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Me the MILF

I come home early from work, to hear music playing from my son's bedroom. I take my shoes off at the door to see Alex, the k** from next door laying on the bed and looking at a magazine filled with naked women. I watch from the cracked door, to see him stroking his member through his jeans.

I sneak back down the hallway, put my shoes back on and go back outside. I walk to the side of the house to get a better view of Alex. He's laying on the bed, rubbing the tip of his dick, that he has pulled to the top of his waistband. I can hear him moaning and mumbling some girls name. He's begging for her to suck his dick. The more he rubs, he begins to spew his precum. A thin white liquid, dribbles down his on his pants. I'm licking my lips for just a taste.

Alex undoes the button and unzips his zipper, to reveal his thick cock. MMM I say to myself, I catch myself cupping my breast, and feeling how hard my nipples are. I slip my hand in my bra to massage my nipple. I can feel my pussy twitching as he strokes his dick from his balls to the tip of his head. As I pleasure myself with my fingers pinching my tits and my other hand rubbing my clit, I look back into the window to see Alex isn't there.

I turn around to see him watching me. I'm startled at first, then asked him why he stopped. Alex told me, that I must have bumped the window, that made him stop his jerking. When he looked out the window and seen me pleasuring myself, he came out to watch. I straightened my clothes and began to walk away.

Alex followed me back into the house. He brushed up against me, as he passed me in the hall. There was enough room, but I'm sure he was feeling frisky from the magazine. I walked in the kitchen, opened the fridge door and bent over to see what's on the bottom shelf for dinner. Alex came up from behind and rubbed his thickness up against my ass. He held my waist and told me, that he'd love to fuck my tight ass.

I stood up, turned around and told him to go sit down. I smiled at him with blushing cheeks, then told him that it just wouldn't be right for us to mess around. I don't think Andrew would like the thought of his friend and his mom fucking. Alex said that Andrew has seen me and my boyfriend fucking and he has watched us as he jerked his dick. Alex then told me, that he has also watched us fuck.
I thought last week, that someone was watching us, but when I looked up I didn't see anyone. Well, Alex was sitting on the chair watching me as i was preparing dinner. I had purposely bent over in my pencil skirt, to give him a view that he liked to see. When I walked over to the sink to fill the pan with water, I had dropped the pan and water had splashed on my blouse.

Alex jumped up to help me. When he stood up, his pants slipped down to his knees. Alex had been jerking his dick. I turned to see him pulling his pants up. I bent over to help him, when his dick was pointing right at me. I put my hand on him and held his dick before I began to suck on him. Oh his dick was so thick and long. I could hold on to it with both hands as i sucked his head.
I lifted up and told him we need to go somewhere else.

I turned the sink off and then the stove. Alex lifted my skirt, to kiss my ass cheeks, then to take my panties off. Once he had them off, he lifted me to sit on the counter and spread my legs with his hands. Sliding his hands up my thighs, he managed to rub my clit and finger my pussy hole with the other hand. I gasped as he bent down to kiss my clit.

I couldn't help but moan as he was using his tongue up and down to tease me. I held his head and pulled him in tighter for more sucking. I told him to suck my nub and finger me harder. As he sucked on me, I began to squirt my hot liquid into his face. Ales, leaned back with his mouth open and was drinking it down. I pulled his face in for more sucking. He licked me some more, when he lifted me into his arms and took me to Andrew's room.

He laid me on the bed as he undressed me, then himself. His dick was hard and curved upwards. The thickness had me licking my lips again. I reached out to put his dick into my mouth. My tongue licked my lips, then his enormous dick rested nicely on my tongue. I sucked him and fingered my pussy. I came hard and begged for his dick to be inside of me.

Alex, laid me down again and slid himself on top of me. His dick found my opening and slid in easily from the moisture of my cum. I gasped as he pushed himself all the way in. I told him to fuck me,like he does to his girlfriends. I love to have my pussy pounded by big dicks. He fucked me with my legs up around his neck, til I had a big orgasm, then he was back down licking my cum as it dripped from my pussy.

