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The advert was discreet one found in a local health magazine and Roxie's curiosity was immediately aroused.

Big Beautiful Woman?
WIN at least $100,000 or more!!
CALL 1-800-whaling Now!!

BBW Swim Challenge!

Are you aged 18 to 30, a Big Beautiful Woman who enjoys adventure activities?

We're a sporting club with a unique love of your kind of woman and we invite you to come and join one of our weekend retreats.

Deep in the heart of the countryside our retreat offers you to take part in our unique sporting challenge, with AT LEAST $100,000 for the winner.

You have to be available for any weekend on demand when our events are held, from May to September this year.
You must enjoy some nudist activities.
You must be able to swim.
You must want to win at least $100,000 for two day's sport!

So if you've got no ties at the weekend to hold you back then get on the phone today and register your interest in our BBW Swim Challenge. You will earn at least $1,000 just for participating, upto $5,000 when you win each competition, and the BIG PRIZE of at least $100,000 TAX-FREE with our Grand Winner's Prize + Winner's Bonuses!

Contact the Dolcett Dolphins Today.


"Yeah, right!" Roxie said, throwing the magazine aside. She pushed herself up from the kitchen table and waddled her 300 pound bulk out to work.


The idea stuck in Roxie's mind and a week later, the Friday afternoon after work she found herself in the small downtown office of the Dolcett Dolphin Club, her bulk sat on a rickety chair across a small desk facing a women almost as big as she was. Between them and a couple of ancient filing cabinets they filled the room to bursting point.

"So," Roxie challenged the woman, "what's all this about?"

The woman, Mrs Hayeston, smiled. "I know, it sounds weird yes?"

"Yeah," Roxie nodded, "but, you know, the recession, we've all gotta eat, and well, I thought it was worth asking at least."

Hayeston nodded. "Fair enough. Tell me about yourself, do you have any f****y who'd get in the way, you know this would mean spending a long weekend away from home?"

Roxie shook here head. "Just me."

"Okay," Hayeston made a neat little note on a form she'd had waiting for Roxie's arrival. "What about work, could you leave early on a Friday, or take a day off, we normally begin welcoming our ladies into the retreat Friday morning?"

Roxie shrugged. "No problem it's just casual work, I can call in sick and the boss wouldn't care until Monday."

"Okay, that's good."

"So what's it all about, the ad. said something about swimming and naturism?"

"Yes," Hayeston nodded and smiled. "Look, I'll be up front about this we have a private retreat, it started as a health and fitness camp seventy years ago, we have our own private lake and camp site, but it never succeeded. Some of the old owners kept it on but abandoned the fitness side, and it's become a kind of retreat for people like us, the Big Beautiful People or those who used to be."


"Every year, we hold these special sporting events, swimming competitions over a three day period Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, they're a mixture of races, team sports and special challenges at the end."

"And you offer big prized? Why hasn't everyone hear of this?"

"Because this is a private club and we have special members, really wealthy ones who don't like their confidences broken, sooo, we offer a prize to special contestants to join us for the fun weekend and the rich members enjoy the extra company and place bets on the contests, if you win you get a share of the prize money."

"Okay," Roxie thought for a moment, "so what's the catch?"

Hayeston grinned. "Good girl, you sound like me when I first joined. Remember the advert, it said naturism, that's public nudity, and you can guest that with a beautiful summer retreat, lots of nudity around and some pretty healthy men and women things are going to get, fun, you know?"

"Sex?" Roxie glanced down at herself, the bulk of her bust suddenly seeming fuller than normal.

Hayeston grinned. "I said we Love Big Beautiful Woman, and I think we'd really love you to come and join us."


A week later Roxie was back in the office.

"All right, tell me what I have to do."

Hayeston pushed a contract across the desk, leaning forward to show Roxie all the details. "This is our standard agreement. I'm required to point out that because of the confidentiality of our members you have to agree never, ever, to reveal the nature of our retreat or our activities." She smiled. "You know what the press and internet gossip is like nowadays. This," she tapped the section on the paper, "is a total non-disclosure agreement, it also means you agree to remain within the bounds of the retreat, no talking to outsiders, no internet or phone access, et cetera, et cetera, blah, blah, lawyer speak."

Roxie nodded, staring at the words and just about catching all the meaning, she hoped. "No mobile phones, or anything?"

Hayeston shook her head. "We can't allow you to bring anything like that, no phones, no cameras, best leave them at home when you come."


"This," tapping another section of the paperwork, "is our dress code, nudity, so you may as well wear as little as you need when you come, don't worry we'll collect you and deliver you home at the end of the weekend."

"Okay, will you be there?"

"I certainly will honey, I can't wait to see you in the final whaling contest."

"Whaling? What's that?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you?" The woman grinned. "Sorry honey, we get so used to it I forget what it's like for a newcomer. Whaling competition. You can guess we are the whales, that's one of the advantages of being such a Big Beautiful Woman, and that's what a lot of our wealthier members love. The Whaling contest is the big finale of the weekend, when you get to out swim and escape the hunters, our whalers, if they catch you you loose the game, but if you escape then you win the big prize."

"Oh, is it just me, and how many other people?"

Well we normally invite about sixteen to twenty women, our whales, to participate, especially if no one in the club wants to participate this weekend, then we have about half taking part, some drop out and others choose different activities. We have about two dozen dolphins with us on the retreat and normally just ten whalers, those are the hunters to come to tag you."

