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The Nosey Nanny

It was 3a.m. Liza could hear the passionate moans from her employer whispering through the vent. They were the sounds of a woman receiving pleasure, pleasure from her man that also occupied the lovely upper middle class home. Liza lay in bed listening and wanting as the voices grew stronger and the moans began to below with each thud against the wall. She could tell it was the familiar sound of the heavy headboard .that bounced back and forth off the wall. Finally, the heated moment subsided and Liza removed her fingers from her inside her liquid filled pussy. “I don’t know how much more I can take of this shit.” said the sexy nanny to herself.
The next morning it was business as usual. Mona and Mark Adkins were up and flirting with each other, like couples often due after a night of fucking. “Liza, we are getting ready to leave. Make sure you get Simone off to the bus stop please.” Mark yells down to the basement. Liza answered with a yes sir and darted out the door almost directly behind the couple. Mona and Mark were your typical American couple. Mona had a nice petite frame with long blonde hair. Her tits were full and perky, not bad for a 35-year-old woman. Mark had a golden tan as well, with the body of a Greek God.
Now that everyone went about his or her routine, Liza could do what she liked to do. She scurried up the stairs and went inside the Adkins’s room. She explored the dresser drawers until she came upon Mona’s lingerie drawer. She picked up a pair of her lacey pink panties and admired them. She wondered what it would be like to be Mona for a day. She wanted to parade around in sexy lingerie and fuck an incredible sexy man. Liza was only 19 and she was staying with the Adkins to have extra money for college. She loved Simone as if she was her own and the job of being her nanny. What she loved more was Mark and the sight of him each day was tantalizing to her senses. Liza closed her eyes and thought about the sexy noises that she heard late last night. Mona was moaning as if she were getting the fuck of a lifetime. She wanted the fuck of a lifetime and she was determined that Mark was going to be the one to give it to you. Soon Liza was bored and decided to lie down on the bed and masturbate with the thoughts of Mark on her mind.
It was around noon when Mark decided to return home to retrieve some papers that he needed for work. When he first walked in he noticed how quiet it was and he did not think Liza was even at home. He went into the kitchen to make a quick sandwich and sat down for a bit to enjoy his meal. As he sat down reading the paper, he could hear footsteps above his head. He stared up at the ceiling wondering what was going on. He placed his sandwich on the side table and slowly sat up from the chair. He was at the bottom of the stairs when he heard light sighs coming from his bedroom. He tip toed up the stairs and started creeping down the hallway. To his surprise, he could see Liza stretched out on their bed with her fingers inside of her tight little twat. He watched in disbelief as he saw her take her fingers and push them deep inside her slit. Her head was tilted back and she moaned,”Oh Mark, your tongue feels so good on my little clit.” Marks eyes enlarged and his heart rate increased. He could not believe that Liza was thinking about him and playing with that hot young pussy of hers. Until this point, she was just an employee. She was a young island girl that he and his wife were trying to give an opportunity to have a roof over her head and money in her pocket. He stood there just gawking and looking at her gorgeous brown body. Her thighs and ass were thick and her mouth was pouty. He began to rub his cock through his pants as he saw how pink the inside of her pussy was. His lips became moist at the sight of her juice running down her fingertips and down her hand. She rubbed her pussy furiously as she thought about riding the cock of her employer. She wanted and need him inside her bad. Mark was in awe all he wanted to do is take the sexy teen into his arms and fuck the hell out of her. Instead, he left the nasty lil cunt on the bed to continue fantasizing about how nice it would be to have him inside her. He let his pants go down in his shorts and decided it was time for him to high tail it out of their before she figured out he had been watching her finger fuck herself.
Later on that evening, the f****y all sat at the table for a big meal that Liza had cooked. She made that white couple a dish from the islands that was one of her c***dhood favorites. They complimented her on her culinary skills, hoping that she would make them another delicious meal again. They all settled to their rooms after watching some reality television. The couple discussed about what they were going to do the following day and compared schedules. Liza basically had the same routine through out the week and all she lived for was the weekend with her sexy friends. Liza could not sl**p. All Liza could do was tossed and turned and dream of fucking Mark. She woke up in a cold sweat and her pussy dripping. She inserted her fingers inside of her cunt and then licked them clean. It was time to be bold and daring, so she ventured upstairs to confront her dreams her sexual fantasy.
