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Sexy Mum and Aunt....

I'm a pervert....there ok, I admit it.

Back when I was a lot younger, (age set at 18 for obvious reasons, though I was a good bit younger at the time...), I was a young 18 Y.O. with raging hormones.
My Mum was 49 and still in great shape. Her s****r, Helen was 3 years older, and still looked fabulous.

Aunt Helen was on holidays at our place one summer. She would often visit, but this was a different experience, because she was grieving the loss of her husband.
Betty (Mum) had separated years ago, Dad took off with a young air head secretary.

Just weeks before A. Helen came to visit, Mum had busted me masturbating, unbeknown to me.....
I had been sitting at my computer scanning for porn (like most 18 year olds do).
Luckily, my back was towards the door, and Mum didn't actually see my dick. She did however get a good view of my flying sperm.
It had shot up, way over my head, with most of my 20 shots flying all the way to the doorway. Yeah, I come a lot, and I come hard. :) My dick is also way above average, weighing in at a mighty 13.5inch. 9 and a half flaccid. :)
Poor Mum wore most of it, covering her nightie.
She exited straight away to masturbate.

When Helen arrived, Mum could not wait to tell her the horrible tail. A. Helen was quite turned on by it, which kinda shocked Mum.
They related an experience both of them had many years ago, when they got flashed by an old Uncle.
It was by a stream near an old cricket oval. The town had gathered for the Annual Service Station Cup. A cricket match between rival Petrol stations in town.
A. Helen and Mum were only very young at the time, and their very old Uncle Sid (their Mum's Uncle) had gone down to the stream for a pee, as the single stall was occupied.
The two girls were across the stream as U. Sid casually dropped out his eight inch snake. He was quite d***k (as most of the men were) and did not even think it may shock the two young girls watching him.
He began to pee, waving his dick around proudly. The girls watched, googly eyed.
As he finished, he gave it a good shake, causing it to rise slightly. This obviously was not going to end nicely.
He kept it out, it grew bigger and bigger. The girls could not take their eyes away. Finally, without actually grabbing it, his dick flexed up, shooting a massive load right across the creek. It was a good 2 metres. My Mum, wore most of it.

When I got home from school, A. Helen had arrived. Both Mum and her were sitting out on the back porch having coffee.
I got changed into some old boxers (my usual attire at home) made myself a coffee, and went out to see them.
I sat at the table facing Mum, angled towards my Aunt. My dick hanging out slightly. I was sure A. Helen wouldn't mind a bit of a look. :)
She was very careful not to stare, but she did steal a few glances.
It was good for me too, as our summer was looking like a scorcher.
A.Helen was sitting with her legs parted, wearing a light summer dress, it exposed a lot of thigh. I could even make out some hair sticking out of her undies...I was in heaven.
She was apparently still turned on from Mum's story earlier, because she was weaving her open legs from side to side, and saying how hot it was here, this time of year. I could see a small wet spot at her crotch.
Mum suggested a swim, but Helen protested because she hadn't shaved.
Mum just giggled, saying that she hadn't either, and no one was going to notice.
"Dick, what are you doing?", I asked myself in my head. It had begun to rise. :)

Mum and A.Helen went inside to change, and I waited, hoping my erection would go down....which thankfully, it did.
They soon returned wearing bikini's. My eyes lit up.
They both had a glorious patch of hair down there. Mum was slightly hairier, and even had a happy trail leading up to her belly button.
They jumped in the pool, and I followed. We swam and played for about an hour before deciding to get out and rest. The whole time in the pool, my flaccid dick had been far from flaccid. LOL. I swam passed A.Helen at one point, brushing my hard dick across her back. She flicked water at me, calling me a naughty boy. I don't think Mum noticed what had happened.
I let them get out first, needing extra time to let things subside....
We then all sat and had another coffee, before worrying about getting dinner ready.
As we sat, A.Helen facing me, sat with her legs wide apart, offering a great view of the hair sticking out the sides. Mum had sat opposite me, but not covered behind the table this time.
She too sat with her glorious pussy hair sticking out every where. :)
They started talking about their "encounter with that Uncle" again.
Before long, my Aunt began wriggling around. She warily dropped a hand to her crotch, in view of Mum and me, and started a gentle rubbing motion. The story they were encountering, obviously getting to her.
Noticing this, Mum also slid a hand down her hair lined tummy. Though, she tried to be a little more discreet.
Hearing them talk about this "well hung" Uncle, I began to wonder, must be that side of the f****y that I got my man meat from.
As a side note, my Mum said, "oh honey, you shouldn't be hearing this kind of talk, close your ears."
She said nothing about closing my eyes though. :)
I obliged, blocking my ears with my fingers, but still ogling their actions before me.
It didn't take long (though, you'd be surprised how much bl**d is required) till my dick began to rise.
A.Helen noticed but didn't act on it. She had a hand deeply wedged into her crotch, inside her bikini bottom, and was rubbing furiously.
Mum had a side of her bikini pulled away, exposing a great set of flaps, along with ALL that fabulous hair.
She had two fingers inserted and was close to an orgasm by the look on her face.
Again, she pleaded with me, only this time it was, "oooh honey, quickly, turn away, Mummy doesn't want you to see......"
And it happened.
Mum was a squirter.
A huge gush exploded from her hairy cunt.
It squirted straight at me.
At the same time. A.Helen also exploded, sending another great gusher all over the table between us.
I stood, exposing my rigid 13 and a half inch poll, looked down and without even touching, exploded.
Mum and A.Helen looked on in shock as they were both covered by multiple shots of my streaming cum.
I must have cum more that day than any other I can remember.

To be continued.......

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