"The rich men?"

"That's right."

"You said dolphins, like Dolphin Club?"

"Yes, the Dolphins are women, some like you, who stay on or join us in other ways, and now have curvier bodies, like 1950s women, with hourglass figures that men still love to enjoy. If you wanted to stay on and played all the games long enough all the swimming would make you over into a Dolphin Girl, but right now you can really enjoy being a Big Beautiful Woman."

"Thanks, I guess." Roxie remained unsure.

"Okay," Hayeston moved her pen to indicate another section of the contract. "Now this is something you have to be aware of and ready to accept before we go further. This is the liability and accidental death cause."

"Death!?" Roxie stared down at the paper.

"Sorry, the lawyers and insurers insist on this. If you suffer an accident while on the grounds of the retreat, say you have a heart attack while swimming, then you agree not to hold us liable."

"How can I agree not to hold you liable? I mean, I'd be dead right?"

"Yeah I know, but if your f****y or someone tried to sue us or anything then we have to be protected."

"And if I don't sign it?"

"Then you're not coming to win that hundred thousand dollars."

Roxie hesitated over that. "Are there any accidents?"

"We've never had an accidental death on the retreat, and we have a really really good medical team for anything else. It's as good as any city hospital."

"Rich people."

"You got it."



Early Friday morning, Roxie had showered and dressed, just sports sweats nothing else was really necessary she knew. She was trembling with fearful excitement, she'd never done anything this outrageous, but what was a girl to do at here age, just sit around the house and pig out for the rest of her pathetic empty life?

There was a firm knock on the door causing her heart to leap. Catching herself she strode quickly to the door, quickly enough to stop herself from backing out, forcing her hand up to open it.

"Hello, Miss Love?" The tall athletic man was dressed in a simple uniform, a neat white shirt with a Dolphin logo over pressed trousers and light tan shoes.

"Yes," Roxie gulped. The man smiled, he must have done this hundreds of times she thought to herself.

"This is for you," he help out a padded envelope for her to take then a clipboard. "Sign here please."

"What is it?"

"I believe it's your entry fee. One thousand dollars to each person who agrees to enter our contests."

"Oh, yes," she remembered, fumbling to sign the man's form. She handed it back.

"You should really count it, although I guess it doesn't matter as you've just signed for it, but I guess you're a bit nervous, your first time?"

"Erm, yes," Roxie hesitated a moment, "right!" She pulled the envelope open and saw and slim bundle of crisp new dollar notes.

"I can wait if you want to count them all?"

"Er, no," she swallowed her hesitation, "I trust you."

"I'll wait while you hide it somewhere safe, unless you want to stop at your bank on the way?"

"Okay!" She turned around to head back inside, pushed the door slightly closed, noticing he was turning politely away so as not to peek, and headed back through her home. She returned a few minutes later. "Alright, let's do this."

In the next hour Roxie was shuttled by the man's van, sitting her in the back on the spacious luxury seating behind tinted windows, she felt like a movie star being driven to a movie premier or something, then welcomed onboard a light aircraft, a mid-sized one with room for her bulk. There were two other Big women already waiting. Again tinted windows so they couldn't see out.

In the plane they were served drinks by a small Chinese girl, she was probably, Roxie thought, there because they couldn't lift any extra weight with three "whales" onboard, but the drinks were nice.

At one time during the flight she tried turning to one of the other women, but the seat was so shaped, holding her snugly, and the space so restricted, seats down just one side of the cabin, she couldn't make eye contact, and the Chinese girl had spoken out to her.

"No talking please, no introductions by name, confidential!" She wagged a finger. Roxie sat back and sulked, sipping another drink.

The flight lasted about forty minutes, Roxie wasn't certain, she wasn't wearing her watch, but she guessed that was right, when they bumped down on a rough airstrip.

Clambering out of the aircraft she saw two others parked nearby clustered around a large low level log cabin. Around them the hot dry air of the desert, trees, watered grass and a suggestion of mountains on the far horizon.

"This way!" The Chinese woman led them to the cabin.


There were many more Big Beautiful Women, waiting for them when Roxie and the two other, whales, entered. A quick count and Roxie came up with thirteen, that made sixteen with her and the other two.

The Chinese woman left them and the door and retreated back to the aircraft as two new women entered from a door at the far end of the room. Both were curvy in the hourglass sense, dolphins, Roxie remembered, both smiling in that healthy, outdoors confident fashion and both were nude.

The first to enter stepped onto a low stage at that end of the room.

"Hello ladies, and welcome to our retreat! My name's Pippa, and this," waving at her companion, "is my friend Tanya, we're both here to help and guide you through your stay and all the events we've got lined up, but first can I ask you all to do as we all do here as let's see all that lovely flesh." She pointed at one wall to the side. "You'll find lockers for all your things there, don't worry about security once we leave here this room stays locked so it's all safe, just leave all your stuff in a locker and don't forget the number!" She grinned confidently while Tanya began moving amongst the women helping them off with their clothes.

Roxie already knew what was coming and, along with some of the other women had begun stripping the moment they were asked. A few other women hesitated, then followed suite. Soon there were sixteen naked whales standing uncomfortably around the room while the two dolphins, smiling reassurance herded them to the next door.

Whales are stripped.

