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The meaning of control

As you get closer you are already getting excited thinking about what i might have instore for our date. When you get to the door, it swings open and i grab your waist and your hair at the back of your head suprising you, pulling you to me, holding you tight and kissing you deeply. I tell you that today is going to be full of little suprises and smile.

I tell you to get undressed and i watch as more of your beautiful body becomes exposed to me. You are mixed with excitement and a little nervousness wondering what is going to happen to you tonight. I hand you a little blue item covered in a soft sort of rubber coating. As you are looking at it, it suddenly starts to vibrate, startling you. You let out a little squeal and almost drop it. You look at me and i am just smiling at you holding up the remote for you to see. I tell you there will be an addition to your outfit tonight when we go out, and then open my rope bag.

I make you a pair of "panties" out of rope. You feel the soft silky rope gliding across your warm skin, my hot breath against your stomach when i lean close to you, the soft silky rope rubbing gently at your pussy lips making you wet, my fingers tickling you as they graze the insides of your thighs. I tie a flat knot in the front, so it holds the little blue vibrator nestled snugly against your clit. You feel my hot breath on your neck, melting you as i bring some thin rope up your back and over your shoulders, attatching it to a pair of clamps i place on your rock hard nipples. I pause to nibble on your neck before running the rope back to the waist tie. Now i can just place my hand discretely on your back and be able to tug at everything to tease you more. I make you wear a skirt tonight so i have access to you if i choose to do so.

Just before we go out the door i give you a little rub with my fingers, then tasting your sweet juices that are already flowing. As we walk out the door i push the button for just a moment, vibrating your clit, startling you, making you squirm and moan, reminding you of just how much i can tease you at my leisure tonight, and how hard it will be to maintain your composure. As we walk to dinner, i have my arm around you, gently tugging on the rope tugging on your nipples and clit as we are passing people. They are unaware of the exquisite torture you are suffering making you so wet that you are dripping down your thighs.

You dont even remember what you ordered for dinner, and you werent able to eat much of it because of the sporatic but strong vibrations when i would press the button from across the table. You look at me every time with a silent begging for release. After dinner i move around the table and sit beside you. Rubbing your thigh, moving my hand up to your soaking wet pussy. Rubbing your lips ever so lightly. Gently tugging on the ropes. I lean close to you and you can feel my breath on your neck as i ask you if you want to come. You look at me pleadingly and nod your head yes. I smile and say not just yet as i lean in to kiss you deeply while holding the button down.

You can barely walk back. Every movement is a constant struggle to not just drop on the ground in a screaming orgasm. When we finaly make it back i tell you to undress but dont let yourself come yet. You struggle to take your shirt off with as little movement as possible sinc every time you move your shoulders, the rope tugs at everything. I untie your eveningwear, and move you over by the bed. You cant decide if the release of the rope pressure is better or worse. You dont have a chance to wonder for long as i tie your arms behind you. Pulling them back so your breasts are fully exposed and vulnerable.

I start likcing your neck and shoulders. Giving little bites here and there. Making my way to your painfully hard nipples. You almost pass out when i finaly take them into my mouth, sucking and biting them as you moan and try to rub your legs together. I push you onto the bed chest down with your ass up fully exposed to me and vulnerable to whatever i decide i want to do. I rub my fingers lightly across your dripping pussy. Your juices are running down your legs. I move my head down and lightly suck at your lips, flicking my tounge up and down your slit, when i finaly suck your clit into my mouth you just explode into an orgasm. You scream into the sheets as i continue to nibble and suck your clit untill you are begging me breathlessly for a break. I stop just long enough to sit up and enter you, sending you into another wave of orgasm as i thrust quicker and harder into you, my own orgasm getting closer. Faster, harder, until i finaly come inside you sending you into one last screaming fit of extasy.

I untie your arms and lie down with you, holding you in my arms and kissing you softly before we both fall asl**p.

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