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My neighbour....

Ok, so I'm a middle aged pervert. :)

I've had a "thing" for my neighbour since my early teens.
She is about 15 years my senior, and has always been part of my masturbation therapy.
They (she and her husband) have lived beside me (100 metres) for over 30 years.

Over the last 12 months, I have become more interested in Sandy (not real name), not really sure why, but that's that.
Sandy is about 65 years old, a little over weight, but has HUGE boobs.
Of a morning, they have a ritual which involves sitting on their back porch, sipping coffee before going back in for breakfast.
Sandy always comes out early, I guess she is up usually before her husband.
She will often sit there sipping her coffee, glancing in my direction. She can see straight into my room, though the distance would not make it easy to see too much. Though, I guess seeing that I can see enough of her in detail, she can see enough too.

To begin with, we were both happy to just "look"....
Then, I got a bit bolder. I would casually get up from my seat, walk around my bed (still in full view) and take off my track pants (early morning wear) to replace them with some shorts.
The very first time this happened, Sandy actually craned her neck, trying to look harder....I couldn't believe it, she saw me, and didn't appear shocked. I did however, still have my jocks on, so I wasn't naked.

The next weekend, Sandy was out early again. She usually has on a night gown, buttoned down the front. This day, the bottom, few buttons were undone. From the angle she was sitting, slightly towards me, I had a good view up to her silky white thighs....but not quite to her panties. :(
Again, after we had both sipped coffee a few times, I got up and changed again. In full view, she watched again.

This is now a regular thing on Saturday mornings....Sandy always comes out a good 20 minutes before her hubby, sits and has coffee...paints her toe nails and such.
Then last week I got real bold.
As I sat at my window watching Sandy display a good bit of leg and a few panty peeks (she was doing her toe nails again) I noticed her night gown was unbuttoned nearly all the way. She went to go back inside, flicking the hem of the night gown as she got up, spreading it wide apart to almost her boobs.
I got a great view of her hairy pussy encased in some frilly white undies. :)
I nearly shot a load.....

The next day, Sunday morning, she come out early again. I was ready this time.
Sitting at my window, I was slowly stroking my dick (just below window height) but she could see my arm motions as I stroked.
She watched intently as I got close.
Still sitting towards me, legs slightly open, I got up, my engorged cock just sticking out the top of my pants. I walked around the bed ready to get changed, but I just stood there instead. In full view, I slowly tugged my sweat pants down a little, exposing my undies and part of my cock.
As I stood there, she did not move.....
I was so worked up, I actually gave my balls a squeeze, sliding my jocks down a little farther, and next thing....
I was shooting great wads all over the place. Without even touching, it shot sperm up over my head height, all over the floor, a pair of shoes copped most of it. I just kept spurting and spurting.....
After what seemed like an eternity, I looked to see Sandy still sitting there, though she had lowered a hand to her crotch and was moving it vigorously.

I cleaned up, finished my coffee and she was gone.

To be continued........

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