"If anyone wants the bathroom," Pippa called out from the stage, "it's through there," pointing to a side door. "It'll take about an hour to process you all in, so take this chance while you can." She waited as a couple of the women made their way through that door. "Okay," she continued, "those ladies can join the end of the line." She turned to Tanya. "Alright!"

"First lady this way," Tanya spoke up, and the first woman was led through to the next room.

One by one they were led through, none returning, until it was Roxie's turn.

She stepped through into a long bare room. Tanya, who, close up wasn't totally nude but wore a slim close choker necklace, in pink seashell colour with a small flat metal dolphin hanging from it, and carried a dolphin tattoo at the top of her right arm, led Roxie half way down the room to a large set of scales set in the floor.

"Stand here," she asked, taking Roxie's arm, "and turn this way." Roxie noticed a camera on the opposite wall she was now facing. Tanya stood aside, Roxie made to turn to face her. "No, please keep facing the camera."


"You know the rules of the retreat are confidentiality for all our members so we don't use real names. Instead we give you your own name for the duration. These are chosen by computer." She looked at a clipboard on a stand next to the weighing machine.

"We also have to measure your weight and cary out some other health checks to see if you're fit for all the challenges and adjust them for you."

"Adjust them?"

"Yes, with your beautiful weight we have to adjust your costume so you'll have the best chance in the challenges, we will add weights to balance your buoyancy so you'll slip through the water like a fish."

"Or a whale!" Roxie laughed nervously.

"Ha! Yes, a beautiful three hundred and twenty pound whale." That weight flashed up on a signboard over her head, Roxie noticing the reflection on the far wall.

"And your name will be," Tanya glanced down the list. "Snowball!" She smiled. "Okay, you can relax now."

"Oh, er, thanks?" Roxie hesitated as Tanya played with a the touchscreen computer, answering a few questions or something. "So, what's the camera for?"

"ID verification for your stay here, we match photo, weight, your name and your true ID so we can keep track of everything. Also," she nodded at the camera, "our members want to see what our whales look like so they can take bets on your success."

"Members!?" Roxie automatically covered her modesty, turning her back from the camera.

"Bit late for that Snowball, "we're all on camera for the contests, the members will be betting on every contest, who wins, who places and anything else they can for the next three days." She looked Roxie in the eye. "You do know that's where most of your prize money comes from?"

"How do you mean?"

"The final winner gets a share of all the bets. On a good weekend that could be up to five million dollars!"



From the weigh-in the whales were led through to the fittings.

Here Pippa and Tanya explained and demonstrated everything the whales would be using.

"This," Pippa explained while pointing to a large diver's flipper, "is a single power flipper, both feet go in here and they remain for the duration of the contest. They're more powerful than a single flipper and give you that extra speed and manoeuvrability under water."

She moved on to the next item, a mask and snorkel. "This is your diving mask," she pointed out the pieces. "Your visor gives you full vision, not like regular masks, it wraps around your face, fits close and doesn't slow you down. Below and built into it is your mouthpiece for your snorkel." She emphasised. "You will be spending most of your time face-down swimming straight ahead, so the mask helps you stay streamlined, give you more speed and keeps your snorkel above the water." She half-turned again to the mask. "Your snorkel is longer then normal ones, so you can breath and stay submerged - that will be important in the final contest." She pointed out a few straps. "The whole mask fits like a glove and these hold it on under most situations, so don't worry about dropping it or loosing it."

She moved to the next items. "There are your forflippers," they looked like elongated web-fingers gloves with longer fingers and sleeves. "They fit up to your elbows, the fingers are longer and webbed and these spines down the outside are also webbed. They will give you added speed underwater, but it means you can't use your hands very well. That's why the facemask has the straps, you won't be able to adjust it once you've put it on."

She came to the final items. "These are your collar, ankle and wrist weights." She turned fully to face them all again. "Because of your beautiful weight you will float higher in the water, and that can be a really big disadvantage, so we have these weights to counter your body and give you as close as possible to neutral buoyancy, and the will allow you all to do your best in every contest. They're streamlined so they won't slow you down too much and all the weights vary according to your body mass, that's why we just weighed you all. Now let's get you all fitted."

"Er!" One whale held her hand up for attention.

"It that all we wear, what about swim costumes?"

Pippa shook her head. "It's nude swimming here, for everyone."

"Oh." The naked whale didn't look very happy.


Outside, in the searing heat of the late morning sun they were quickly led down to the lakeside. A jetty, several boats, a couple of rafts became their training area for the next few hours.

Each whale was fitted with her own costume and shown where they were to be stored after each event. Roxie and the rest soon learnt the value of the weights around neck, wrists and feet. Without the weights they all discovered, with a lot of laughter and fooling around under the watchful smiles of the two dolphins, that they floated too high in the water for their single flippers to be really effective. With the weights attached and their swim masks on they were all able to swim just below the water, so their flippers stayed under and they all got the best speed.

Using the end of the jetty and out to the first of three floating rafts the whales were soon swimming back and forth, a continuous line circling out, around and back.

They took a break after the first two hours to catch some sun and refresh themselves with light snacks of fruit and fizzy energy drinks. It was one of the most relaxed, beautiful days Roxie had ever experienced.

After their break the whales, with a new group of six more dolphin girls who's walked along the shoreline to join them, were set to simple games around all three rafts, first they were shown the best ways to swim around them, then given challenges to swim under them, Roxie enjoying the thrill of beating one whale to a raft and slipping ahead of her through its mooring lines.

