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Just a little something..

Alvah let out a soft sigh as her husband quickly moved to the driver’s side without kissing her goodbye. It was always like this, every morning, so mundane. He would take himself to work without even an uttered “I love you.” He made her feel so damned unsexy, so unwanted on top of all of that he had the nerve to complain when he would come home and smell her spent juices on her panties in the hamper from her masturbating. Most men would grow excited at such an aspect, but not in her particular case, luck of the draw, her luck was bad. Waving goodbye and watching him from the driveway, she couldn’t help but grow excited, her panties moistening at the thoughts that crowded her mind now. She’d met him online after she discovered the password to her husband’s gaming account, and they’d hit it off immediately. A few phone calls later and she’d learned to have a Pavlov’s dog response to the thick European accent, he sparked something in her that she’d never felt before, something that made her heart beat faster in her chest, and her toes curl in her shoes. Waiting until her husband’s car made it’s way around the corner, Alvah quickly made her way upstairs and found her tight little black dress. Sliding the clinging material on, she bit hard into her bottom lip as it hugged her curves just right, showing her stiff nipples as if she were wearing nothing at all. The dress that he’d loved when she’d sent him a picture of it. She could just hear his voice in her mind speaking those lust filled words.
“Yes, little bunny, that one is the one I want you to wear..” She had some years on him, but he still called her his little bunny, and good God how wet that made her, to have someone so Dominating over her. Pulling her hair up quickly, she slid into her heels and quickly made her way downstairs, locking the door and playing the directions he’d given to her over and over in her mind so as to not get lost. Arriving after a two hour trip in what most considered the bad part of town, Alvah slowly drove down the road, her head snapping back and forth, afraid of missing the numbers. This was her first time meeting someone off of the internet, and she was nervous as hell, sweat trickled down her spine, and the humidity did not help. Biting hard into her bottom lip as she parked in front of his house, she cleared her throat and stepped out, pepper spray in hand, and a wry smile on her lips. Perhaps she should go home, but she couldn’t, she’d spent all of her life being safe. Married the same man she lost her virginity to, first man she’d ever dated and kissed. She needed this, “I need this.” Her soft voice sounded out, slightly foreign to her own ears, like that of a lust filled stranger. Making her way up the steps, she’d nearly made it to the door when she stopped, something had caught her eye making her panic just slightly before she swallowed down hard. There he was, tall with an athletic build, dark curls marked his chest thickly and all the way down to below the waist of his pants. He stood in his backyard which was visible from the road, lifting weights, the sun glinting off of his muscles that were marked with sweat. She’d not expected him to be this physically fit, considering that she’d met him on a gaming site, but here he was, and looking a damned sight better than she’d expected him to. Catching her breath in her throat, she gasped after a moment and blushed deeply, biting hard into her bottom lip to get her ass in gear. Making her way up the last few steps, she moved to the chain link fencing that was so high it made it’s way up to her large breasts and cleared her throat.
“H..Hello.. I hope I don’t have the wrong house.. You’re Alexei correct?” Folding her hands in front of her, Alvah couldn’t help but to swallow down hard as he put down his weights and came forward, wincing just slightly as, he was nearly a whole foot taller than her. Her stubborn nature rushed up, making her cheeks blush deeply as his hazel eyes bore into her. Reaching a strong palm forward, she needed no answer as she felt the rush of his mouth press hard against her own. Gasping for air she clawed at his arms before letting herself go and giving in to the warmth of his mouth, a soft moan escaping her lips. She was stunned for a moment as he pulled away, like a c***d deprived of a newfound treat, she couldn’t help but to whimper before she felt his hand at the back of her head, gripping the ponytail she’d made.
“And you must be my sweet little suka..” His thick accent made her eyes roll slightly, and her thighs clamp down. He most assuredly sparked something in her, that no one had before. Nodding for him, she stepped forward as he opened the gate and welcomed her into his home. Her mind drifting and thinking of all of the things he’d promised to do to her, including introducing her to a good anal fucking.
Stepping on the back porch, her heels clicked lightly on the hard tile, tilting her head up, her eyes wandered around and she swallowed down, completely nervous. Taking his hand as he offered it up, Alvah was pulled into the living room by his long strides. He immediately pushed her onto the couch and buried his face between her legs. Gasping out, she grabbed at his hair and tangled her fingers into it. Rolling her hips upwards, she couldn’t help but to yell out as his tongue drifted downwards, licking at her ass. Her eyes went wide in response but then closed as the pleasure of the sensation rode through her senses. Feeling his tongue poke at her hole and press further, she couldn’t help but to let out a low moan before she felt his head tilt to the side and bite at her thighs. Curling her toes as she felt him bite at her thighs and make his way down to her high heeled feet, she dug her nails into the pillows beneath her as she felt his tongue circle her toe and suck on it a little. Rising up a little, she gasped out as he pushed her back down onto the couch and unzipped his pants. Pulling them down, she gasped as she saw his large cock, fingers reaching between her legs to stroke him as he began to push at her pussy. He was so large that it almost felt like her first time, leaning down, he pressed his mouth to her neck and kissed at it before he placed a cupped hand over her mouth to quiet her yells. Without realizing it, she’d begun to yell in a loud manner, she couldn’t help it, his cock was just so big to her. After a moment, he pulled out and flipped her over, her nearly bare ass high in the air, this was the moment she’d been waiting for, when he would take her ass, and make her body his. Biting hard into her bottom lip, she felt the warm squirt of lubrication before she felt his hot cock poking at her ass, pressing her face hard against the pillows, she began to moan out as he pushed in a little bit, then pulled back, each time going deeper and deeper, his finger s sliding down to rub at her clit. After a moment, she let out a loud moan as the pain of it became pleasure, one that she’d never known before. Bucking back against him after a few strokes, he let out a moan himself, one that made her spine tingle as she felt his warmth against the back of her thighs. Arching her back so that her ass poked up more, she yelled out as she felt his strong, rough hand slide up her back and grab at her hair. Grasping a handful of her curls, he tugged so hard that her head rocked back and her bottom followed, pushing him all the way in. Letting out a loud yell, he reached forward with his other hand and shoved the side of it into her mouth for her to bite down on. Biting into his flesh, she heard a loud moan escape his mouth. Releasing her hair and sliding his hands to her waist, he pulled her down onto his lap, never pulling out of her body. Rocking back and forth on him, she tilted her head back and kissed hard at his mouth as she felt her first orgasm in such a long time coming on. Placing his hands on her hips, he began to push up at her each time she came down, their hips sounding out with a loud slap before she let out a loud yell, this was usually when things would come to a close, but not this time. He was relentless as he continued to fuck her, his hips slapping into her hard as her entire body tightened up, her ass tightening down on his cock so hard that she could barely stand it. Digging her nails into his thighs, she let out a loud scream as she felt him slam a few more times into her bottom then yell out as he exploded in her ass, filling her up with every drop of his cum.

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