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“But I can’t see why we can’t drive somewhere together”, barked Rhonda
« Of course, we could drive somewhere », screamed Evelyn, “but the problem is I can’t bring a civilian with me when I’m on duty”.
“I don’t think you like me…that’s the real reason”, screamed Rhonda, close to tears.
Evelyn took Rhonda in her arms, even though they were outside behind the diner, and held her.
“Watch it so people don’t see us”, warned Rhonda
“See…now YOU’RE doing it”, said Evelyn, scorning.
“I love you so much”, cried Rhonda
“I love you also baby”, whispered Evelyn, “but life is so complicated”.
“Maybe we can borrow a car instead of using your stupid jeep”, suggested Rhonda perking up.
“I guess we could….and my “stupid” jeep, which has been very useful, could stay put”, said Evelyn laughing
“Did you speak to Ruth ?”, asked Rhonda giggling
“I did…she told me everything”, bubbled Evelyn, laughing, “and she’s not very open with me”.
“Oh ..those two sinners”, said Rhonda
“Well…we weren’t exactly saints either”, remarked Evelyn putting her hand in front of her mouth and blushing.
“Well..I mean…they did it while we were a few feet from them”, said Rhonda
“They didn’t do a whole lot…as far as Ruth was concerned”, added Evelyn
“Oh so now it was Mindy who did all the dirty stuff ?”, asked Rhonda, upset.
“That’s not what I said…silly girl….they just didn’t do much to each other”, said Evelyn, putting her finger on Rhonda’s nose
“You mean..compared to us”, added Rhonda
“Yes…compared to us”, Evelyn agreed, blushing again
“But we didn’t even….”, started Rhonda
“Shushhhhhhhhh….woman”, whispered Evelyn, “Do you want to whole town to know what we DIDN’T do ?”.
“I just think we owe it to Mindy and Ruth”, continued Rhonda who had difficulty controlling her laughter.
“Oh I think you’re right…they were our chaperons and we should be theirs”, added Evelyn.
“But does that mean we don’t get to…?…”, cried Rhonda
“Will you stop screaming about our love life so the whole town can hear ?”, said Evelyn in a loud whisper.
“Ok…ok…let’s get a car and drive somewhere nice and secluded”, agreed Rhonda.
“I’ll see what I can do”, said Evelyn

“Hey …Romeo”, said Rhonda when she caught up to Mindy for their smoke break
“Yeah…right…looks who’s talking”, answered Mindy
“You little rabbit you….you and Ruth we’re fingering away….and we didn’t even notice”, whispered Rhonda putting her arm around Mindy’s shoulders
“Yeah…well you didn’t notice because you were on top of your lady-friend and fucking her”, whispered Mindy loudly.
“That’s what we were there to do”’ stated Rhonda as if it was part of the Constitution
“So we got carried away…big deal”, said Mindy puffing on her cigarette
“I just didn’t know you liked girls”, said Rhonda bumping Mindy with her shoulder in fun
“I don’t like girls…I like Ruth”, answered Mindy
“Oh….didn’t look at it that way…ok...”, said Rhonda making a face
“So I don’t have to worry that you are going to jump me”, added Rhonda playfully
“You’re my friend…it’s not the same…not the same at all”, answered Mindy seriously
“But on the other hand, I may get on top of your lady-friend”, added Mindy, who took off and got into the diner before Rhonda could catch her.
“Don’t you girls have anything better to do than run around the parking lot on your break?”, asked the cook as he saw the two girls sweating and puffing.
“Sometimes I just want to quit this job and run away”, whispered Rhonda to Mindy
“I know what you mean”, answered her understanding friend
“Evelyn said she might be able to get a weekend off”, smiled Rhonda
“What about Ruth ?”, asked Mindy worried
“Ruth ?...Who’s Ruth ?”, teased the waitress
“Ouch…”, yelped Rhonda as Mindy stepped on her foot
“If Evelyn gets free…Ruth will also..don’t worry”, said Rhonda squeezing her friend’s fleshy arm


It was officially labeled as a “leave of absence” and Evelyn had to cash in a few favors to get an “overnighter” for her and Ruth. If she had been alone, she would have had a full weekend but a promise was a promise and she got Ruth included in the deal. They would rent a car – Evelyn could afford it – and leave Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening. They would drive down the cost to North Carolina. Evelyn had negotiated on behalf of Ruth but no one suspected they would be travelling together.
“You are so fabulous”, cried Rhonda, as she saw Evelyn in usual parking lot behind the diner.
“Hey, I’m getting something out of this also, remember”, said Evelyn, her white skin turning a lovely pink.
They felt a bit safer talking at night since it was fall and it got dark quite early. They held hands and hid behind the small tool shed on one side of the parking lot. The diner was closed but sometimes couples came there to park and make out.
“I’ll tell Mindy tomorrow”, said Rhonda gratefully
“She’ll be so thrilled”, she added.
“It could have been longer for both of us, but we said we were going to include Mindy and Ruth, so there…we’ll have one night together”, said Evelyn smiling
“I’m going to think about it all week”, cried Rhonda jumping up and down like a teenager and holding on to Evelyn’s hands
“Do you think we’ll be able to think of something to do during that night together”, asked Evelyn with a devilish smile.
“No…I think we’ll be bored…so I’ll bring magazines just in case”, said Rhonda teasing
“Maybe Ruth and Mindy will invite us over”, suggested Evelyn, in fun but blushing just the same
“Hey..if they want to party…we’ll party”, laughed Rhonda