The dolphin girls helped the whales, acting as guides, to show the whales how best to handle themselves, e****ting pairs of whales in races to prevent anyone getting into difficulty.

From racing and learning to move around underwater the whales were allowed another break, each pair of whales having their own dolphin to ease their strained muscles and massage them under the afternoon sun. Roxie was sure she'd slipped into sl**p a couple of time for a few minutes in the pleasure of the day, forgetting everything about her life outside and just enjoying the moment.

The third training session focused on deep diving, learning how to hold their breath, to dive deep, to swim through and around a series of obstacles, concrete blocks steel structures, etc., sunk in the lakeside, and how to surface, breath and dive deep and fast, to stay under for as long as possible.

As part of this the whales were told about little "treasure chests" on the lake bed and the whale who could find and recover the most got to keep the contents. With screams of excitement, encouraged by Pippa and the other dolphins they spent two hours diving deeper and wider across the training area.

Roxie was lucky enough to find two little treasure chests, both had a handful of gold coins inside. She was bemused at first until Tanya told her they were US golden eagles, each coin worth hundreds of dollars on that day's gold prices. She really had found treasure.


Everyone ached with stiff bodies the following morning, but that, Tanya explained as she and the other dolphins hurried to wake and held the whales, was why the first contests would be held in the afternoon.

With light meals, and several hours ahead of them they had time for warm up exercises, massage, body stretching, more massage with warm oils and a sauna in hot steam to clean their bodies and chests. By this time Roxie and the other whales were totally at ease with being nude and none of them felt any inhibition about walking around naked indoors or out in the sun without any clothes.


The first games were held on the other side of the private lake. The whales had been suited up in their Whaling House and ferried out across the water on one of the longer, wider shallow-draught boats big enough for all the whales. Most of the dolphins joined them in smaller "Rescue" boats.

All sixteen whales took part in the first contest - a series of knockout races under the view of an audience on a series of floating stands stretching across the water.

In pairs the whales would race along a stretch a quarter mile long. Winners went up to the next round, losers went to secondary circuits where they had to keep exercising ready for the following races. This way even the losers would have the same amount of workout in the water as each winner going up to the next round.

Roxie came third in this round of races.

The second round were longer circuit races, combining loops around a couple of the stands with a three stretches under the stands and through an underwater obstacle.

Roxie came second.

The third and most exhausting round of races were team games, with each team, evenly balanced based on weight and performance ratings from the first two events, competing to find and retrieve the maximum number of treasure chests, the game would only be over when the last chest was found.

It took four hours for all the chests to be found. Roxie's team won by nine chests to the other team's six chests. Al the chests contained more gold, spit around the winning team, the loosing team lost their chests.

That was the end of the first day of events and the whales were ferried back across the lake for a temporary break before returning to the club house and an orgy of entertainment for everyone, whales, dolphins and all the other club members.

Roxie was tired but also refreshed. It had been an exciting day and after catching a good break she felt fit enough for a few hours partying.

They began with a barbeque outdoors as the sun lowered to the horizon. As the air became chiller everyone gradually moved indoors.

As promised, everyone was naked, with plenty of men of many weights and ages mingling around the dolphins and whales. With hot food and plenty of spirits and wine to help relax any early nerves, everyone soon became intimate with everyone else, firm flesh rubbing against soft and plump flesh, dolphins giggling, familiar with the entire situation, whales laughing a bit too loud in their nervous excitement.

A handful of man, and one woman, made moves on Roxie, but at first she was too nervous to participate, but she wasn't above enjoying the sight of one whale, Seashell was her name, laughing as she was e****ted indoor by two men clutching her, a couple of wine bottles and unembarrassed about walking through the crowd naked with huge erections in anticipation of enjoying Seashell's pleasure.

That's how the evening continued, more advances by men who loved Bit Beautiful Woman, Roxie relaxed enough to enjoy herself with one man, an older man who assured her she was the most beautiful here, and thanking her for winning him fifty thousand dollars on the bets he'd placed on her. She was happy to lie back, relax and enjoy the sensation of him as he humped himself to exhaustion, once, twice, a third time.

Around the room other whales were enjoying themselves. Two especially seemed to have attracted their own circle of admiring men, as each man took turns on each whale, at one point both whales had a man at each end fucking their lower regions and their faces, the whales writhing and laughing with the pleasure of it all.

By this time Roxie had become tired, yawning she sought guidance and was pointed by one of the helpful dolphins to a heat tunnel of timber running around the lakeshore. She took that and ten minutes later was lying in a snug, warm bunk in the Whaling House and asl**p.


The following day was the climax of the weekend.

All the whales woke with some kind of hangover, some worse than others, but the dolphins, ever-efficient and healthy were there to usher the whales through a light breakfast, a sauna, and two hours of relaxing massage to remove the strains and kinks of the day.

One by one the whales were led from the Whaling House to a separate room where Pippa waited. When it was Roxie's turn, puzzled she entered to find it a bare wooden room Pippa standing, ever naked, waiting for her the a table computer in her hand.

"Hello Snowdrop how are you feeling?"

"Fine," Roxie sight, "tired, stiff, but," she nodded, "good."

Pippa smiled. "That wonderful, and you did really well yesterday, I hear plenty of our members enjoyed your performances in the water, and," she winked, "I hear a couple of men were really enthusiastic about you staying around to enjoy more of our activities."


