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Wish full thinking put on paper

It was raining one afternoon this past summer when I received a phone call from out of area. I was in
a hurry and almost didn’t answer it when I caught it on its last ring. To my surprise it was Amanda. I
hadn’t talked to her in more than two years so it was quite a surprise to hear from her.
Amanda and I were best friends in college and were roommates together in our last year of school.
When college had ended we each went our separate ways. I moved back home, while Amanda
moved back to where she used to live. We kept in regular touch for about a year after college but
after that we only stayed in touch a few times here and there.
I still couldn’t believe it was her as we talked about our lives for a good two hours that afternoon. My
life was all good as I had a great husband in Nick and we were living the good life. Amanda on the
other side wasn’t as lucky. Her marriage had broken apart about a year ago and then she got laid off
from her job six months after that. She was in the doldrums and really needed a friend to just talk to.
As we were about to hang up that day I said to her, “Amanda why don’t you come and see me? You
can stay with Nick and I. We have plenty of room and I think it will do you good.”
Amanda thought about it for a few seconds before she said, “Why not! I need to get away from here
We both had set it up for the following month as I broke the news to Nick. Nick really didn’t know
Amanda very well as he had met her only one time before.
I said to him, “Guess who is coming to visit?”
Nick can be quite the character as he replied, “Not your mom! When is she coming?”
“No! No! Wrong! It is Amanda?” I replied back.
“Amanda? Isn’t that your best friend from college? She is the one with the great set of tits isn’t she?”
Nick responded back.
“Yeah! Yeah! She is the one with the big tits. She has had a rough time of it lately and I invited her to
stay a week with us.” I said to him.
Nick was more then cool with it. Any woman with big tits grabs his attention so I knew he wouldn’t
have any problem with her staying with us.
The following month came on quickly as I went out to the airport to pick up Amanda. A lot was going
through my mind as I stood there waiting patiently for her plane to arrive. It was amazing how the
thing most I was worried about was how I looked. I don’t know what it was about wanting to look just
like I did in college but I did. I am sure she is going through the exact same thing.
Her plane was twenty minutes late but she finally had made it. I couldn’t believe how good she had
looked as we gave each other a long hug before going to my car. On the way home from the airport
we talked and laughed like we used to do in college. It felt like old times as I couldn’t wait to show her
our new home that Nick and I had purchased several months earlier.
I already had the extra room set up for Amanda well in advance as we loaded her two suit cases into
it. I still was in almost disbelief that she was here after not seeing her for several years. That night
when Nick had come home from work I introduced Amanda to Nick. Nick remotely remembered her
while Amanda knew Nick right away. The three of us went out that night for dinner as we or should I
say Amanda and I did most of the talking. I couldn’t believe that we could talk about so many things.
The next few nights were more the same as we went out and dined at some of our favorite hot spots.
Amanda had been here already three days, so we decided why not stay home one night and
barbecue. Nick loves to barbecue with his new grill as we feasted on steaks that night.
After dinner we decided to retreat to what I call Nick’s man cave. This was the sole reason he had
wanted to buy this house was that the lower level was completely finish with a bar and a pool table.
As soon as he had seen the lower level there was no changing his mind at that point. We bought the
house that exact moment and never looked back.
Nick sat at his favorite spot back behind the bar while Amanda and I sat on the stools in front of it. We
each had a drink and Amanda and I once again began to talk about our college days. We had been
down there for almost an hour as the three of us were getting a bit buzzed from the alcohol. This is
when Amanda brought up something that had happen back in college.
“Remember the time when we went to that party and those obnoxious guys spilled that beer on us.”
“Yeah I remember! I think I got the worse of it compared to you.” I said.
“Remember when we went back to our apartment that night? What a night it was,” Amanda said as
she realized she had brought something up that Nick didn’t know about.
“What happened? I want to hear more?” Nick quickly said.
