juicy cunnie. Kissing and nibbling down her neck as I unbutton her blouse.

She considers the odds of getting caught. She's fairly well known with a very good reputation. No, she tells herself. Not out here! She can't resist. She succumbs to my advances.

My hands have dispensed of her bra and blouse. She's now wearing only her thong panties. My cock has grown right out of my gym shorts. She hadn't seen much of a bulge before in my shorts and didn't think I was well hung. "my my" she says. "You're quite the grower" ... " I don't like to brag" I reply in my charming humor. My twinkling blue eyes ablaze by the morning sun. Her mouth is watering. In fact she is such a good girl she is drooling a wee bit. We both adjust our seats making room for her. I lift the console out of our way. I drop my shorts. She release a "mmmm" sound as she lunges for my stiff rod. Grabbing my shaft with her hands and diving on it with her wet, hot mouth.

She engulfs my cock. Huffing on it. slurping on it like any good girl should. Pumping her head up and down on it. I grab a good measure of her brunette hair and "assist", her shoving my rod down her throat. I feel her approving hot breath rush across my balls. The scent of cock turns her on so much. It gives her that feeling of butterflies in her stomach. That indescribable sizzle that lights her pussy on fire.

While she sucks away on my big fat cock, moaning and groaning, I reach around and start playing with her ass. Her ass measures up to my standards. Yes, I've had plenty and I suppose I've become a bit of a connoisseur. Amazing there are so many asses in this world and not two are identical. My busy mind contemplates such things even in the grasp of passion. I suppose my ADD is working over time as I smile. Not missing a beat, she feels my middle finger working its way up her asshole. Her kinky, horny mind explodes as she gasps and sucks harder. “gee, this one is a dynamo, I say to myself”! My big knuckle stretching her ever-so- tight hole. I know how to handle an ass. To me it is a prize. Don't abuse it. Take care of it. It's to be enjoyed. One must handle an asshole the right way. I work my finger in slowly. Stretching it. She is busy enjoying my cock.

She is sucking feverishly. It's been in a dry spell and my beefy cock is “cuming” at the right time. She tugs on my balls. “I love hairy balls” she says, looking up so excitedly.
Taking a break to clear her throat of one. Then sticking her nose in my pubic patch to sniff, taking in my earthy scent. She loves a man that smells good. With her approval and smile upon her face, she looks up and says “I love your cock”. I smile back, stroke the bridge of her nose and say thats my good girl. My stiff shaft standing at attention waiting for more. She turns and gets busy again. I work a second finger into her butt. Her ass cheeks clenching. “relax your ass” I say. She stops momentarily, turns and looks with a demure smile upon her face. “yes Big Daddy”. I look at her “thats my good girl”. I can see happiness lighting up within the windows of her soul. We both approve as she “gets back to work”.

“OK, lets get out”. “oh, no we can't do that”. Yes we can, I haven't seen a car come by since we've been here (which was a white lie, I saw one while her head was down). “Bullshit, I heard one”. Damn! Women are always a step ahead of men. Alright, yes there was one, I admitted, regardless … out”. “Yes Big Daddy as we both got out. I'm the only one with clothes on. My NY Yankee tank top.

I take her by the hand and lead her to the front of your car. “OK, lay up on the hood”. She complies promptly. Her pussy starts to throb with the very idea. “Fuck, a car coming”. Stay cool and stay there. Don't sit up and don't say anything if they stop, OK? “yes”. The car passes without a look. “It was some old dude”. “He didn't even look, he was having a hard enough time seeing where he was going”! She laughed; her lower back rising off the hood and her big tits jiggle.

I wrap my strong arms up under her thighs and place her legs upon my shoulders. I bring her sweet shaved pussy up to my mouth. I kiss and lick her thighs, teasing her pussy. “please eat me! Please!”
I tease a bit more as I love to see a pussy drip its clear sugary nectar. Truly one of my favorites and a miracle in my mind. I've studied pussy. So much experience and a self proclaimed “master at pussy eating”. God, I have a propensity to be an egotist! I need to work on that! As my ADD chatters again. I get close to the prize and flick my tongue once over her pulsating, engorged clit. “Oh, my God” she cries out. Her thighs and butt tighten. “more please”. Another tongue lash. She moans loudly. Her fingers start rolling her beefy stiff nipples … “more, more”. I just love to hear a woman beg for more cunnilingus. More of anything in fact. I flick again, then dive right in and start lapping away. Fucking her pussy hole with my talented tongue. “oh God, oh God, oh God”. Religious too! I say to myself feasting on pussy. I gently nibble and pull on her lips. OK, time for “the move”. Time to give this chick a huge orgasm. I do my patented move. I bring her lips and clit into my mouth. Suck it all in. Then with my teeth I some how hold her clit and tongue it. I suck, pulsatinglying her clit. The sensation is driving her absolutely insane. My strong arms keep her still as she feels as though she should be fucking. I hold her by the small of her back and hips. Her feet are moving crazy as she pinches and pulls at her nipples. Her asshole is puckering. I find her asshole with my fingers again.