Pippa. "Yes, How would you feel about that?"

"Sticking around, staying here, more competitions?"

"More than that, you enjoyed the party and barbeque last night?"

Roxie nodded. "Yes, I guess, I was tired, it'd had been a long day."

"I know," Pippa nodded sympathetically. "A couple of the whales have already had to drop out because of the stresses from yesterday, but another one has enjoyer herself enough that she's elected to stay on, and I wondered if you felt that was something you could do?"

"You mean stay on, like you?"


"And I'd still get to compete, and wing the prizes?"

"Ah, well that's the catch Snowdrop, if you do decide to stay with us, become part of our community and enjoy everything here you'd have to give that up, the prizes are for our special volunteers, otherwise it wouldn't be fair, if newcomers came to compete with members who knew all about the contest."

Roxie nodded thoughtfully, thinking about the difference, stay here or take a chance and win the big prize. "Could I think about it afterwards, you know if I win."

"Hmm, wellll, you could think about it if you win and wanted to return, but for today we're just offering you the option, join us now, give up the prize or take your chances with the contest."

"And I'd still keep the money I've won so far, if I fail to win today?"

"You keep what you take from us today, that's guaranteed. But if you wanted to stay and join us now you can live here with us for the rest of your life."

"Really?" Roxie was surprised, and that almost changed her mind, but then the thought of winning millions, and the freedom it would give her to live her life the way she wanted. "So it's like all-or-nothing, either win the competition and take the prize, or stay here and I get nothing?"

"Well, that's one way to look at it, but living here amongst us is likely to be more rewarding and satisfying then having to live in the outside world."

Roxie hesitated. Pippa waited patiently. "I think I'll take my chances with the final contest."

Pippa grinned. "Wonderful, you'll make an ideal contestant, we just wanted to be sure of your dedication, it's going to be a great day!"


After the meeting Roxie and all the other whales, less four, two dropouts and two volunteers to join the club, were prepared by attentive and loving dolphins.

After another hour of massage and a few energy drinks to give them a boost each whale was specially oiled and covered generously in a special insulating lotion. Pippa and Tanya told them all it was to help keep their skin safe from burning in the sun, clean, slick and warm in the deepest parts of the lake, and help stop wrinkling from long hours in the water.

At the last moment the dolphins introduced all the whales to a new feature of their costume. Explaining that this was to help their buoyancy and keep the centre of their bodies balances, the weights in their hand flippers were taken off, and each whale had a specially weighted probe inserted in her sex. These heavy dildos couldn't be refused, they were already in their flippers and had no way to resist, but a few whales, including Roxie, found the large, heavy penetration arousing.

With all the whales beautifully slicked and onboard the ferry boat they were taken out into the centre of the lake. Around them a handful of small artificial islands broke up the scale of the lake, creating a series of separate areas for variety and different activities. Today nothing else was being play, only the game.

The boat slowed to a halt and Pippa stood in the centre of the two rows of six whales, with their backs to the side of the boat.

"Whales, beautiful whales!" She grinned. "This is your big day, the day you could win at least a hundred thousand dollars, and maybe a million! I know for sure it's likely to be more than a million. The betting from our members has been fantastic and your share in that will be just as fantastic, certainly more than a million dollars!"

She caught her excited breath and continued. "Today's competition is a kind of hide and seek game. You will have eight hours in the water, beginning in a few minutes when you hear the sound of the siren. You have to remain in the water and hidden for eight hours until you hear three blasts from the siren again this evening."

She looked around at all the upraised faces behind their masks. "The seek part of the game comes from our members. There are twelve of you and there will be twelve seekers. These we call our whale hunters." She grinned. "Their challenge is to catch you, if they succeed they win a prize, but if you evade them you will get the big prize at then end. If one of you only escapes capture then you alone will win the prize, if more than one of you escapes then you will split the prize."

She paused to let them understand. "Listen carefully, you can swim, you can dive, you can hide anywhere in the lake, but you cannot come out, if we find you trying to crawl out we'll haul you back here," she pointed at the water, "in the centre and release you, but the hunters will probably see us doing it and they'll be waiting for you." She looked around at all the beautiful naked whales. "And there are no holds barred, no rules, if you want to trick other whales to increase your chances of escape, if you want to expose them or anything, then do it, and the prize will be yours."

"Each time a hunting boat catches a whale they have to leave the lake too. That means when several of you have been caught there will be fewer boats for the rest of you." Pippa smiled reassuring them all. "It's a one-on-one game here and your odds of success go up with each new catch."

She looked them all up and down, their big bodies, their flippers their masks, the sick look in some of their faces, the calculation in others, and then the siren sounded from the main camp.

"Okay! You have ten minutes to s**tter then the hunters will be released!" And she stepped forward to the nearest whale, while Tanya approached another and pushed them in. Quickly the other whales flipped backwards their heads dropping into the water, their flippers splashing and their snorkels blowing their first blasts of air.

Tanya laughed, and rubbed her sex. "I'm gonna cum with all this!"

Pippa stepped up and hugged her, rubbing her hand against Tanya's sex. "It's gonna be a great hunt!"

The Whales are taken to the hunting grounds.


The heavy dildo in Roxie's sex was working as she was told, the centre of her body was being held down, and with each thrust of her legs in the flipper she felt its stimulating movement inside her body. The sexual distraction was enough to relax her but not enough to stop her mind thinking about the hunt.

