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Sodomy with a Stranger through a Night Club Gloryh

I was on a business trip down to Miami for several days. I had just scored a big account for my firm and decided to go out to a night club to celebrate over a few well-deserved cocktails. When I entered the club I was reminded of how old I had truly become at age 48. The club was teeming with 20-somethings. Undeterred, I sat at the bar and ordered a martini. As the night progressed, I kept noticing a beautiful Hispanic girl at the end of the bar who kept making eye contact at me accompanied with a huge smile. She couldn't have been taller than 5 feet and weighed more than 85 pounds. Just a perfect little dark-skinned package with long black hair with an adorable face. I watched her shoo away countless young bucks. It appeared, unbelievably, that she had eyes for me only. Finally, she got up and walked towards me. Upon arrival, she whispered in my ear to follow her to the bathroom. I did so like a lost puppy. We entered the unisex bathroom and it had stalls lining each side. In the first set of stalls I could see a man's trousers around his ankles and a women in the accompanying stall on her knees. We quickly glided past and walked back to the two furthest stalls and she ordered me into one stall and disappeared into the next one. When I got in my stall the first thing I noticed was a 4-inch diameter gloryhole. As I bent down on my knees to peer through it I was shocked to see a miniature, dark-skinned anus winking at me. I watched mesmerized as it puckered to form a conical volcano with out-stretched webbing only then to snap back to each original, Starfish form. Finally, after a five minute show, she moved away. Then she appeared again, so that only her lips were showing. I then watched as she applied a thick layer of ruby red lipstick to her lips. Then her tongue slowly encircled her lips. By now, my tumescent cock had practically broken through my zipper. And without further ado, I stood up, dropped my trousers and slid my 8-inch cock through the gloryhole. It was well-received. I felt her hot breath around my cock as it went down her throat, then her lips clamped around it's base. She made a popping sound as her lips released from my shaft and pushed my cock back through the gloryhole. I looked down to see a perfectly formed lipstick ring around the base of my cock. I peered down again through the gloryhole and saw her reapplying her lipstick. I then stuck my throbbing cock again through the hole and felt her tongue feather licking the underbelly of my purple mushroom. This drove me crazy and pre-cum began to spill out of my cock slit. I then felt her tongue bury into that slit to lap up my pre-cum. Finally, I felt her hand massage the base of my cock as her thick lips wrapped around the head of my cock to give it a slow, teasing tongue massage. It wasn't long before my ass cheeks began to tingle. Finally, my ass cheeks clamped together as my body thrust forward and my cock released a torrent of cum in her greedy mouth. After 10-20 seconds of convulsing bliss, I pulled my cock back through the hole and peered through again. The only view I had was of her gaped mouth and a thick mass of my cum stored on her curled tongue. She then shut it and swished my cum around her mouth until it was foamy. She then proceeded to blow bubbles with it. Finally, she opened her mouth wide again to show me her mouth was still full of my foamy cum then shut it. I watched her throat bob, knowing that she had finally swallowed. She then licked her lips to lap up the remaining cum slick, smiled, then disappeared from view again. A minute passed as my eyes continued to peer through the hole in lustful anticipation. Finally, her tiny, winking anus appeared again, only this time, it was well-oiled. Fortunately,the stall walls were designed with a paper thin material and the gloryhole was wide enough so that I could greet her puckered asshole with a well-deserved kiss. I heard her coo as I peppered her anus with lustful kisses. Eventually, my tongue was curled and piercing her asshole with jabs. Finally, my cock could no longer be denied. I stood up and pressed my engorged helmet up against her tiny anal slit. After teasing it for a minute or so by brushing it, I thrust forward and broke her tight seal. I then slowly guided the rest of my cock in her and was met with a primal grunt. I then felt her ass cheeks glide off my cock until only the head was in. She then paused and then violently slammed her ass against the stall wall enveloping my cock with each f***eful thrust. I was a bit alarmed at this point since the thudding of her ass cheeks against the stall wall could undoubtedly be heard throughout the bathroom. Yet, I had given in to my lust. For the next 15 minutes, everyone in the bathroom could hear her tiny ass cheeks thump against the stall as her hungry asshole swallowed my turgid cockmeat. Again, my ass cheeks started to tingle and my cock released another creamy load. Her ass pinned itself against the stall so that she could feel me cum deep in her anal abyss. I slowly pulled out of her backdoor and bent down to view the aftermath. I was greeted with a still gaped asshole about the width of a silver dollar with cum seeping out. Finally, she snapped it shut. Then I watched it pucker outward as she pushed a river of cum out. She pressed her anus to the hole again and I instinctively knew what she wanted. I slid my cock in her ass again and let it marinate for a few minutes. I then felt her slip off and sure enough, her lips were wrapped around it again to swallow a film of cum intermingled with her delicious ass juice. Seconds later, I heard her stall door open. She was greeted with clapping. Apparently, our hidden show had accumulated many admirers. I fumbled to pull up my trousers. As I exited my stall, I too was greeted with cheers. But, I simply rushed passed the masses to catch up with this beautiful stranger who had given me such bliss to simply thank her. When I got back into the crowded nightclub, I searched and searched, yet could not find her. Finally defeated, I returned to my martini...with a huge grin on my face.

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