Of course Mindy was ecstatic. She and Ruth managed to see each other very early one morning near the WAC camp. Mindy had walked by at a time when Ruth was washing the jeep (a pure coincidence no doubt) and they talked for a few minutes without being noticed.
Everyone waited impatiently for the week to go by. Twice during that week, Evelyn managed to slip out after dinner and meet Rhonda behind the shed. They were like two teenagers in love going against their parents’ wishes. They even exchanged kisses when they were sure no one was around. It was so very important that nobody knew the four of them were driving off together. If Rhonda and Evelyn were known to travel somewhere together, it would have created a scandal, and people would have suspected “the worst”. So you can imagine if two WACs were spending a night away with two civilian women, the whole camp would have been ordered to shut down. The funny thing is that if two single men had dated WACs then it would have been considered acceptable.
I spare you the details, but departure procedures on Saturday morning were complicated. Nobody could see them together and certainly not in a car. For that reason, Evelyn took the train the night before to reach a town in North Carolina while Ruth got a friend to drive her and Mindy and Rhonda took the bus early Saturday morning. They all met in a medium-sized town near the border between Virginia and North Carolina. Nobody there knew them there. They showed up at the gas station, one at a time, just like in the spy movies. Evelyn was driving since Ruth wanted to sit with Mindy. The younger girls were in the back seat and Rhonda was the navigator. They rolled up the windows to have a good scream, then they rolled them down again to enjoy the sea breeze as they drove down the coast.
Rhonda extended her hand and squeezed Evelyn’s thigh.
“That’s the ticket... get me to drive off the road…”cried Evelyn a little annoyed
“For God’s sake…relax….I just want to touch you…”, said Rhonda, visibly hurt
“Hey you guys…stop bitching at each other…or else the woman of my life and I are going to get out, find a spot in the woods, and eat each other into a c***”, screamed Ruth
“Ok..ok…sorry…I’m just so tense”, admitted Evelyn
“Come on…stop the car now…kiss and make up”, ordered Mindy
“But Mindy…I’m driving”, protested Evelyn
“NOW….Evelyn…you may be a general in army life…but you’re a private in this car and I order you to kiss and make up”, yelled Mindy
Evelyn slowed the car down, turned onto a side road with no ditch, and stopped.
Rhonda was in tears and the two women kissed each other and mumbled apologies. In the back seat Ruth and Mindy didn’t waste their stopping time and tongue-kissed with passion.
“I suspect you two were looking at your own best interest in this matter”, said Evelyn on a military tone
“Yes…general…I wanted to French my friend real bad”, admitted Ruth laughing
“Don’t call me “general” silly…you’ll forget yourself and do it at the camp”, warned Evelyn always worrying.
“And when I’ll get out…I’ll forget myself and pee on the tires”, screamed Ruth, pulling her tongue out to Evelyn.
The whole car burst into an uncontrollable laughter. The ice was broken. They were going to have a good time.

