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Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 3 - continuation

As we stood by the car my body was trembling I begged for Leon to stop but no matter how hard I tried to get him to stop the more persistant he became, I think he knew he intimidated me and eventually he would get his way his dirty talk and vulgarness continued. Leon said now look bitch if you do what I say then I will leave you alone and you and your little white boy can get married and be happy, besides he fired me and now im going to fuck his little girlfriend again to get even.

Finally seeing there was no other way I asked Leon what I had to do. Leon said ive been thinking about this for 2 weeks I want you to come to my house on friday the day before your wedding. Very surprised I said but I cant we have rehersal on friday at 6:00. Leon said thats ok you can come after the rehersal. I said but I cant my parents and fiancée will get suspicious if I leave. Leon said well then come after your boyfriend leaves and your parents go to bed. I said they will here my car start and they will know somethings wrong. Leon said well then you can sneek out of the house and I will pick you up I will leave you my phone number and you can call me when you slip out.

I really didnt know what to say it seemed he had an answer for everything I said if I do this then you promise to leave me alone. Leon said yes but you have to do 2 things first, nervously I asked what. Leon said I want you to bring what your going to wear on your wedding night you have to wear it for me first I objected but it was useless. Then he said I want you to shave that pussy for me im going to be the first to see that pussy shaved again I objected but Leon said you can tell your bofriend that you shaved it for him for his wedding present. Hes to stupid he want know. Knowing I had to go because my fiancee was going to call me I reluctantly agreed. Before Leon would let me leave he made me kiss him and he grabbed my ass while he done it.

For the next days I was very nervous about what I was about to do I had never dreamed of doing such a thing but for some unknown reason it was exciting me at the same time. As friday approached I was very nervous and very sexually excited as the time got closer after the rehearsal my fiancee came over for a little while after he left my parents went to bed around 10:00 I went to my room as if I were going to bed also. I got into the bathtub and took a bath and took hair remover and took the hair as Leon had asked I had never seen myself like this but it was exciting to me.

After I took my bath I waited about 30 minutes and nervously called Leon and told him where to pick me up at I put my negligee and panties in my bag and very quietly slipped out the back door me heart was pounding in my chest I had never done anything like this before no one could ever find out that I done this. I waited nervously in the darkness of the street until I finally seen Leons old truck coming down the street.

After I got in the truck Leon said damn girl you looking good. I slid down in the seat to be sure no one would see me as we drove to leons house. After we got to his house we went inside it was a small house just 3 or 4 rooms Leon asked if I brung my clothes to change into and I said yes he took me back to the bedroom and told me to change as he grabbed a blanket and went back to the living room. As I nervously changed I thought I heard Leon talking to someone but wasnt sure. I slowly walked to the living room in my white negligee just to make sure no one else was there, when Leon seen me he asked what was wrong and I said I thought I heard someone talking and he said no one is here now come over here and sit down with me.

I was very nervous as I sat down all of this had made me very sexually excited but I tried not to show it. Leon sat there and talked a little I didnt understand because this was not like him as we were sitting there a knock came from the front door I got very scared and started to get up and go to the bedroom and Leon grabbed me by the artm and said sit down, I grabbed the blanket and pulled it over me I was very scared as Leon went to the door.

When he answered the door I heard him talking and then he came back into the living room with another black man. He was also an older man maybe 50 kinda short and big, Leon introduced him as big Al. I was very nervous I didnt know what was going on and Leon explain that he had told Al about me and he didnt believe him so I asked him to come by and see for his self. Then Al said damn she is fine aint she, Leon sat down beside me and Al sat in a chair close by this made me very nervous because I didnt know this man at all. Leon said yeah shes ahot little bitch and shes getting married tommorow Al said no fucking way. Leon said yeah she sure is. Leon said yeah im the only one that has fucked her besides her little wimp boyfriend.

This seemed to excite Al, I was very embarrassed and didnt know what to do. Leon looked at me and said why dont you stand up and let Al see you. I whispered no im not going to do that. Leon looked at me and said bitch I told you to stand up or maybe your little b oyfriend might find out your here. Scared I didnt know what to do as Leon took me by the arm and made me stand up taking the blanket off of me. As I stood there Al said damn shes fine I cant believe your fucking this little bitch.
Leon said yeah look at her little nipples they sticking out now, Unaware of this I slowly covered them with my hands as I sat back down.

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