“Alright you want to hear what happened that night?” I replied back.
“Come on tell me what had happened!” Nick once again asked.
Well Amanda and I had been invited to a party off campus. There were several idiotic guys playing
around when one of them lost their balance and spilled beer all over Amanda and me. I got the worse
of it as beer spilled over most of my body. I couldn’t take it as we left about thirty minutes later to go
home. I smelled like crap and I wanted to get my clothes off as fast as I could.
As soon as we got into our apartment I removed all of my clothes right there and tossed them outside
our apartment door. I didn’t care at that point if anyone had seen me or not as I walked out totally
naked outside our apartment door to dispose of these clothes into the trash.
I then quickly came back inside and headed immediately for the shower. Amanda laughed the whole
time as she removed her beer stained shirt. I couldn’t wait to get this icky smell off me as I quickly
showered off.
It was a few minutes later when all of a sudden the shower door opened. It was Amanda and she also
wanted to wash off before retiring to bed. Amanda and I have seen each other naked a number of
times but this the first time we had ever taken a shower together. We carefully washed off each other
bodies as the smell of beer had turned into our favorite soap. We were just about done cleansing one
another off when far some reason we began embraced one another. I don’t know if it was the alcohol
or our favorite bath soaps but we suddenly had our bodies pushed tightly against one another.
“Do you want me go on further?” I asked Nick.
“Hell yes! Don’t dare stop now!” Nick replied as he sat on the edge of his bar stool.
We began to kiss one another as our hands roamed about each other’s bodies. The shower glass
now was covered in steam as the water cascaded down over each of our bodies. We each felt a burst
or sexual energy come across us that neither one of us had ever experienced before. We couldn’t
wait to get out of the shower.
We quickly dried off and headed immediately for the bed. Amanda had me lay flat on my back as she
had gotten on top of me. We once again kissed as I felt her luscious boobs being pressed tightly
against mine.
Amanda slowly began to make her way down my body. I felt her tongue glide across my hardened
nipples as she ran it softly around each of my tits. She then moved her tongue down across my belly
button before stopping right at my trim bush. She gently teased me for several minutes before she
finally glided her tongue across my now swollen clit. It felt absolutely wonderful as she worked over
my pussy with her tongue for a number of minutes.
I was quickly near the point of cumming as I pushed my pussy tighter against her mouth. Amanda
had her tongue deep inside me. A few minutes later a let out a scream like never before. I started to
cum hard on her mouth as my body shook uncontrollably on the bed. As soon as Amanda was done
with me I instantly began to reciprocate the same on her. I sucked each of her big tits while I slowly
moved down her body. I also teased her for several minutes as she did with me as she began to cry
out in pure pleasure. She was really hot as the lips of her pussy were extremely moist.
I licked and sucked gently on her pussy for about ten minutes before she cried out into a powerful
orgasm. We then both held each other before retiring to bed. The next morning we were both
surprised on what we did the night before and how we made each other cum so very hard. We
experienced each other one more time after that before the end of the semester.
Nick was more than aroused as he said, “Wow! That was so fucking hot!”
I knew he would like it as did Amanda as I could see that she was very turned on by listening to our
She then said, “Remember the guy we both wanted to have a threesome with?”
This only put more fuel on the fire for Nick as he blurted out, “Threesome???? WTF!”
I said, “It was nothing. It was just one of our favorite fantasies to talk about.”
The three of us were very aroused now as Amanda said, “I haven’t had sex in quite a while!”
I could see by the look on Nick’s face that he was thinking about one of his favorite fantasies and that
was doing a threesome with me. I thought about it for a good few minutes before I said, “Nick how
would you like to have a threesome with both myself and Amanda?”
“Hell yes! I loved to do a threesome with the both of you!” Nick replied.
I then looked over toward Amanda and said, “What do you think Amanda? Are you up to it?”
Amanda immediately had a smile on her face as she said, “I am game for it!”