Liza’s heart pounded with each step she would take. It seemed like it was the longest walk of her life. She had no plan at all. All she knew is that she was going to fuck Mark. She could tell feel some type of sexual attraction between the both of them. She finally reached her destination. The door was slightly open and she could hear the heavy breathing of the couple. She could tell they were in a deep sl**p and she did not know what to do next. She stood there in the doorway with the moonlight shining on her body through the window. She could focus on Mark laying there naked in the moonlight. His body sculpted perfect into a man any woman would want in their bed. His dark hair glistened from the light and she could vaguely make out his handsome face. Liza stood their glaring at Mark wanting and praying he would open up his eyes to see her there. She spread her legs apart and began stroking her clit. She gathered up her oversized t-shirt to her neck and began to pinch and fondle her tits. She moaned as her hands roamed from one erotic area to the next. Liza was so caught up in her moment that she did not even notice that Mark had opened his eyes. He was a little dazed and stunned to see his nanny in his room playing with herself. Panic set over him as he realized that his wife was beside him. What if she were to wake up and catch the sexy nanny playing with her pussy in front of him. He soon realized that she was in a deep sl**p, so he continued to watch the tempting little twat. Liza gathered up enough courage to walk closer to the bed. To her surprise, she could see Mark’s eyes were wide open and watching. He took his index finger and crooked it to beckon her to come even closer. She was like a statue at first but soon moved an even closer to the bed. Mark could smell the aroma from her cunt as she stood before him with her legs gaped open. “You’re pussy smells so sweet my dear.” He whispers. She hesitantly reached down and grabbed his hair to push his face toward her cunt. He inhaled and took the scent in and held on to it with his nostrils. The smell of sweet young pun tang was something he had not had in a long time. Liza decided to tease her employer and she pulled away from him. He was a little confused until he watched her get a chair from the desk and sit down on it. She spread her legs eagle and pushed two of her fingers as far as they could go inside her ass. She used her thumb to finger her clit as she shoved her fingers deeper in her hole. Mark laid there in the bed with his cock rock hard, stroking it as he watched the teen put on a show for him. He could see her soaked cunt get even juicer as she played with it. Every now and then, he would look over to make sure that Mona was still in a deep slumber. Liza moved the chair close to the bed and let her legs rest on the mattress. Mark placed he leg over his shoulder and mashed his face into her pussy. He took his time lapping at the Nanny’s cunt. She leaned back on the chair, her curly long hair tasseled over the back of it. Her toes were pointed and her nipples were fully erect. The pleasure surged through her body as her older lover continued to eat her pussy out. “Fuuuck, ffffuuuk.” She stammered. It was getting harder for the lovers to hold in their passion. Liza reached out for Marks long, thick cock. She could not believe the size of it. She had been with a few boys in her lifetime. However, that was the problem they were boys not men. She gripped his cock as hard as she could. He took her hand and loosened the tight grip. He showed her how to maneuver her hand up and down his long shaft to his satisfaction. “Oh fuck, that’s it baby. You are a fast learner.” He continued to whisper. She could feel his manhood swell in her grasp and she knew she wanted to take it a step further by tasting the monster cock. She slowly lowered her head down on the large bulbous head of his cock. She could barely fit it inside of her mouth but she continued to lick it, just the same. Her tongue flickered and rotated on the hole of his dick and drifted down the sides of his long dong. She continued this pattern until she could feel his balls get heavier. Mark pushed her head up and sat on the edge of the bed. He put the chair right between his legs and told her to lean back in it. With her legs spread eagle he took his fingers, spat on them, and shoved them inside her twat. He used his other hand to cover her mouth as he rubbed her pussy to another climax. She was wiggling out of control and he knew for sure Mona was going to wake up. Contrary to what he was thinking, Mona was sl**ping soundly. Liza leaned toward Mark and whispered in his ear,”Fuck me now, please fuck me now.” She was begging and he knew exactly how to please the courageous little cunt. He thought about how exciting and bold it was for both of them to fuck, with his wife in the same bed. Mark snapped out of it and pulled Liza’s legs over his thighs. He pushed the tip of his cock inside her wanting pussy and plunged forward. She took in a deep breath and froze from the pain. His cock was so huge she could feel it ripping her small pussy apart. He pulled out and then plunged deeper inside her. She was about to scream but he muffled her cries with a kiss on the lips. He shoved his cock in repeatedly as she sat there frozen from the length of his massive member. Mark could not take it any more. He wanted more of her and the chair fuck just was not going to cut it. He eyed a throw on the chest across the room and walked over to get it. He spread it on the carpet, picked Liza up, and laid her down upon it. They began to kiss passionately and fondle each other. Mark lay on his back and summoned Liza to sit on his rock hard cock. She was scared to have his big dick buried deep inside her. It was painful already but she had gone to far now. She sat across his torso and teased him with the heat from her pussy. She let it brush along his belly and down to his cock. She took her hand, gripped the base of his cock, and desperately tried to insert him inside her. She fumbled around so much that Mark removed her hand and placed his cock in her. She gasped and steadied herself over his massive dick. He slowly showed her how to rotate her fine round ass up and down his cock. She placed her hands on his thighs and slowly adjusted herself to meet his thrust. Soon the two were fucking like rabbits. She held on for dear life as he pounded her pussy in a brutal fashion. Mark and Liza were so caught up in their hard-core fuck session that they never noticed Mona waking up from her slumber.
