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Wife and her s****r

Well it started when i decided to take my wife out for our anniversary. I picked her up and we went to the resturant where we were having a good time and she was drinking. i dont drink by the way. a little while later her s****r showed up and joined us. they were both d***k as all get out by the time we left and passing out. i decided that i would take them to our house and let them sl**p it off. we got home and i carried them one by one to my bedroom and laid them on the bed. i decided to let them sl**p in the bed and i was going to take the couch. i removed my wifes shoes and hoes as she was wearing a little skirt and decided to remove whitneys (my s****r in law) shoes as well. as i was doing this i raised her foot and saw that no panties were on this girl and i could see her hot shaved pussy veryy well. my dick got hard has hell thinking i had hit the jackpot. i eased her skirt up and started to massage her pussy and got a little movement but nothing to be scared about. i reached over and unbuttoned my wifes blouse and took her big tits out and watched them as i fingered her s****rs pussy. i got up and undid my pants and released my cock. its only about 7 inches long but super thick so i am proud of it. i spit all over it and got it nice and wet. i undid whitneys bra and marveled at her smaller tear drop shaped tits. they were so hot next to my wifes huge knockers. i raised her legs up and slowly inserted my cock. i started sliding it in and out and picked up a good rhythem. fucking my hot s****r and watching my wife lye there with her tits bouncing around from the fucking next to her. it didnt take long before i started cumming and dumped it deep in whitneys pussy. i lyed on top of her for a minute and pulled out. i fixed all the clothes and went down stairs. i guessed she wouldnt know but i will always remember.

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