A few seconds later Amanda got up off her bar stool and walked over towards me. She was very
aroused as she laid a very sensual kiss on my lips. Nick watched the both of us from the other side of
the bar unable to take his eyes off us. Amanda ran her hands delicately over my body as I did the
same to her. Amanda always had a thing about how gorgeous my ass was and I always had been
jealous of her big firm tits.
We kissed one another for several minutes as Amanda began to remove my top. She then quickly
unhooked my bra and tossed it down onto the bar. Nick looked like a c***d opening his presents on
Christmas morning as I had never seen him so excited in my life.
Amanda worked over each of my tits with her warm mouth as she began to unbutton my shorts. She
then yanked them to the floor leaving me standing there in just a thong. Her hands quickly went for
my butt as I felt them rest right on it. I was feeling quite aroused now as Amanda worked one of her
hands down inside my thong.
I felt her finger press hard against my swollen clit as she gently teased my clit for several minutes. I
cried out as I felt a powerful surge of energy shoot right through me. Amanda now slowly licked her
way down my body as she knelt directly in front of me. She quickly removed my thong and began to
tease my inner thighs with her tongue. She then worked over my tight ass as I felt her tongue glide
back and forth across it. My hands embraced the bar as I now felt her tongue glide across my wet
It was just a few minutes later and I was now uncontrollably moaning out. I felt a huge orgasm
building as Amanda continued on sucking my wet cunt. I could only take so much as I started to
scream out just a few minutes later. My orgasm was so powerful that I had knocked over a beer on
the bar as my husband watch from the other side.
A few minutes later I slowly began to remove Amanda’s clothes. Her boobs looked just as good today
as the last time I had seen them. She might be a few pounds overweight but she certainly wasn’t
heavy by any means. I quickly stripped her down to nothing as I asked Nick, “Would you like to do the
Nick loves to suck on pussy and I knew he wanted to get involved. He had come around from the
back of the bar as Amanda sat on one of the bar stools. I felt up each of her big tits while we both
kissed one another. Nick had knelt down in front of Amanda’s bar stool and now had pulled her legs
wide apart. His tongue flicked over her swollen clit as I felt a powerful wave of energy shoot right
through her body.
Amanda started too moaned out as Nick’s tongue worked her over extremely well. It had been only
ten minutes later and Amanda began to cry out loudly. She was on the verge of a powerful orgasm as
Nick had his tongue buried deep inside her wet pussy.
Amanda cried out, “Oh’ god! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”
A minute or so later Amanda began to tighten her legs around Nick’s neck as she sat on the bar stool.
She couldn’t hold back any longer as she an extremely intense orgasm as I groped at both of her tits
with my hands as I pinched hard each of her protruding nipples.
When Nick was done Amanda couldn’t believe how hard she had cum. All those months without any
sex had been building up inside her only to get release on this night. Nick now stood up as Amanda
and I began to show him some attention. He loved every minute of it just like any guy would as
Amanda stood on one side of him while I was on the other side.
I slowly began to open up his pants as Amanda began to remove his shirt. We now slid down onto
our knees in front of him as his briefs had a huge bulge in them. I slowly pulled his briefs down as
Amanda got her first look at my husband’s cock.
“Omg! It is so big!” she shouted out.
We both then began to suck on the sides of his cock as it was sandwich in between each of our moist
lips. We teased his big thick eight inch cock for several minutes as his cock began to throb with
excitement. It was then that I took my husband’s cock into my mouth. I sucked hard on it for a good
five minutes before I gave it over to Amanda. Amanda loved my husband’s big cock as she wrapped
her lips tightly around it and began to suck on it in earnest. I even helped her out as I pushed her
head onto my husband’s cock as she felt it in the back of her throat.
My husband began to moan out, “Oh’ god I want to fuck the both of you!”
