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Wife secret threesomes from her journal


i take so long to get back. i got involve,remember i was telling my hubby that i have been going to work seminars. well, i find some college guys mail me on aff. i was not sure to go with that. but they live close. they make offer to me. about visit them at thier apartments, where alot of men stay. they ask if i am willing to visit them even they are young then me. they live in separate apartment. jus three of them. and promise to keep it private.

i dont belive it, but they offer me money, since they say, it will cost them so much for a date with girls anyway. and they are not lucky to have sex. so better to find me, if we get along.. thier pics were nice. and i tel them no funny stuff, d**gs or rough play.

so, i meet them, and decide to folow them to their apartment. wihich is in a house.. They really didnt know much what to do, with a woman, so at first i feel like a tutor to them. but they are so sexy and horny , like the will eat me alive..We had some drinks at thier couch and they turn on tv with sexy videos. i fel self concious , when they ask me to undress. so i tell them they have to seduce me to want them. one boy sat on each side of me, and both start to kiss my face and touch me, kiss more up down my lips, neck , shoulders. i was wearing a loose blouse like baby doll top. and bra. skirt. i realy wasnt sure if i will go through with this, and i was still nervous but excited too. one guy put his hand under my skirt to my undies. i stood up right away. i was also scared from my drink making me feel some dizzyness. jus nerves. they both stood up, and put arms around me, kissing my face, down my neck, so sweet, down my shoulders, they were so hungry. lower my blouse straps and kissing me everywhere, thier hands move up and down my stomach and bottom, then my thighs, they did tease my thighs and press into my clits. i fell so young and so alive with them.. i dont have so much action like that with huby or bf.

when they both were sucking my breasts together, lifting my blouse off, i forgot about changing my mind, they were so energetic my legs were weak. already thier hands had my legs opening to thier probes. they undress me while standing , and never stop kissing and sucking every part of me, i never want them to stop. i feel so wanted. they lift me to the couch. Kyle ask me, ''do you want us now baby" Yes, Yes, i tell them.

we moved to the bedroom.

i had to slow the two young men down, they tongue me so much , on my clits and pussy thet i almost wore out with cuming right away.. i did feel uncomfortable at first, since i feel so older than them. and self concisous.I told them, you all have to use condoms, if you are inside me. except for oral, i dont mind. cuz i dont want to get pregnant or anything else. they had a box and put them on.

dont know if you gf ever have like this, but it really is good. i can tell more, for now, jus let you know. they had me for several hours the two men. i help them to try new things, i was so surprise that they can cum so many times, and not rest. but just change positions. kyles roomate loved me to suck him, and while i was riding Kyle, his roomate Jose, cum suddenly in my mouth, he jus kept pumping, i had to drink his cum, too passionate with riding Kyle. Jose stayed hard, and he wanted me. so Jose laid down, and i sat on him and rode his cock. i am so amaze how he is still hard and horny to make love more.

They took turns with me, and was like my being a 20 year old again.

i feel better about it , too if i write it all down.

they warn me, that thier other roomate might come home, if we were there late. . and he did. and i didnt know, till he join in bedroom. , hard for him to not know what we doing since i was noisy i think.

their roomate, i could hardly see, came into bedroom. while i was riding on Jose, i think. He stoke my back with his hands, sucked my breasts and then two boys, sucked my breasts. kissing my neck and back, all over, i came alittle from feeling that. The new roomate brought his cock to my mouth. he was the biggest of the three. and darker, even in the dim room. i see that. his cock was already driping. i loved that. Soon i realize, no one is under me, and i feel jus kisses on my back, i am on my knees. jus sucking this new cock. i really want to taste more , He stopped pumpin my mouth, and sat on the bed. pulling me over to his lap. he pulls my arm to lift me to his lap and sit on his cock. I reached for the condoms and put it on for him. I helped it fit with my tongue.. he is much bigger than the other two. He kissed my mouth real hard, and wrap his arms around me. i kneeled and lower myself onto him slow, he wiggles his cock , sexy and suck my breasts , The other two boys were watching, but getting excited i think.

When he starts to enter me, i was crying out alittle. some pain, some passion. but always wanted more. Then i feel him slide in, slowly. He kisses me, and i was moaning more, Then he asks he roomates to come over, and help. They kissed on me, suck my breasts and i am getting hotter, n hotter. putting thier cocks to my mouth. teasing me. the big cock under me, is moving in deeper and rocking around. i was really sweating i remember. cuz the boyz , brought a towel, to dry me. My legs were shaking from riding up and down. i wanted to feel this big cock all the way, if i can. but i really was afraid too.

i ask my new lover his name, Artie". he say.. he tells me i am too tight, but he will make me cum like a virgin.. Kyle , bring some lotion. Artie shouts . I think Artie has experience more than his roomates. "put some on her pussy and bottom hole". Oh NO, i thot, he is not going to put his big x in my bottom.

i tel him, Hey, you cant fit in my bottom . No babey, he say. We are going to lossen yu up. and make you cum like a virgin. "Kyle" get behind her. lets dp her now.

With Artie's huge cock in my pussy, and my craving to feel more of him, i jus obey what they want. I feel a cock teasing my bottom , and pushing agains me, a mouth kissing on my back. Artie pushing and teasing inside my pussy. His mouth biting at my lips, and hands squeezing my breasts.

