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My Body Stretched on Tip Toe

My body was stretched on tip toe, in my 541 dollar leather merciless heels. My wrists, becoming tingly and deeper pink reminded me of what he was going to do to me tonight. I heard the leather roughly hiss through the loops in his trousers, like a snake on the charge for hard won prey. I felt the air shift as his breath drew in and his hand swung the tongue that would taste my flesh for the next hour. Repeatedly, slices of humanity were branded into my flesh, striping my breasts, thighs, belly, bottom, calves, arm. My body was on fire and perspiration’s salt licked my wounds. Only my pussy lips were left uns**thed. And you knew this. Lengthening the straps that held my body in the pose of bow string, my rib cage bent over a high padded stool and my arms now chained firmly to the arch way. You spread my thighs. The air you breathed across my wounds as you spoke to my face, my shoulders, my striped flesh suffered further:
“Elizabeth, you are mine. Your body is mine. I want you to turn off the filters and let yourself truly feel. One day, I will merely think of touching you, and you will feel it, to the degree I command of you. The landscape of your inner most ability to feel will be multiplied exponentially.”
Your mouth kissed and licked every single painful welt on my body and soon
…as you penetrated me, the greatest pain, followed by the most intense sensual experience I’d had at that time, confounded and finally blew my circuits!
I danced in a world of no limits to my songs, no end to the dance, the flowers always bloomed. I felt nothing save the sensation of music lifting me, your body next to mine, urging me forward with every thrust. Each increment of self shredded and recreated in a single breath. In an instant, real life became a coarse reflection of what you released in my awareness; yet, I knew even at that moment, I would learn to savor the smaller pleasures with this degree of intensity.
You taught me, in a way no master ever could convey. I didn’t analyze.
I was not in control of the water, nor where it flowed. Why I floated on it, where it came from. I was meant to merely swim in it. Enjoy it. Exhilarate in it. I could not dictate this. I was truly there to exist as the landscape for you to manifest this gift you have. I felt you move the chess pieces in me. I wanted you to say you loved me. You needed me more than breath. You felt me from a mile away. You always know when I need to be held. You would give me strength to be strong, and I’d never be weak. I’d be the fiery passionate woman I am. I would give of my time and talent to the most worthy causes. And at the end of the day, when I would see you, I’d remember how you taught me to fly.
Oh, god, how can men do that? Make a woman feel this incredible sense of passion and take it away. Close the door? Seal off from the world that they were ever brave enough to feel this way. To give all to take all, to share all. Oh god, when you breathed into my neck and pressed me against that brick wall, I died and was reborn in the blink of an eye. All I cared about was feeling this way. Feeling you touch me and also, seeing you shaking. That exuberant sigh, Oh god.. when you slid into me.. or when I slid the false cock into myself for you. I slid it in and out, moaning your name over and over, I heard you breathe, I know you felt me doing it. You raised my skirt so you could see it better. Your fingers pulled it out of me and I almost came when I thought you were going to fuck me with it. But you didn’t. You slid two fingers along my nether mouth and collect the juice, wiped your mustached with it and then urged me to slide it back in. I wanted YOU to do it to me. I wanted to see you lose control with me. Take me places you never went with the other women.
When you were on top of me and rubbed your cock on me, you were inside me and I looked at your face. The sheer pleasure and smile when you said how warm and wet I was. Then you moved. You did it. You started slow then breathed into me. You held my hair and my face. I kissed your shoulder, neck, chin. I moved to meet your thrusts. I slid my hand between us to play with my clit for a few minutes. You must have sensed how wet I was getting and nearing orgasm and you pulled my hand away forcibly and held them both down. I grunted loudly and you charged ahead. Full energy, each breath orgasmic, every second dripping with sensation, the walls pulsed with the reverberations of what you did to me that day. I was steaming hot, your energy bubbles bursting inside me. Only the pot knows how hot the soup is! I screamed your name over and over. You took my hand to slow me down and feel YOU, not the river you flooded me with. I could slow down… you showed me to feel You.
And now, I still do. No matter what I am doing. I am delusional enough to think you feel me, too. I hope that one day you see me, that I am happy.
Sharing the music with you was incredible. I know no one else can ever reach even half that distance with me. I won’t bother to even look, because I want to feel that what we shared and perhaps still do, is a love that is truly divine. Because I do love you, Aquarius. And I always will. I accept the gift you gave me, ask nothing further ever from you, and am grateful I even have the memories I do. I love you with something I don’t understand.
There is a shiny oaken sideboard; on top is a simple clear crystal cut chalice. There resides all I feel for you. As the walls close in around my life, the closing of my garden gate, my songs are stilled in the gilded cage. I breathe in this place three simple words, "I love you."

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