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Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 6

As usual I felt very guilty of how I had let Leon have his way with me again. I knew I had to put an end to all this but wasnt sure of how to do it. It seemed like everytime I got around Leon he wouldnt listen to me, that he was going to have his way no matter what. It was just that he intimidated me and I didnt know how to handle it.

It had been about 3 weeks since I seen Leon, I didnt know his phone number I got rid of it during the 8 months he was in jail and he hadnt tried to call me I wasnt sure if he lost my number or what anyway that was good I didnt need his number showing up on my phone bill. But I really needed to talk to him to put an end to this.

Our first wedding anniversary was coming up on friday, my husband was out of town and was going to be home late thursday night or early friday morning. We had planned a trip to the beach for our anniversary and was going to leave after he got home.

That thursday afternoon after I got of work I went to the salon and had my hair done and had a pedicure after that I went by bath and body and got some things, That afternoon after I packed a few things I took a bath and put lotion on, I was planning on surprising my husband when he got home since it was our anniversary.

I had got ready for bed around 10:00, I had put on a negligee and panties thinking maybe my husband would be home, I was still waiting for his phone call to let me know where he was at. I was in the bed room when I heard someone at the back door. Thinking it was my husband and that he had come home to surprise me I went to the door to meet him.

As I got to the door and looked out the glass I was shocked to see Leon standing there, at first I didnt know what to do, but then realized this would be a good time to stop all this. I opened the door and said to Leon we need to talk you cant just come by here any time you get ready. im married and were going to stop this right now, youve had your fun now leave me alone.

Leon just smiled at me as he stood there, Leon said damn bitch you got a little spunk, I like that. I said stop it , thats not going to work, my husband is supposed to be home soon so you need to leave now and dont come back. Leon looked up and down my body and said damn girl you look good and you smell good to.

Angrily I tried to shut the door, but Leon grabbed the door and stopped me. Leon grabbed my wrist and said look bitch, you think you can just treat me like that, who do you think you are , you think you better than me or something. Leon was very mad and said now open the damn door bitch. I said please Leon just leave. Leon said open the door bitch.

I slowly opened the door as Leon came inside and shut the door behind him. Leon said now come here bitch, I told you before that your pussy belongs to me, again I pleaded for Leon to stop. My body was beginning to tremble as Leon talked to me. Leon said now come here bitch. I just stood there trembling not knowing what to do. Leon took a step toward me and grabbed me by the arm and turned me around and leaned me on the bar.

Leon put his arm around my neck and turned my head toward him and made me kiss him sticking his tongue deep in my mouth I could smell and taste the alcohol on his breath. Leon said now thats better bitch. I know you cant resist a black dick, now can you?My body was trembling out of control by this time I had never had anyone to be so dominant to me.

Leon said you like this dont you bitch, you like being handled by a black man dont you. You want me to touch you dont you. Leon then said you didnt tell me something last time I was here, now you need to answer me. Did you let Al fuck you. At first I was scared to answer him and then he asked again did you let Al fuck you and softly I said yes. Leon said I knew you would let him fuck you, your just a little black mans whore aint you. I said please dont call me that.

Leon asked , you let anybody else fuck you since the last time I was here, Softly I answered only my husband, Leon said that means your pussy is tight then. Suddenly the phone rang I grabbed the phone lying on the bar and looked at the number and it was my husband, I told Leon it was my husband that I had to talk to him Leon said go ahead talk to the little wimp.

As I talked to my husband he asked if everything was alright and how excited he was about our trip and that he would be home in the morning. Leons hand traced down and played with my ass as I talked with my husband. His hand took my leg and put my knee on the bar stool beside me. His hand continued to play with my ass as he stroked my legs until finally he touched my pussy from behind running his fingers up and down my slit before pulling my panties to the side and playing with my bare pussy.

After I hung the phone up Leon said whens the little wimp gone be home, I said in the morning. Leon said that excited you didnt it, you liked me touching you while you talked to your husband didnt you. Leon said answer me bitch and again I softly said yes.

Leon said now take your little ass over to the sofa and get them clothes off. As I was taking off my clothes Leon took his off. AS he sat down on the sofa he took me by the hair and f***ed my head to his dick making me lick him and suck him off. while he fingered me and touched my body all over.

Leon continued to talk dirty to me as he touched me making me admit that I liked black dick and I loved sucking them and fucking them. Leon turned me over making me get on all fours as he got behind me and shoved his big cock deep inside me, Leon said yeah bitch that black dick looks good going inside that little white pussy he fucked me long and hard for a long time causing me to have several orgasms before shooting load after load of come in me.

After we were finished Leon made me go clean up as I was cleaning up I heard him talking on the phone, after I put my clothes back on and walked out I asked him who he was talking to and he said none of your business.

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