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Watching uni roommate fucking girls

I lived in a house as a student for a year with a good mate. I had an en suite bathroom off my bedroom with another door into the hall which wasnt obvious. My bed was in full view about 5 feet from the bathroom door. Whenever one of the 2 of us living there brought a girl back (reasonably frequently being rugby playing students) they would text the other housemate on the way home to say there was a girl coming back.

Whoever had the girl slept in my room having left the second door to the ensuite bathroom open before going out. With that door open the other housemate could peek in and watch the action from the bathroom.

We used to have great fun positioning girls so that the voyeur got a full view, making sure that the girl was on her knees ass facing the voyeur at some point during proceedings. Her cheeks would always be held wide open showing both holes. We used to have competitions where we would agree certain positions, actions or words that would score points and add them up at the end of each month. These went from low scoring blowjobs etc, through finger in her ass. For instance the high scorers were things like a facial, anal, calling her a slut etc.

I used to love seeing the girls in the morning and having a conversation with them while visualising them getting drilled and both their holes spread in front of me. Every time i ran into them again i would visualise the filthiness of me having seen. I still see some of them now.

It was all my housemates idea who was much filthier than i was, he always wanted to go that step further. He once overstepped the mark, i was on my back getting sucked off by a girl from uni. I was fingering her casually and she moved my hand away. I assumed she was sore of wanted to concentrate on the task in hand so thought nothing of it. A little later i sat up, girl still sucking away and there at the end of the bed was my housemate on the floor fingering this girl who was oblivious. I sent him off and berated him the next day. He owed me big time!!! Which i collected on in fine form (not something i am proud of, but god it was good!), but thats another story.

I miss that house!

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