Nick had gotten up as I bent my beautiful body over the side of the bar. I pushed my gorgeous ass
back towards his hard cock. I wanted it so badly now that I turned back toward him and moaned out,
“I want you to fuck me good and hard!”
Nick grabbed tightly onto my hips as I felt him push his big cock into me. He began to fuck me hard
as I held onto the bar with both of my hands. Amanda now reached under my body with her hand and
felt up each of my tits as my husband fucked me with vigor.
It was only minutes later that I began to orgasm all over my husband’s big cock as I cried out, “Oh,
God!” over and over.
A few seconds later Nick pulled his big cock out of my wet cunt and turned his attention toward
Amanda. He brought Amanda over to a round ottoman that was right in front of the couch. He had her
lay over it as he knelt down in between her legs. Nick’s cock was extremely hard and throbbing with
excitement as I took it into my hand.
I began to move Nick’s hard cock back and forth across the lips of Amanda’s wet pussy as she cried
out into extreme excitement. I then made Amanda beg for Nick’s cock as I tapped his hard cock onto
her swollen clit several times.
“Tell us how much you want Nick’s cock inside you!” I said to her.
“Oh god! Please fuck me! Put that beautiful cock inside me now!” Amanda cried out.
I then directed Nick’s cock into her wet pussy. This was the first time in many of months that Amanda
had experienced another man’s cock inside her.
“Fuck her hard Nick!” I shouted out.
I was extremely aroused watching my hubby fuck by old best friend. I felt up each of her big tits as my
husband’s big cock slid in and out of her pussy making Amanda cry out like never before. He fucked
her hard on the ottoman as I then slid my mouth down to Amanda’s pussy. I began to lick on her
swollen clit as Amanda started to cry out even more. She was now close to a massive orgasm as I
flicked my tongue hard across her swollen clit a number of times as my husband’s big cock tortured
her swollen pussy.
A few seconds later Amanda screamed out into one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her body
shook uncontrollably on the ottoman as Nick gave her several hard thrust with his big cock.
Nick quickly wanted to take Amanda from behind. He had her kneel down on the small ottoman. Her
knees and arms barely fitted on to it as her round ass hung high into the air. I gave her nice round ass
several hard smacks with my hand as it turned red in color. Amanda was crying out for my husband’s
cock once again as I said to her, “You want his big cock again! You want him to fuck you good and
“Yes! Yes I want his cock inside me! Please fuck me hard!” Amanda cried out.
I once again directed my husband’s hard cock back into Amanda’s wet pussy. He began to fuck her
good and hard from behind as Amanda did a balancing act to keep her body from falling off the
Nick had fucked Amanda hard for a solid ten minutes before Amanda once again cried out into
another powerful orgasm. Her body shook hard once again as I once again gave each of her tender
nipples a hard squeeze as she started to cum.
Nick was so excited he was also ready to cum. Amanda cried out to him, “I want you to cum all over
me! I want you to cum right on my face!”
Nick pulled his throbbing cock out of Amanda’s pussy. Amanda now turned around on the ottoman as
she lay directly across it. I quickly grabbed a hold of my husband’s big cock and said to Amanda,
“You want my husband to cum all over your face! Is that what you want?”
“Yes! Please cum all over my face!” Amanda cried out.
Amanda now lay across the ottoman as Nick straddled himself over top of her luscious body. I
directed his throbbing cock down toward Amanda’s face as it was only about a foot or so from her
beautiful face. My husband loves to cum heavily. I slowly began to stroke on his big cock.
It had been only about a minute or so later that my husband’s body started to tense up. He suddenly
moaned out as his cock started to erupt. Nick began to shoot his cum all over Amanda’s beautiful
face as she cried out, “Oh god! Cum all over me!”
When Nick was finally done cumming, cum had practically covered every inch of Amanda’s face.
I had never experienced a night anything like this ever before. Amanda left two days later but
returned once again a month later. Well, let me say her next stay was just as intense as her last stay.

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