Being the ever kinky fuck that I am, I cum up for air an instruct her to suck her thumb like it's my cock. “Yes Big Daddy” … “I think I'm going to cum” …. “please don't stop, please”. OK, good girl … you just listen to me and you'll be coming, OK? … “ Oh yes … please, anything”. Now her ass is pumping on my fingers. It tightens and milks on it. I resume my “patented pussy eating technique” It is one of my idiosyncrasies thinking I invented something. I once heard there is nothing new under the sun just different people doing it. Again the fucking self chatter. I eat away like a mad man, sweat starting to drip. The cool metal beneath her feels wonderful. She looks up at the deep blue sky. She closes her eyes. A wave of excitement fills her senses. She pushes herself against my face. I loosen my grasp and allow her too. She rides my face and yells out having such an intense and hard orgasm. Her sweet juices bath my skin. “Yes.... Yes.... Yes ..” she screams. She grabs the back of my head and pulls me in. Her strong legs hold me there.

Her orgasm slowly pulls away and she loosens her clench of passion. “Oh my God” she pants. “you have no idea” she says. “what the fuck is she talking about I question myself as I chuckle within, I do have an idea. her just came like an amazon woman”. “Oh, it was that good huh”? “the best” she replies. Well you have the best tasting pussy I've ever went down on (take that!).

OK, my friend, my turn, I help her off the hood. “what are you going to do to me?” she asks. My fingers pinch her nipples and to her amazement starts throttling her pussy again. She closes her eyes and moans. The morning sun glistening off her beautiful hair. The scent of her passion sweat, perfume, pussy juice and country air upon my face fills me. I lock it into my long term memory as I kiss her again. God, I think I'm fucking falling in love with this girl.

Turn around. “yes Sir”. Wow, I've been upgraded. All the fucking rules and labeling becomes too tedious for this naturally Dominant lover. “Thats a good girl”. OK so she likes the protocol. Thats fine by me. If it helps her and gives her a sense of security I am truly fine with that. “Stick that ass out and raise it up. Gee, what a terrific ass. I tell myself, although at this point I think I'm talking to myself out load as I hear, “Thank her Big Daddy”. I chuckle “your welcome sweet heart”.

I place my one hand on her hips and stick the head of my cock between her pussy lips. Guiding it up and down through her pussy then slapping it a few times on her clit. She's drippy again and gasping. I love to make woman cum. To me it is profound and intense. Then she feels me stretching her pussy as my girth y cock enters her soft cunnie. Mmmm she moans and raise up on her toes. Toes. “Too bad we aren't in a hotel room I start my chatter again. I love to fuck a woman on her back. If she's flexible enough I like to bring her feet in front of me and lick and suck her toes. Such a kinky fuck I exalt. OK, thats enough men, coffee break over. Christ I must be going nuts as the chatter stops”.

I start fucking her harder now. Her big tits bouncing up against the bumper. “Fuck, another car. This time coming up from behind”. I don't dare say a word. Maybe she won't notice. “I hear a car she says”. It never changes. Women are on the ball. “Don't worry. I just looked over my shoulder and I think its the old guy coming back. He won't even notice, trust me”. “OK Big Daddy”. Her mind is swimming in ecstasy. At this point she really doesn't care. In fact she's grown to like fucking in public. The car is going rather slow. “I hope I don't get shrinkage”. Gee, the car stops right across from us on the other side of the road. “What's he doing”? she asks. I look over. “Oh, we're in luck. He's taking a nap of all things. He just reclined his seat. Guy must be in his 90's”.

“Good Big Daddy, cause I need you to fuck me with your fat cock”. I wasn't going to lose out on shooting a load with this hot number. No fucking way. I had just successfully bullshited her. It was no old man that is now parked across from us. I glanced over. It was a relatively good looking MILF. She had rolled her window down. And watching us. Smiling and liking It. “Great, a fucking voyeur” I thought. I lifted a finger and put it to my lips. She nodded happily and gave me the OK sign plus a cross my heart thingy. That made me feel a whole lot better.

I paid her no more attention. Hey if she wants to watch I don't care. My exhibitionism likes it and so does my ego.

My sweat is now dripping onto her back. I here her muttering “oh my God, oh my God” … oops now we're back in church as I slow it down. Taking it out slow then pausing then entering slow. This makes her absolutely crazy as her legs are trembling. Then occasionally, I will thrust it in once deep and hard. she squealed with pleasure and a little pain as I drove deeply. I knew she was about to cum but I didn't want her. don't want her to see the car across the way so I tell her to keep looking down “yes Big Daddy, anything, just fuck me more, please”. “Oh, I will sweetheart” as I spit down between her ass cheeks. It slowly settles in a pool on her asshole.

