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I Welcomed her to my world

The music is pounding, the bass thrumming against the walls, against boundaries of my body. The air is rich with the spicy scent of heated anticipation.She knows what I want, yet she lingers over make up stand.

Her back is arched, her heels are high and her stockings' seam is perfectly straight. She is always perfect.Her smile, her hair, her fingers, her manners.Tonight, she will be more than perfect.She drops her credit cards, keys and cell phone.She removes her make up, clip on hair, contact lenses, false eye lashes, fake nails and the push ups in her bra (the chicken cutlets!)And she is now utterly devoid of commercial beauty.

Now she is before me, naked of all except her desire to feel my palms against her flesh."take me, elizabeth, back to that place."She fills my arms with her ripe body and my mouth with her heated sigh. I kiss her long and slowly, exploring the wet recess of her mouth, and my fingers make my way across her jaw, down her neck and tease slowly her pulse point... tap tap tap ... I match her pulse beats.

Each tap makes her shiver and lean further into our kisses.

She tastes like caramels, and smells like vanilla. Her fingers are warm and pink and she clamps them behind her back and arches for me so I may enjoy her beautiful breasts. Topped with the loveliest puffy nipples, I enjoy each moment of her arching further, willing my mouth to close on her nipple. I rub her belly button slowly in a circle and lower my mouth to it.

My curls tickle her nipple and she moans, as I knew she would.She is beautiful, so wanting, so needy, she obeys the heat that comes from her pussy. She remembers the last time we were together I showed her what gives me pleasure.

Tonight, she wanted to feel what the others have shown me.I welcomed her to my world.She felt it. I saw her face. She glowed.

Instinctively, we moved slowly, increment by wee increment, and I began to understand her language. I knew where to take her to expand not only her desire and pleasure and eagerness to serve, but what I opened up in her. That she can now feel where before she was numb, she can speak where she was mute... now I can feel her singing...

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