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Made in the war.

The story is fictional that might make you horny.

I lived in a neighbourhood,where everyone knew everyone,back doors where always open,k**s had tea in like a million other houses, and mums gossiped over the garden fence. It was 1965 I was 9yrs old into soccer and had the best mates in the world who lived next door to me Andy & Paul, they had a brat of a s****r Chloe who was 11, who thought she was better than anyone else.

As years went by the 3 of us boys learnt that girls wernt all like Chloe, also the art of wanking and seing whos cock was bigger, we was in pauls room one day looking at a girly mag and rubbing our stiff dicks, when Chloe walked in looking at us three beating our woods, she shouted i'm telling mum as Andy got up and dragged her in the room and told her to shut up or he'll do something to her, she said yer like hell wil ya.

With that he pulled Chloes dress off she stood there in her bra and panties, he then pulled her panties down to reveal a huge bush of pubic hair around her pussy and told her to get on her knees, she did as she was told as he rammed his cock into her mouth demmanding she suck it.

He then told me to get behind her and stick my cock in her pussy I knelt down as I pushed it into her it dissapeared as she groaned Paul started to suck his s****rs nipples. Andy groaned as he cum in Chloe's mouth as she spat out his cum, I shot my cum in her pussy not being able to stop and Paul wanked himself stupid. Chloe fell on the floor naked sobbing saying we was all bastereds for doing it, Andy said tell mum and i'll fuck your ass.

We all sat there with limp cocks wondering if we would get busted but it never happened. As time went on I grew close to Chloe who was now 17 I was 15 I asked if she would go on a date she agreed and we went to the cinema, as we sat in the back row kissing she reached down to feel a huge lump in my trousers, she unzipped me and lowered her head and sucked my cock licking it with her tounge, her head bobbing up and down all of a sudden I cum as she drank down my fluid, she sat back up and said well did you like that, I nodded my head as we carried on watching the film.

The film finished and we left for a burger,as we walked I asked her why she did that she took me back to the day all 3 fucked her saying she remebered how big my cock felt in her pussy, and felt horny when she remebered it she kissed me and said her pussy was wet and wanted to fuck. we walked through the park and found a little shaded area, as we kissed I rubbed her pussy it was smooth no hair at all she grabbed my now hard cock and took her panties off laid on the gground and told me to lick herr slit.

I gently licked her pussy lips rubbing her clit making her cum as I moved up pushing my huge cock into her I had got a mate to buy me some rubbers incase I got lucky, she said it was lovely I had thought of protection, I pushed in the warmth of her pussy felt great, as she cum again. she begged me to fuck her and didnt care if I cum straight away I undone her top to reveal a pair of tits you only seem to see in a porn mag, I sucked her nipples and she wanted me more, I moved back and forth as her jucies made my cock move easier, I felt it throb and boom I shot my load her shook as she cum as well.

I laid there shagged out she removed the condom and sucked my sencetive cock, she smiled and said it was great and would love more. We went out a few times and then Chloe went to uni. One weekend about 4 years later I was visiting my parents as I had moved to London with a new job, I popped in to see Paul and Any as well as their parents. As i walked in like i always did I feasted my eyes on Chloe,she was stunning tall,gorgous, and a cock stiffening figure that would make you shoot your load if you saw it naked.

She smiled and said hi as I couldnt take my eyes off her anyone could of hit me with a right hook and i wouldnt of seen it comming, I asked her how long she was down for she said sadly she was going back the following day, I said fancy going for a drink she excepted my offer as we sat chatting and drank coffee. That evening I picked her up and said I knew a nice little place about 10 mles away that done great food,as we drove I chatted about stuff,work life in general, all of a sudden she spoke saying she hasnt had a boyfriend since we dated, I asked why she said she was to busy studying and didnt really have time.

As we arrived at the pub we ordered dinner and had a drink we got chatting about the night in the cinema, I said never had a bj like it since and laughed, as we left she said lets go to that park again but this time no rubber needed,I drove like a maniac back to that park as we rushed to find that spot, as I kissed her and undone her clothes to reveal a huge pair of tits with pierced nipples my cock sprung to attention. She stepped out of her panties her clit was pierced as well she looked down and gassped saying she forgot how big my cock, as she rubbed it slowly we kissed as i stroked her nipples before we slid to the ground naked I gently eased into her now wet pussy as I moved slowly making her goran.

I felt her pussy muscles grip my cock as I cum her muscles milking my cock as she cum again and again my cock slipped out of her creampied slit as I stood up Chloe sucked my cock dry,saying never waste a good drop of cum. As we drove back she confessed she had lied about not having a man and had come down to tell her parents she was getting married, I was hurt that she had used me, but shrugged my shoulders, and said hopeshe would be happy, she asked me to come to the wedding as her good friend I said yer no problem.

The day of chloe's wedding arrived and all was going well,Chloes father had a fall on the way and had broken his arm she phoned and asked if I would give her away as her mum had gone to the hospital with her dad I agreed and all went well.

After the wedding and reception we sat drinking as Chloe said one last time for good luck i was undecided but I wanted to fuck her badly, I agreed as we went to my hotel room, she stripped and bent over the bed, she said do as you want, I stripped and slid my cock into her wet hole ramming it in lke a sex starved person making her cum as she begged for more I pulled out and rammed it in her ass she screamed a huge orgasm as I banged away. She begged me to cum in her as my cock thickened shooting a huge stream of cum into her.

As she collapsed on the bed she said she had never done anal before and needed to feel my hot cum in her pussy, she sat on the edge of the bed sucking my cock as I stood there watching her head move back and forth, she had been married 6 hrs and already been fucked by another man.

She took her mouth of my now hard hinning dick as she laid back and opened her legs. She told me to fuck her in anyway I wanted as she couldnt get enough of my huge cock, I licked her sweet slit as she cum again before I pushed my cock into her making her cum again, before I made passionate love to her making her scream orgasms I swear the whole hotel must of heard her.

She left as tho she had been fucked by a dozen men and said she would be intouch, about 7 months later she called saying she was in the city and would love to meet up we met at my appartment and was in bed within 10 minuets, when she left the following morning she said it was lovely 5 months later she told me she was pregnant and it was mine, I see her and my son now every week but she is still married and her husband thinks the son is his.

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