Oh, God, I don't know, I've never taken it in the ass. “Don't worry sweetheart I will do it right. All you need to do is focus on relaxing your ass muscles. Just relax it. you'll want to tense up butt don't. Relax. I'll work it in slow, OK”?

I nuzzle the head of my cock on her asshole. I look over at the parked car lady. She has since opened her door. My eyes nearly pop out of my head as she is now facing me, sitting on her seat, feet on the ground, skirt hiked up, panties around her ankles and playing with a huge dildo. Her head is rocking back then forward. Her face is filled with the look of pure horniness only a mature cum slut could make. She obviously has done this before! I'm looking at her with a rock hard boner and start inserting it ever so slowly into good girls tight tight ass. Blondie inserts her huge cock into her pussy. Thank God the road is wide and any ancillary groans and moans are sure to go unheard.

Don't tense up. I adjust my athletic legs. Bend a bit. Stick that ass up as I give it a smack. “yes Big Daddy” she replies in a slightly painful, anticipating moan. I looked over at Blondie. Apparently the mature fuck loves it. She is now laying down on her front seat. One leg on the dash the other on top of the drivers seat. Both hands on her big dick and fucking her shaved twat silly.

“OK, now is the time to go for it. I enter her with purpose. She yelps out, I fuck her deeply, but I take heed not to rip her. I withdraw slowly then enter again, then again, yet again. Now my good girl is past her pain. It is starting to turn to pleasure as she remarks “Oh, that feels so good”. Music to my ears. My ego meter breaks through the top. I continue to be careful and fuck her ass rhythmical easy. In and out.

I grab her by her hair. Shimmering in the sun. She's gorgeous. And, yes I've decided to make her mine. She'll be my good girl in bed and my princess any other time.

That's it ride my cock as she starts to impale her ass on my cock. Backing onto it . I love to watch her ass riding it. Her ass cheeks wiggling as they hit my thighs. My cock looks so huge parting her ass cheeks. I'm balls deep. They are slapping up against her aching clit and wet pussy. “oh my God, ...” I pound her ass now. Fucking her hard and fast. “you like being my dirty little ass whore”? … “Oh yes I love it. I always want to be your good girl and dirty ass whore, please fuck it … please give me your cum … I'm so close”. I fuck her so good and my cock widens. I can feel my cum welling in my heavy balls. “yes a few more strokes ….. “ with a huge growl, my bear growl, I cum deep in her ass. She pushes back hard, all the way and rests on my cock, rubbing her pussy. My good girl cums so hard as she cries out loud followed by “oh Fuck, oh my God. …. “ My pulsating cock pumps cum, my whole load into her.

I slowly withdraw, she remains long enough so I have a chance to see the “cream pie” left behind. I look over at MILF. She sucks off her cock and puts it down. She ducks down out of sight.

My good girl turns. Her eyes beaming. She embraces me. Hugs me. Her big tits tight on my chest. “ I love you” she proclaims. Me too sweetie. She looks up. She is beautiful to me. We both kiss deeply and hurry back into the car. She has yet to see the car across the way.

Hey that car looks familiar she says. I say, “you know, I think you're right. I hadn't noticed but the old man had left, and this car just pulled up as we jumped back in our car”. “I thought I did hear it just pull up” she says. “thank God for small favors” I made a U-turn. I look and I see she has sat up and holding the steering wheel.

As we become side by side she waves to stop. “crap, I know this person”. “Hey gorgeous the woman says”. “Aunt Joan, What are you doing here?”! As my good girl puts her shirt across her lap and lowers herself a bit in her seat. “Oh, your mother had called and invited me to your house today. I'm having dinner with your f****y tonight at your house. Who is that your new boyfriend?”. “Well, she looks at me for a reaction” I reply “yes I am. Your niece is a special young lady and I'm thrilled to be going with her now. She's been kind enough to show me the countryside”. “Oh, I'm sure she has. I love my niece and she always has been a thoughtful young lady. You won't find anyone better”. “I know that. Believe me I've had a few girl friends and they can't compare with your niece”. “Honey is your new beau going to be at dinner tonight”? “Well, ...” “I'd love to be there ...” “yes” my good girl said her head moving as though she was watching a tennis match. “Fantastic”. “Oh, and what is your friends name, sweetheart”? “His name is Big …. I'm sorry Aunt Joan, its been a long day” … his name is Richard”. “You can call me Dick” I say. “Very well k**s. Have fun. Nice to meet you Big …. she laughs .. sorry Dick”. She drives away.

“Gee, that was a close one”. “It sure was good girl” I kiss her. I step on the pedal and move on down the highway hand in hand.

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