Move fast, she though, go shallow and get as far away as possible, go to the shallow end of the lake, where the reeds stretched out from the shore, boats couldn't reach the area, and she could hide her snorkel in the reeds.

She swam and hard as she could, pounding the water, not caring about being seen, the hunters would take time to reach the area and she counted out the seconds and minutes. Five minutes, seven, ten, now, she thought, now they'd be coming. She risked a surge above the water, surfacing like any whale, thrusting herself up as high as she could to see where she was.

The reeds! There, and the islands in the lake should be hiding her from the hunters. She dived with a deep breath to keep low and caressed the sand lake bed with her belly as she entered the tangle of the reeds.

Exhausted from her race to the reeds she rested just below the surface. The time ticked by, other fish and, unseen wriggling things swam and squirmed around her, but she grinned behind her mask, this was the best place to hide.

Time passed slowly, she could here the small outboard motors of the hunters humming around the lake, they seemed to be sweeping back and across the water from side to side, with the occasional surge.

She heard a rushing of motors and splashing, more sounds from above, nearby, she ached to move, to see what was happening, but the noise of activity kept her silent and still. The splashing intensified and the motors cut out.

They've caught one, she thought, grinning, as she heard one motor start up again and move slowly away.

Splash! There was the sound nearby! She jumped. Splash, splash!! Again, paddles, she thought, they were stabbing around the reeds.

Close, splash, closer, splash. The sound of oars on a boat, the knocking sounds of someone moving onboard, it all reached her easily underwater. She froze, terrified, what to do? Should she take a chance and stay still, or..?

The motor cut in, cough, stopped, so nearby! Her eyes widened slowly rolling in that direction trying to stare through the reeds. So close!

Cough, went the engine again, then it caught, and revved up, turning, moving, first towards her hiding place, then, almost on her, it surged away, turning back out across the lake, racing away.

Close, so close, Roxie sighed, then realising her hiding place wouldn't last forever she began to move. Slowly, carefully, still just below the water, the weighted dildo stimulating her on, she inched carefully out to the edge of the reeds. She knew she didn't want all the reeds to show her position as she moved through them like, well, a whale, so she tried her best to make every movement carefully.

Out, and, looking up through the clear water, she couldn't see any sign of a boat, she rose a little breathing through her snorkel, trying to keep close the the reeds to hid it from view.

Now what? She wondered what to do, there must be hours left for her to stay out of sight, but the hunters would eventually come back here. She had to try something else, but what?

She was still thinking, and gliding slowly along the line of reeds, trying to keep the snorkel close to them for camouflage when she heard a splash right next to her head!

A boat, hidden, like her, waiting for her in the reeds!

She lunged away as the paddle came down again, splash, so close! Then the splutter of the engine and the boat lurched out of the reeds right over her head.

She stopped, twisted, to let the boat race past, but this hunter wasn't so stupid, he spun the boat round, halting so close to Roxie that she could barely breath, but she had to breath, and soon!

An idea came to her! She saw him leaning out over the side of the boat, and lunged up the other side, surfacing, blowing her snorkel to breath and and the same time, gasping as much air in and out as she could, she dropped her entire three hundred plus pounds mass down on the side of the boat.

It heaved under her, she pressed higher and pulled it down, then she dropped off, pushing herself away, with a single extra-deep breath, she dived.

The boat rocked so violently the hunter was thrown overboard. Roxie saw him tumble, laughing to herself as the began to turn away. The she saw the man's weapon - a harpoon gun!!?

Swish! The harpoon let loose, but not close enough, Roxie saw it flash by her face as the hunter lunged after her.

Roxie was too quick, startled into a fury of swimming she twisted away and pushed herself as hard as she could, faster, faster, away, she thought, get away now!

A harpoon! The image raced through her mind a frozen moment over and over again in her mind's eye, not a dummy, but a real harpoon! A real, sharp, pointed harpoon, a killer!

She couldn't figure it out, maybe she was wrong, maybe it was a dummy, some rubber tipped weapon, or something. She relaxed, smiling, she was wrong, it couldn't have been a real one, just a toy one.

She knew the hunter would be coming after her, but knew she had a few moments, a couple of minutes to breath and put some distance between him and her. She pressed herself as far as she could go, then up to the surface. There she blows! She giggled to herself, Roxie the Great White Whale. A couple of deep breaths then she dived deep and twisted back on her course, just at the hunter's boat raced overhead. She grinned.

Missed me!

Now what? She thought, back to the reeds, maybe he wouldn't think she'd double-back. Even better, she grinned, back to the spot he'd used, go to his hiding place.

She pushed herself to stay down, keep as deep as she could and hold her breath, save her energy for a careful swim back. She had just one lung of air to keep her down and reach the reeds.

She managed it, but almost u*********s when she nudged her head and snorkel up in the reeds. She breathed as much and as deeply as she could, she had to recover her strength quickly before she was f***ed to race away again. Like before she slowly, carefully nuzzled her way into the reeds to rest.

The sounds of the hunt continued outside Roxie's safe hiding place. Another hunter cam close but missed her, and the sound died away. But she knew it was all a false hope, they'd eventually have to come back this way, and she'd be f***ed to race for her life, but she waited.

