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Dance for daddy.

fictional storry that will get you horny.

As a c***d i had always been into dancing and my parents had always encouraged my s****r and i so explore all types of dance, we went through them all from tap to ballroom to later on inlife pole dancing. My father had always been my knight in shinning armour, and a rock to both of us when mum was taken ill.

when she sadly passed away he became chef,bottle washer,guide in everything he knew it all anything I asked he always had a answer, for both of us whilst always encouraging us to do our own thing. I was about 15 and had been thinking about boys alot, one day I walked into the bathroom and saw my dad wanking his long hard cock in the shower, he didnt see me standing there I watched in awe as I watched him rub his shaft slowly his face had pleasure on it, all of a sudden a white stream flew out of it i later found out sperm was what came out.

I retreated back to my room feeling funny, I felt inbetween my legs my little pussy was soaken wet I took of my panties and rubbed my clit as I cried out a orgasm. I went down stairs not being able to look dad in the eye knowing I had seen his huge cock and him wanking it to relieve himself. I later looked on the computer to see why guys done this, it was for relief as well as pleasure, it also said that women did it to males as well as males do it to males.

I laid in bed that night naked playing with myself having orgasms as I thought of my dads cock. I decided to do something about it and tried to set him up with amates mum a total disaster, and probaly put him off women for life. The 2 of us girls carried on at school, I left and went to college, dad carried on as usual I spied on him a few times wanking his cock and then going to my room and rubbing my pussy.

I couldnt stand it anymore seing his cock I wanted to please him for everything he had done for the 2 of us, We decided as a thank you we would do him a meal and a dance routine that we had learnt. The night came and he came home expecting to start tea, he was surprised all was set and he sat there waiting. He ate his dinner and relaxed whilst we got ready for our dance.

We started the music and danced away out costumes where flimsy and left nothing to the imagination, being 18 now I had a full figure and my s****r was 16 and well developed, I moved towards dad, moving sexy he watched as his eyes where fixed on my tits I looked down to see a huge lump in his trousers, my s****r noticed this as well and blushed I whispered her to leave and let me thank dad, she asked how I said I would explain all later.

As she left I felt my body shiver as I knew tonight was going to be a fail or success, hopefully a success. I moved closer as I undone my top my young tits falling outmy pink nipples standing to attention, dad asked what i thought I was doing I said thanking him for all the years he had sacrifised his life for us. I rubbed my hands over his now huge lump in his trousers and unzipped him to pull out a huge cock that throbbed as I wrapped my fingers round it, he groaned as I rubbed it begging me to stop.

I shook my head and started to suck it slowly not knowing if I was doing it right only knowing what I had read on the internet, he felt my young tits I jerked with the feel it was a unreal feeling, I cried out with a orgasm. I stopped as dad appoligised for doing that and could not help what he did, I then pulled my panties down and sat on his lap as I felt his cock take my virginity, it hurt but I knew if I stopped now i wouldnt be able to do it again.

I finaly slid all the way down my young pussy streched to its limit as I moved up and down dad feeling my tits as I moaned all of a sudden he jerked and I felt a huge surge of hot fluid in my pussy, it subsided a while later and I got off his cock slipped out still long but limp, he looked inshame he had done that, I confessed I had seen him wank off in the shower and wanted to thank him for everything he had done for us both, that night I went to his room were he licked my pussy all night long cumming many times, when my s****r was 18 dad made love to her as well before we left home to start our lives.

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