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Sweet Ellen, Dreams Sometimes CumTrue

My cousin's young 18 year old wife was majorly hot. Very petite, blonde, blue eyes, small firm tits and a very sweet ass. They were visiting and I couldn't help but stare at Ellen thinking how sweet it would be to fuck her. To my surprise my cousin took me aside and told me Ellen wanted me to fuck her and he wanted to watch! He asked if I wanted to and if my wife would mind. You bet I want to fuck her I answered. My wife can watch too and you can fuck her if you want. Well it started with Ellen removing her top. She had very firm perky tits with small brown nipples that stood out nicely. I licked and sucked them as she unzipped my pants while I sat back on the sofa and she reached in pulling out my hard cock. Soon she was on her knees sucking it. She could only get the head and a couple inches in her small mouth but she sucked hungrily and my cock throbbed deliciously. I looked over to see my cousin's dick being sucked by my wife who is a natural redhead with large tits. Soon Ellen stood up and pulled off her bluejean shorts. She wasn't wearing panties and I reached out and slipped a finger into her juicy pussy. Man did she feel tight. She straddled my lap And guided my cock up into her as she slowly slid down on me. I got the shock of my life. She had an unbelievably tight pussy and her walls rippled over the head of my cock as I slid deep inside her. I let her ride me for a long time, holding back my cum, because never had I felt such an awesome pussy! My wife sat next to us and spread her legs wide as my cousin kneeled between them and sunk his cock into her. It wasn't as fat as my cock but it was at least 3 inches longer than my 7 1/2! I enjoyed watching him slide into her to the balls and hearing her gasp as Ellen rode me. He began to fuck her in long deep strokes. Ellen asked if I couldn't cum? I told her of course I could but I was enjoying her tight hole and wanting it to last. She said since I liked tight holes she'd show me an even tighter one. She rose up off of my cock, wet with her juices, and lowered her sweet ass down onto me. I started filling her with cum in seconds! She just kept riding me as I toyed with her tits. My wife was moaning and gasping loudly and I could hear my cousin's balls slap her ass as he rammed in and out of her. She came multiple times on his dick and he kept plunging it up her increasingly faster and harder till he filled her with his load. He pulled out and sat beside my wife. She played with his slick cock as the watched Eleen ride me. Suddenly Ellen came hard and went limp falling forward onto my chest her body jerking with my cock deep up her ass. When she became still she lay whimpering against me. I asked my cousin if he enjoyed my wife's pussy. He reached between her legs, spread her pussy wide ope And I could see his big load pooled inside her. I had already came in Ellen's ass and now I wanted to fill her young pussy. I told my cousin this and smiling he stood up and lifted Ellen off of my dick. He stood behind he, grabbed her behind each knee and lifted her off the floor. Her back was against his chest and he held her waist high with her legs spread wide. Her soaking wet pink pussy was inches from my face so I leaned forward and licked and sucked till she came again. while she was still cumming I suddenly stood up and shoved my cock to the balls inside her. I rammed in and out of her super tight cunt and my cousin kept shoving her forward onto me. Ellen came again on my cock and I started to fill her with my load. Realising this my cousin let go of her legs, reached around grabbing my ass and pulled me tight against her our two bodies and my squirting cock holding her up! I fucked her many times after that and my cousin and I fucked my wife's pussy at the same time rubbing our cocks together inside her. She would have massive cums with both our cocks stretching her wide. Want to here more of our fun adventures? Hmmmm?

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