Then He had me get on all fours as he entered from behind. Alex held on to my shoulders as he banged my pussy some more. I began to jerk from another orgasm, Alex started to slow down and I yelled for him to continue fucking me. Alex had me sit on his dick and I fucking rode him til he came inside of me. I continued sliding back and forth til he grew another hard on.

I lifted all the way off of him, turned around backwards and had my ass in his view. I fucked him hard as he held my ass in his hands. A thumb found my hole and slipped in, then out again. He sucked on his thumb to get it wet, then put it back into my ass. I bent over for his viewing pleasure of fucking my ass with his thumb. I heard Alex moan as he ground his finger deep inside me.

I lifted from his dick, to see him smiling as I began to sit on his dick with my ass. I could feel his thickness going deep inside me. A bit painful at first, he was much thicker than my boyfriend's dick. but, Ohhh he felt soo good. Alex pulled me close to his chest and began to fuck my ass quickly. As I let out a loud cry, Alex came again inside of me. We came together as he exclaimed with joy. I lifted to look into his eyes and kissed him with gentle kisses.

I was almost dressed when Andrew came in the front door. I ran to my bathroom, to change into my workout gear and to brush my hair. Alex met Andrew in the kitchen and chatted up a storm with him about the new cd he just bought. I came back to the kitchen to finish up with dinner.

After we finished eating Alex told Andrew they will do the dishes, he needed to tell him abut the girl he had fucked today. I smiled and left for the gym. When I came home, Andrew asked if I had a good day at work. I told him yes and that I weas going to go get changed for bed.

As I changed my clothes, I played with my nipples, then worked my fingers to my aching pussy. My lips were nice and swollen from my heavy workout, from Alex's dick. I slid my fingers into my slit and began to caress myself with the moisture of my pussy. I pulled my fingers to my lips to taste them, when I heard Andrew at the door. I looked up to see him watching me.

I told him to come in and he could watch me more up close, if he would like. I spread my legs wider for him to get a good look. I began to cum some, from the excitement that my son was watching me get off. Andrew put his fingers on my slit and began to rub me. He rubbed me til I came again. I could see his dick getting harder in his boxer shorts. I reached over to feel his dick. He was almost as thick as his father was.

Andrew asked if he could lick my pussy, I pulled him down for a taste. He spread my lips wide and his hard tongue licked me profusely. I reached over in my drawer for a condom, just in case he wanted to fuck his mommy. Andrew licked and fingered my pussy til I came again. When he lifted from me, I pulled him closer for me to do the same to him. I began to pull his shorts down, when he said this was too weird for him.

I told him that it wasn't weird when I fucked his friend earlier today. Oops, I let it slip that I fucked Alex today. Andrew looked at me, asked if he was any good. I told him he had a nice thick cock and that he has one as thick as his dad had. I pulled him closer and began to suck on his almost limp dick. A few sucks and he was hard again. I pulled away and asked if he wanted to fuck me, Andrew said no, that is i****t, but he would like it if I continued sucking his dick.

I sucked his dick, played with his balls and fingered myself til he shot his hot liquid into the back of my throat. I drank every drop of his cum and continued sucking on him, til he pulled out and walked down the hall. I didn't say anything more to him about what had just happened. I was still horny from his sucking me, that I had pulled my thick dildo from under my pillow and began to fuck my pussy.

When I woke in the morning, I walked towards Andrew's room to see him jerking himself off saying my name. I watched til he came and walked off to get in the shower. I heard Andrew come into the bathroom to take a piss. I opened the shower curtain, to show him my body. Andrew looked at me, blushed and said that he had fun yesterday, then walked out of the room.

I came out dressed and sat at the table to eat some breakfast. Andrew informed me, that he was having dinner at Sue's house tonight and that they were going to be working on a science project and won't be home til late. I said ok have a good time and will see him later. Andrew left for school, then I left for work. We both left with a smile on our faces, knowing we both had a sexual fun day, yesterday.

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