She must have dozed off in the calm lull, until the increasing noise startled her again, a boat racing along the edge of the reeds. It zoomed past just beyond the reeds, then a couple of minutes later it returned, this time inside the edge.

Ah, she thought, they want to drive me out do they? She grinned. Maybe there was a way to get past this.

She began inching her way out and kept her ears open for the boat's return. Soon enough it was racing back towards her, but she kept her cool and sunk as deep as she could in the reeds.

Woosh! The boat raced overhead. Immediately Roxie rose to the surface, blowing air quickly, one then two deep breathes, and she was turing to follow. She knew the hunter would be looking forward not back and might not see her rise in the wash from his boat. By following him she kept to his back until she her the boat slow.

She held her breath, waiting. The boat came past, off to her side deeper in the reeds, and again she rose, carefully, one, two three deep breaths, and she sank down, then twisted quickly, out, away from the reeds, out across the lake. While the hunter was making another sweep Roxie was moving as quickly and deeply as she could out into clear water. Grinning.

She swam carefully, conserving her breath and strength, then, when she judged it far enough she rose quickly of a could of deep breaths. The down! Deep, fast,in case - too late.

She hear it before seeing it, the roar of another motor, a boat lying in wait for her out in the lake. Not too close but they must have seen her rise, because it was racing in her direction. Same trick she thought, turning towards the boat.

As it race past her, flashing directly overhead, she rose for another deep breath, and then deep, fast, as far as she could go straight line away from the boat, keeping the hunter's back to her back as she pushed her self to her limits.

The islands, she thought, use the islands to hide for a moment. They had underwater shortcuts for the whales, hunters and boats had to go around. If she could make it to one island she'd stand a chance to escape the hunter. But no, he was coming back! No, not him, another boat, a third hunter lying in wait for the whales to show themselves!

He was on her before she could change course, slowing his boat nearby as she slowed and turned away, moving carefully, on her last breath. She heard and felt it at about the same time, a splash and searing pain in her butt!

"Arrgh!" She screamed, muffled in her mask, trying to breath, forgetting the snorkel as the pain ripped through her right buttock. Harpoon! She realised, they were real!

She felt it jerk as she tried to twist and see what was happening, but, too quickly she was f***ed to rise, and was tugged at the same time. The black harpoon was jutting out of her butt with a long pale line stretching up to the nearby boat. She rose, thrashing at the harpoon and trying to breath.

This wasn't right, something was really, really wrong with this game!

Again the harpoon hauled her, again she gasped with pain and had to breath. Now she was close to the boat, another tug on the harpoon, another agonising pain ripping through her body and she was helpless to stop it.

There must be some mistake, she thought, maybe an accident. Anyway, she realised, it was game over for her and she gave up as the hunter reached down and squeezed her untouched but, before pushing his hand up between her legs and squeezing her sex, hauling the dildo weight out, she shuddered with the the surprising sensation of the invasion of her body, and thrill as the dildo rubbed her sex on its exit. She felt hollow without it.

She lay there in the water, a true whale beside the victorious whaling boat as the hunter moved around above her. The pain had lessoned. Maybe he was calling for help? She hoped so, they said they had medical facilities her. But no, he was doing something at her feet, she felt his hands there, briskly lifting and turning her flipper.

In a moment she understood as the motor kicked on and revved up. The boat began to pull slowly away from her, then she felt herself tugged, a line, she thought, around her feet, she was being towed backward across the lake like a lump of white meat.

Harpooned and captured whale.

The boat took a long time to slowly cruise across the water until it reached a jetty. Roxie wasn't sure if this was the same part of the lake as the main club houses, it felt different somehow.

When the boat pulled up it dragged Roxie alongside the shallow jetty, she felt the sand under her belly. After a moment her saw two dolphins jumping into the water by her head. She tried shaking her head for attention, calling out.

"Hey, help me godammit!" But they seemed to know what was wrong when they went immediately to her sides looking down at her. Carefully the guided her arms straight. Must be intending to lift me out, she thought, then a sudden shock. With sudden strength the two dolphins f***ed Roxie's arms back and, click, click, she felt what she though were cuffs locking on her wrists!

She struggled in surprise, then another tight tug on the cuffs and she felt something cold and hard intrude into the ass. The dolphins stepped back, one patting Roxie's healthy butt as she realised the terrible truth, both her wrists were now bound behind her and something, a hook or something like it was up her ass holding them tight behind her. She was bound, naked and helpless as the rope tightened around her flipper and began dragging her out of the water.

With no care for her suffering or situation the dolphins, another handful on the beach, and a couple of hunters hauled or watch the hauling of Roxie up the sandy beach. Twisting and struggling helplessly Roxie was totally humiliated and terrified about what was happening to her. They all seemed to be smiling and the two male hunters were naked and saluting her with their outstanding erections.

The dragging stopped, and one dolphin bent over Roxie's head to unfasten her facemask.

"What the fuck-!" Was all Roxie got to say as another dolphin lifted her head by her hair and jammed a ball gag in her mouth. A quick motion and the gag was strapped tight. The first dolphin waved her hand and the hauling began again.

Roxie hear a motor winch grinding with the strain as it dragged her big while whale bulk over the beach, the grass and up to an artificial tree with fake branches strong enough to bear the weight of a whale.

Another few moments and Roxie was suspended, upside down hanging from the tree, obscenely nude, in pain from the harpoon and gagged, she suddenly realized she wasn't the first. There were three other whales around the tree and two others on another tree nearby.