The drive was going well. It was sunny but there were very few cars on the road. Rhonda and Evelyn had a chance to chat about life in general and about each other. The Plymouth Evelyn had rented was very large, and the back seat was far back so it gave passengers a lot of leg room. The two women sitting on the front seat had been so enthralled in their conversation that they had forgotten about their travelling companions.
Ruth and Mindy, after their initial kiss at the make-up spot, had continued to give each other pecks on the cheek and had held hands. Well, one thing leading to another, they had resumed their kissing and their hands had been very busy indeed. When Rhonda turned around to check on them, she saw that Mindy had taken off her blouse and her bra and that Ruth, also topless, was sucking on her large tits. All this had happened while the two older women in the front seat were too busy chatting with each other. Rhonda asked Evelyn to slow down.
“What’s the problem now ?”, asked Evelyn
“Don’t look at the back seat…please don’t take your eyes off the road….but our friends are really into each other”, warned Rhonda
“Oh’re k**ding…”, answered Evelyn with a loud sigh
“Can’t you guys put a lid on it ?”, she screamed at them
But there was no answer as they continued to massage and suck on each other’s tits. Ruth had even taken her shoes off and was in the process of removing her trousers.
“Oh my God…just imagine if someone looked inside the car while driving by”, cried Evelyn
“Oh…God…I know…it’s my fault…I should have watched them,” sobbed Rhonda
“Get hold of yourself woman…”, cried Evelyn, “ and find a solution”.
Mindy had lifted her skirt and Ruth was pulling off her white panties. They had stopped kissing and were determined to get naked.
“You gotta stop the car”, said Rhonda with authority
“Yes…you’re right…we have to hide somewhere”, agreed Evelyn
She left the highway and found a side road which seemed to lead to some farming area. They crossed a covered bridge and Evelyn suddenly veered into a dirt road.
“At least we’ll see people come from far away”, said the redhead
The two women in the back seat were completely naked and were groaning like two a****ls in heat. Ruth tried to mount Mindy but the bigger woman turned her over and her mouth was heading for Ruth’s crotch. Evelyn and Rhonda had stayed inside and were kneeling on the front seat looking over the action at the rear of the car.
“Make sure nobody’s coming”, ordered Evelyn to Rhonda
Rhonda looked around quickly and then focused on Mindy and Ruth.
Evelyn eyes were riveted on the scene in front of her. Mindy’s mouth had reached Ruth’s hairy triangle and Ruth had done the same. The two women had finally settled into a classic 69.
“It’s your watch now…”, said Rhonda, visibly excited by the lesbian show in the back seat
“Let’s watch our friends, it’s much more fun”, said Evelyn, to Rhonda’s surprise.
Rhonda put her arm around Evelyn’s shoulder and the two women laughed and make high-pitched sounds as they watched the two younger women eating each other out. They were going at it as if they had done this all their life. Ruth had had some experience but it was Mindy’s first time.
“Suck her Mindy”, cried Rhonda
Evelyn elbowed her and they both grabbed their stomach in laughter.
Mindy was a little taller and certainly pudgier so she had to bend a bit more to reach Ruth’s clam. It was the first time Rhonda and Evelyn had seen their two friends naked. They enjoyed it.
The two women had been sucking with such passion that they rolled and fell between the two seats. Rhonda and Evelyn immediately bent over and reached out to them. Without breaking their position, and with the help of their friends, they climbed up on the seat and resumed their licking.
They both had hairy pussies which made the licking of labia and clit a little more difficult. Like a shaving brush, the hairy triangle had spread juices all over the women’s face. Evelyn looked around again and the countryside was deserted. She looked at Rhonda and they both rolled their eyes and smiled. The girls kept on sucking and seem to want to go the limit that way. Evelyn could see that each had reached the other’s clit and that orgasms were imminent.
Rhonda put her hand forward and prevented them from falling to the floor again. Evelyn helped her and as soon as she touched Mindy’s asscheeks, she exploded into an orgasm to the extent that Evelyn pulled her hands away immediately in shock.
“Yesssssssss….go girls”, yelled Rhonda as the two lesbians squirted liquids in each other’s mouth.
“Nice going”, encouraged Evelyn who was taking a good look at Ruth’s nakedness. Rhonda would never admit it but she was turned on by Mindy’s naked and rather voluptuous body.
The two lovers suddenly realized what had happened and that they had been watched. They began to search for their clothes, laughing nervously, and jostling with each other. Both were blushing and Ruth’s face was beet red especially when her gaze crossed Evelyn’s.
“Take your time girls, we seem to have found a safe spot for sex”, said Rhonda
“Sorry”, whispered Mindy, sheepishly
“Yeah…sorry to have sprung that on you”, added Ruth
“I wish you had given us some warning but then, all’s well that ends well”, reassured Evelyn
“Maybe we should open the windows”, suggested Rhonda, hiding her devilish smile
“Oh…yes… it does smell of pussy in here”, said Mindy in her usual untactful way
“What ARE we going to do with her ?”, moaned Evelyn
Ruth put her arms around Mindy’s neck and kissed her on the lips.
“I know what to do with her”, said Ruth
“Ok….Rhonda…help me…let’s separate them”, cried Evelyn mimicking hysteria.
“Oh my…they’re gonna go at it again”, cried Rhonda, raising her head and covering her brow with her hand in mock despair.
“Don’t worry…we’ll be good…for now”, said Mindy, making a face
“Look at us…do you see us getting out of line ?”, asked Evelyn, looking so prim and proper
Rhonda immediately grabbed her by the neck and planted a full wet kiss on her lips.
“Watch it woman…”, groaned Evelyn, her eyes becoming slits.
“Yes…yes….”, both cried Ruth and Mindy, “Sex….sex….”.
For a few seconds, Rhonda and Evelyn looked at each other, their eyes filled with lust. They sighed and Rhonda let go of her partner.
“You guys are so boring”, moaned Mindy
“Let’s see if we can find a convent around here,” added Ruth in fun
“Convent ?”, said Mindy, “Probably the worst place….they’ll have all the pussy they want there”..
The girls were decently dressed and they all decided to get going if they wanted to reach their cabin by night time.


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