Even before they both are inside me, Artie has me rocking back and forth on him,, trying to push himself deeper inside me. Something is happening inside my stomach. i feel a craving and a pressure inside me. like i am ready or wanting to come, so hard, but they are not yet dp me. now i am rocking on my own and wanting a cock in my bottom, i tell Kyle. to ''go ahead'' please now put it in.'' He presses into my bottom and slowly enters. Its hard for my smalll body to make room.

i came a little, i feel this strange and powerful pressure building inside me. i was breath so hard and shaking. Artie cock is straining my pussy and my whole body feels electric. then i realize both cocks are inside of me, and my rocking is pushing them in and out. "please boys, go slow, and try to work together". i want them to have some rythym,

Finally the three of us, are in a rythym and the pushing in and out is like a giant cock making love to me, I want to explode, i want them to explode inside me. I was getting hotter and hotter, and i could feel both of them , stiffen and throb inside me. Artie pulled me to himself, and kiss me hard, I reached down to my pussy , and i could feel his cock was mostly inside of me. i was shocked . Both men, now inside of me . so deeply. .

i was losing it. i wanted to feel more. i stopped rocking on them. they slowed down, i lifted off and said. .. take off the condoms. they did, so fast i think. and entered me again, they were so excited like i was. to feel them naked inside me. i know it increase pleasure when man is naked inside. I wanted to feel them cum inside of me. really flood me inside. both lovers were pumping me faster and wild now.

My breathing was so fast and hard. our sweat was mixed, the smells of my perfume , thier cologne , made my head swim too.

Artie called out again. to jose. "hey Jose, get some of this" Jose , brought his very hard cock to my mouth. it was already dripping. i tasted his cum right away. he was so eager to feel my mouth. i was so hungry to taste him,

Every part of my body , was turn on, and hungry. jus like my young lovers. i sucked deeply on Jose cock. while my lovers pushed and helped me to rock back and forth. it was too much, i was screaming inside to cum. i know they could feel and hear me. Even my moans , with jose in my mouth.

Like a crazy dream. i heard so many groans and felt so many explosions , i let go of Jose for a second, jus to cry out. Boys i cant stop it., im cumming.....the pressure in my stomack had to come out, i was panting, Kyle must have grabbed my breast and squeezed them so hard, i could feel him pull himself deep into my bottom. Jose pulled my face and mouth back to his cock. Artie thrusted inside me faster and faster.

Jose, exploded cum inside my mouth. I Exploded, my whole body exploded into something so new. Jose cum, tasted so good then, my hips were shaking , my waist and stomach were pulling in and out, my thighs were collapsing under me. i felt Kyle, pull me back into his stomach, while he exploded inside me, deeply. He almost sat me up, while he squeeze my breasts and kiss me on my neck and shoulders , still pumping his juice inside me. . I was like a puppet now. i could feel everything but i was helpless for thier pleasure.

Artie bucked under me. lifting me off of his waist. his huge cock . needed room to explode. I could feel his cum , so warm inside me , He rolled me over, even while pushig the others to the side. Artie, had me on my back, and lifted my legs high over his shoulder. he pressed his cock now, deeper inside me again. He finished his coming. He turn me to my side , lift one leg and continue pumping me, laying me on my side and probing his cock to new places insdie me,

i thought for sure, this would make me pregnant. if not from him, the others.

Jose,came over and slid his still wet cock to my mouth. He had not finished i guess. and i sucked him, till he came alittle more, i let him stay in my mouth till his soften .

One by one, they got up. and shower, i went to the shower and i slept for a while. i had no idea how long i had been there, it was dark and no suond from the apartment. In the shower, so much cum , ran down my legs. Kyle stepped into the shower, He ran his hands over my body, kissed me and played with my breasts more, he really loved them , he said.. He had never had a women, with milk in thier breast. I was so tired, and still so desirous for my new lovers. i felt kyle cock rub up against me, it was already hard, again. i instinctly knew, what he wanted, i knelt in the shower. squeeze his buttocks from behind, while i sucked his cock into my mouth. It was not as hard as earlier. but his desire for me, was more loving. He stroked my wet hair, while the water ran down over us both.

Before he could cum, he pulled away , and took me hand, we went out of the shower, put a towel on the floor, i leaned against the sink. He open my legs, kissed m neck and back and enter me from behind. He made love to me like that for several minutes. i was about to come, he continue to squeeze my breasts as before.but sudenly he, spin me around, kiss me hard.

He had put a towel on the toilet. he sat down, and pulled me to him. I sat on his hardness, i rocked as best i could, i whisper to him 'my legs are so tired'

he jus look into my eyes, and continue to suck my breasts. he pumped up and down, we botth lazlily rocked together. till he began to cum.. He wrapped his arms around my waist, nearly stood up, as he came inside me, his kiss me and thrust so deep and hard . i was on my toes, trying hard to stay with him. Suddenly i found myself, cuming too. the kissing , and embrace, and his passionate play with me.

Kyle , toweled me off, and brought me to his bed. i reminded him i must leave soon, or no more than another hour. He ask me to lay with him. so i did,

all three ask me to come back again, soon, and since, they enjoy me, better than a date with younger girls. since with me they no they will have real fun. Also the first two, ask me if i can spend the night sometime, and really make love to them. i feel bad theat they have no gf.s. but i understand they are serious to finish college.

i tell them maybe, i will try , since its close. i could meet them early evening some friday and stay till saturday noon..

i cant wait. really.

but really i am sore from them.

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