The hunters and dolphins walked away. Roxie gave in and fainted with the pain and exhaustion.


It must have been hours later, the sun was early down, when Roxie woke to find a man standing in front of her masturbating his cock with her tits. At least that's what it felt and looked like from here view point, looking up between his legs and seeing and feeling him thrust between her tit flesh. He came, then toyed with her for a moment, wiping his cum and wet cock on her then walked away.

Roxie was then able to see a dolphin standing next to another suspended whale. She could hear humming then a grunt from the whale. The dolphin patted the whale and move up to Roxie.

The humming was a vibrator the the dolphin played over Roxie's sex, caressing, and teasing then pressing gently down on just the right spot.

I will not cum, Roxie commanded herself, I will not enjoy this, not now, not never. But her body was another matter and soon began to react without her control. Hmmmmm, she thought, okay, maybe and I'll get you all later. A few more gentle minutes and Roxie was trying to press herself up onto the vibrator, but the dolphin was teasing her, lifting it away, then pressing it deep, up and down. She kept it up for a long time.

"Okay, whale now you can cum!" She announced, smiling, and pressed it deeply into Roxie, holding it until she orgasmed, convulsing and swinging in the air.

The dolphin left her swinging there and move onto to the next whale. Roxie tried to come, not cum, to her senses and looked around.

At the other tree four whales hung like her, but she could see another tree with two more, that was ten out of twelve she counted. She turned the other way, make that eleven, she thought as she saw another whale being hauled up the beach.

All the hunters were laughing clapping and slapping each other on the back, the dolphins were grinning and working to prepare what looked like a huge barbeque. Celebrating, Roxie thought, the game must be over, and it looks like one whale won the prize. Luck bitch, she thought.

Then she looked again at the whale being dragged up the beach. My god, she thought, she's dead!

Trophy whales awaiting their fate.


It took another moment for Roxie to be sure, the whale really was dead, and wasn't being dragged up to the trees, but over to the barbeque area. She watched, like the other whales who could see it all, as the dolphins dragged the great bulk of the whale over to a low platform. They hauled and heaved and rolled the whale onto the platform then knelt down around the sides to strip it bare, throwing the mask and flippers away to be carried off by another dolphin.

Then they revealed the knives waiting on the platform. Roxie convulsed, screaming behind the gag, just like the others hanging with her. No! She tired to scream, no!!!

The knives began their work, cutting deep into the whale, peeling back the skin and blubber. Other dolphins came with large glass bowls the carry the blubber away. Piece by piece, as the gagged witnesses screamed their muffled screams, the whale was cut away. First the fat and skin in careful sections, then the meat was exposed and sliced into delicate sections.

Then came the innards, thrown casually into metal bowls for one dolphin to race back and forward to the shoreline and throw into the lake. Fish eat it, Roxie guessed.

Eventually the whale had been cut down to nothing.

Roxie saw that some of the meat was being hung up to dry, the sun would soon dry it all, some was being taken to a large barbeque grill.

No! She realised. Noooo! And screamed again behind her gag.

No one paid any attention. Until Roxie noticed one pair, dolphin and a hunter, watching them all with a video camera, recording everything, every scream, every twitch, every twist and turn of the whales hanging from the trees.

She was crying inside now, the helpless despair taking hold of her and she continued to struggle against the rope and the bonds, the hook in her ass digging painfully deep as she tried to drag it free, the pain in her buttock reminding her of the wound, and the total indifference those people had for her and her situation.

Her despair was broken when several dolphins came over to the tree.

"Noooo!" She tired to scream as the others did. But it was useless, and the first hanging whale was lowered to the ground.

Roxie couldn't help notice with a black fascination how all the men had huge outstanding erections and all the dolphins unnaturally large erect nipples.

They hauled the first next whale across to the platform and repeated the process, this time followed by a second film crew. Snuff movie, Roxie thought, her mind now gone beyond helplessness.

Again, they whale was reduced to meat, bone and blubber, or trash thrown in the lake.

Again it was repeated, the erections cam for whale after whale, until only Roxie, exhausted from screaming for help or in defiance, was alone, and they came for her.

It must have been late night. The night desert chill was kept away by giant space heaters so everyone could remain nude. They dropped her slowly to the ground, ignoring her final few cries, rolled her on her belly and dragged her across the grass, blades of grass ripping into her skin.

The rolled her up to the platform, then released her wrists briefly as the swapped chains. Then the lifted and hauled her up,laying her on her back and spreading her arms wide the chains anchoring her wrists against the corners of the platform. She continued to moan in helpless resistance.

Stripping the flippers from her they spread and anchored her legs in the same way.

This was different Roxie thought. What was happening?

She was spread eagled on the platform then noticed all the men standing over and around her, grinning, erections at attention.

Oh fuck! She thought, rightly, as one after another, while the barbeque carried on through the night Roxie was used, and used, and used, and used by every man, by dolphins with vibrators, by the camera crews recording every moment.

She should have guessed. They did love Big Beautiful Women, and Roxie was having a whale of a time.

Until the heat of the midday sun the following day, when they finally gutted her and hung her meat out to dry, for their special meals.

"She really should have accepted our membership offer." Tanya sighed, nibbling on a piece of fried Snowdrop blubber.

The End.... of that month's Whaling contest...

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