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Horny like a m'''fo''

Somedays when I’m off, I get so horny that it is almost unbearable. When I lived in an Appartemnt complex I used to walk around naked all day and hope guys from the building across would watch me. And I swear there was. But even that wasn’t kinky enough sometimes.
Sometimes I just get hornyer and hornier, the more I let myself be all sexed up and ready to go. On these days I always wish for a sexual innuendo with a stranger and I often try to make them happen too.
I go get grocerys with a really tiny hotpants or short skirt and no panties. I make sure that my tits are nice and walk through the store. Sucking the attention of the man I walk by. I look at them like, what? You wanna fuck me? You should wanna fuck me. If there is a guy being all horny about it too, following me around, drulling, I get something from the bottom shelf and show as much of my pussy as possible by acciden, and than I look at him like I got cought and give him the fuck me eyes. I get dripping wet doing stuff like that. But what I really would dream of,
Is a guy that looks me straight in the eye, stroking his hard cock in his busting pants, that follows me around to a quiet corner of the store and when I get something from the bottom shelf again, walks up behind me and starts playing with my pussy, rubbing it and making it dripp even more. I just stay like I am and let him finger my pussy really good, till he looks around and oppens his zipper to fuck me with his dick and it’s already hard like a brick and huge, he puts it in rough and fucks me quick and hard, and when some senior citizen walks around the corner he jumps and pulls out and cumms allove my ass. The senior citizen is in shock and he pulls his zipper up and I just walk along. At the cash we’re all standing in line, him, me and the granpa. He smiles at me and flirts, while I feel grandpas hand in my crutch. I let grandpa have his way with his hands in my pussy till I payed and say goodbye
At home I’m even hornier again, cause I would have enjoyed myself way too much

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