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How We Met

I don’t exactly remember the first thing April said when we met, but I know that her explanation as to why she does not date black men, was somewhere in the first paragraph.

I saw this shapely but thin gorgeous black woman standing at the bar all alone during happy hour, and thought I should approach before the cock blocking friends show up and set up a defense perimeter that prevents anything with a dick from getting close. I must had said hi, told her my name, asked what she was drinking and offered to buy her a drink before she blurted out, I don’t date black men. She gave me compliments like I was charming, attractive, smelled nice and even complimented my suit, but stayed the course and reiterated that she does not date black men.

I had not been laid in about a month, was under a lot of stress at work, was working on my third drink and had a half hard dick from just looking at her body through her summer dress, so I was not going to back off and it pissed her off a little. Finally, she just said it. “Look, niggas are boring in bed. They take out their dick, ram it in, asked dumb fucking questions while just pumping away, nut before a bitch can get off, and then just get the fuck up and want a compliment on how good it was.”

She was heated and seemingly speaking from experience, so I did not try to argue against any of her assertions. I just looked around, leaned close to her face and in a very soft and comical voice asked “Niggas?” She burst into a big laugh that made her sexy breast shake and just said “yeah niggas.” We talked and drank for hours. Her gang of gorilla friends showed up and tried to interfere, but she was enjoying her venting session with me, and was getting a kick out of my reactions to all of her allegations against black men being terrible lovers.

April had a million preconceived notions about black men and white men. According to her, white men are freaks and do a lot more than just fuck and they are adventurous outside of the bedroom, while black men are so concern with image that they do very little in public. As I was describing how stupid it is to lump all black men in one basket, she reached over and unzipped my fly. “Now what would you do if I pulled out your dick and started jerking you off?” She asked me.

“I would bust a nut all over your cute hand.” I replied.

She reached in pulled out my cock and started stroking. I knew she was trying to get me to admit I was the stereo typical black guy she had described, so without looking around to see who was watching, I moved to the edge of the bar stool, spread my legs wide and told her to go for it. After a few minutes of me playing along with her game, she was turned on and ready to find a place to make out. When I told her the bar across the street had a dance floor, she said “You are not black. There is no way a black man is going to make out in public on a dance floor.” I warned her that if she wasn’t careful that this black man would fuck her on that dance floor.

I must admit that I was d***k and still a little hesitant about making out in public, but I felt like she had thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me. I was bent on proving to her that her theories on black men were completely false. For the first time in my life, I pulled out and sucked a woman’s tits in a public place, let her take out my cock and balls and watched her grab other men and women asses. A really d***k white guy joined us dancing and we made a sandwich out of her. She was facing me and he was grinding hard on her shapely black ass. She told me that he had a really big hard dick grinding against her and either I was going to go home with her and fuck her senseless or she was leaving with him. Needless to say, I grabbed her hand and headed for the door.

She had my pants around my ankles and my cock in her mouth as soon as we closed the door to her apartment. I sat on her couch and she sucked away on my cock and balls. She pulled me to the edge of the couch and then looked up at me and she nodded her head yes. I didn’t know why she was nodding yes until I felt her wet finger sliding in my ass. I remembered how much she hated dating black men because she thought they are boring so I just tried to relax and go along with the flow.

At some point she opened my shirt, because she was sucking and nibbling on my nipple as she was jacking my cock and finger fucking me when I heard a tiny voice say “damn, his dick is almost as big as Troy’s.”

Her white roommate Ashley had heard us making out and just nonchalantly came out to the living and took a ring side seat to watch. I was surprised, but April was not the least bit bothered by the new audience. I was in seventh heaven from April’s oral skills, but still wondered who the fuck was this woman, and who the fuck is Troy.

April climbed up on my dick and started riding me with the wettest, most soaked pussy I have ever experienced. She pulled off her summer dress over her head and exposed two of the most perfect brown titties I have ever seen. I sucked her tits and kissed her as she road my dick like a champ.

“Get that dick cowgirl! Make that motherfucker nut, bitch.” I heard Ashley tell her. I had never had an audience before but quickly discovered that I liked it and it made me feel strangely strong and adventurous. I held April’s waist and lifted her up and down on my dick as she gyrated her wet pussy. When she climbed up my body to plant her dripping pussy on my mouth, I heard Ashley yell “damn bitch, you gonna make that motherfucker eat that nut.”

I was holding April’s sexy shapely firm ass and slurping down her wonderful tasting pussy juice when I felt Ashley’s wet mouth gobble down my cock. Her long middle finger slid up my. “Damn that’s tight.” She said. “Honey, I think we got a fuckin virgin.” April moaned but kept grinding her pussy on my tongue. I couldn’t see what Ashley was doing but I felt more pressure in my ass. “Oh fuck yeah this ass is virgin. I can barely get a second finger in here.”

April let out a shriek, grabbed my head and humped hard back and forth as she burst into an orgasm. It was so rough and hard that it seemed like a long time and every so often she would work her way up to my nose and cut off my breathing. When she settled down, she brought her face to my face and kissed and licked my face clean of all her pussy juice.

As if it were choreographed, Ashley moved back to her chair and April took over stroking my dick, after April sat next to me. April laid back on the couch, pulled me on top of her and wrapped her legs around my waist. Again, as if they had signals and signs, Ashley moved behind me, spread my ass cheeks and tongue fucked me. It was a weird wet feeling at first, but as she got in deeper and used more finger, it gave me a new sensation I had never felt before.

I was trying to be cool and fuck April, but at the same time encourage Ashley to keep doing whatever she was doing. I felt Ashley’s finger moving in a circular motion and I started moving my ass in the opposite circular motion so I could feel the friction better. She had long skinny fingers but large boney knuckles, and she was rubbing on something that felt out of this world good. So by the second time I felt the pressure of two fingers, I wanted them and pushed my ass back toward her to let her know. She pushed them in deep and held them there so I could grind on them.

I felt her smack my ass with her other hand. “Get it boy. Woooooooo! Take that shit deep.” April stretched to try to see what Ashley was doing.

“Are you fucking him?” She asked.

“No, but I think he wants it.” Ashley told her.

“How far do you want to go?” April asked me. “Do you want her to fuck you?”

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