“What the fuck? I must be fucking dreaming.” She thought. She was not dreaming at all. Her husband of eight years was fucking her nanny as if she had the only cunt on the planet. She rubbed her eyes to focus on what was happening in her bedroom. All she could see was Liza’s body thrusting up and down, and her moans were enough to turn on the dead. She could hear Mark grunt as he grabbed Liza’s firm ass to bring her to orgasm. Liza managed to open her eyes for a second to see Mona sitting upright in the bed and watching with her mouth wide open. That did not even stop Liza in the least bit. She continued humping Mark’s cock as his wife watched in shock. Liza did not know it but there was a hidden secret that Mona and Mark shared. They both craved the body of their nanny. They both wanted to fuck her and it was Mona’s fantasy to watch as her hubby fucked the teen silly. Mona reached inside the drawer beside the bed, pulled out her vibrator, and placed it inside her pussy. Mark soon noticed the moans and sexual cries of his beloved wife and he and Liza got up and moved to the bed. “Fuck her honey. I want to watch you fuck our nosey little nanny,” Moaned Mona. Mark placed Liza on his face and beckoned Mona to suck his cock. Mona jumped on her man’s dick without hesitation. She gobbled it down like a champion cocksucker. Liza positioned herself toward Mark’s cock so she and the misses could share it. It was a meal made for two and they indulged in it. The two took turns sucking his balls, sucking, and licking his shaft. “Oh fuck! Ladies stop or I will bust a nut in your faces!” he screams. The women did what they were told as Mona positioned her cunt over her husband’s big ass dick. Liza stood before her and Mona dove right into her pussy. Mona's tongue explored the inner walls of Liza’s sweet young pussy. “Oh shit Mona! I love how you eat me. Don’t stop!” escapes from Liza’s lips. Mona sucked her little clit even harder as she felt Mark’s cock expand deep within her. “I need to feel the inside of your ass Liza. Give me your ass now!” commands Mark. She had never had anyone touch her asshole. She was frightened but too caught up to tell him no. She knelt down on the bed and spread her cheeks open. “Is this what I am suppose to do Mark?” she asks. He gave her a swat on her left cheek and grinned. He scooted her ass closer to his cock and used it to smack her cheeks. He spit on his cock and rubbed it back and forth over the hole. Mona lay in front of Liza with her legs wide open. She pushed Liza’s head down to her pussy and rotated her hips to fuck the vixen’s mouth. By this time, Mark had already inserted three inches of his monster deep inside her asshole. She was tense and he told her to loosen up and let him do all the work. Mark slowly pushed more of his ten-inch cock inside her sphincter. The tingling sensation and the taste of Mona’s pussy were overwhelming. She started to buck and grow out of control from sensual ecstasy. Mark summoned the women to come over to suck his cock dry. He mashed their faces together and pumped his massive cock to a creamy cum bath. The two women took turns licking each others faces clean, as Mark laid back with his hands behind his head enjoying the view. All three of the sexual creatures were covered in sweat and out of breath. They lay basking in the best sexual encounter they have ever had. What will tomorrow bring for the threesome? That was for the couple and the Nosey Nanny to find out.

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